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    Good afternoon all,
    Well it seems that sleep has eluded most of you. I have to agree. DH was in and out of bed 4-5 times over the night, and usually it doesn't bother me, but this time it did. My brain wakes up and I start thinking of all sort of things. This isolation is wrecking havoc on our sanity. We both are looking forward to some normalcy. It will be an early night for me. I did have a massage this morning, which greatly relieved some pain I had been having in my right hip. I need to do more stretching exercises. I might join DH on the floor when he does his. Monique -- I hope you get some relief for your back pain. Nothing worse in my books, well pretty high on the list. I don't have any serious plans for the rest of the day, just going to make ribs for dinner, and I may get groceries. Very important, I ordered wines from one of our favorite winery in Ontario - Sandbanks. There are some that are only available directly from them. Our stock was depleted.

    Yesterday, I brought 2 bins full of fleece and quilting scraps to a friend. She makes quilts to ship to Yellowknife, and had no more backing and no in-store shopping. I also gave her a bolt of nurse related cotton fabrics. She is retired, but has lots of nursing friends who still work. I have had this for years, and not used, and no plans for it. Yeah, now I have more space and no plans to fill it. I am being really good about not purchasing more fabric, well except to order Dino Mite fabric for GS quilt. It was 25% off. It will be ready to pick up later today or Tuesday. I did a bit more painting of etched glass on garden shed windows. Slowly, but the rest will have to wait for temps to reach 50. Not feeling very ambitious.

    Enjoy your day -- would be grateful if somebody could send some heat up here. Just saying.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      hi friends,
      have been trying to say that for a number of days, but each time something happened had to pull the internet.
      hope everything is ok with you all, will catch up later, o heck himself's calling again.
      prayers bfn Hugs T