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Sunday Funday!

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    Sunday Funday!

    Good morning! Hope your Sunday is dawning as a beautiful day!

    I have a theatre day planned. Last day of the show I costumed, so that means we strike after the show, which usually takes a while. Gathering stinky costumes is my part of the action. Not so much fun!

    My costuming buddy came over for a few hours yesterday and we made progress on our 13 dance costumes. I found out I sewed some skirt sections on backwards, so part of my sewing was UNSEWING! She didn’t show me the pattern she was using ( she did all the cutting), so I was working blind on the shape of the pieces. Plus my machine started squeaking for oil, and I got some on the fronts of the satin tops! Grrrrr! It wasn’t the best day in the sewing room.

    She got to use my new serger while I dealt with my issues. It did well, and sounded very powerful. Hope it proves to be a good addition to the machine fleet.

    So, I hope you have a great Sunday! Have fun or get some rest! What ever floats your boat!

    Good Morning Jean and those who follow.

    I'm just about ready for church. I need to curl my hair and I'll be done.

    Yesterday, I went to lunch with Dianne and Nancy. We had a good time. Lots of laughter! I came home and pulled out a project for SS, still waiting for inspiration for April. Something will come, so I just keep doing other months until it does. That's the nice thing about having the list ahead of time! You can mix it up and go where the inspiration leads you!

    I have another SS project planned to start this afternoon and May's idea is popping in my head. I just need to check my supplies and see if I have the fabric I think I want to use. We'll see later this afternoon.

    Not sure what else I'll get into, but I'm sure I'll be looking for a nap since I didn't get to a real sleep until after 3 this morning. I do wish I could have worked in my sewing room, but it being by Mike's bedroom, oh well.

    Have a great Sunday! Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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      TMP, Hi, no, not all of the projects have to be sewing related, you have alternatives to choose from as far as project go. There are allowances for a couple of purchased things to fit a theme. In the past, I received a placemat candles, and my Santa put in the note, she didn't make the placemat, but saw it at Crackerbarrel with the candles and it was just perfect for the theme for that month. Love them and get them out every July to sit on my dining room table.

      I love the creativity of SS. It's a chance to try out new things, use up stash, and orphan blocks in new and unusual ways.

    • K. McEuen
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      Katrina, I saw your post yesterday about April ideas and was wondering if you had an embroidery machine. If you do, I saw a perfect thing you could make

    • KPH
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      Karen, I had an embroidery machine, it would run, skip 1/4" and start again. It was the most frustrating machine. I couldn't get any updates for it, nobody at JoAnn's where I bought it could suggest anything. I finally donated it to the Salvation Army. It sews like a champ, it just wouldn't do what I bought it for.

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Just enough time to say Hi & check in before I get on with my busy morning of making chicken soup.

    The house was very warm yest. eve. I had the fans going & windows open. Darn skunk smell woke me up at 11:35. I hate that. It was a warmer than usual night, so I didn't sleep that well. Expected high today will be 71.


      Good Morning all,

      It was quite warm yesterday, I think our temp gauge showed 89. It was supposed to rain overnight but we did not get any rain. This morning is 53 degrees heading for 76 but we are supposed to get thunderstorms late afternoon and evening. Chances of rain don't get very good until after 6 and by that time we should be home.

      Today is my granddaughter Natalie's birthday. She turns 13. Dave and I will be going over to Jennifer and Chucks for a late lunch of grilled chicken. That is one of Natalie's favorite foods. I am bringing baked beans and a couple of desserts. One is a strawberry pie recipe from one of my co-workers from my last job. Since I don't remember having it I'm not sure if everyone will like it so I make my mom's graham cracker dessert as well. We will be leaving here around 11:30 or so.

      I am having major issues with one of my knees. Yesterday it started hurting and I slept like crap last night. I'm hoping that today it starts to straighten up. If I have another rough night and it doesn't straighten out I may have to cancel my trip with Lori. I don't know what else I can do. I took some ibuprofen yesterday and again this morning. Because of my kidney issues I'm not supposed to take it much. I don't think I pushed myself yesterday at all so I'm not sure what is going on. If it is still a problem I may call the doctor's office and ask what I can do. I'm wondering if maybe the injection didn't go in the right place and that is what is causing the pain.

      Hope everyone has a great day!


      • CarlieBlilie
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        No brace or compression sleeve. I called the doctor’s office and was able to talk to the doctor on call. He gave me a couple things to do today and said that if it isn’t any better that I should come in tomorrow. Dave is concerned that I will go on vacation no matter what. I assured him that if the knee isn’t improving I won’t be going. He feels that I push myself too much because I don’t want to disappoint others. Although that has been true in the past I know that if I push myself too much I will not be able to enjoy the vacation and then come home and not be able to do anything. I am trying to be practical which really isn’t one of my strong suits 🤪

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        Have you tried the Salonpas pail relieving patches? I buy the box with the 60 patches, which are $9.99 at Walmart. A dollar more at my groc. store. I've been extending the use by cutting the patches in half & putting it on either side of my knee. Most days I use a half patch on either side of my L. knee, & just on one side of my R. knee. The patch stays on for 8 hrs. The corner may need to be enforced with tape to keep it from coming loose. My jeans tend to rub against it. I've used all sorts of things -- Voltaren top. cream, Aspercreme, Arnica gel, Sombra, & the horse liniment Bigeloil. I buy it at the local ranch/farm supply store. Ice helps, too. Sorry you've
        having so many problems.

      • K. McEuen
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        I'll throw my 2 cents in ... rain in the forecast usually means knee pain for a couple days for me

      Good morning,

      It's a gorgeous and sunny day here. The neighborhood is quiet with only the crows squawking. The little mockingbird is going in and out of the nest. It should be a quiet and restful day for us.

      Little man and DH had a great time yesterday watching the fish in the aquarium. He learned some of the names. Of course a few sea critter toys came home with us for pool time. We played bubbles and Little man would catch them in his hands before they popped. We watched the derby and picked our horses. Mine was H*idden S*tash. LOL!

      No plans for the day but always open to something fun! Hope your day is great!


        Morning friends!

        We spent the bulk of yesterday outside working in the yard and getting flowers and seeds planted. I don't have many pictures, because much of it was seed, so all you would see is a bunch of soil, but what I do have I'm snap some photos and post later today.

        We do need to get a couple more plants for some containers we had that I forgot about, but we will just get those from Lowes. We have to return some things today, so we'll take care of that then. Will also stop and get a few groceries as well. We got the yard mowed last night because they are talking a chance of rain today, although I went ahead and watered in the new things. I need to feed my roses, but I may wait until after the rain.

        Grilled out last night, and the baked beans turned out great, although there were too many of them leftover. I did some research and found that you can freeze them, so that's what we did.

        Hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend.

        If you like a fabric, buy a yard. If you LOVE a fabric, buy three!
        Anna Bates
        "Quilt Roadies"


        • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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          Rob, I make huge batches of baked beans all the time, and freeze them. Taste great.

        Good morning!

        We're going to have a taste of summer today, with a predicted high around 80. We will have cooler temps and rain tomorrow.

        My arm is still sore from the Covid shot on Friday, although it is not as sore as the first shot. I got some paperwork done yesterday morning. I took it easy in the afternoon, I watched a movie and took a nap. My poor sister, however, got all the flu symptoms -- fever, chills, nausea, etc. She was absolutely miserable. She emailed this morning and said she feels much better. I'm glad she rebounded so fast!

        I'm not sure what the day will bring. I have to work on campus tomorrow, so I will have to get ready. Amazing what a production it is when I have to be site only one day every other week! I need to sort through my work clothes and see if I need anything before we're back on site 2 or 3 days a week in June. Shoes are definitely on the list. I'm so used to running around barefoot, wearing shoes all the time will be an adjustment.

        Time for tea and toast. Have a wonderful day!


        • TMP
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          I am glad you didn't have a bad reaction to the vaccine. Its so odd to me how some people get sick and others don't. My sister and I had the flu like symptoms and no one else in our family did.

        Good Morning All! Not much to report today.

        Jeff left well before daylight to go hunting and I think he will come home early. He doesn’t want to admit it, but I can tell his hips are really bothering him. Even if he doesn’t get a bird this season he enjoys being out in the woods.

        We worked outdoors yesterday and got some more flowers planted. It will be a while before anything blooms or looks good. The oak pollen is too much for either of us to be outdoors for long. We are supposed to get some more stormy weather tomorrow evening so I will try to get more mowing done today as soon as the grass dries out.

        I think we will have pork chops for dinner. I have a good corn casserole I will make to go with it. It makes a large casserole and we love the leftovers.

        We’re trying a probiotic shampoo on Sugar. We will bathe her with it every day until she sees the vet on Tuesday. We can’t understand why her skin doesn’t get better. Poor pup...I know she’s miserable.

        I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday. 🌸

        Scottie Mom Barb


        • srgreene
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          Poor Sugar. We started using Zymox leave in conditioner for the Tobmyster. Seems to help with his itchies. I hope Sugar gets some relief.

        • TMP
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          Poor baby. Hope the vet has some answers on Tuesday.

        Good morning,
        I woke up early and it was cold in the house. Thermostat is set lower for some reason. It hasn't been very warm and today's high will be 15C . We set a record on Friday, 2cm of snow - broke a 100 year record.

        Yesterday I worked on the shed windows, trying to paint some gallery glass (fake stained glass paint). It was obviously was too cold as it wouldn't flow from the bottle and then would not spread on the glass. I got the sticky leaded strips up, so now I have a better idea where the paint will go. I may have to wait for much warmer weather. Instead I went down to my sewing room, and forced myself to make masks. I used the mask material from Annie's that I picked up yesterday. I am not loving it. I much prefer the Filti I got from M* Oh well, I got 3 done. I have a lot of elastics & nose wires to make more, but I have a mental block to making more. So I worked on cutting the background fabric and started sewing blocks for a Me & My Sister pattern. Lots of pieces, but fast sewing, pressing a bit slower as pattern calls for open seams.

        Today, after it warms up, I will tackle painting the trailer pieces. I need to brush off rust spots. I can do fairly easy as it is all apart - I can bring pieces as I need them into the garage. I also plan to go to sewing room. No yard work or planting for us for awhile yet.

        Enjoy your day.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          My grandson mowed most of the yard yesterday. The mower started smoking and quit on him when he was almost finished. The guy from the repair shop came and picked it up. It’s 22 years old so I’m a little nervous about it. The repairman seemed to think it was “just a belt”. Sure hope it’s simple. I got a lot of yard work done yesterday with the trusty weed eater. This afternoon I can spray grass killer and make sure I don't have to use the weed eater any more this season. It’s hard to find a day to spray when it’s dry and the wind’s not blowing. I have a lot of work to do inside today too. Maybe I can sew tomorrow.

          I bought a cute little quilt rack at Hobby Lobby yesterday. It is narrow and just perfect to display 3 lap size quilts. It will look great in my sewing room. I love displaying my quilts like that.

          Church at 10:30 this morning. I love watching church services at home since Covid. I can catch 2 or 3 services that I like. I plan to go back to Sunday school and church in person soon. I miss seeing friends. Have a great Sunday everyone.

          Prayers for our blessings and for those who have troubles.


            Just a quick update on the packing. Our daughter & son-in-law came up yesterday & wow did I have to fasten my seat belt! Mandy help load boxes & Alex moved them. My sewing room is soooo naked 🤭& empty!! Alex moved all the boxes downstairs & to the staging area (garage). Boy, I bet he's glad he didn't know just what for "better or worse" meant. I'll try to take a pic of the boxes. I'm afraid to count them!! Are you familiar with the phrase "tails were dragging"? Ours were.

            Prayers for our friends in need. Prayers for those who don't. Who doesn't need them?



            • Star lover
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              Sounds like things are progressing……I’m thinking you’ll be tired for some time to come. Love and hugs. Pop in when you’re able 💗💗