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Thursday, already?

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    Thursday, already?

    Good Morning All,

    Someone is probably starting the morning thread.

    I cleaned the kitchen yesterday. So, one room down. Finished 6 blocks for the Frolic Pinwheel, so now there's enough for a 4x4 baby quilt. I'll lay it out today and finish sewing that together. Found out yesterday, there's a baby shower before the end of the month. I have that quilt ready to pack up. I need to make a card for it. The plan today is to clean the 'sitting' area and dining room area today.

    Not sure what the day will bring, Mike works until 5. Long day for him.

    Have a great day.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    I hate spring cleaning. I did some last week before the family came for Easter. I will try to finish next week. My brother is doing some repair work for me this week. I’m getting a new garage door and new siding on my storage building, new blinds in the garage, and some brush cleaned out of the yard. My home is 43 years old and seems to need a lot of upkeep. I’m so thankful for my brother who can do most anything. He has been an enormous help since my husband died.


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      I hear you on the upkeep of the home. Thankfully my husband can do a lot of the upkeep. Our home was built by my grandfather and the house is almost 81 years old as my grandparents moved in on the their anniversary in May of 1940. We are always fixing something. Thankfully we were able to side the 2nd story with steel siding and the roof has been reshingled. We will probably need to repaint the first story. The house is stucco so we did not reside the lower floor. I wish we could get a new garage door but I don't think it is possible to get one to fit. I can barely get my Optima in the garage it is so tight.

    • Jean Sewing Machine
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      My home is 15 years old. It is the first brand new house I’ve owned in 56 years of home ownership. It cost me lots of money this year as all that was new in 2006 decided to break down this year! I’m alone and capable son lives 400 miles away! I have a totally reliable and capable handyman who can help with many things! I call him my “son for hire”!


    You've been a busy with all that cleaning. Glad you could squeeze in some quilting time!


    • KPH
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      I hate cleaning, so 1 area a day. When I need a stretch break from quilting, it's a good time to do a little cleaning.