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    It's Thursday

    Good morning friends. I really didn't do much of anything yesterday. I did get another load of laundry washed and dried on the line. Because Ontario is going into another month's long lockdown, I decided to go to Renfrew with my sister-in-law as she had an eye appointment. Well it's a good thing I decided to tag along as they put drops in her eyes and she couldn't see well so I drove. She is having problems with her eyes, if you wouldn't mind saying a prayer to two for her, I would appreciate it.

    It will be another beautiful day today. I will be making a pot of cauliflower soup, homemade buns and a pecan pie for my sister-in-law who celebrates her birthday tomorrow. I work all day tomorrow and will drop it all off on my way to work.

    Not sure if I will get into my sewing room or not today and it doesn't look good to finish the quilt for Maizyn.

    Have a great day everyone. Be kind, be safe and stay healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    We must have been typing at the same time! Good Morning, Monique.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Monique...Thank you for wading through the spam to get us started this morning.

      We had a rainy day yesterday. Jeff went to the next town to get his hair cut and I tagged along to visit a gift shop next door to the salon. I bought three soy candles and they smell so good.

      I sewed a bit yesterday and will soon be done with the snowballing on the Prairie Flower blocks. Has anyone made the Diamond Race quilt? I have a LC that I don’t want to cut up too much. I made a cute dog bandana yesterday that slides over the dog’s raw seams and no tying. It’s a free video at Riley Blake and uses one 11” square of fabric. It’s quite clever. Maggie seems to like it. Sugar can’t wear one right now because of her skin issue. She goes back to the vet Monday for this.

      Not sure what we will do today. Sugar needs another bath in her medicated shampoo today. It will be easier since she got her haircut.

      Wishing everyone a good day. 🌸

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Morning friends!

        The guild meeting was interesting. There were 54 members and four guests. Most people wore masks, but even though some didn't the place where they hold their meeting is large enough that distancing was not a problem. They had a tips, tools, and tricks meeting where we broke into smaller groups and went to five different tables for a presentation. Most of them really didn't cover anything we do (one was on English Paper Piecing), but they were interesting to say the least.

        We brought a couple of quilts for their show and tell, and they were kind in their reaction. I think once we get over the newness and become more active members it will definitely be a benefit to us.

        Patsy didn't cause any major catastrophes being alone. We bought her one of those Kong dog toys, and it did it's job for at least a while. For those not familiar with them, they are rubber toys that let you put treats inside that makes it so the dog knows it's in there, but can't get it out very easily. It's supposed to keep the dog occupied, which Patsy was. I couldn't find it when we got home, but I'm hoping it will work.

        I got an email yesterday that the roses we ordered from Jackson and Perkins have been shipped and are expected to arrive Friday. We are nowhere near ready for them. We have to rent a tiller and get all the supplies for the beds,

        We know exactly what we need, and have all the items in a cart on Lowes' website, but the weatherman is calling for rain Saturday. If we leave the roses in their box and in a cool place, we can keep them there for a few days. We will then have to put them in a bucket of water before planting, so I think we can burn another week before having to plant them. I can't wait!

        No sewing got done yesterday. Today I plan to continue practicing on making six-inch stars. I will likely start on the Morris quilt this weekend, but I have no idea what Cheryl plans to work on next.

        Hope all have a great day!

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        If you like a fabric, buy a yard. If you LOVE a fabric, buy three!
        Anna Bates
        "Quilt Roadies"


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          Tips, tricks and tools sounds like a great idea for a future guild meeting, especially since I just joined the Programs Committee. Besides the English Paper Piecing, what else did they offer? Thanks

        • Rob the HOAQ
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          One station was sewing machine maintenance. Another was different ways to cut HSTs. Another was different sewing machine feet and the last one was using a special ruler to cut flying geese.


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Another mild morning. We saw 72 deg. yest. & it will be about the same today.

        I did some FMQ yest. on the baby quilt, but it was slow progress with frustrations with the bobbin thread loosening up & wrapping around things. Many stops & starts. I think I'll just fill a new bobbin & give that a try.

        Had a phone call from DH's cousin yest. eve. She lives independently in a free standing "cottage" at a retirement center in Vancouver, WA. She called to let DH know her mom has died. She would be his 1st cousin. She was 99! She lived in the asst'd living area, used a walker up to 2 wks. prior to her death of "old age". We chatted for over an hour & caught up on family news. She's a breast cancer survivor. Last year she had a fall & fractured something in her back & hit her head. She said not to do this. She had used a step stool to get up to stand on the kitchen counter to reach something in a cupboard. Her foot slipped into the sink, & she lost her balance & fell to the floor. Apparently they focused more on her back & didn't realize she had a brain injury as well. During our conversation she had problems remembering things she wanted to tell me, had some word finding problems, etc. I suggested she get evaluated by someone who specializes in brain injury. Her husb. died last year of Parkinson's. She had been his caregiver for 16 yrs.

        This a.m. DH has a dr. appt. -- routine 6 mo. check of his labs, etc. We monitor his TSH, sodium level, etc.


          Good Morning Everyone,

          We had rain off and on pretty much all day yesterday but still made it to the 70's officially. At our house we were even in the low 80's. Rain is again in the forecast and highs only in the 60's. Tomorrow the temp drops a little more and rain all day again with 60% chance today and 70% tomorrow. Weatherman stated that when this week is done we could have gotten around 3.5 inches of rain. We do need rain but not that much. Yesterday we got about a half inch.

          Today is the Tabitha meeting. I have everything packed up and ready to go. When the meeting is over I need to run to the accountant's and drop off our real estate tax statement so she can see if we quality for a homestead credit. I will also go to the vet and pick up some food for the dogs. I also need to stop at Lowes and pick up a refrigerator filter. The Lowes we had in town closed several years ago. It was the place we went to for most everything. It was always busy so I'm not sure why ours was closed. Thankfully the one in my daughter's town is still open. It seems to me I needed to do something else while I'm over there. I'm sure it will come to me later. With my luck it will come to me after I'm home again.

          Not much sewing done yesterday. I did get a couple borders done but now I'm on the mitered corners so I will not rush that. When I got to that point last night it was time for me to come downstairs to watch a program with Dave. There are several programs each week we like to watch together.

          Rob, we bought a rose tree last year, not from Jackson, but we got it early and also needed to wait for a bit to get it outside. All summer long it provided us with gorgeous, fragrant blossoms. We are in a much colder climate and the tree came in the house for the winter and did very well. We have it in a pot and brought it in just before the first freeze. South window of the patio and watering periodically and we had tons of flowers through the winter. We are going to have another cold snap next week with temps near or below freezing so we will keep it indoors until that is over.

          Monique, will keep your sister in my prayers. I struggle at times with my eyesight and I'm hoping that the problem is the cataract in my left eye. I'm told it is not yet ready to be removed. Joy, I will keep DH's cousin in my prayers as well.

          Time to get going. Have a wonderful day everyone.


          • Bubby
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            I know they are a lot of never ending upkeep, but I love old houses, especially old family homes. You’re blessed.

          • CarlieBlilie
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            Yea, Barb I feel blessed to have this house. It has such wonderful memories from growing up just across the street. Memories of my grandparents, parents and many aunts, uncles and friends. Until my late teens we always came over for Sunday supper. Sometimes I would get to stay after mom and dad and my sisters went home and then I got to watch Bonanza, in color!

          Good morning, Everyone!
          Another pretty day today. I got a nice walk in yesterday on the trail. Only did 2 miles but it felt good. I hope to walk again today and go a bit farther.

          The rainbow stars quilt for GD is almost done. I have to quilt the side borders and bind it. I'm going to make a couple matching pillowcases. I don't know if the kids are with my daughter this week or with their dad. If with mom, I can deliver the quilt to her this week.

          Hunter has his first vet appointment late this afternoon. I don't know if I'll go with Mike or not. We can't go in, just wait in the car. Mike sometimes wants me to go to vet appts with him because he doesn't always hear what the doctor says. Hunter had giardia so he was on a boiled chicken, ground meat, and rice diet for a few days. He wasn't allowed any treats so we couldn't do any of his training with him. He's still practicing Sit, Down, and Stay. He does very well most of the time.

          Gotta get some groceries sometime today. I don't mind cooking and can tolerate shopping but deciding what to have is the hard part. Maybe something on the grill. Oh, and we need to call the awning guy to schedule having the canvas awning put up for the deck. I'll ask Mike to get a price on a new one, too. The one that we have is I don't know how old! It's from the previous owners and they didn't do any upkeep on the house probably since it was built in 1978. According to what the awning guy said last year, he can't do much more repair on it.

          Have a happy day!
          ~ Carol from PA


          • Momofmonsters5
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            I hope Hunter has a great visit!! When I can't decide we do a protien and veg or salad. I love grilling!!

          Good morning!

          It is another beautiful day in the neighborhood. We're expecting a high around 83. It is going to rain later this afternoon. My sister and I visit Mom today. They are letting us visit in her apartment (room). The weather is so nice, I wonder if they will let us take her outside? I will give them a call in a bit and ask. We're going to have to change our visitation day in June. One of the two days I will be required to be on site is Thursday. I'm thinking we could switch to Fridays.

          I moved my cross stitch project into a bigger hoop yesterday. I am so very close to being done! Unfortunately, there is a blue ring on the fabric where the old hoop was. UGH! The Aida wasn't large enough for the hoop, so I made a border around it. I have used this trick before with no problems. It didn't occur to me when I used the blue fabric that the dye would transfer onto the Aida. Most of it won't show when the project is framed. Hopefully. Note to self: next time, use white fabric!

          I'm waiting to hear back from a friend of mine. My sister and I are getting rid of some old yard equipment (lawn mower, snow blower, weed whacker, small garden cultivator/tiller). Two of my friend's kids recently bought houses, and I asked her if they could use any of it. She asked me to name a price, so I did. Seriously, I would have been happy to give her this stuff for free. I went a little high, knowing my friend likes to barter and will come back with a counter offer. Crickets. I asked for $50 for three items (together, not each): snow blower, weed whacker and cultivator. She didn't want the lawn mower. We're going to offer the items to Mom's church if my friend decides she doesn't want them. She says she feels like she is on an episode of Pickers.

          Mom's facility said we cannot wheel her outside, but they will bring her to us on the porch. We also weren't on the list for today. I'm glad I called!

          Have a wonderful day!


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            Julie, When I was a x-stitcher I removed my hoop after every stitching session, unless I was using a scroll frame. I was taught that that was important. I guess if you use a much larger hoop that wouldn’t be an issue, but I have a pet 6” hoop that I used for almost everything except samplers. It’s been used so much that the edges are rounded!

          Good morning!! Thank goodness it's Thursday!! My mom and I are going to the Casino Saturday...looking forward to it.

          I'm going to get started on my sons wedding quilt hopefully this weekend..we will see. Sunday I'll be meal prepping for the week. I did order the extra fabric I needed from M*. I kicked myself because I had 4 yards saved for a fabric and took it down to two because I forgot what it for. Low and behold it was for the other side of the quilt...really Rachel?

          We booked the hotel for the wedding yesterday in Norman ...we wanted to do it early since it's a holiday and I'm kinda picky lol my mom and are the type too where we bring food, ...we try not to eat out. Even dinner we'll buy a bagged frozen cassorole and microwave it. We're going from the 1-6 of July and also bear can come lol Bear is my moms minature yorkie. Should be a good time!!

          My oldest son's birthday is the 25th of this month so getting his package prepared. I'm making him an exploding cady box with candy and probably money or gift cards. I really try to do unique things for gifts. There's always something homemade too. Maybe a matter where you go you can use those lol.

          It's going to be some busy months ahead just money wise for me with all my kids have going on. It's so fun though.

          Just work planned today! I hope everyone has a wonderful blessed day!!


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            Have a great trip!

          Good morning! Big rainy, thundery night last night, but it only woke me once.

          I went on a search yesterday for fabric to match my dresses to build the plus size dresses for the show. Found some almost perfect match, guess where I found it? In a tub in my own stash! It is barely enough, so we will have to cut carefully to get two dresses from it. But we have some less perfect matches of fabrics to use, if this doesn’t work.

          I did find some really pretty fabric for a tablecloth and napkins for my new outdoor table. It’s 108” backing, My table isn’t that big, so I think I will have plenty to make the tablecloth and a bunch of napkins.

          Tonight we will fit the men in suits for the show. Hope that goes quickly. This part of costuming is my least favorite part, takes time and is often frustrating. But it must be done.

          Tomorrow I am going up to my son’s house for my grandson’s confirmation. Too bad Mo Star shops aren’t open, as I drive right past Hamilton on my way up! That’s how I discovered Mo Star back 10 years ago, I was on my way to visit the kids and had researched how to make the Missouri Star quilt block. In my search, I found links to the quilt shop in Hamilton. This was when all aspects of the business was in one building. One quilting machine, retail fabric store, offices, warehouse and shipping, tutorial taping, and Jenny selling the fabric. I still have the fabric I bought there that first day in my stash! Boy, have we all evolved in 10 years!

          There are two wonderful quilt shops in Winterset, IA where my son lives. One was the old Fons and Porter store, and the other is a wonderfully stocked Ben Franklin, with a well stocked fabric department. I also drive through Macon, Mo that also has a huge Ben Franklin with a great fabric department, I will probably drop in for a look. Macon is about the halfway Mark on my trip, I usually grab lunch, gas and take a potty break there anyway, so might as well take a few minutes in the Ben Franklin. Hope they survived the pandemic and are still in business!

          Hope you all have a good day!


          • Bubby
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            I’ve always loved Ben Franklin stores. When I first moved back here in the 90s there was an old BF store in downtown Houston owned and totally operated by our vet’s grandma. After she passed, Dr Dunn turned the store into his office and veterinary hospital. I hated to see that store go. I still use dish towels I bought there! They just don’t make anything to last anymore. We are a disposable society now. Enjoy your trip, Jean.

          Good morning,

          It's another pretty day here. Sunny and clear with highs in the 80's. The boat is hooked up and ready for us to go out later. DH has a doctor's appointment this afternoon. He wasn't happy to have boat time interrupted with appointments when he is feeling fine. It's to keep you feeling good Dear.

          Laundry is started again from last night. I forgot there was a load soaking of bleach water with towels and almost threw my clothes on top. Yikes! They will finish and then I'll wash my clothes. DH takes care of his laundry which is a big help.

          I visited the LQS yesterday to check the sale table. She was selling left over items from another LQS that closed. I resisted the FQ bundles but found two dies and mats at 50% off. So happy to score the dinosaur die for DGS. Another project just for him.

          Time to get moving! Hope your day is great!


            I had no idea Ben Franklin stores still exists. The one in my hometown closed decades ago, and the one where we live now did years ago. I used to buy my baseball cards there along with my 45 records.

            If you like a fabric, buy a yard. If you LOVE a fabric, buy three!
            Anna Bates
            "Quilt Roadies"


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              I miss our Ben Franklin sew much. They had the best fabric at affordable prices. I love using novelty fabrics for much of my sewing for the fair and they had lots of it.

              There is still one in Sheridan WY, but that is 4 hours from me so I don't get there often.


            • Jean Sewing Machine
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              If you are ever in Macon Mo, at the crossroads of Hiway 63 and 36, take a little jog down Main Street ( a couple of blocks south and west of the highway intersection) to see the Ben Franklin, the store is one complete block wide from front to back, and the fabric department is half of the store. Lots of pretties! They carry main brands plus those ubiquitous flat fold stacks that often hold hidden treasures! I’ve found those coordinates long gone in those stacks! That quilt I sold yesterday had border and backing that matched my jelly roll that I found in the stacks at that store!

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              I believe there is still one in downtown Belleville, Illinois. I haven't been in a while but haven't heard that it closed.

            Good Morning from a beautiful Wyoming. Went and walked and ran to the church to check the mail. Hubs will be home late tonight so getting bedding washed. I hope to get my tote finished today. I am watching a Crafty Gemini tutorial on putting in a recessed zipper in my tote. I have done it a couple of times before, but it has been a year so I need a refresher. I really enjoy her tutorials.

            Have a great day. It is already 41 degrees here.



              Well, if your heard a loud thud from Georgia don't be alarmed. Wasn't an earthquake. It was Jerry & me reading the email from one pack/move company😮 WOW! and holy cow! I've been taking my fabric out of the cabinets that wasn't in baskets or bins & transferred it to moving bins. (we told the p/m we'd do that) & I can now say that whatever the p/m guys cost it'll be worth it. My nutty friend (the one that always wants me to halve anything I get with her) has put in a request for "anything I don't want". I have about given up on her understanding when I tell her "Jerry works hard for my money".

              Jack & Bailey our fearless Cocker Spaniels, are having a spa day. They'll come back smelling to high heaven with "after bath" scents. But they look so sweet & adorable we don't mind the aroma, lol.

              Next week Jerry will have an alphabet week. He goes to a P/T & the PA from the pain mgmt folks. He may need surgery cos' he has 2 vertebra rubbing against each other. Keep him in your prayers. Well, I guess that's all for today. Take care of yourselves, pray for those who can't & give a smile to someone. It may be the only one they get.


                Good afternoon folks. Well I finally finished my niece's wedding quilt this morning. After quilting it on Tuesday until 10 am yesterday morning. I had to take a nap yesterday before I started the hand binding on the back, since I kept nodding. (didn't sleep well Tuesday night). So happy that project is done now. It was stressing me out yesterday. It seems like I just had one delay after another with it.

                I went shopping for shoes this morning to wear to this wedding. My old ones had to be tossed, since I basically wear them out. I am not a shopper, unless it is for fabric. LOL I also took the finished quilt to the LQS to share the finish project with the lady that had helped me pick out fabric for the border. I will post a phot on another post. Now, I just need to call and get a mani/pedi appointment for this afternoon, and one load of laundry before packing. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, since I doubt that I will be back before Monday,


                • jjkaiser
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                  Congrats on finishing up that quilt in the nick of time! Have a good time at the wedding & hope your new shoes are comfy!