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World's Largest Model Railroad

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    World's Largest Model Railroad

    A friend sent me the link to a model RR video. I wanted to learn more about it, so did a web search & found another video that gives an overview of the layout. This model RR is in Hamburg, Germany & is the most popular tourist attraction in Europe. There are > 1,000 trains, & > 265,000 people figures. Of course, closed now due to the pandemic. But what a fantastic thing to see & place to visit! There is a 5 min. overview video on YT. I know I won't be able to do to the link, but I'll give the web site. You might find it by entering Miniatur Wunderland in the search box.


    If you ever get to San Diego, they have a huge model car museum in Balboa Park (same park where the zoo is). About 35 years ago, I got interested in trains, but lost interest after a few years. Now that MM is retired, he has gotten back into it and has been buying things right and left. He has been drawing train layouts for years and it's nice to see him having fun with it.

    While we were in Hawaii over the winter, he found a train museum and we went to it. I never knew that they had trains on Oahu, but they were used for the sugar cane. There is one in operation for tourists to ride on, and yes, even though I don't like riding trains, I went on it with him.

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      My DH is a model RR fan. He has an around the room HO layout, but the past few years hasn't done anything with it. It now sits idle. There is a nice RR museum in Golden, CO, but it's nothing on the scale of the one in Germany.