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    Good morning everyone!

    Our visit yesterday was wonderful. Sadly I forgot to bring my phone to take a picture. When I picked up dad he was eating a popsicle, lol. I had to ask for a hug. To him it was nothing special to see and hug me, lol. I think he forgot how long it was between hugs, which is probably a good thing. He recognized mama even with the mask on and was excited to see her. She was super happy. We all sat in a row and held hands the whole time. I held his hand while driving as well...when I could. We only stayed an hour or so as he was falling asleep on his chair. I took him home so he could have a nap before dinner. It was a wonderful visit. Mama wants weekly visits to start with.

    I got groceries on way home and made supper. Finished painting something for hubby and watched some shows. We'll see what happens today.

    Great news! While I was out hubby had a Dr phone appointment. Nothing wrong with his prostate!! Whew! He is been sent to a urologist but that will be months from now before he can get in. Still...such a relief!

    Not sure yet what I'll have energy for today. It's supposed to rain.

    Have a wonderful day everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!
    Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! šŸ˜


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      Wonderful news!

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      All this good stuff coming your way, your joyous visit with Mom & Dad and good dr report on your husb. I'm so happy for you!

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      Wonderful that you got to visit with both parents at the same time. And also wonderful that hubby doesn't have prostate cancer, what a relief for sure.

    Great News about your Hubby!!!! Now you can relax and get you some rest. Glad your folks had a good visit in . I hope there are many more.
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    Scottie Mom Barb


      Surprise visit from daughter & S-I-L today & brought several plastic storage bins & some heavy duty boxes. They cleaned out the garage a bit. Mandy will be able to help clean (read that as throw away) stuff from the basement on Saturday & Sunday. Both she & Alex will be able to lend a hand on the moving as well. waiting to hear back on the moving folks on their estimate to pack/move. Donations anyone? LOL! Jerry & I may have cardiac arrest on estimate. I know we can't do it all like we want. Not spring chicks anymore. Jerry goes to pain mgmt folks to see what they recommend on treatment for his shoulder pain. Beautiful weather here. Wish I could be outside. Sigh. Maybe when we move. Gina


        I am so happy, I went and practiced zumba with a former instructor, the best ever and had a great time, dh rode the recumbent bike. I then got a haircut, so, so happy to get that done.
        We came home and moved two bushes and planted the things I bought yesterday. The pollen is awful but we are expecting rain tonight that will hopefully wash it away for this year. I am so very ready to have my screened porch back in use.
        I am glad to read, no prostate cancer and hope the back/pneumonia is improving.
        Have a wonderful Wednesday.


          Iā€™m so happy for your good news! Enjoy every day!