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It's Tuesday right?

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    We lived in an area surrounded by pine trees. It coated everything. If a breeze blew it was like looking through fog with it coming out of trees.


      Good afternoon,

      Yes, it's Tuesday and already been a busy morning at the car dealer. DH and I did a test drive last night and finished all the papers this morning to bring home a new Explorer. I have never done the research and choosing before but this was all m-i-n-e. Of course, he will drive it too. It was time to move out of my truck realm and start with a suv type. I have mostly driven trucks. It will take a bit to adjust to not sitting up so high.

      Off to the appointment for the pre-op this afternoon and then dinner with DH. It's our tradition to go out when we get a new vehicle. How does food relate to cars?

      Hope your day is great! Happy stitches to all!


      • Nwmnteacher
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        Any excuse works for dinner out as far as I'm concerned! We go after we do our taxes!

      • NoOn49
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        Congrats on your new set of wheels! that is awesome!

      • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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        Congrats on the wheels. I love SUV's and could not go back to driving a car.
        Dinner out -- oh that sounds so yummy.