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Good Monday Afternoon!

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    Good Monday Afternoon!

    It sure is quiet on here today. I hope everybody is well and just busy stitching and/or keeping warm. We had a (very) brief warm spell over the weekend, but yesterday temps dropped again and so now we are back to the cold and windy weather. I have been un-decorating the house this morning, and just have to put the totes and boxes back in the basement to wait for the holidays again. I did get the comforter fixed yesterday and into the duvet, it all looks so nice and brighter in our room. Hubs isn't feeling well, so he took a sick day and is now back in bed. I have a small embroidery job to start this afternoon, 7 fleece jackets to put a design on. I have the design made and just need to mark placement on the jackets and they will be set to go.
    I hope everybody is having a great day!

    Re: Good Monday Afternoon!

    Hello my quilty friends! I miss being on here and chatting with y'all. life is getting slowly back to normal and taking on a new look for 2011. I am fasting this week for my business and my family. The red double camilia bush is coming into bloom outside my window and is so beautiful... a sign i believe.
    Two of my favorite things, to encourage and to be encouraged
    hugs, Suzi
    it's what i do when i'm not here sewing with you

    GOD Bless America


      Re: Good Monday Afternoon!

      Good afternoon - the red camelia sounds beautiful. The sun is out today, but it is cold! I'm also trying to diet (don't think that I can go all the way and fast). Hope everybody has a good day.


        Re: Good Monday Afternoon!

        Sure is quiet around here.
        Just got in from work. A long day and have a church meeting tonight. I better stay awake, I am the Secretary.
        Called my sister to see if she checked on Dad and she didn't get over there yet. He is known to sleep in regularly until 3 or 4 and thought she'd go over later tonight with some homemade chicken soup. So she'll call later and give me an update. We're hoping it's just a touch of something minor.

        Well, better find something for dinner. It will have to be something quick - I have sewing to do also.



          Re: Good Monday Afternoon!

          It is usually Blondie & I that cross post! It really doesn't matter as long as we all check in!

          We have all of our Christmas decorations down too. Hubby put them up in the shop yesterday. Em almost had a major breakdown when she realized the Christmas tree had just gone out the back door and the goats were eating it. We got through that mini-crisis. Whew!

          I have a bit more to do on my sister's knitting needle case. I am not so sure how well it will keep everything in, We'll see. I may have to do a bit of redesigning. I am afraid that if the case is picked up wrong, everything may spill out the top. I see a flap to cover the needle holder section in the future of this design.

          Trish, I hope you dad gets to feeling better soon!

          Check in with you all later!
          Be who you are and say what you feel
          because those who mind don't matter,
          and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


            Re: Good Monday Afternoon!

            Hello ladies!
            Got most of the Christmas decorations stored away..... except for one tree. It's only about 4 feet tall, nicely lite and has snowflakes, candy canes & ornaments the grandkids made on it. I choose to bask in the memory of the evening they decorated grandma's tree. Of course, when that tree is banned to storage, other ornies will suddenly show themselves & I shall be puzzled as to how they escaped " the big take down". This morning I worked on setting up my 2011 calendar with appointments & special dates I musn't forget. I got carried away & also listed the most common called numbers that are not on speed dial. Oh, I am going to be so efficient this year! Next, I began to cut fabric for ornaments to be tied to 2011 Xmas packages of my dearest friends. I am on a roll, ladies & by now I am sure you all hate me! Don't worry, I go down hill rapidly. I had all this time today because I started a VAT of beef stew this morning with all fresh, fragrant veggies & herbs. When cooled, I divide the stew into many meals for the 2 of us & freeze most. This way, future dinners mearly take warming. Smarty pants, huh?


              Re: Good Monday Afternoon!

              Wow - you are on a roll! Bet your stew smells great (know my husband would love this). What kind of ornaments are you making?


                Re: Good Monday Afternoon!

                I don't hate you Carol, I'm proud of you and wish I was just like you. Alas, I'm not organized and I have tried. It last's about 5 seconds with me, and then it's chaos again.
                Sorry your Dad's not feeling well Trish. There is a bug going around. I babysat while they to my DGD into the doctors to make sure of what it was, seeing as how her sister can't have germs hanging out around her. Sarah has the bug, Emily has the Aplastic Anemia. Not a good mix. Em can't be around her so they take turns getting their rooms sprayed with Lysol. Emily goes to her room so Sarah can go downstairs and eat and play. Then they switch so Em has time out of her room. It's tough having one kid with a lethal disease and any little bug that comes along can make her unstable. However I must say Em's holding her own as she weans off her meds. We're praying.
                Blondie I'm glad your Mom is doing well. Love to all, Jan L
                Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                  Re: Good Monday Afternoon!

                  I have been forced back to routine, after a couple of weeks of maybe others are in similar boat.
                  Lola.....a small embroidery job is 7 jackets? Whew....sounds like a lot to me!
                  Flowering bushes----sounds lovely in the midst of winter for me!
                  So much work going on today----undecorating, working, meetings, tons of all the inspiration. I hope I get done with regular chores today! I must figure out how all of you women have so much time to sew! I must not be living right.......yet! Sounds like this year is off to a busy start!
                  Suzy Que


                    Re: Good Monday Afternoon!

                    Whew Carol you wore me out. I think I need more couch time after all your busy work, lol. The stew sounds so yummy.
                    Cathy, I deal with a tree issue with both my kids ever since I got rid of it and that was 6 yrs ago, lol. At least you are able to quickly solve yours.
                    Jan will continue prayers for Em and your family.
                    SuzyQue, I with you, how do they do it. I either sew and let things go or clean and dont sew. Someday they will give us thier secrets.
                    Thanks gals and have a blessed night!
                    Have a blessed day in HIS name!


                      Re: Good Monday Afternoon!

                      Good evening everyone.

                      When I read everyone's posts, it makes me realize how really blessed we all are.

                      Jan, for your daughters to be so kind is wonderful.

                      Carol, you wear me out! LOL

                      My co-worker is out with the bug, so the owners have sent someone from another office. Its nice they didn't forget me as it is only 2 of us working at the office at this time and it is really a 3 person office.

                      Everyone have a good night and a great tomorrow.

                      God bless and take care.