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Monday Morning Greetings

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    Monday Morning Greetings

    Monday morning greetings! I’m ready to rock for the day!

    saw my costumes on stage yesterday in Camelot! They looked great!

    taking a Trip Around the World today! I am using Donna Jordan’s method of construction, it is brilliant! I got 1/4 of my trip finished.

    Have a good day!

    Enjoy your trip around the world. You have been so productive lately! I need to get started.


    • Bubby
      Bubby commented
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      A new quilt! I’ve done just one trip Trip Around The World but the new technique wasn’t around then. I remember it took a long time to make. Can’t wait to see yours!

    • Jean Sewing Machine
      Jean Sewing Machine commented
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      What else is there to do? Nothing else going on here, so I might as well sew! Of course, I could quilt that pile of UFOs that are piling up by the longarm!

    Morning all,

    Jean you are probably the only person who can take a trip around the world in one day, you sew at the speed of lightning!

    Rain expected today then warmer temps are predicted for the rest of the week, bye, bye snow.

    It was a very sad weekend as I lost one of my feral cats he was 15, he has lived on my property since he was born. I have an acre of property part of it wooded so they had room to roam and very rarely left it. I trapped him and his siblings had them all neutered/spayed and they decided to live on my property when they were released and I've taken care of them ever since. Something attacked him not sure what, whether animal or human, he passed away yesterday. Now I only have his sister left who is 16 out of the four siblings.

    Maybe today will be the day to get in the sewing room and sew. A needle and thread brings great comfort.

    Time for coffee and to get myself moving. Wishing everyone a good day.
    If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

    Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


    • Rhonda K
      Rhonda K commented
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      That is sad about dear kitty. May sewing time bring comfort to you.

    • Cathy F
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      Jean, yes, he had a good long life and for that I am grateful. Out of the four of them after all these years of feeding them twice a day and them seeing us every day he never got close enough for us to pet him, he would often hiss at us for a good morning greeting but we still loved him. 😊

    • ktdid
      ktdid commented
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      I know that pain all to well Cathy of loosing a cat I cried for a week after she got the feline Lupus!! I couldn't put her through that kind of pain and not getting any better. Your cat did have a very long life though, I'm sorry for you!