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  • Caroline T.
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    Jean, I have wanted to do a Trip Around The World for so long, but the thought of picking out 13 fabrics I find daunting. Maybe a need a personal shopper to help me LOL.

  • Mimi_Howard
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    Here the Hitchcock bird moments are with Sea Gulls at the beach. They see food and will go for it.. and fight, oh they can fight each other over food. Sometimes they fly inland (my neirghborhood) and fight with the black birds over trash that spills from the cans on windy days trash pick up days.

  • TMP
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    I guess my lab is strange . She doesn't bother food that is left out.

    Amanda's dog eats anything and everything. The strangest thing he has eaten was a new large box of crayons, very interesting cleaning up the yard after him.

  • Mimi_Howard
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    We smog ever other year, sure wish we could renew tags for 2 years. I do the smog and tag quickly, but getting the tags on the car, thats another thing. Mine expire at end of this month and I have had the new ones for over a month, still in the envelope on kitchen counter.. bad Mimi !

  • Cokie
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    Claire, our first cat did the same thing! He'd nibble a bit off of every slice starting at one end. On Saturday morning I'd let the kids eat breakfast while they watched TV (sitting on the floor), and if I made waffles, he'd sit and watch them, and when they weren't looking, he's reach his paw out and spear a piece of waffle with a claw, flip it off the plate, and eat it! He'd do the same thing with french fries if he got the chance, but waffles were his favorite.

  • SuzanneOrleansOntario
    Good day everyone,
    It's been a short while since I've checked in. I've been busy driving DH to appts, seems like every day, keeping up with the snow, housework, groceries, cooking, laundry, you name it, I'm it these days. Chef cook and bottle washer. The only day I sewed since last Sew day was Saturday. I made a lot of progress on the hunter star blocks and started pieced the first 2 rows. Then that's when thing's went south and I need to pull out the ripper. No point sewing when you are tired. Yesterday, I drove DH to physio and went to Lowes to check out dishwasher. I was set on KitchenAid, but they dont have the models I want in stock - anywhere. So I looked at LG. We have LG washer & dryer and like them. So I took down info -- and 10% sale on those ended yesterday. So after I picked up DH from physio, dropped him at home and went back to order. It should be delivered tomorrow morning and installed following Wed. That's good enough, it hasn't entirely died, it just sound like that B-777 might have dropped an engine here. In the afternoon, I made 7 shepherd's pies for 2, to freeze. Then washed dishes by hand.

    Today, other than picking up groceries, I sorted through papers for shredding. I filled up 3 boxes, which will go for recycle pick-up tmrw. I hear my neighbour doing our driveway with snow-blower. I feel guilty. He is also working on a custom piece of furniture for us. Well that's it -- better wake DH from his nap -- he wanted to get up around 5pm.

    Catch up soon. Stay safe and stay warm.

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  • quiltingaway
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    We own a counter surfer but he's very selective. He tends to just go for homemade goodies or bread from a local bakery. He's too old to counter surf now though. My son's family had two beagles and a great dane. They made quite the team. The beagles, with their great noses would alert the dane to anything interesting and the dane was tall enough to just walk by the counter and grab it, no jumping required.

  • 201 Treadler
    Hi friends, Happy Monday,
    We had rain last night into early morning, then sunshine yipee.
    It appears the starlings are back, they are shouting at each other, its quite loud, but nice to hear, after all the silence of winter, they appear to be mischievous and somehow managed to cover the windows in white blobs. Does this mean we are now lucky? 🤣
    Himself said will be washing windows in the dark when the mischiefs, gone to bed 🙄 bet they cover it again lol.
    We have a history with Starlings when visited the South-West UK, had just arrived at an campsite had opened boot to get tent out, when a flock of Starlings dived at us, we hit the ground, there was poop in car, all over us, somehow was holding one, so let it join its friends, certainly a great way to say hello to fellow campers when they all rushed over to see if ok. Was thankful of the shower block and the Umbrella for exiting the tent.
    Was a reminder of the Alfred Hitchcock bird film.
    Have a great day everyone.

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  • JCY
    Back again. I have 20 min. before I have to leave for PT. Morning laundry is done (only 1 load today), a late breakfast, & dishes washed up. I need to go by the groc. store after PT for a few items. I need to get ground turkey for my turkey patties. It's that time again.

    I had to chuckle, Rob, about Patsy getting into the buns.

    Claire, I need to start walking, too. Just not sure how well my knees would hold up. I'm frustrated with my slow progress with therapy. Two of the exercises I do at PT really aggravate my knee issues.

    I liked the Quiltville quote today on Bonnie Hunter's blog. "You were born to be real, not perfect." A good motto for our quilting & other facets of life.

    We're getting a Chinook wind today. The temp. quickly has risen to 65 deg.! Wow. Our snow is gone except for where it was piled up or in shady areas. But there's another chance for some snow on Wed.

    The B-777 yest. that lost an engine after departing DIA -- they have removed 24 planes from service that have the same engine, made by Pratt Whitney. Apparently, there has been a previous incident involving those engines. One house yest. was damaged when debris went through the roof. It's fortunate no one was injured. Imagine if that had happened over the Pacific! They were headed to Hawaii.

    Time to leave for PT.

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  • Rob the HOAQ
    commented on 's reply
    We have a Rubbermaid container that we normally put buns in, but the package didn't make it in there in time. We didn't make the same mistake twice.


  • Claire Hallman
    I have started back trying to walk daily, there is a good sidewalk route that is 1.5 miles per my phone. Maybe one day I will go further but for now this is good. I got a shock when I got on the scale recently which prompted the exercise.🤣 Our weather is improving, there is even some sunshine with 50-60 degrees. I hope it continues but not likely. We need some dirt but we also need the ground to dry up enough to use a wheelbarrow to get the dirt into the back yard. Maybe next month.🙄
    I did manage some sewing on Saturday, I am getting a quilt cut out and some units sewn but expect to run out of material before I get to the sashing. It is supposed to be scrappy but I would like it to repeat the scraps in the blocks so I will be searching or changing the design, not sure which.🤔
    Today will include a grocery store trip, we are out of several fresh things and low on cereal for DH breakfast. Maybe Aldis which is a fun treasure hunt.
    We once had a cat that loved to eat bread, he would help himself to a loaf on the counter, we started using the microwave for a bread box and discovered it kept things fresher, longer so that has been our bread box ever since.
    Last edited by Claire Hallman; February 22, 2021, 09:35 AM.

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  • Jean Sewing Machine
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    Caroline T YES THAT IS IT! I knew it had a name but couldn’t remember it! Power cutting! That is exactly how we were taught and it works great. I only have a 12-1/2” ruler, but it worked fine for me cutting 4” squares. To cut the squares after cutting the strips I just did the same thing horizontally after making the vertical cuts and trimming off that selvedge edge. I didn’t do multiple layers like she did in the video.

  • KPH
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    I'm lucky, Gabby never learned she could jump in her former household. She depends on her service human to get on the sofa or recliner.

  • JulieC
    Good morning!

    We have temps above freezing! Our snow is starting to melt. I was surprised to see how many tree limbs are down in the back yard.

    I did not accomplish much yesterday. I did some cross stitching and reading. My sisters and I like this one cozy mystery series, and book #18 or #19 came out recently. My Ohio sister liked it so much, she has read it twice. I'm still working on finishing it. I haven't been reading as much lately, and when I do it is taking me longer to finish the book. I have other things to concentrate on, I guess.

    I need to take my car up to have the emissions tested this week. I'm cutting it a little close to get the renewal sticker. I was going to do it last week, but we had all those winter storms, so...this week it will have to be. I'm thinking of renewing the tags for two years instead of one. That will be one less thing to worry about next year!

    Have a wonderful day!

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  • Nwmnteacher
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    Barb, how does your Zoom bingo work?