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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    It's early, I'm up and half way ready for church. It's clear and cold this morning.

    I had a napping kind of night, every hour I looked at the clock. It's going to be a long day.

    After church I'm planning to get a new blade in my big rotary cutter and start cutting squares. Assembly directions are kind of sketchy, still using the zigzag stitching, but I guess it needs to be a tighter stitching to keep the batting secure. We'll see. I'm about out of my variegated thread and didn't find any last night.

    Time to finish getting ready.

    Have a great day, stay warm and safe!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Hi folks! Nice Sunday morning, with some quilting and seeing a live performance of the HS show I helped my friend costume.

    I documented the finish of my Hearts and Gizzards quilt in another post. I am glad to get that one finished. Never again! But a dear friend saw my picture of the tutorial quilt and thought he wanted one made. His wife was trying to talk him out of it, and I would do it for him, but would really rather he pick a different pattern! She wants a Pins and Paws quilt in similar colors, it would be fine with me to make that quilt again!

    Someone on a FB quilt group posted an awesome Trip Around the World quilt in earth and sky colors. I picked out the fabrics the other day at the LQS sale. That might be the next project, but first I must cut 550 squares. I am interested to see how this will turn out.

    Hope you all have a very nice day! Happy Sunday!


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      Trip around the world is one of my favs!! I tend to revert back to it alot.

    • grandma nurse
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      I did the Trip Around the Worlds from Elenor Burns. No cutting individual squares. There is a tutorial on this pattern.
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    Good Morning. I had good sleep until 3 am and then I was done. I watched a tutorial and scanned the new issue of BLOCK and by that time my mind was riveted on quilts. I can smell Jeff’s coffee that’s waiting for him.

    We played family Bingo on Zoom yesterday and I won one game. I always take an Amazon gift card as my prize. I can always find something to buy on Amazon.

    it warmed up a bit yesterday and we saw a bit of the snow melting but what melted will be new ice today. We are supposed to get wind and rain today.

    That’s all I have right now. I will pop in later to catch up with everyone. Have a blessed Sunday.

    Scottie Mom Barb


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      I'm always up around 2 am, 3 am would be like sleeping in for me. Chronic pain never let's you rest for long...Maybe you can catch a nap today Barb, have a blessed day!!

    It’s supposed to get up to 50° here today. I’m so excited! Maybe some of this snow will leave. I haven’t been out of the house since last Sunday morning. I go to get my 2nd vaccine this morning and will be glad to be finished with that. I’m working on those cute little bowl cozies and a lap quilt with a half jelly roll. I needed some projects that would finish quickly. Have a great week everyone!


    • Bubby
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      Good Luck with your second shot, Ruthie. We get ours in three weeks.

    Good Morning to all. Some days I wonder if my brain will ever get the message... this ole body is retired now! Awake at 3 and up by 3:30. Oh well at least retirement does allow for naps when I need one. I got my dads old washer swapped out yesterday. Did a test run with just couple of items to make sure it worked after the two rides on trucks to get to me, it worked. Laundry was all caught up so be another week before I pass judgement on it.

    Man oh man I must really be slow this morning, getting the "invalid server" notice. So log out and then back in again. Irritating! While it will be a warmer day, once again (or maybe I should just say "still") we have the wind advisory. I am so tired of windy weather.

    No real plans today, I got some scraps cut into squares yesterday, small odd sized sorted by color. Still got a big bag of long strips.. maybe my next scrappy project sould be a string quilt or log cabin. I did sew (reversible) simple kid apron yesterday and will mail it off to daughter to test fit on GD. This year I have been commissioned (aka free mimi labor) to make apron for each kid in her class as an end of the year gift. Daughter has given me some fabric already, some of it I don't believe would light up a kids eyes. She is taking notes from listening to kids on the zoom classroom. Their likes/dislikes, colors, characters, etc... see if we can get them personalized as possible with color/theme. I think I only have to make about 15 of them.

    Hope all have a safe, warm and happy day today.


      Good morning all. Nice and sunny here this morning but still in the 20's. Yesterday was an exciting new washer was delivered! Finally! It got quite a workout for sure. It is so much quieter than my old one. And I got the border put on the flannel on point charm quilt top I put together on Friday. Today I need to get some names and years stitched onto a couple bunnies and get them into the mail for Zeke and Aviendha. They are going to do an Easter picture shoot the following week and they can use them in the pictures. I also have a couple hooded towels, a couple other baby blankets and a bunch of burp cloths to make so I see a lot of time spent in my sewing room.

      Other than that, not much else is new. We are talking about actually making the trip out to California at the end of March for when the baby arrives. I sure hope we can.

      Time to get the sauce and meatballs started for today's dinner. Have a good day everyone.
      Ginny B


      • ktdid
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        Meatballs sound good! Think I'll thaw some hamburger out!

      • Bubby
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        Meatballs sound great. I have some homemade ones in the freezer.

      Good Morning all,

      Looks like we are in for some snow today. Temp now is 23 and should get to somewhere around 32 but we are supposed to get snow showers most of the day day. Doesn't sound like we are supposed to get a bunch of snow, thank goodness for that. Tomorrow they are saying a high of 41. We will see.

      I vegged most of the day yesterday. Just couldn't seem to get enthused about doing anything. Just read a book. I'm re-reading Earlene Fowler's Benni Harper series. Haven't read them in quite a while. Today I'm going to be up in the sewing room. Dave and going to help me move the cutting station away from the wall. Didn't think of it when we set it up but I need some space between the wall and the back of the table for the fabric to drape down. I'm thinking I'll move it out about 2 feet, that way I can get back there if something drops accidentally. Once that is done I'm going to work on quilting the quilt for Tabitha. If I get that done I will work on organizing the tote I brought home with me.

      This coming week looks like it is all open except for Thursday when I need to watch Jennifer's daycare while she goes to see her doctor. It will be during nap time so it shouldn't be too exhausting plus Makayla will get home from school around 3 so that will help as well.

      Not much else planned to for today. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


        Good morning,

        Another slow morning here but at least the coffee is good. I must in a baseball game and hitting home runs with strike outs. My trip for light bulbs was a strike out. It started pouring rain when I pulled into the parking lot. The box would have been soaked getting them home. They have to go in the bed since the lights are 8 feet long. Strike 1!

        Last night we started out to an early dinner at our favorite restaurant. We slowly slid through one intersection with a car crash being cleared. The line was out the door at the restaurant so we passed on that idea Strike 2! On the way home, we passed a second crash off the side of the road. We decided to visit the seafood market and bring dinner home. Nope they were out of cooked shrimp. Return to our truck revealed that birds left us big deposits. Strike 3 and 4! Safely home to score a ham and cheese sandwich! Touchdown! Baseball or football? It's all good. LOL.

        I'm making progress on the embroidery project. No jams or tangles. The embroidery machine even holds the place when the bobbin needs replaced. I'll leave the machine set up for the next project too. It's another hooded towel with a shark theme for a little boy. They are always fun to make.

        Hope your day is great!


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          Sounds like you had a home run by managing to get home safely without being in a crash.

        Morning friends!

        Yesterday was a very productive day in the sewing room. I got all 16 blocks made for the Squares and Crosses quilt. This was the first time I used mainly precuts in a quilt, and that obviously made a difference. The only yardage I used was for the Cross block, and much of that came from some fat quarters I bought recently. I hardly made a dent in my Kansas Troubles fabric. I still have two whole layer cakes plus a large amount from the one I opened, not to mention several jelly roll strips. Guess I will have to find another pattern to use it up.

        Most of the time I have done a quilt with all the blocks in the same color, so it's a new experience to make something from various colors. I hope they look OK and complement each other. Guess time will tell.

        Cheryl has two full rows of her DWR quilt completed. She has much of the third row done, but it isn't sewn to the other two. She feels overwhelmed at times, but keeps plugging away. She said a patient she was taking care of gave her a tip on how to keep the pieces flatter (don't see as fast as as she was) and it seems to work.

        It was 35 this morning, so hopefully the snow will be gone soon. I need to make a grocery run this morning. I have no idea what breakfast will be.

        I slept well last night, but didn't get to bed until midnight, so that likely played a role. Not sure how much I will work on the quilt today. Depends on how long it takes me to read the papers.

        Hope everyone has a great day!

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        If you like a fabric, buy a yard. If you LOVE a fabric, buy three!
        Anna Bates
        "Quilt Roadies"


          Beautiful sunny morning. Trees are covered with hoar frost so very pretty. We had a heavy snow squall come through yesterday morning. It dumped 8” of snow in about 4 hours. Everyone was out clearing driveways as soon as it ended & it became a nice sunny afternoon. Went for a walk & then played in sewing room. I had a bunch of HST & small squares leftover from quilt I made son & DIL, so sewed them to make pillows. No set designs, I just played with the pieces I had to use them up.

          Have a safe happy day.


            First time in a week I woke up and didn't need to go turn my water back on, since we are now above freezing and will likely stay there. Praise the Lord for the simple things. Had DGD all day yesterday, so nothing productive done other than keeping her fed. For a tiny 3 year old, that child sure can eat. This morning I slept in, did church online, and am meeting 2 GFs for brunch at a local Mexican restaurant. Yay! Not sure what the rest of the day will bring.

            May all of you have a wonderful day!


            • Momofmonsters5
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              Lol I remember when my DGD was was trying to get her to eat real food verses snacking!!

            Good morning!

            Today is cold and sunny. We had a little bit of snow yesterday.

            I had a lot of fun at the LQS yesterday. I took in my old machine (trade in) and -- naturally! -- forgot a few pieces parts at home. We'll see what the weather is like on Thursday; maybe I will take the items over there after our visit with Mom. I'm sure my sister won't mind! 😁 They had embroidery designs 30% off, so I bought the latest expansion pack for edge-to-edge quilting from Amelie Scott Designs. I also found the fabric I regretted leaving behind the last time I was there. I literally got the last yard, it was in the sale bin. I also picked up a panel and a couple more yards that were 50% off.

            Not a lot on the agenda for today, mostly cleaning and organizing. Getting rid of the old machine did not free up as much space as I hoped. Maybe the sunshine is inspiring me to start spring cleaning early? I am about ready to start quilting again. I'm just waiting for my muse to tell me which project is next.

            Have a wonderful day!


              Good Morning, Everyone ~ Well, it will be morning for ~10 more min. I'm late today. I had to get around early since I was going to church for the first time since Oct. I got out my music yest. & ran through it on the piano. My poor old fingers ain't what they used to be! Playing for church went okay. Hopefully most of my mistakes weren't too noticeable. I really was out of practice after 11 mos. without playing. It was nice to be back in church again. First service attendance was sparse. I played the prelude for 2nd service before I left. It looked like that service was better attended. A lot of folks still are watching on YT -- esp. the elderly & those who have compromised immune systems.

              I'm certainly getting weary of the skunk odor. It's been at least 6 times this mo., & last night was another. After I came home from church, I opened the window & back screen door of the garage & turned on the fan to air it out. It's too cold to open windows & doors to the house.

              The big news yest. was the engine failure of a B-777 which departed Denver mid-day for Honolulu. Over Broomfield, the R. engine failed. Engine parts were scattered on the ground, in front yards, in the street, & several fell on a soccer field. No one was injured; the plane returned to DIA & landed safely.

              I did more work on the taxes yest. I still have a long ways to go, but at least I'm making progress. Yest. the daytime high was 54. It clouded up in the eve. & we got rain, which helped melt the snow.

              Today I need to mend the pocket of DH's coat; the stitching is coming loose on one of the pockets. I'll probably have to sew it by hand.


              • geegeequilts
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                Joy, I saw the news about that plane's engine. Holy cow! That could've been so much worse. Gina

              Happy Sunday to everyone. I enjoy reading each of your posts even though I don't comment on them. It is a gorgeous, spring like day here in Wyoming. Went to church for the first time in a month since getting Covid. It felt good. Finished my cross stitch yesterday and need to find another one to start. Hope to be able to go to Casper (2 hours) this week to take in my Baby Lock Aria to have the auto threader fixed. I also hope to go to HL in hopes they will still have some Valentine fabric. I am planning on a Valentine theme for "my" theme for my fair sewing. Hopefully I haven't missed out on the fabric.

              Have a great day to everyone.