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Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

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    Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Someone else probably will be posting at the same time, but I'll get started anyway. Not really much news worthy, but many things for which to be thankful. I feel so bad for the folks in Texas who are struggling to find food & water in the empty groc. stores. Stories of people dying of hypothermia in their homes. Very sad.

    Yest. a.m. was PT which went well. My only other errand was the bank. I didn't get any work done on the taxes, but I plan to make it a priority today.

    No update on my cousin George since his surgery. DS#1 in MD phoned; we chatted almost an hour. His wife has been in touch with the Dutch consulate to determine requirements for travel to Holland. They're supposed to call back. They already know they need to have 2 covid tests, one of which is the rapid test within a few hrs. of departure. There definitely will be a lot of red tape to go through. Her dad will be allowed to go home with medical folks coming in to help.

    Have a good week end.

    Good Morning Joy and those who follow,

    Nothing much to report here either, other than the sun is shining! Even for a little bit, it's a welcome sight. It was clear last night, the cold front had moved through so the temperatures dropped. For here, it's pretty chilly, nothing like the middle of the country is suffering through. I was watching tic tocks videos on Facebook last night. It's hard to believe the damage being done. Then there was the video of one of Howard's cousin's kids skiing behind an SUV.

    I finished up the little baby quilt yesterday. I think I'll take both of the twist up quilts for the baby shower. That will still leave me one in my stash. I still have plenty of baby fabric to make more if they're needed.

    I started work on my jelly roll fence rail. I got 10 strips sewn. I do think that Jelly Roll Jig is a great tool! No pressing, no clips, just sew down the strip.

    Not much else is going on. Have a great day. Stay safe and warm!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good morning all! 18 degrees this morning here, so every day the temperature inches upward! One day soon, we are supposed to be at 50 degrees! Hey, break out the shorts and flip flops!

      I got my Hearts and Gizzards top put together. But, oh darn, needed some border fabric and a backing and binding for it! I’ve been home bound for a week, so I had built up a desire for retail therapy! My favorite fabric store was the destination, and their selection is so good, I found what I needed, I also want to do a Trip Around the World quilt in a certain color way. Someone on one of my FB quilt pages posted one called Earth and Sky in those colors with cream in between. I’m going to try to copy her colorway and use Donna Jordan’s technique for building it. Donna Jordan is a genius with streamlined piecing. I find her a brilliant teacher and so pleasant to listen to. Thanks to Swedish Leo who post# links to her tutorials regularly. Oh, and the LQS had their annual 15% off quilting cotton sale, so it was a good time to pick up my fabrics,

      Back to the sewing studio for me today! Hope you all have a great day!


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        Jean, if you signed up for Jordan's newsletter, you'd get all those free videos in your e-mail. It also shows the special of the day. It's not called the DD, but they have either pre-cuts, kits, or yardage discounted daily. Donna also has been posting people's quilts, usually 1-3 pics a day. It's interesting to see what others have made from her patterns.

      • Jean Sewing Machine
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        Joy, I do need to sign up for her videos. She always give away a beautiful quilt at the end. My sister lives on Oregon, and we’ve driven through Grants Pass more than once. Next time we are stopping at Jordan’s Quilt store!

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        I have to get in gear and post my grandmas postage stamp, blocks in various stages they are 1/2" squares !!

      Good Morning to all. Yesterdays audition of my 2nd fabric buy for kitchen curtains was a bust. Until I can go into a store and actually see fabric I will just put this project on hold. The fabric is going to make a beautiful apron, so all is not lost. I found a cheap pair on amazon and ordered those. I can not stand to look at those worn and tattered curtains any longer.

      Nothing special on the agenda today, no appts or errands to run, so my social calendar is empty 😁. Probably tackle the scrap bag and start cutting into storeable sizes.

      Hope all have a safe and happy day today.


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        Sorry about your curtain fabric not working out. Been there, done that....not fun!

      Morning all,

      Oh no, it's snowing again this morning. Hope there is not too much accumulation. It does look pretty though... from this side of the window. LOL!

      Well I am a happy person today. I have not been able to get in my Flickr account since December where I store a lot of my pictures. I lost my password and even though they sent me numerous links to reset it it just repeatedly took me to a page to sign up for a new account. Finally a tech helped me get back in, yea!!

      May try to get up to the sewing room today if for nothing else to straighten it up. We'll see how it goes.

      Time for my coffee and some breakfast so I'll wish everyone a good day. Be safe, be well.
      If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

      Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


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        Stay warm and safe. This is a bad storm. Hugs...

      Good Morning all,

      We are below zero this morning but headed for the upper 20's. Yesterday we saw 20 for a high. Each day for the next few days is supposed to get warmer. Possibly 40's on Monday.

      I defrosted our other freezer yesterday and got things organized between the two of them. I need to update my pantry listing today and that will finish that project. Dave did some major cleaning of the cabinets in the kitchen yesterday. He had most of them done by the time I was done with the freezer. I took the last couple and got them cleaned up. Guess we are a little ahead in the Spring cleaning.

      I plan on doing a little baking today, most of which will go into the freezer. We are just about out of the cookies that I baked back in October, or maybe it was November. All that is left is about a dozen sugar cookies (out of 7 dozen) and about a dozen of the oatmeal (out of 3 dozen). Pretty good I think to make them last that long.

      My plan is to get to the sewing room later this afternoon but it depends on how much time I end up spending in the kitchen.

      That's it for me now. Have a great day everyone!


        Good morning!

        Cold and sunny are the weather words today. We do have a slight chance of snow. I'm taking the machine I traded in to the LQS today. I may hunt for some fabric while I am there.

        I have fallen in love with a fabric line and a pattern and am trying to resist buying the materials. I do not need more fabric. It's just so pretty! And I think it would make a nice quilt for my Texas sister. She's a little perturbed that I haven't made her a quilt. To be fair, though, she received the very first one I ever made back in 1989. It was also a baby quilt for my nephew. M* is mostly out of the fabric line, but I found lots of it at Hancock's of Paducah. I'm not in any rush; I can wait the 2+ weeks it will take to ship. I saw they have the quilt as a kit. I did the math and it is about the same price as buying the fabrics separately. I am a little wary of kits. I know if I buy the fabric I will have a little extra if needed. My experience with kits is that they give you just enough to make the pattern. If you make a mistake in cutting, you have to buy more fabric.

        Progress continues on my cross stitch project. I am not a fan of the blending filament called for in the pattern. It looks pretty, but it likes to kink up and cause knots. I hope to have the project finished next month. My goal is before spring.

        Time for a cup of tea and to start packing up the old machine. Have a wonderful day!


        • Bubby
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          Blending filament adds so much life to a project but it's a challenge to work with. I used a lot of Balger (Kreinik) filament and still have most of it. If you ever need one you cant find let me know. I'm happy to share.
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          Jordan's Fabrics has a big stock; I once found some fabric there that I couldn't find anywhere else. I've also ordered from Fat Qtr. Shop, Amazon, & a couple others.

        Good morning. We finally are seeing the sun again. We have had some snow and sleet the last few days. My son broke the pull cord on our snow blower earlier in the week. Luckily we found out that we could jump start it. We had someone come to the house to fix and tune it up this morning. It was nice to not have to haul it somewhere.
        I have to take my Bernina to the repair store. It has not had a tuneup in years. Plus the lower stitch is not looking normal. I have changed the needle, rethreaded it, cleaned out all the lint. Luckily I have my Horizon to use in the mean time. I have started a new quilt using an Art Gallery free pattern.

        Stay warm and safe,


          Good morning,

          Finally putting check marks on the to-do list. We were able to get out yesterday and get DH fitted for new walking shoes. There is such a difference in the balance and stability between shoes. These are much lighter than the ones he was using as his get-by measure. Plus, he got new socks to go with the shoes too. His old sneakers were a size 11 and he measured a size 12 yesterday. The whole process was so much easier with knowledgeable sales ladies. That check mark is done.

          I managed the groceries yesterday and this afternoon is free. I started preparing the fabric last night for the next embroidery project. Lots of starch and a layer of iron on stabilizer helps prevent puckers around the stitches. A little prep goes a long way. I can't wait to get started.

          May your day be filled with sunshine & love!


            Good Morning....We just finished breakfast and our day is off and running. We should see 30 degrees today, yay! We still can't open our front storm door more than a few inches.

            This afternoon is another Family Bingo on Zoom. In March we will cut back to just once a week or twice a month. I have some Amazon gift cards coming my way from my winnings.

            Jeff asked for Chili Mac for dinner tonight. Since I have some chili in the freezer I think I can pull it off. Yesterday I cooked beef for the Girls and got it packaged and in the freezer. Jeff needs a haircut so that is on my list for today also.

            Nothing more to report from here. Have a sunny day Everyone.

            Scottie Mom Barb


              Good morning!! I have so much going on and all I want to do is sew.
              One of mt twins Brandon (bubba) got engaged in Dec...just heard they moved their wedding date up to July 18th. I'm being supportive but think it's a huge mistake. She has lots of medical issues, epilepsy and I don't think my son has thought of what all hes taking on. He's barely making it so to take on someone who can't drive, will be completely dependent on him I think is alot right now. I love him and want him to be happy!! I'll make them a quilt. Trying to get info from him is hard lol

              Not sure what today holds. I pictured this weekend very different. Still working on UFO's. Funny though I made a baby quilt and had applquues..well I figured them out..I will add them. Feeling accomplished after the log cabin top finish..I have a few..ton..more. I have a dog's not a quilt that has been done alot which I actually like about it. Every dog block has about 42 pieces. It's next I think!

              I hope everyone has a wonderful blessed day!!


                Morning friends!

                Kind of a lazy day around here today. Made pancakes for breakfast (even Patsy got one), and now catching up on the local news. I slept like a rock last night. I went to bed about 11 and the next thing I knew it was 5:45. Went back to sleep and woke up at 8 a.m. The local METV shows Bugs Bunny cartoons at 8, so I just made it in time. Reminds me of growing up.

                Not sure when Cheryl will get the Dash quilt fixed, but there's really no hurry. It will keep. She needs to do some work on the DWR quilt. Today I plan to start a new project using Kansas Troubles precuts. I saw the quilt on a YouTube video behind a lady from the American Patchwork and Quilting channel. I'm sure it has a specific name, but I'm calling my Squares and Crosses. Here is a picture. This IS NOT the final colors, but just a roadmap to how I want to lay it out. I will pick out the fabrics as the first step in construction.

                Squares and Crosses.JPG
                Patsy is announcing she needs to go out, so I need to cut this short. Have a great day everyone!

                If you like a fabric, buy a yard. If you LOVE a fabric, buy three!
                Anna Bates
                "Quilt Roadies"


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                  Dogs have a way of “announcing” what they need or want! I like the design of your new future quilt. I love geometric shapes and enjoy sewing them.

                • Momofmonsters5
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                  I'm sending you all a package anyway..I'll send you the extra kansas troubles squares I have left from my bear paw quilt. I have so much fabric lol.

                • Rob the HOAQ
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                  Thanks Rachel, that's very kind of you!


                Good morning everyone. We had our last night of freezing temperatures (at least for a while). Many are still waiting on plumbers to fix their broken pipes, and others are still under a boil water mandate. It was just me and DGD yesterday. She was pretty crank in the afternoon. I asked to hold her and the next thing you know we were both napping. When I woke up, I couldn't move with her on top of me. Was finally able to move her to the couch. She was a much more pleasant child after her nap. DD comes over today to get her when she gets off work.

                After that, I can clean up the house again (amazing the mess one child can make), and retreat to the sewing room. If they leave early enough, I may try to go to mass this evening.


                  Hi Jean here again! I got my borders on a hearts and gizzards and my backing is just barely big enough! But I fell in love with the pretty traditional looking cream I chose for an inner border, and in that same tub with the H &G fabric was another called In Stitches that is the exact same colorway, so I think I will go back to the quilt store and pick up a couple of yards of that to use with the jelly roll and charm packs I have in stash. I’ll put my H & G on the quilt frame later this afternoon, and we’ll see how far I get on quilting it! Fun day to play!


                    Good Morning from a beautiful day in Wyoming. I am about 95% recovered from Covid and it feels so good to feel good!! I did some machine embroidery this week plus I finished a cross stitch and am stitching today. My sweet niece sent me a diamond painting kit to cheer me up. She is such a sweetheart. I have not done any diamond painting before so it will be fun to try. Have a great day everyone.



                    • Retha
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                      Thank you so much. I will let you know about the Diamond Painting. It might be fun for something different once in a while.

                    • Rhonda K
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                      It's nice to see that you are feeling better. Please show us the diamond painting. I just saw the kits at the local craft store. It looks fun!

                    • Nwmnteacher
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                      My 12 yr old DGD and I do Diamond Dotz paintings together. I find it very relaxing.