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    It's Saturday

    Good Morning All,

    It's still dreary around here. Mike has the whole weekend off. I don't think he even knows how he managed that! I feel for the Sunday crew, since it's his first Sunday off! They'll have to do adset without him.

    Thank you all for the good thoughts yesterday. I piddled around the house, did little and accomplished pretty much nothing. I'm determined to get something done today, even if it's just being a pest to Mike.

    I should call my BIL and find out how being a great grandfather feels. lol, that's mean, even worse, call my MIL and ask her if she's seen pictures of Declan Scott. She's a great great grandma now. She's pretty ticked that Tyler or his Mom hasn't even called to tell her anything.

    I watched Lori Holt's first installment on the new quilt she's starting. It's going to be beautiful. Lots of applique! Lots of rulers to buy too. The kit and supplies run that price tag right up! I'm tempted, but thinking it's early in the year, two quilts at the long armers, tax time, and home insurance are coming up in this quarter, best to wait and see how I fair with all of that, first.

    Time to reheat my coffee. Have a wonderful day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Thanks for getting us started, Katrina.

    Yest. I watched the memorial service for the lady from church on YT. In the afternoon, I spent 1 hr. 40 min. in a Zoom chat room with one of the computer coaches from our senior center. We shared the screen; he was able to walk me through the process of how to import pics from my digital camera. It's considerably different with W-10 than it was with W-7.

    DS (whose co-worker tested (+) for the virus) has decided to not get tested unless he develops symptoms. The concern is more if a close family member is (+). It took him 2 hrs. to get to work yest. a.m. (It's a 30 mi. commute) There was a bad accident on I-25 involving 2 semis & the fwy. was closed. He had to zig zag around on country roads.

    This morning I'll be making chicken soup. So I better get started on my day.


    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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      Sorry to hear about the lady from your church. You are fortunate to have a coach available to help you.
      My son also didn't go to get tested when he was exposed to co-worker. They (all 19 exposed) were told to stay home for 14 days and only get tested if they felt sick. I/we on the other hand went for the test as we had dinner with my son that day (he found out late evening).

    • nativetexan
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      Ha, I may need your computer coach. My old Olympic camera changed something in the New Year. i thought the date wasn't there anymore but my son said it is fine. Well it now won't load photos into an album at all. just dumps them at the bottom. i drag and drop them into a folder, etc. I sometimes hate getting old. Still going though!

    About 6” snow to wake up to. The sound of snow plow on the street woke me. Got walkway shovelled to let the dog out. The driveway snow guy was here by then, so all done for today.

    I have washing on the agenda this morning. Got borders cut on a quilt for DIL yesterday so might get them sewn on today. It will depend on what other ideas my husband comes up with for the day. I have to get inspired as to what we will be eating today. I am in a funk about meal planning lately.

    Hope everyone enjoys the day.


    • toggpine
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      Ugh. Being the "Dinner Decider" is highly over rated.
      Good luck on that front. I must also make that decision for the day.

    • KarenC
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      I too disliked having to make the decision of what to cook/eat each day.

    C7E481BD-D3A4-4093-850B-9C8259A31E2E.jpeg Good morning! It is dawning clear and cold but more wintry stuff due here later in the weekend!

    I am all smitten with heart quilts this week. Just want to make them all! I’m moving toward the finish line with the Xs and Hearts I ended up making the top 56 blocks so it fully covers my queen bed top, making many many borders not needed. Just a narrow white and a wide print will probably work. I found a cute heart print at JoAnns for the backing. They had a total of 4 bolts left of Valentines fabric none of which had enough on the bolt for a quilt back.

    i experimented with the Hearts and Gizzards pattern Jenny showed yesterday. Totally fell in love with it and made a darling pillow. I found two lost layer cakes in my stash that would be perfect for a quilt using this pattern. My daughter gave me a Cricut Maker last year. So far, I have been afraid to use it. But I’m going to break that puppy out today to start cutting hearts for that quilt! I have another Valentine project for our Thread Heads that requires 5 cut out hearts. I want to try to cut them also on the Cricut. Save my hands for something else.

    Then I watched the Donna Jordan tutorial that Swedish Leo posted. Ohhh! Irish chain with hearts in the negative space! One of my favorite quilt looks! Maybe I’ll do it like Donna did, in springy rainbow colors to bridge into spring! I have stash! No problem! But do I have time? Sure! What else do we have to do? Clean house? Naww!

    Hope you all have a good day!
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    • Claire Hallman
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      Since the cut out heart is basically bias edges it shouldn't be prone to ravel I think.

    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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      It's so cute. I love it. I don't hae the template, but can still make a few for pillows or table runners.

    • Jean Sewing Machine
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      Claire Hallman, not sure about this. I bought a roll of tape that makes chenille and it is all bias. I think when it frays, it doesn’t shed long fibers, just gets unwoven until it hits the stitching making it fuzzy but not annoyingly shedding. My edges are softly fuzzy, which is what ai was aiming for.

    Good Morning All, We may have some sunshine today!

    The Girls did well with the groomer yesterday and they look cute. It wont last but a couple days and they will be a mess least Sugar.

    I rolled hotdogs in crescent rolls and baked them for dinner yesterday. Jeff really scarfed them down. It had been a long time since I fixed Pigs In A Blanket because I don’t eat hotdogs. We will have breakfast for dinner today and beef stew tomorrow.

    I hope to spend some of my day sewing. Our anniversary is coming up and I need to come up with something special for our dinner, or at least a special dessert. I have a couple days to think about this.

    My tea is tasting extra good this morning. I hope everyone has a sunny Saturday.
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    Scottie Mom Barb


    • Hillbillyhike
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      Those sound delicious!

    Good Morning all,

    Cold again today. I don't think it got to 20 yesterday and it will be the same today except we are expecting snow. Good thing I'm not going anywhere. I will probably get to all the tomatoes I have in the freezer, at least that is the plan right now.

    I met Lori at Barnes & Noble yesterday My oh my she is going through so much. It is very scary all the things she has. She had a lumpectomy on the 8th. She was told it was successful yet the surgeon told her that he isn't sure he got everything. Took 10 or more lymph nodes, too. She doesn't care for the surgeon, too negative. Her oncologist is more positive in the way he approaches things. So now she will be starting radiation next month once the surgery is healed up. She contacted me Wednesday morning to ask if we could meet for coffee and a good long talk. I found out yesterday that she was watching the inauguration and took a sip of her drink and it went down the front of her shirt. She then realized she could not feel her left arm from the elbow down. Luckily her husband was home and rushed her to ER. They were unable to find anything specific and wanted to send her to Rochester (Mayo) because their equipment was not working correctly. She wasn't going to go but her husband talked with her privately and basically said "I can't loose you, please go". So she thought she would just go in the car. Hope, they transported her by helicopter. Turns out that she has a narrowing of the arteries on the right side of her brain. If she had waited it may have formed a clot and then she would be gone. Her mother died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage and I believe Lori is now older than she was when she passed. They are changing up her meds and starting her on a blood thinner. She has not been on one before because she had a brain hemorrhage herself in 2009. Hopefully this will help. She has a follow-up in April over in Rochester again. I cannot believe all the health problems she has had. Her husband is a gem. She had her first stroke at at 50, 15 years ago. They were married shortly after her first stroke. I'm praying that this new treatment helps her. They told her that if it doesn't the next step is to talk about actual brain surgery, at least that is what I think she told me. My head was so full of all the things she told me I'm not entirely sure I remember it all correctly.

    I left B&N at noon and picked up a roast beef sandwich for Dave. Came home and put my feet up. My knees have been painful the last couple of days. After about an hour I got up. Thankfully my knees seems pretty good. Today they will get a workout with doing the tomatoes but I won't have to be on my feet for too long. I hope to get up to the sewing room today. I need to get some work done on the mystery quilt but also Dave is almost done with the cutting station top and only has the little cubby for my mats to finish. The top is so smooth. He asked me yesterday if it would be a problem if it has a "glass like" finish. He was afraid that my mat would keep moving. I believe I can find something that will keep it from moving if it doesn't stay put. With that being said I need to start getting things moved around in the sewing room so that he can put it all together once he gets the cubby done. Once it is all in place I will post a picture.

    Time for some coffee and breakfast. Have a great day everyone!
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    • ktdid
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      Carlie, if anyone needed God's grace it's your friend! I've so much empathy for her, It's a reminder of a verse I wrote to some one who was worse off than me, I remind myself daily everything could be so much more worse, I tell God, I'm grateful for all the things I do not have!

      Grace Of God

      When things go wrong as they sometimes do
      It helps to think of someone other than you

      Seeing another's burdens much larger in scale
      Your trials and tribulations compare in pale
      It's not a fair question to ask God "Why"
      T'is true "But by the Grace of God, Go I"

      Thankful for all things we've got
      But I’m still more grateful
      For these things I have not

      Today I saw a friend
      Whose troubles seemed to never end
      Eyes that had cried too much
      I reached to give a tender touch

      Troubles so much more than I
      I felt ashamed you see
      For I had thought of only me
      I was grateful for all I had
      Yes, the good and the bad.

      And of a stranger I did meet
      Looking down I saw he had no feet . . . .
      I said with swollen tear filled eyes…

      There, "But by the Grace of God... Go I"

      October 2000

    • Star lover
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      WOW Katydid.....thank you.....need reminded like that.....but by the grace of God! ❣️

    • Hillbillyhike
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      Wonderful poem, Katy! You are talented.

    Good morning!

    It is cold and gray here, but it is winter in northeast Ohio, so that's par for the course.

    I did something yesterday I haven't done in many, many years. I dug out a cross stitch UFO and worked on it. I must have started it way back when, definitely not this century. Thank heavens I did all the french knots years ago! I could never make them that consistent now. I am going to try to finish it. Most of it is done, but I did leave the hardest part for last. We'll see how it goes.

    My sister and I had a good visit over lunch yesterday. She made a comment about our brother recovering from Covid. I did not know he had it; I guess he told her a couple of weeks or so ago and she forgot to tell me. Obviously, my brother and I don't communicate very much! He thinks he got it from his boss while they were moving their office. It was a domino effect of sorts -- he got it from his boss, who got it from her boyfriend, who got it who-knows-where. They are all on the mend.

    Today I want to work on sandwiching the Mel quilt and auditioning a couple of quilting designs. But first, a cup of tea. Have a wonderful day!


    • jjkaiser
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      Hahaha I can relate! When my oldest dau was born I did a very detailed counted cross stitch with her name, date, etc & rocking horses and angels. Turned out so beautiful. I finished it but never got it framed and she is now 36 years old! It is hanging in my closet on a skirt hanger. Boy will she be surprised when she finds that after I am dead!

    • chelea
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      I have a cross stitch sampler that I've been working on since the 80's!

    • Cokie
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      I've recently picked up cross stitch again too. A few years ago I finally finished an old world type Santa wall hanging that I'd guess I had been working on 10 years! It turned out so cute. Not sure why I put it away for a while.

    Good morning,

    Happy to say there is some organizing progress with the sewing room. I managed to get the wire basket system yesterday. It's full already. The room looks better and worse at the same time. There are a couple of piles left to deal with this morning. New storage bins under my sewing table too. I had to change to smaller and lighter bins. I'll add labels in a big print on each one.

    Everything has been pulled out of the pantry. There were 2 shelves left at the top that had cooking pots, silver ware and a crystal vase. We didn't want that to come crashing down like the other shelves. This little house is out of room.

    I love all the Valentines projects and tutorials posted recently. Pretty inspiration.

    I hope your day is blessed with happy stitches!


    • KPH
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      I can't wait for it to warm up a little more, that garage is going to be next on my list for purging!

    • Claire Hallman
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      Those top shelves are perfect for your large tupperware and paper goods.

    Good morning!! I still have a killer headache since last night. It's cold lol too.

    It's been a long work week. Glad it's the weekend. Ready for some life changes.

    I hope to finish some projects today. 2 aprons for Abby as well as table runners for my kiddos. Crocheted items, I have two.

    I bought my GD some clothes, I still need shirts but hoping to deliver tomorrow.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful blessed day!!


    • Hillbillyhike
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      Hope you feel better soon, Rachel!

    • Momofmonsters5
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      Thanks!! It's finally here and I address everything.

    • Bubby
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      Praying for you as you take your next step.

    Morning friends!

    What a night! I fell asleep in my chair after supper and didn't wake up until 10:45. Of course, I wasn't able to get back to sleep. Didn't fall asleep until 6 a.m. (almost had by 5:30, but my phone went off with a text message from my doctor reminding me that need to fill out a questionnaire before my next visit. I had meant to shut the notifications off for that app but forgot. Didn't forget this morning.

    So overnight I ended up watching Donna Jordan's Cross my Heart tutorial (not realizing until later that Swedish Leo posted it) and a Leah Day video that I shut off in the middle because it wasn't anything I was interested in. I even cleaned up my half of the sewing room.

    I read an email at about 3 a.m. saying that someone logged into my Wayfair account from a different computer. I went to Wayfair's website instead of clicking on the link and changed my password. Hope that takes care of things. Speaking of websites, we ordered a bunch of Wright's quilt binding from Joanne's the other day. We got a big box yesterday that I assumed had the bulk of our order. It held ONE PACKAGE. Seriously, the box could have held a couple of hundred easily, but they put one package in it. What a waste.

    Have to pick up the grocery order this morning and then work on the Bean Pot quilt. I got most of the fabric for the Bean Pot block cut yesterday except for the HST, which I'll do when I get back from Walmart. I would like to get it done this weekend, but I'm not going to rush myself, and instead focus on getting the technique down. The only thing stopping me from working on it this morning was that I didn't want to operate a sewing machine in the shape I was in.

    Hope everyone has a great day!


    There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
    --Ken Burns


    • Hillbillyhike
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      That was smart, just changing the password from their website.

    • KPH
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      It's been a while for changing a lot of my passwords. I've decided my new password will be 'I Don't Know One'... joking. But some days that's all I can think of. lol

    • CarlieBlilie
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      I get lots of emails saying things like that. I never use an email link but go to that company’s website. I’ve mentioned things like this to my daughter in the past and boy she let me know that under no circumstances should you clink on the email links.

    Good morning everyone!

    I can't seem to shake the sleepies and achies. I don't believe it has to do with the vaccine but more with it being cold and winter. Maybe sleeping too much and avoiding coffee. Idk. Sometimes I feel ok and then it comes back. My brain has always's dark...bed time!! With being so achy I'm not sleeping my best either. Oh well. It's supposed to snow this weekend and I don't have to go anywhere. I may drag out the heating pad today.

    I keep saying every day that im going to sew amd then don't. I find i need a break after a project. I do want to get mama's things done this week though.

    Have a wonderful day everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!
    Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


    • Hillbillyhike
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      Thanks Barb. I don't have a proper sewing chair either and it makes my back and hips more sore. I can only sew in small spurts at a time. I keep my drink in the living room and my ironing pad away from my machine on purpose zo I get up frequently and move.

    • Momofmonsters5
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      I'm with you. I haven't sewn in a couple weeks. My embroidery is still connected to my machine. I did buy the dd the other day so maybe I'll get inspired!!

    • Rhonda K
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      I hope you feel better soon. Take some time just for you and get some rest. Hugs!

    Good morning everyone,
    It's been a productive few days, so much so, that I will have to catch up on daily threads. I have been prepping meals for our freezer and my DD. They get regular meat deliveries, and she passes packages to me to cook up as meals. I had to step up and clean the driveway from another snowfall. DH came out as he had hurt his back, but was feeling good enough to pass snowblower. This snow was much fluffier, although there was a good 8". I did groceries, but ended up at only one store. With new restrictions on capacity, I had to wait about 20 mins to get in (I was 6th in line). There were line up at cashes too. When I left there must have been about 50 people in line. I should have planned this better, by going when they open, Lesson learned. It will probably be 10-14 days before I need to go back.

    I made a burrito pillow case with a kid's name embroidered on it, for my GS's best friend. I also prepped and fixed the back for my GF's quilt. She made it a foot too long, but only an inch to spare on each side, so I added some leaders. The back is all made of batik strips, so not sure how my LA will like that. She also provided too much batting. I had to fix many seams on the top, but it got loaded and it's almost finished quilting -- with no issues -- that is, until the last half row with 30" to go. I ran out of bobbin thread, and accidently hit a few wrong buttons on computer. Pouff, it started spinning, couldn't do anything, motors were locked -- trying to update. I shut it down a few times, then was giving me error message -- check USB plug. UHHH -- where's that. I shut her down and went upstairs to make dinner. DH was making rum & coke and I decided I could use one. While it quilted, I pulled out my flannels to make a quilt for my son -- focus fabric will be the leftover gnomes fabric from recent GD winter quilt. I also talked an hour with a quilt GF about the hanging gardens quilt -- she wants to make it for her sister for her Feb birthday -- told her it could be done if she quilts 20hrs/day.

    Today is sunny, I will deliver authorization form for mom to get her 2nd vaccine shot, drop off pillowcase and pattern book to my GF. I need to call my GF for whom I am quilting her batik quilt. She hasn't been on FB or any other social media. I'm worried that she is not doing well in isolation, and desperately missing her usual winter FL home.

    Enjoy your day / weekend. I hope everyone stays safe from the virus and whatever weather you are getting.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      It's a frosty, foggy morning outside. The weather forecast is talking snow, but not today. I'll need to dig out the stock tank heaters and get those set up today.

      I traced off the templates for the next batch of masks last night at the dining table. Em has homework to do and does better with company (stays focused) while she works.
      I'll shift the mask assembly to in there for the duration of the homework-a-thon. We will need more masks, as they are required for school attendance. I'm guessing two weeks worth will keep me from having to wash them every few days.

      I hope you all have a great day!
      Be who you are and say what you feel
      because those who mind don't matter,
      and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


        A few minutes left till noon, so I can still say good morning to all of you! First, thank you for the congrats on the retirement from yesterday's post. Sorry, I don't know how to like your comments on my post. Yesterday was good. I was able to finish my laundry and make a few masks before going to a wonderful dinner with friends. This morning was a 2.5 mile walk and breakfast. I went to the Hallmark store on the way home, and purchased some cute socks for DGD for Valentines. I think she'll like them. Then I picked up 3 quilts that need to be quilted for my church group. I think that will be my project for this weekend, as it is supposed to be rainy for a few days.

        Just learned that a dear friend is struggling with Covid. He is a workaholic and has not logged in for a whole week, so I know he is not feeling well. I pray that he gets better soon. He still has young kids (I think high school and college), but his family really depends on him. Take care everyone and stay safe. Please.


        • Hillbillyhike
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          So sorry to hear about your friend. Hope he's better soon.

        good Evening everyone! woke up this morning to -18C and snow....I think that is the coldest it has been all winter. Warmed up to -9C so we are on a warming Just puttered around the house today, made bread and supper. That is progress, right? lol hoping next week to get to quilt the string lap quilt finished. then decide what is next. Hope you all had a good day!