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    Monday Monday

    Good morning friends. It is a little colder out today. We have had such warm weather for the month of January. It is hard to believe that January will soon be over. We did get about 10" of snow altogether. My driveway was partially done (the car wasn't moved) so yesterday afternoon I went out and cleared the rest of it. I don't like a partly done driveway. We have our drive plowed by someone else.

    I worked on the stash buster blocks yesterday. I will probably continue with those today.

    And that's it for me. Have a great day friends. Stay safe and stay healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning Monique and those who follow,

    I was extremely unproductive yesterday, and I wonder what kind of mischief I can find to occupy my time today. Mike's left for work. Gabby's bladder decided at 6:30 it was time to potty. So, I'm slowly warming up to Monday.

    I think I'll head into my sewing room when the sun comes up and start checking the thread that Melinda gave me. I think it's really old and probably not in the best of shape since it belonged to her mom in southern FL. She had a trailer in their back yard that she used for her sewing studio. We'll see how easily it breaks. If it passes the test, I'll keep it, otherwise, it's hitting the garbage can.

    I would like to get a couple of boxes to go on the shelves where all of that thread is taking up space and get all of the baby fabric organized in one spot. I may take the rest of the twist blocks and put them together, it just depends on how motivated I am to stick with it.

    Time for a refill. Have a wonderful day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


    • toggpine
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      You might see if anybody wants the thread for string art of it's not strong enough for sewing. Throw it up on a Buy Nothing/ Buy, Sell, Trade page and see if somebody wants it. (Save some space in your garbage can.)

    Good Morning!

    I slept thru the night and didn't wake up until 5:30 this morning and my headache is so much better. Sandy has been feed and is laying on her bed snoring. I haven't sewn much since the holidays and I am ready to get back into it. I need to quilt Jax's baby quilt

    I fixed a roast Saturday and was so disappointed. I thought I had bought fairly lean meat and it was greasy. I hate to waste it but it the look of the greasy just makes me sick to my stomach. I had plans to share it with Amanda and her family.

    My friend in NC just turned 65 in November and has no health issues. She got the vaccine last Friday. I am glad for her (don't get me wrong). Here in Alabama we are last in the nation on giving the vaccine. It is just the biggest mess. They just started giving it to people 75 and older. I actually sent the governor an email and complained. I doubt she will respond but I felt better.

    Take care,


    • Monique
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      Teresa, I don't think it will be available for us folks (bottom of the totem pole - healthy relatively young) until maybe the fall if we are lucky.

    • Cathy F
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      New York is a total state of chaos trying to get appointments for the vaccine, 20,000 people who signed up at one site were cancelled because the site opened online before it was scheduled to. Now all those have to try to get another appointment.

    • Navy Wife
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      Your neighbor, Tennessee, is in the same boat. DH got his vaccine from the VA, but I'm still waiting. I'm on a list, but no appointment as yet. I'm 83.

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ MLK Day, a holiday. No mail today. I have a couple items to go out to the mailbox but not till tomorrow. I have at least 3 loads of laundry to do. I want to do more sewing. I spent an hour after lunch yest. working on the Criss-Cross blocks. I have 2 completed. I'm coordinating colors/fabrics. I discovered when I pieced the 2nd block, I should have sewn the star points (snowballed corners) in the opposite order for it to look the way I want it to. But I'm not going to change it. It is what it is. Maybe I'll do a few others the "wrong way" so it looks like it's supposed to be that way. LOL. This will be a charity quilt, so the recipient probably won't care or even notice.

    Time to get on with my day.


    • KarenC
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      Hi Joy, most of my Criss-Cross blocks go one way, also, but I do have some sprinkled in there that go the other way also. There are a few blocks where I think one of the star legs are two dark, but I decided it's not worth ripping out. I hope to stitch the blocks together this afternoon and decided if I have anything I like for a border. If not, no border.

    Good morning friends. Vaccine's great if you are lucky enough to get one. In our town, there were hundreds who had appointments this weekend, stood in line for hours, and then they ran out before they were able to get theirs'. What a mess. Now they are investigating, trying to determine how they made more appointments than what they had vaccines for.
    This was marathon weekend. The Houston marathon and half marathons were virtual this weekend. Since I belong to a walking/running group, I volunteered to man a water station and cheer squad. That took up most of my weekend. Also was in charge of DGD on Saturday. What a trooper Saturday. She was happy, as long as you fed her. I was tired by the end of day when her mom came to get her.
    I have a dr. appointment this morning and then need to get my passport photos done. My passport expires in June and I just got invited to go on a trip in July, so may as well get this renewal done early. After that, my goal is a walk and into the sewing room to sew some blocks together.


    • Jean Sewing Machine
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      I am so wishing I could use my passport again! Hope you get to use it in July!

    • baslp
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      I took the worst passport photo. Now you can’t wear your glasses or smile. I chose the best one out of a few shots

    Morning all,

    Not much news worthy here. Nothing special on my agenda today.

    Last night I started cutting up some more scraps into 2" squares for my 16 patch scrappy blocks, I feed them through as leaders and enders in everything I sew. Have 16 blocks made so far for this one, plus I have a paper pieced square in a square scrap quilt going too. Eventually will get two bonus quilts out of the scraps. The paper pieced one is more traditional and civil war type fabrics the 16 patch is everything else. Today will be some time in the sewing room cleaning and sorting, bit by bit it gets done then I give myself some time to sew..

    I am expecting an order from Walmart today with my 18" pillow inserts, I ordered a box of 16 of them. Same ones I get from JoAnn's but at a ridiculously lower price definitely worth the space they take up to store them.

    Well, coffee is calling my name time for a second cup then on to the daily chores. Wishing everyone a good day, be well and stay safe.
    If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

    Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


    • Jean Sewing Machine
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      Oh I will have to check Walmart for pillows. Hancock fabric used to have them so cheap on sale. Not Joann!

    • Momofmonsters5
      Momofmonsters5 commented
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      I think I'll start doing that...take a day to cut scraps into 2" squares only because I want to fit more in a square to use up more and start sewing them as I'm sewing. I really want to get my scraps to manageable level. You know so I can make more!!

    • Hillbillyhike
      Hillbillyhike commented
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      I love this idea, Cathy! I use scraps for leaders amd enders but why not make a new quilt instead!!

    Good morning! It was Valentine’s day prep for my in the sewing studio yesterday. Made some pillows and a 10 minute table runner. In snooping through stash, I found a whole tub of Valentine fabrics. So I cut my blocks for Misty’s Xs and hearts. I started piecing and got some of the heart blocks finished. I’m ready to go back at it in a few minutes.

    My nun’s costumes will be returned today. Each costume has 7 pieces. So I will have a big laundry job ahead of me! These were used by my alma mater for Nunsense. They did a virtual show but at least they got to do it! It was supposed to be performed in Nov. but Covid shut down the school.

    No real snow accumulations here. It would flurry then stop and melt, rinse and repeat all weekend. There is a little white on my deck but just looks like heavy frost. It will be gone soon.

    Have a good day!


    • Bubby
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      Jean, You will have your quilt done well before V-Day! Can’t wait to see it. I plan to put scalloped borders on mine.

    • KarenC
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      Barb, scalloped borders sounds perfect for the Valentine quilt.

    • Jean Sewing Machine
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      I got my blocks finished and laid them out. I will look at my layout again tomorrow to see if I want to make some changes, then start sewing my rows. I made 42 blocks not 36, so with a few borders, it will fit my Queen size bed. Scalloped borders seem so appropriate for this quilt! My fingers ache just thinking of the hours it will take to bind it!

    Good Morning...I slept well last night. I hope this is a trend.

    Yesterday was a lay around kind of day. I got the laundry caught up and baked a loaf of bread and made dinner and that was all I did. Jeff made our breakfast and we just ate fresh warm bread for lunch. My sugar isn’t all that good this morning so I will have to watch what I eat and drink extra water today.

    I watched Lori Holt’s tutorial for the Genuine Star...super simple and so old fashioned. I want to make it with 30s prints. She makes sewing look so easy. I love her yellow Featherweight she got for Christmas. There are gorgeous new fabric lines coming out in February by Moda. See Rob’s post for the links.

    I doubt I will be taking the Covid vaccine but Jeff will. It’s not really available here yet unless you are in a nursing home or a frontline worker.

    The sun is trying to peek out a little. What a treat that would be. We haven’t had sunshine for ages except for a couple of teasers that lasted a few seconds.

    Wishing everyone a great Monday. Hugs...

    Scottie Mom Barb


    • toggpine
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      Have you tried any of the recipes in the book? I'm making French bread for clam chowder later this week.
      I've been having trouble with the Fleishman's Rapid Rise yeast in my machine. It looks great on the rise and collapses during the bake. Back to Red Star now that the shelves are restocked.

    Good morning!

    We had snow overnight. Not a lot, just enough to cover the grass. I need to run up to the grocery store today to buy the bunny some carrots. My sister was supposed to pick some up when she went shopping over the weekend, but I guess she forgot.

    I'm not sure how the vaccine roll out will work here. Mom received her first dose; she is 90 and lives in a memory care facility. My Ohio sister is over 65 and will be eligible before I will. She has a severe penicillin allergy. I don't know if she will be able to receive the vaccine or not. I told her she needs to talk to her doctor. My employer is working on getting approval to distribute the vaccine. If that happens, they will set up clinics for the employees. We already have one group lobbying that they should be first.

    I did not spend any time in the sewing room this weekend. I think I needed a break. I planned to sew the borders on my curvy log cabin quilt, but there is no rush. I may sew a couple of masks today. Not my favorite thing to do, but the darn things keep disappearing. I purchased some soft elastic a couple of months ago. It is a lot more comfortable than the elastic I had on hand at the beginning of the pandemic.

    Time for another cup of tea. Have a wonderful day!


    • MSN
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      I doubt that your sister's penicillin allergy will be a contraindication to getting the vaccine, as long as she doesn't have an allergy to any of the components of the vaccine.

    Morning everyone.

    A little more snow this morning, but only enough to be irritating. It never ceases to amaze me how people seem to forget how to drive even in minor snows. News said police were busy overnight with numerous slide-offs. People are so stupid sometimes.

    Not very productive yesterday. No cutting or sewing got done. We are closer to a final design on the basset hound quilt, and even ordered some fabric for the blocks. As soon as we get further ahead on it I will share it here. Cheryl found out that the three quilts we had done locally are ready so she will pick them up Tuesday. Only $279 for two king sized and a wall hanging. Still nothing from M* on my Blue and Gray quilt.

    They are on 60 to 69 for vaccines here. Hopefully I will be next if they follow their announced plan for high risk at any age, although I still expect it to take a month or so. Cheryl said the hospital has been calling in people who signed up for a waiting list, but it remains 60 to 69 even for that list.

    Not much on the agenda for today. I will shower and eat breakfast and catch up on the daily things I follow. Might work in the sewing room some.

    Have a great day all!

    There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
    --Ken Burns


      Good morning to all,

      My table runner project may become a UFO after all. I have stitched the same block twice and it will have to be done again to meet QC. The polka dots are showing through the satin stitches on block 1 plus there is a slight glitch where I tried to save a couple of inches of fabric.

      A re-do and the applique fabric is pulling away from the under fabric with the satin. It' s my fault since I stitched they eyes twice and it pulled the face fabric away. yikes, another re- do. Third time the charm---let's hope. I want to move on to other projects. This should have been a quick and easy runner.

      I love all the valentines projects that our members are posting. Lots of inspiration with them.

      Hope your day is fabulous!


      • Momofmonsters5
        Momofmonsters5 commented
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        Hang in there Rhonda, third times a charm or for me a wash at that point.

      Monday, Monday or manic Monday depending. Baked a lemon pound cake, cleaned up afterwards & now helping DH filling out pages to get a Covid test. Why is it always SUCH a pain to just get tested. Can't wait to try to get appt. for vaccine. Other than that Monday is what it is.

      Keep Pam in your thoughts as she & her family grieves for her Dad. Stay safe & healthy. Gina


      • Rhonda K
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        Best wishes for your husband and a prayer for a negative test.

      Good Morning all, at least for a bit yet here. Temps are about normal for this time of the year and we are expecting a dusting of snow tonight and tomorrow. Other than that hopefully nothing major. I have already gotten my groceries for the week and have had breakfast. Kind of lazy this morning I guess. I need to get the Turkey wild rice soup into bags to freeze today and plan on baking up some cookies. Other than that I have no plans, I'm sure the cookies will take up most of the afternoon.

      I need to get the next clue for my mystery quilt but will probably not work on it until some time tonight if at all. Depends on how things go with making the cookies. I've never been very good at being neat while cooking/baking, especially baking. I usually have stuff all over the kitchen. With my very small kitchen now I've been better about cleaning up as I go but it is still a challenge as it is not a habit yet. I'm a work in progress! Hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of it and will have time to work on the quilt tonight.

      Condolences to Pam and her family,

      Have a great day everyone!


        Good Afternoon!

        Catching up on posts and the beautiful quilt shows. I haven’t been on-line in a couple of days as I have been helping my mother work through her choices in making a life changing decision. She is 89 years old, excellent health, and living alone in a 3 story house..
        we have left it up to her to downsize or move in with a daughter and she has finally decided. So, I’ve been on the phone with her and a sister making the plans. My sister and I are the two she goes to for advice and are her executors so we have much to do to reassure her and answer her questions. I’ll be making a trip to Georgia once I get the vaccine and will likely be there for a few weeks to help her and my sibling who live near. Trying to keep her stress-free is our goal and making this an exciting life event. She’ll be moving in with my sister, which will be a wonderful place for her. I love that this life changing event is her choice and one that we did not have to force on her. Gives us so much peace.

        I was able to prep my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt for the LA’er and now can prep my King quilt since I received the backing. Once done, I can start my next project!

        Have a beautiful day!

        "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


          Good afternoon everyone!

          Finished my quikt yesterday. I'm pretty pleased with it. Waiting until February to hang it. Made a nice roast chicken dinner amd cleaned up. Hope to get more accomplished today. Hubby will be putting up baseboards in my room so good time for a sewing and catch up break.

          Have a wonderful day everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!
          Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁