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    Sunday Morning Greetings :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ There's a chance Katrina & I will be posting at the same time. I have just a few min. so I'll get us started. This will be a take-it-easy kind of day. I did a lot of house work yest., & I'm pooped! I changed both the beds, did 2 loads of laundry, aired my pillows out in the sun, cleaned the bsmt. bathroom, vacuumed in the bsmt. (all but 1 room). By the end of the afternoon, I could hardly stay awake to watch the news. I slept like a log last night.

    No sewing got done yest., but in between other things, I cut a little fabric. I'm hoping to have the afternoon today to sew. This a.m. will be church on YT.

    I've been thinking of my bro., whose birthday would be tomorrow. He died suddenly in 2009 from bilat. pulmonary emboli. When I was a teen & he still was single, we used to go hiking in rural Mich. We went squirrel & pheasant hunting together. He let me drive his car once, & I nearly took down the mailbox as I tried to turn the car into our drive! We had a lot of fun together. When I was just a kid, on Sunday afternoons we used to listen to the radio together -- Pacific Garden Mission, & The Greatest Story Ever Told. Fond memories.

    Time to get on with my day.

    Good morning Joy. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, so maybe I should try doing a big house cleaning day. Other things planned today ,but Monday I will be cleaning. Light snow this morning. Temperature just below freezing. Cooking a turkey roast today. Hopefully a little bit of sewing time too.


      Morning everyone.

      Woke up at 4:30 this morning and could not get back to sleep, so I've been catching up on the news and (more important) catching up on the latest basset hound videos on YouTube.

      Yesterday was a highly productive day. I got a good bit sewed on the Bean Pot quilt while Cheryl finished a baby quilt. She then returned to the DWR quilt. I hope to get everything cut today so once I get the Accuquilt die I can get the Squares on point blocks cut. I'm not rushing through this and trying to focus on technique instead of speed.

      We put together the deck box yesterday. While it went together fairly easily the wind was blowing, and it was downright chilly. Patsy wanted to be outside with us, but after about 15 minutes decided she would rather be inside alone where it was warm. The box is 134 gallon and is huge! It will hold a ton of stuff making it easier to do what we need to do in regards to the flowers. We probably should have bought one a few years ago.

      This morning we will make a quick grocery store run after which I will read, although I pretty much have already read one of the papers I normally read. Will likely make pancakes for breakfast.

      Have a great day and a great end to the weekend!

      There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
      --Ken Burns


      • Ginny B
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        We got a deck box last year and I love it! Makes it so easy to keep our most used tools and supplies handy. We also put our chair cushions in there each night . You are going to love having one.

      Good morning all. Joy, just listening to what you did yesterday makes me tired. LOL Wow, you sure were a busy bee. I wound up being pretty busy but not in the same way. The kids arrived at the house around 6 Friday evening. Zeke was all full of stories of his adventures. Which basically was running around outside in the nice NC weather and all about Uncle Tim's dogs . We had a nice evening with them. Of course, all the while checking the NY vaccine websites but it seemed they had crashed and weren't up again before we went to bed. I felt that I needed to read for a bit after everyone settled down for the night and wound up reading for quite a while and so still was awake when I heard a few notifications on my phone. It was actually Kathryn sending me the link for the pdf registration form for my covid shot. She stayed up and kept checking the website and lo and behold it came back up around 1 a.m. and she was able to secure a spot for me for yesterday afternoon. And she also got one for her father-in-law. That girl was not to be deterred! I couldn't believe what I was seeing and actually thought it might have been a dream when I got up yesterday morning. But nope, there was the paperwork that I needed to take with me sitting right there in the family room to prove it really happened. Hubby had me print it out right away in the middle of the night. LOLOL

      But the excitement of the day wasn't quite over yet. It seems that unbeknownst to me (but known to Steve and Ana), hubby had ordered the new sewing machine that I have been looking at and it was going to arrive yesterday. Of course, now that we had to be somewhere for me to get my shot, he had secretly talked to them about their delaying their leaving that morning to head to John and Rob's in case it hadn't arrived before we left. Well it wound up arriving just before we were headed out the door and boy was I surprised. Especially because I have it on my wishlist here and the last time I checked, it said Out of Stock. I guess it came back into stock and Hubby got one. I got to play with my new Jazz II after we got back from my appointment. By then the kids had left so the house was quiet.

      By dinnertime I was feeling a bit tired so we just had leftovers for dinner and then watched a bit of tv in the evening. I slept like a log too last night and am feeling pretty good this morning. Not tired and not as anxious as I have been feeling. It is still there right under the surface but I have made sure that I start my day with positive thoughts to try and put me on the right track getting started.

      Have a good day everyone.

      Ginny B


      • Monique
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        A new machine sounds like fun. Have fun playing with it.

      • Star lover
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        Congratulations on the new sewing machine.....and for such a sweet, wonderful surprise! 🧵

      • KPH
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        What a great surprise! Enjoy!

      Good Morning, Most of our snow is gone and has been replaced with mud. Not a good thing for white dogs. It’s supposed to get up to 40 today.

      Every year I wish I had a special quilt for Valentine’s Day. I have runners, but I think something bigger would be nice. So yesterday I started a Hearts and Kisses quilt ( Misty’s project from the latest Triple Play tutorial). It will actually be a tribute quilt for Dottie and the love and joy she brought into our lives. I already had two charm packs of the Sending Love fabric and that gave me a good start while I wait for the rest of the fabric to get here.

      I’m going to try a new bread recipe today. It’s slightly more sweet than normal and sounds like it will be good toasted. I’ll let you know how it goes. Jeff wants hamburgers for dinner today. How easy is that!

      I’m off to help Jeff wash eight muddy paws and eat a bite of breakfast.

      Have a restful day....🐾🌸🐾

      Scottie Mom Barb


      • Jean Sewing Machine
        Jean Sewing Machine commented
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        I also want to do Misty’s darling quilt although I do have several Valentine quilts in my collection of finished quilts! But hers is just so cute! Hope we get them finished!

      • Bubby
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        Jean, I have seven heart blocks done. I think I will be able to finish mine...time will tell.

      • Jean Sewing Machine
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        Barb, I got 8 hearts done today! Plus cut all my squares. Hopefully I can do some more tonight.

      Good Morning Everyone,

      Yesterday was a slow kind of day. I worked a bit on my mystery quilt but hit a snag I'm trying to work out. I need to square up some of the pieces to 2 3/4. The piecing being squared in a 2" hour glass with a frame so I'm having issues trying to find the "middle" when using my square ruler. I think I finally have it figured out. Dave was waiting for a delivery most of the day yesterday so didn't get into his workshop to work on the cutting station. I told him that if I worked on my quilts yesterday that I would stay on the patio with the dogs so he could work in the shop. Augie is pretty good about laying down in the sewing room while I sew, in fact most of the time I take him with me or he wanders trying to find me. Milka on the other hand will not settle down. She wants someone to sit in a chair so she can sit on their lap, with a blanket of course. So today I will be on the patio with the dogs and work on some cross stitch. Nothing else is really planned today. So for now I will close and get some breakfast and coffee before online church begins. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


        Good morning!

        We have light snow and cold temps this morning. That seems to be the forecast for the coming week. The weather should be fine for the Browns game. I won't get to see it, I live in a bit of a dead zone and cannot get Fox or CBS on the TV. I do not have cable or satellite. My sister is a die hard Browns fan, I'm sure she will let me know if they win. Or the neighbor in back of me might beat her to it...if he decides another fireworks display is in order.

        My order from Fat Quarter Shop arrived yesterday! I think the package got caught in a sorting machine. It was torn when it arrived. The plastic bag they put the fabric in has a mark on it. Fortunately, though, the fabric is fine. It is the backing and binding for the quilt top I finished last week. The batting is in the package from M*. If that arrives this week, I should be able to start quilting next weekend.

        I did not get a lot accomplished yesterday. I did not sleep well the night before. I slept fine last night, though. I see housework on the agenda for today.

        Have a wonderful day!


          Good morning friends. I didn't do much yesterday either. I did finally make some chicken soup for lunch. I had a lovely nap in the afternoon. I managed to get into the sewing room and make more of the scrap squares I needed. I now have a total of 210 squares. Today I hope to put those together.

          Other than that, not much else is new. With the Covid restrictions we have, there really is no place to go even if we wanted to.

          I had a great sleep last night after a fitful one the night before.

          Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and stay healthy.
          Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


            Good morning,

            A little chilly here but it should warm up to a nice day. I'll talk with DD and little man to dinner. I think a roast chicken will be delicious! It's easy to put everything in one pan and roast. Plus I'll make a fruit cobbler for dessert. It's an old recipe from my mom that's so simple. My mom used to make it for me when I came home to have lunch with her. Cherry, peach, or apple?

            Joy, Those are such sweet memories of your brother. Hope you can rest today after that busy day yesterday.

            I still have laundry to finish from yesterday. Plus a load of towels to wash also. I need to put some old towels through the serger and make some cleaning rags. They end up back in the laundry rotation if I don't. There are just a few more steps to finish the Mrs. Snowman block. Then to make the runner with them. Fun stuff. I don't know what the next project will be. The scrap bins are over flowing so should be addressed soon.

            Hope your day is great!


              IMG_1640.JPG I did a little sewing yesterday, hooray, I was able to use my left arm brace and all. I just got a little mending done but that paves the way for what I want to do.
              I want to make some placemats or else napkins for Valentines from some fabric I have previously made into pillowcases. I removed the decorative hem stitching last night, what a booger to unsew.😮😜
              Today is likely to be a nothing done day, that is OK, too. We do have sun so perhaps a walk would be nice. I do want to hang a picture and fix a crooked lamp.
              My DS & DIL got the kids two kittens yesterday, I can't wait to meet them.
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              • Hillbillyhike
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                Adorable picture!

              Good Morning all. Still on the warming trend here, guessers range from 79-84 today. The only bad part is the winds, those santa ana winds are not friendly to the sinus'. I really have no plans today, just more of the same. Stay home and stay busy or be a slug bug. I will just have my second cup of coffee and see where that takes me! Online surfing or housing cleaning or sewing... I will surprise myself! LOL

              Hugs to all and please keep your guards up.


                Morning all,

                It has been a crazy start to the day. My daughter called and said when she let the dog out this morning to go a cat came over the fence in the yard and they had a tussle. My son in law tried to break it up and in doing so got bit by the cat. My daughter took him to an urgent care but the Dr. there called the local hospital emergency room and told him he was sending my son in law. Seems the bite on his hand is very deep and since they don't know where the cat came from he needs to be given rabies shots. It seems the only place that can give those shots is the Department of Health or an emergency room. So he is there getting the first of the four required shots and being put on antibiotics. After she brings him home she has to get the dog to the vet as his ear was torn up from the cat. I caertainly hope their day gets better.

                Yesterday I got two pillowcases made in a lovely holiday fabric for our bed next year. I think I will retreat to the sewing room today my place of comfort and hope the rest of my day doesn't bring anymore bad news.

                Wishing all a good day!

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                • KPH
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                  What a horrible way to start the day. Hoping everyone heals quickly and easily!

                • Hillbillyhike
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                  Ouch! That sounds nasty. Good they took precautions. Hope they heal soon.

                • Mary Lynn
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                  Cat bites can lead to severe complications. Best to take precautions & watch that it heals properly.

                Good morning all,

                The Daily Deal was very tempting because I love those colors and the metallic touches. Instead, I ordered the iron on adhesive; it's the one I saw Misty demonstrate in a video. I'm interested in seeing if I like it better than spray adhesive which is what I usually use. I also ordered 2 of the French vanilla honey buns. It will be useful in sashings.

                We're in for some cold weather for the next few days. It will be in the lower 20s and just below 0 at night.

                The goal for today is to get some masks made. I've been procrastinating. Not my favorite thing to sew, but it needs to get done for the GKs. Tomorrow my GD will come over after school for some "Grandma time". We've been working on a couple of Diamond Dotz pictures when we get together. Hers is of a colorful cat for her newly remodeled bedroom ....she has a very naughty cat that she loves.

                My coffee cup is empty; time for a refill. Enjoy a peaceful day, everyone.


                • joder1116
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                  By chance, do you remember which one of the videos that Misty demonstrated the iron on adhesive?

                Hello! I did finish my masks yesterday, so today I can play with Valentine stuff! Whoohoo! I think I have a layer cake similar to the one Misty used in her darling Xs and hearts quilt. I loved that one! Need to get that out and start snowballing!

                Our pastor has been in Quarantine and the multiple livestreams they have been doing were reduced to one at 8 am Sunday. They usually have 3 Masses with the limited in person attendance, but he had to do the Masses alone while in quarantine. I usually do livestream at 5 pm on Saturday, but not this weekend. That’s all finished, so I am free to create the rest of the day!

                I had updated my front porch furniture from cheap plastic rattan to some very nice cast aluminum last summer. It is comfy and pretty and withstands the weather. I decorated it for Christmas. I have seen a local outdoor cat run off my porch more than once when I went out the door. And lately, 2 doves fly away when I go out. Caught them in what obviously has become their favorite roosting spot, on my new chairs! Unfortunately they leave their calling card on the cushion! I do not appreciate that one bit!

                7D6E71B9-7993-42F6-8378-A5107F283C3B.jpeg new residents sharing my lovely comfortable porch chairs!

                have a great day!


                • Bubby
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                  Jean, my Greatgrandma used to tell me that every stitch I sewed on Sunday would have to be picked out with my nose before I get into Heaven! I'd better get busy........

                • Nwmnteacher
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                  Everyone needs a soft place to sit! :-))

                • JCY
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                  Maybe taking the cushion inside will discourage them. We had doves begin to build a nest on one of our curved down spouts one year. What a mess it was to clean up the downspout & siding of the house.

                There was no sewing here yesterday. I did a quick tidy up before heading outside.
                All three barns are now mucked out and re-bedded with fresh shavings and straw. All of the rain we have received in the last 3 weeks has kept the goats inside doing their business and that gets icky pretty quickly.
                Our kids stopped by to hang out for awhile. Our son finally convinced the DiL that tile in the entry way is not an abomination. He chatted with Dad about how to prep stuff, and borrowed all of our tile cutting\laying tools. I see a trip to their house to help lay the tiles.
                Today is Work-at-Mom's day. She needs a grocery run and something in the garden is smacking the side of the house when we had the high winds last week. I'll go check it out and see if I can cut it back. I'll also try to fill up the two yard waste bins with either what I cut down, or the beginning of the rhododendron prunings. The house needs some repair work and the yards have gotten beyond what they can handle. In reality, the entire house is more than they can handle, but it's more cost effective to leave them in it for now.

                Perhaps I can get some stitching in this evening.
                You all have a fantastic day!
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                and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss