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Saturday, Good Mornings

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    Saturday, Good Mornings

    Good Morning All,

    Good Morning All, We'll probably have a double post...

    Jim's got snow, again. Hope he's happy, 'cause that's what he was hoping for (snow). The kids are outside playing. He's in the camper watching from the window. At least I don't have to worry about him calling later. While I was on the phone talking to him, I sorted laundry and got the first load in, unloaded the dishwasher and fed Gabby breakfast.

    Now to figure out what else to do today. I'll finish the laundry, sweep and mop the kitchen since I cut Mike's hair last night, and dust and vacuum. That should be enough. Mike doesn't get off until 4 so I have plenty of time.

    The DD is tempting, but I have enough fabric in my closet that I don't 'need' anymore. I have several packages coming in soon. I need to quit spending until I figure out what I have and what I'm going to start planning for Secret Santa gifts. Finding new ideas and learning how to make something new is always fun.

    I didn't realize, I should have, that the digital Block magazines sometimes have a bonus project. I'm going to go back and see what I've been missing.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning, We have more snow today. The Girls had their first snow patrol already and they are getting ready to eat breakfast. There is a treacherous layer of ice under our snow we have to be watchful of. I wont be going outdoors today.

    I had a nice afternoon yesterday....did a little sewing, talking with friends and family and generally just relaxing. It was nice being cozy in a quilt watching the beautiful snow fall, too.

    I hope everyone has a good Saturday. Hugs.....

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good morning!! I've been texting one of my son's this bubba. Brandon ugh...talking sbout my dad is just hard. My mom text me yesterday that she was picking my dad up..his ashes. He was so loved and I'm glad he knew it!!!

      I'm not going to be a cry baby all day, finally going to get my birthday sushsi, shop for clothes for my GD and try to enjoy the day!!

      have a blessed's a pic of my dad teaching me to walk. 20210114_183236.jpg


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        I think we've all she'd tears over our loved ones so cry all you need.

      • Hillbillyhike
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        You grieve in your own way in your own time, Rachel. We are here for you! Hug!!

      • KPH
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        Give yourself the gift of time, time to grieve, time to heal, time to see the sunlight on the other side. Enjoy your day to the fullest!

      Good morning friends. I didn't sleep well at all last night, there might be a nap later. Yesterday hubby and I set out as I had something to return to Walmart. Picked up a few staples, stopped and had coffee with our sister-in-law and then came home. I set out to get the mail and that took almost 2 hours. Called hubby from a neighbour's to let him know that I got waylaid, LOL!!

      We have been to Doug's for coffee already, walkway shoveled, driveway plowed out. I did have to get the snow off the satellite dish (I tape 2 broom handles together and brush off the snow). Chicken soup ready to be made so I may get to that shortly. I am hoping to get into the sewing room at some point.

      Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and stay healthy.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Morning all.

        Well, we got the first "snow" of the season last night. I put "snow" in quotation marks because there was just enough to cover the grass and the porch. It will likely be gone in a few hours. Really don't care if we ever have snow again. Given that Mother Nature hasn't listened to me over the decades, I kind of doubt she'll start listening now.

        Went into the sewing room to start on the Alexander's Bean Pot quilt when I discovered that one of the fabrics I thought I had I didn't. I designed the quilt a few months ago, and I guess I had planned to order the fabric, but never did. I found some in the stash that I like just as well, if not better, but by the time I searched I pretty much lost the mojo to begin. Did get my machine all set up (Cheryl had been using it for alterations since hers doesn't have a free arm). Hope to get started cutting what I can today and maybe even putting a few blocks together.

        Got the Hancock's of Paducah order in yesterday and I really like the blue and red fabric even better than I did online. I think all the colors are going to mesh together very well. Not sure who's going to tackle my great-nephew's quilt. I guess it depends on who gets their other projects done first. Cheryl continues to work on her double wedding ring quilt. She went through all the fabric that Rachel gave us and found that just about every piece of fabric will work great in the quilt! That means we won't have to buy any more fabric except a backing. Thanks again Rachel!

        Placed an order with JoAnn's for binding. With all the quilts we've got finished, we are starting to run low on some bindings. Cheryl hasn't decided whether or not she wants to make her own, even though I bought her a binding foot. She will try it on the one green quilt that is currently at the LA.

        No grocery order this week since what we need we can get tomorrow. The one store where I found the low sodium roast beef is on the other side of town, so we'll go there tomorrow morning and pick up the other few things we need, which isn't that much.

        Hope everyone has a great weekend!

        There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
        --Ken Burns


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          You're so welcome!! Glad it all worked out!!

        Good morning,

        Well hello mess! There is a mess in my sewing room right now. UG! I am trying to move items from one basket system to the other. I want to move out one of the systems to our master closet. I should have ordered the second system I need before attempting anything. It's like ripping off the band-aid. Ouch! The second system will fit under the table to save space. At least the 3 pieces of french toast should pull me through it all.

        I've decided to add 2 more blocks for the table runner. These will be Mrs. Snowman and add a little variety to the runner.

        Hope you are all safe and warm today.


          No snow here, thankfully as it brings everything to a screeching halt. We actually have some sunshine for the second day in a row but it is quite breezy💨.
          We took a little jaunt to an estate sale about 30 miles away yesterday. I had an e-mail notice with pictures of quilts, of course I wanted to see if there was fabric or quilting materials but there was not. There were quite a few that were handmade/hand quilted, so sad that no one in the family wanted them. There were also old photo albums, perhaps there was no remaining family.😢 I got a couple of ceramic pieces, a vase and a music box with a bunny pushing a carriage with a baby bunny. It tugged at my heart.
          I hope to get free of my arm brace on Monday, fingers crossed, I so want to get back into my quilting room. I retreated into there today to give the painters some space and trimmed threads which felt so great.
          Our ceiling has been repaired from water damage, we have a new roof and now a few other things look like they need doing, it is never ending upkeep for a homeowner.🙄


            It's a foggy one this morning. It's supposed to be dry today. After school yesterday, Em & I ran to the feed store and picked up bedding for the barns. Today will be mucking out day. Ugh. Not my favorite task, but necessary.

            I serged the edges of my new fabric for pre-washing. I found some cute animal print fat quarters at the Dollar Tree.
            I know, not your first place to look for fabrics. I found some there last spring and the print was cute enough to try out their quality. It's tightly woven, has a nice hand, and has held up well as mask material.
            I also picked up a birthday/celebrate panel at the quilt shop at the beach. I want to finish that for the classroom door. It comes with a cute set of triangle flags to make a banner too.
            Sewing will come after cleaning. Off to get my dose of coffee and get on with it.
            Be who you are and say what you feel
            because those who mind don't matter,
            and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



              Good Morning all,

              We did get a little more snow yesterday, Thursday and Friday's snowfall totaled about 4 to 5 inches. We got a lot of rain though because temps were above freezing. I can't imagine how much snow we would have gotten if the temps had been lower.

              I worked on the mystery quilt last night for a bit. I still have some work to do to complete clue #4. I am liking how the colors are going together. Can't wait to see what the full quilt is going to look like but the last clue isn't until the 25th.

              I don't have a bunch of things on the agenda today so I will probably be meandering into the sewing room this afternoon. Hope everyone has a great day.


                Hi all,

                Morning has flown by just getting to read the daily thread now.

                We had rain most of the night and still raining when I got up at 5:30 this morning. It's cleared off and the sun is trying it's best to break through.

                Yesterday I finished the princess pillow order and had some fabric left so if you're making one might as well make two so I did and added it to my inventory. Today I am making two pillowcases from some Christmas fabric for my bed. I think they will add a nice touch next year, never got to them for this holiday season.

                I better get a move on I have to decide what's for dinner tonight I think chicken but not sure what else. Wishing everyone a good day!
                If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                  Good Morning, Everyone ~ I'm late today. Although I popped in, I didn't have enough time at 6 a.m. to post. Katrina, glad you got things rolling. We started out at 34 deg. & cloudy skies, which have burned off. Now it's sunny & already 50 deg. Our snow is gone except for where it was piled up in shady areas. There's still ice is some of the curb gutters where it doesn't get enough sun during the day to melt off.

                  I have romaine soaking in cold water. In a few min. I'll shake the leaves & store between paper towels in a 2 gal. plastic bag. The 2nd load of laundry is in the dryer. I'm changing the sheets on both beds today. I may air my pillows outside now that it's sunny. I still need to do some vacuuming in the bsmt. Right now, I'm letting my breakfast settle (reflux) before I resume the bed project, which involves bending over.

                  Yest. I worked a while on Lori Holt's Criss-Cross block. I'm cutting mostly new yardage/FQs & using some scraps. I'm planning out the layout. Each block will be the same design, just different fabrics & will match. I didn't want to take time to organize & cut up my scraps, so I'm starting from scratch. I'm a bit of a perfectionist & like things to balance each other & match. Yest. I got 1 block laid out & partially sewn together. So far, I'm liking the layout. I'm using one of the "white" Grunge fabrics for the background fabric.

                  Well, no more time now. Have a great week end.


                  • Momofmonsters5
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                    I notice you use grunge alot, where do you buy yours?

                  • JCY
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                    I use Grunge sometimes. This yardage I'm using now I purchased a few yrs. ago from Jordan Fabrics. They have a multi-color JR today on sale that is tempting. I just like the looks of Grunge fabrics. The LC of Grunge Dots I think I bought from M* when it was a DD. I used only half of it in that pinwheel quilt last year. I also have a charm pack in my stash of various colors of Grunge. They make great blenders. I also like the feel of the fabric. M* sells a variety of Grunge fabrics, but I think Jordan's may have a larger selection. Many fabric places sell it. My LQS now has a selection, but the owner has her yardage priced at $12.99, which IMO is too much to pay when it's available for $10.45 or $11. on line.

                  Good morning everyone!

                  Got some sewing done yesterday and more phone calls with family and friends. Picked up my meds...twice. they told me they couldn't fill one as I had 34 pills left. I didn't think so but drove hime to check. Sesrched high and low. Nooe. Phoned back for the girl to tell me her comouter ow says I'm overdue. Anyways, went back again after lunch and got them. Made homemade pizza for supper and worked on my Valentine's quilt.

                  Need to get some chores done today and some paperwork. Hope to finish the quilt top and get her basted.

                  Have a wonderful day everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!
                  Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


                    Good afternoon everyone. This has been a busy day. DGD was dropped off last night for me to watch today. This morning we headed out for a few mile walk and to cheer on my walking buddies that were doing the half marathon. They finally finished around 11, and then had brunch with them afterwards. Finally got home around 10. I am so ready for a nap, but DGD is not. I shall crash later on tonight. Tomorrow is marathon and half marathon runners. I am manning the water station at mile 4.5. Should be there until 11-12ish. I did finish piecing all my blocks for the scrappy green criss cross star block quilt.


                      Good evening! When I checked early this morning, no daily thread had started. So I started tackling my mask job and got them all finished. 32 today and 10 yesterday. The bulk of them are for one very busy family with two littles in preschool where they wear masks, and LOSE them often!
                      41DE2ECC-9267-4413-9AFE-4BF5F90F93F3.jpeg it’s not fun, but they are finished. I want to make two little pouches for the kids to carry extra masks to school, but that will be tomorrow. 40 is my daily limit, and 32 came pretty close, so this wore me out!

                      Last night, I watched my alma mater’s school musical through a streaming service. They did “Nunsense “ which is a show I costumed 3 times! So I am the proud owner of a whole convent of nun’s costumes! The HS stage was where I began my love of theatre. The teacher there posted on our local theatre FB page that she was looking to rent nun’s costumes but didn’t identify the school. We arranged for her to. Rent mine THEN I found out it was for my alma mater! From then on, no rental fees were due, I gladly let them use them for free, and added some fresh collars for their show. They were originally going to present this in November, but COVID shut the school down until Christmas. Luckily, she was able to get it going again. The girls did a great job with their singing and dancing, and despite the fact they had to wear masks on stage, they pulled it off well. I realized it was on the same stage where I performed my last HS musical, Song of Norway 60 years ago!

                      still want to make some more heart log cabin blocks, that will be tomorrow!

                      Have a good evening!