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Thursday hellos!!

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    Thursday hellos!!

    Good morning dear friends. I am not starting a conversation but just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with all my American friends during this tumultuous time.

    It was another good day at work. After work I set out to get a few groceries. WELL the stores weren't very well stocked. I don't know if this is a result of another 4 weeks of lock down or not. The province of Quebec has been put on further lock down until Feb 8. And we now have a curfew, be in by 8pm until 5am. It doesn't really affect us here, we never go out at night anyways, no where to go really. Grocery stores must close by 7:30 pm. That is really going to hurt those who shop late as there are less people at that hour, as in my sister-in-law. We are the first province to have a curfew. Hopefully these measures will help stop the spread.

    As work goes, I have a full week next week once again. Monday is the little quiet post office and the rest of the week is where I am currently. NO SEWING here!! We (the Post Office) are considered essential services so we will never close.

    I spoke with the lady who will receive her memory quilt soon. She asked for a price. Oh dear, this is where I have a hard time deciding on a fair price for both of us. I don't want to take advantage of her either. I think I have come up with a price that will satisfy us both. I know that I under charge.

    And so today is my last work day of the week. It will be nice to have a few days off. It is our sew weekend and I am really looking forward to that.

    Have a great day friends. Be safe and stay healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique....and everyone! 💗

    Yes, it’s sad for Americans today.....praying for our country.

    Wow, a curfew....if we have one (sorry I don’t listen or watch much news) it wouldn’t affect us, as we’re always in early. I know you’ll give a fair price....and as you said, probably low. My DH had a friend who would always charge $$$$ when he did anything. (He repaired cars) he said they felt he was doing a really good job and were willing to pay for it.....those who thought he was high, moved on. He was super busy! Go figure....

    Dreary, dark, misty, snow, that’s been the past....gosh, seems like weeks....we did see the sun sometime, but I don’t remember when. A leak of it would be nice ☀️

    Dug up some fabric. DH needs more masks.....gosh, I love to sew... but why do I dread, drag my feet, when it comes to masks. They’re not hard to do....they use fabric (which I love), I get to sew.....but masks....sigh....I think it’s why we make them.....oh well, I’m thankful I can make them and have enough fabric to make 3 boat loads! 🧵🤪

    Hope everyone has a most glorious and peaceful day.
    Prayers for to all. 💕❣️
    💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


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      Thank goodness we have finally gotten to the point where the supply chain can keep up with the demand for masks. When this pandemic first started, it was we sewists and our fabric stashes that came to the rescue.

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      I'm not making any more, lol.

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      We do have some bought ones. But DH loves the ones I make.....I’ve made some with fishing tackle items,,,,,he love them. Now he’s up for something new 😀. I’ll make a few, and then we’ll see how long these last!

    Good morning all. Prayers for everyone here and our country. Such sad news here in the US. I try to stay out of politics, but I'll just say yesterday's events were terrible. I kept busy at work, so was clueless until I turned on the TV after work. I then had to retreat to the sewing room. I have decided to add another row and column to my pineapple block top made from blue scraps, so that nice clean cutting table is now a mess again. I purchased Bonnie Hunter's new pattern Winter Blush over the weekend. This will be my year to work through my scraps and stash, so I will give it a try. I must say that the thought of the small pieces scare me, but it is time I challenge myself.


      Good Morning Friends. We are sickened, ashamed, disgusted and shocked about what took place in our country yesterday. This is not what we are as Americans. Please pray for our country and our future.

      Thank you....
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      Scottie Mom Barb


        My thoughts are with all Americans today.

        We saw some sun yesterday morning & it warmed above freezing in afternoon although clouds came back. Today they say sun but colder.

        Made chicken soup yesterday & got binding prepared for the king size quilt I’m working on. Luckily I found a stash fabric that worked with the quilt as no stores open due to lockdown. Today I will tackle binding it, not looking forward to that.



          I can't say what I really feel about yesterday because what I will say is not allowed here. So I will just say America is better than this, and we will come out of this. If we can survive four years of Civil War we can survive one day of lunacy.

          There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
          --Ken Burns


            Good Morning, Everyone ~ Yest. was a day full of errands. I was out & about for 4 hrs. The pick-up from my on-line order at Walmart was a piece of cake. Just scan the barcode from my e-m (I don't have a smart phone) & the items dropped down. I had a lengthy list at WM, since I shop there so seldom now. They even were well stocked with TP! We're not out, but I got a big pkg. anyway to stay ahead. There were only 2 check-out lines open, so it took awhile to get checked out. (I don't do self-check-out.)

            I'm scheduled for a massage this a.m. I hope it will be okay to go. I got a msg. from the dr.'s office yest. that one of their staff members tested (+). I was there on Dec. 28 for suture removal. I have no way of knowing if I was close to that person. This is day 10 & I have no symptoms. I e-mailed the therapist this a.m. I'm hoping all will be okay to still get my much-needed massage.

            I was disappointed to see the goings-on in our Capitol yest. I watched TV all evening as the Congress re-convened & the reporters gave updates. I did not stay up for the vote.

            No further word on my cousin's death & situation. Family was trying to reach her son. I have no idea who will be responsible for cleaning out her apt. & personal items. This is just another reminder that folks need to have advanced directives & info. in place for family in the event of a death.

            DH is waiting for breakfast, so no more time now.


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              So sorry for your loss, I've always stayed on top of those things. I don't want anyone to struggle because of me.

            Good Morning. I too am sick about the events of yesterday. God Bless us everyone, and please bring peace to our country.

            Got all the Christmas stuff put away yesterday - now everything looks bare - LOL.

            I seem to have lost my sewing mojo. Gonna head in to the sewing room in a little while and look around for it. I have lots of ideas in my head for things I want to make - bags, quilts, table runners - just can't seem to get started. Probably part of that is my least favorite part of any project cutting it out. I also struggle with matching fabric colors and prints together. Once I start though I usually forget that I dislike that part and pick up a groove. Can you tell I'm trying to talk myself into a little sewing here??

            Made a pesto (1st time ever) yesterday. I didn't have any basil, so I found a recipe online for one using kale and spinach with walnuts instead of pine nuts......lucky me I had all those things on hand. Can I just tell you it was sooooooo delicious. DH raved and raved....definitely gonna keep this recipe handy. Next up on the cooking list is Monique's Lobster Bisque.....I think we're gonna make it on Saturday.....yum-can't wait.

            Have an awesome day everyone.


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              A little of this and that, bit by bit, touch the fabric -- it will call to you.

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              Carol...I am thr the same way. Today I just pulled out some reds amd pinks amd whites that I thought went well together and played. No fuss..we will see where it takes me. It's the planning that gets me. I just stare at the blank canvas that is fabric and can't get going.

            Good morning!

            I fell asleep late and was up early. I watched way too much coverage of the events in our capital yesterday. I am deeply saddened, and praying for our country to heal.

            Despite my best efforts, Mom's bill with the ambulance service was sent to collections. I received the notice yesterday. I went online and checked her account -- the check was cashed on Monday. That explains it. The letter from the collection agency was dated Dec. 30. I mailed the check on Dec. 16, but with slow mail and the holidays, they must not have processed it before the letter went out.

            I gave my credit card a workout and ordered supplies to finish the current quilt top and the next one -- batting, plus fabric for the backing and binding. With processing and shipping delays, I won't see them for a couple of weeks at least. I am still on track to get the borders on the current project this weekend.

            Our curfew ended Jan. 2. It started before Thanksgiving, businesses had to close between 10 pm and 6 am. I don't remember hearing if it put a crimp in the Black Friday sales.

            It's almost time to log in to work. I'd better grab another cup of tea. I'm going to need the caffeine today.

            Have a wonderful day!


              Morning all,

              Like others here I am disgusted and ashamed by yesterday's proceedings.

              Never got to the sewing room yesterday but had a productive day in the kitchen and finished reading a good book Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate.. Got a large pot of chicken soup made and thickened it up a bit so it was a little heartier, made a pan of biscuits to go with it for dinner and dessert consisted of a banana bread I baked in the afternoon. Then the kitchen cleanup, not my favorite part of the afternoon!

              Hopefully today will get to spend some time sewing while my husband is out running a few needed errands.

              Off for my coffee, wishing everyone a good day!
              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

              Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
    [email protected]/



                Good Morning all,

                I agree, it was a very sad day for our country. We need all the prayers we can get.

                Our temps yesterday were again in the 40's and it wasn't supposed to get that warm either. Today is supposed to be about 30, still above the average high. Hopefully sun again today.

                No solid plans for today although Dave finished off the cutout cookies yesterday so I'm thinking of mixing up another batch. I do have a couple of household things I want to get completed today as well and then will spend more time in the sewing room. Dave is now putting the finish on one of the pedestals for the cutting station he is making me. If I understood right, he is just putting polyurethane to seal it, no stain. It looks wonderful. Once he gets that one done he will do the other pedestal then on to the top. He says it will still be a month or more before he is done. I'm fine with that as I'm trying to catch up on my mystery quilt. Still cutting pieces. I have some strips I need to cut down into smaller pieces that I will finish today and then I can get to the sewing. I hope to catch up so that I am ready for the next clue on Monday.

                Hope everyone has a great day.


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                  Can’t wait to see your cutting table!

                Good Morning All,

                Yesterday started earlier than I wished. It was truck day and the new manager likes to start on it early. So Mike got an extra hour work yesterday. He went in early and stayed until his regular time. Anyway, he called before he got out of the neighborhood. "Did I close the garage door?" That meant, it was get up time. Gabby wasn't thrilled either. It was still dark outside!

                Jim called 3 times yesterday. I doubt I'll hear from him today. Morgan's off, new dog, just life in general.

                I got my laundry done and have lost 3 socks. Shoot! I've gone through the dryer, washer to make sure nothing was left there. They're probably stuck on some piece of clothing. I'll stick the extra socks on the top of my dresser. Hopefully, I'll find them sooner or later.

                I ordered fabric from on 12/28. It shipped 2 day priority on UPS on 12/29 and has been sitting in Jacksonville since then. Well, yesterday I contacted customer service and UPS and filled out a claim form. We'll see where it goes from there. I have plenty to work on until it shows up.

                Mike's off today, so there are errands to run. The sun is shining and Gabby is snuggly. It looks like a beautiful day.
                Have a great day!

                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                  Katrina ~ None of our sox go in the dryer. I dry them on a wooden rack to avoid shrinkage, & I make sure I have an accurate count before I start the dryer.

                Good morning,

                It's a chilly morning here for us and the heat is running. Too funny that we go from heat to ac all in the same day sometimes. No sewing right now but a few projects on the table. My snowman runner is slowly getting done one block at a time.

                I've spent lots of phone time lately making sure prescriptions and appointments are done correctly. The assertive tiger mode has to be used with some personnel to get the tasks done or answers that I need. It took 5 phone calls yesterday with one office. My patience is thin with their receptionist. The typical " I don't know" response doesn't work for me. My thoughts are with our other members involved with the details of medical care.

                Prayers for our country and our leaders to move us forward.

                Hope your day is great!


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                  Rhonda, I feel your frustration. I get tired of having to make sure others are doing their job. My family doctor’s receptionist likes me and she always finds a way to get me an appointment. Without her help we would seldom get to see our doctor due to him seeing patients just two days per week.

                hi friends,
                prayers sent for all friends.
                with seeing the images did think the building inside was beautiful and those desks, so looked up what were made of and when, who made and other info on the architect. here is a link to the info found on the building.

                Here we are still freezing, outside we are expecting colder weather than current conditions.
                todays plan is simple stay warm and feed the cat.
                have a great day in all you do


                  I am really missing the calmness of my sewing room, my arm is healing but still not quite ready for constant use. In the mean time I have been cleaning up a corner cabinet we just bought off fb marketplace.
                  We had quite an adventure driving 3-4 hours to Tennessee, loading into our truck, padding with lots of quilts then home again. The shopkeeper helped load and our neighbor helped unload and I have been working on it gradually ever since. It is old, I don't know how old, and has suffered from abuse. I do expect it to look nice when I am done.131733918_1269853703400751_1539044390443561041_o.jpgIt is hard to tell in the picture how beat up it is but it is looking better now.


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                    Old English scratch remover & polish will be your friend. It will spruce up most anything without having to do a total refinish job.

                  • CarlieBlilie
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                    It holds a lot. I actually have less in it now then when we first moved in 10 years ago. I have 2 sets of good china in the bottom. Haven’t had an issue with it locking on me. I use the handle of silverware to pull it open. I have several old keys from my grandparents. Maybe I can find the one that fits. 🤣

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                    Looks beautiful in the photo. Sounds like it will be gorgeous when you're done.