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    Good afternoon, peeps..

    We are having a heat wave...reached, wearing flip flops... ‘kidding’ but, seriously, went to Costco this morning and there was an individual wearing flip flops... Lol... Thought I was back in Calif..

    Never never never go to Costco when you are hungry!! Enough said..

    I’ll be helping Hubbie with the fencing today. Just one small section to go but it goes up a hill and bias is tricky so he needs me to help him. Trying to make the designated “backyard” doggie proof so we can get a puppy...or two... We are placing Hogwire at the bottom of the’s a pic so you can visualize... in the Spring, having fake turf installed in backyard. Then...puppy!!! Everyone have a beautiful rest of your day!!


    "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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      When my daughter was about 4 she used to ask if we could go to Sam's Club for lunch. She loved getting all the samples they would hand out

    I’m quite late to the dance today. I felt really off when I got up. Not sure what was wrong but it may have been my blood sugar. After eating and sitting around I perked up enough to do some food shopping. Jeff insisted on going so he could load things into the truck for me. It’s good to have that chore done. Shopping exhausts me. I bought a frozen pizza for our dinner so I don’t have to cook.

    Today is the senatorial runoff in Georgia. We have been staying pretty close to the tv though the results won’t be known until tomorrow at the earliest.

    I hope everyone has had a good day. Talk with you later...Hugs.

    Scottie Mom Barb


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      Hope tomorrow is a better day for you, Barb.... and a better day for our country... we are watching, too.

    Just a quick check-in. Went to Cleveland this afternoon and brought DH home! He's doing great. He took a nap, then we opened Christmas gifts with our DS. Ordered a pizza for dinner tonight. A very good day!! 😁


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      Glad to hear that he's home! Merry Christmas!!!


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      I'm so glad you have your DH home at last. Prayers for you both that life will return to "normal" now.

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      Totally missed this on Tuesday, Cokie! So thankful your hubby is finally home. Prayers for continued healing and that things will get back to normal now.

    Originally posted by Carol336 View Post

    I'm interested to know more about your email to the USPS. Where did you get the emall address?
    I mailed a package on the 14th from Millersville MD - it has been all over the state and has been stuck in District Heights MD for the past 15 days. Sadly it is a package of masks for a dear friend in Selbyille DE who is undergoing treatment for bone cancer and ask me to make him a bunch to wear to his treatments. I'm about to pull my hair out!!!!
    Update: Thanks for the info girls. I did contact the PO and they are "working on it". In the mean time I made my friend 10 more masks and sent then via UPS on Tuesday morning and they arrived on Wednesday afternoon. Of course it cost 19.81, but it is what it is!!!!
    Crazy times we're living in!!!! Thanks again for your help Bubby and Myrna.