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Hello Saturday Jan 2 2021

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    I am taking a break and eating. One person taking down and putting away Christmas is rough. This year I am taking my time. Carrying bins down stairs is the hard part. I have a big bag for the tree and no where in the house to store it so it has to be taken to the garage. Last year the tree stayed in the bag in the living room until mid April!! If that happens this year then I believe I am done decorating. Sandy is interested in everything I bring down. I'm thinking of putting her outside until I have the rest down stairs. Makes it hard to walk with a dog rubbing on you and if I fall the family might make me lay there until April. Well that was rather mean, sorry I am in a mood.

    Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!


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      Teresa...take it easy. Do it in your own time if no one is helping. When I broke my leg yesrs ago my tree was up and still decorated and an inch of dust everywhere until April lol.

      Suzanne...I didn't do anything last year and hubby didn't seem to care. So...I do it for me. Some years I do very little.

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      For me, it got to the point where the work of putting the holiday decorations up and especially packing it all up again exceeded the enjoyment of them, so I just got rid of them entirely. It was definitely the right decision for me.

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      I leave our tree fully decorated, cover it with a large plastic bag, & store it in the bsmt. till the next year.

    It's kind of a gray day out side today but we took a walk first Saturday of the year! Since Christmas we have been home bodies and going no where. Got groceries, got the walk done, enjoyed seeing the crazy ducks. Did a bit of sewing and ripping between normal house hold chores.


      Back again from a virtual Sew Day. At the max, there were 30 of us. Its good to get together and chat, but I had planned to do small projects, finish some small placemats and coasters with scraps of xmas fabric. I also did turn 6 fingertip towels into kitchen towels to hang. They will be put away as they have xmas embroidery on them. Other than moving a lot of fabric around, cleaning and folding remainder of xmas fabrics in bin. Not quite at my goal to reduce that bin to nothing. And new fabrics are calling to me. Not sure what I want to have for dinner, but don't feel like cooking. I made a vegetable soup at lunchtime, which DH did not put in fridge after it cooled.

      I will plan to work on my January #5 UFO at next week's Sew Day. Mary Fons will be guest speaker at the January meeting. It's all good for staying indoors.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        It’s time for bed, so I am very late. I did sew today, I found some half finished blocks which some of them were made into the Disappearing pinwheel blocks that I made into a lap size quilt with the churn dash style finish. So I decided to do the rest of the leftover blocks in the shoo fly variation. I remember when Jenny came out with these variations how frustrated I was ( and others were) trying to get these blocks to turn out right. I only messed up cutting one block by using the wrong side of my 8-1/2” ruler! I taped up the side with the 1/2” part so I wouldn’t do that again. I found my first set of shoo fly blocks a couple of years ago, partially finished top only, I put a border on it, and it turned out pretty nice. It ended up being an attendance prize at our 2018 forum retreat. I’ll post pictures of my finished quilts when they are finished. They are using Valentine fabric, need to finish them soon!

        Meantime, one of my good mask customers wanted me to make more masks for her family. She brought me at least 20 fat quarters to use, and I’m not exactly sure how many exactly she wants me to make. I can get 6 from each fat quarter! That’s a lot of masks. Her two little ones go to school and day care and lose their masks. I may make the girls little pouches to keep their masks in.

        it’s jammie and no bra time! See you all tomorrow!


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          Jean, a lanyard may also be the answer to migrating masks. We clip them to the elastics/ties and then if they come off the face, they hang around.