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Sunday Morning Greetings :)

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    Sunday Morning Greetings :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ DS#2 came over yest. after 9 a.m. to help us. I decided to have him clean up the leaves. He used the leaf blower to blow them into piles. I went out for a while & raked & put the leaves in 4 bags. After ~1 hr., my knee said it had enough, so I came inside & iced it. He worked the rest of the day, finishing up ~3:30. We filled 15 bags! Only 2 would fit in our garbage toter. He managed to stuff the other 13 bags in the back of his Explorer, with 1 bag in the passenger seat. He planned to drop them off at a city site where they'll be made into mulch. The yard looks so much better. I wanted to get the leaves up before we have any rain or snow. I'd rather pay him than the lawn service.

    It was 71 deg. yest. & mostly cloudy. We had some late afternoon sun breaks. It's supposed to be windy today as a cool front moves in. Much cooler temps. are expected this week.

    No in-person church today due to some (+) C-19 cases among the congregation. So it's YT church today. I plan to take it easy & work on my Bible study lesson.

    animated-dog-image-0368.gif Good Morning everyone...
    Hope your knee is feeling better, Joy =)
    I was going to go to the fabric store this afternoon, when they open but I have a feeling Sunday will be a busy. I just wanted to pick up a nice fabric for the borders of the 2 Christmas quilts I have been working on. The 1st quilt is ready for the border now. I think today while the momentum is still there , I will work on the 2nd quilt. I have been looking forward to this one, it has the Father Christmas appliques to add to it. I was looking at Jenny's tutorial last night for Tiled squares and I may do that with Christmas fabrics, so the center tile can be the Christmas appliques I made, or if I have enough already made, to go with what I have .
    Weather here is still nice. My son in Edmonton had snow yesterday. They had brought the baby home the day before. We saw them last nice on a face book video chat, it is so like a real visit. The baby is beautiful and contented , their absolute joy. They are so happy.
    Time for a giant cup of tea to start my day. Stay safe , healthy and happy.


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      Congratulations on the new grandbaby! I have not done video chats with my daughter much but very much enjoy them.

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      Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

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      Congratulations on your new grandbaby! And best wishes to mom and dad, too!

    Good Morning, It looks like rain this morning. Jeff and I worked on the side of our house again yesterday prepping it to be stained and sealed. I doubt that what we did yesterday is dry enough to stain yet. This project should have been done in the Summer.

    I talked to a neighbor yesterday and she just found out she has Covid. She is the director of home health and hospice for a hospital in our area. Two of her staff were diagnosed with the virus last week also. Please pray for Cindy that she will recover and that her husband and sister (who lives with them) will not get it. Our numbers continue to skyrocket.

    I ran into trouble machine binding my hourglass quilt yesterday. I got so frustrated that I cut an inch(including the binding) off the border rather than picking it all out and ordered fabric for a new binding. Next time I will sew the binding to the back and bring it to the front and do a stitching line that shows but hopefully straight. I find it really hard to stitch in the ditch on a binding without catching part of the binding in the stitching and ripping it out. If my next attempt is an epic fail I will take a month and try to hem it by hand. If I didn’t really like this quilt I would cut it up into tote bags.

    Jocelyn, I can’t find any ricotta cheese this year to make our pumpkin pie! That’s a sad commentary on how limited my shopping selection is here. When I asked the store manager if they would get some in he told me that I can live without it! With the virus I’m not going store to store looking for it.

    I have to cook food for the Girls today. They both are really good eaters and we go through a lot of food and snacks. Their favorite snack is raw carrots and I need to prep a bunch of those, too. Today sounds like a dog day.

    I hope everyone is having a good safe and take care.

    Scottie Mom Barb


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      Jean, Our girls are allergic to chicken so I cook ground beef that we mix with a grain free kibble from NutraSource. I have to order it online.

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      Barb, I've heard of NutraSource. I've noticed since we switched our dogs from Purina kibble, they poop a lot less, and it doesn't smell so bad. They use potty pads as well as going outside. They won't go out when it's cold. I always tell them they're Mexican doggies, so they don't like cold weather :-))

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      Barb ~ Sorry for your binding frustrations. I still sew my binding on the front side, then turn to the back. I measure with a seam gauge the edge of the binding & pin in place. I've been lucky, I guess, to have it work out okay when I do SITD on the front. It catches it on it back. Sometimes I have to make a minor adjustment on a corner. One thing that helps, IMO, is to press both the front & the back prior to stitching.

    Good morning. It's going to be another unseasonably warm day again today. Yesterday we got out into the yard early and did a few more chores. There were a few little yard decorations that needed to be put away in the deck box for the winter and then we worked on the 4 raised beds. We added some peat moss and more garden soil. Today grandson Max will be coming over to help grandpa plant our onion and garlic bulbs in one bed and sprinkle the cover crop seeds on the other three. After we finished with that project I had the bright side to give the compost pile a turn. Well there were a bunch of yellow jackets that were hovering about and didn't appreciate my disturbing the pile. Before I knew it, one expressed his displeasure by stinging me. Grrrrr. So, that ended that project......And any other yard work for me. Hubby did go out and mow the lawn a little later.

    After icing my finger for a bit to keep the swelling down, I headed up to my sewing room and worked on some face mask pouches. I wound up making 21 of them. Next week is the private craft show we are doing at a friend's house (yard) and I wanted to have some little things to add to my inventory as stocking stuffers. The day before, hubby cut and I sewed almost 50 facemasks.

    After dinner we had a quiet evening of tv watching. I watched a Christmas movie on Hallmark.

    Today I would like to spend a bit of time with my embroidery machine. Not sure what I will work on yet though. Max will be here in the early afternoon so he and hubby will be occupied for a while. I'm not sure if Lily will be coming with her big brother. If so, I will probably have her help me plant some tulip and daffodils bulbs in the front garden beds while Max is working out back with grandpa. She sometimes (or if you ask Max, always) can be an annoying little sister so I will try and keep her occupied elsewhere.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Ginny B


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      Dave and I really love watching the Hallmark Christmas movies but last year we kind of burned out on them so we are waiting until after Thanksgiving to start watching them. I have enjoyed watching the mystery movies they have had on Hallmark Movie and Mysteries.

    Good morning,

    Rainy here and the winds are making our shutters rattle. I hope the clouds don't mess with the TV and we can watch football later. While the games just aren't the same this year, they are still a nice distraction. I never understood the game until watching it with Ma*dden as the commentator. He really broke down the plays. My dmil would say just give both teams a ball to make everyone happy. LOL.

    The tote bag is finished with some permanent glue. I couldn't get the seams under the needle so glue works. I'm not sure what will be under my needle today. Lots of possibilities and good intentions will have to count.

    The kitchen needs a scrub down today after the adventure with DGS and chocolate chip cookies last night. He helped with the measures and dumping of the cookie ingredients. Of course, a few chips didn't make it to the dough. Then he scooped and plopped the dough onto the baking sheets with giggles. Cookies? Yum!

    May your day be blessed!


      Good Morning all,

      This morning is again unseasonably warm at 56 degrees. Our average high right now is around 49. We are supposed to get into the 70's again today. This has been a very pleasant week with temps in the 60's and 70's. Tomorrow our high is supposed to be around 65 but at midnight so temps will be falling all day. We are in for some thunderstorms tomorrow, all day, and then going into Tuesday we could be in for a rain/snow mix. So glad I won't be going anywhere.

      I worked on a couple of things in the sewing room yesterday. Got another Bolero quilt cut out for the quilt group. We just gave out the last "man's" quilt so I cut out some fabrics in browns and tans. Several of the prints have horses. It will make a nice "man's" quilt. I also worked on my Irish Change. I am not happy with how the 9-block sections are going together with the quilting already done. The only thing I can think of is that it is because I am doing the quilt as you go on a large section. There are gaps where the batting is missing. So, I am now in the process of removing all the quilting and I will just complete the quilt top and backing and then layer. I may attempt to machine quilt although it is very large so I'm not sure I will be able to. If I don't feel I can get it machine quilted without a lot of problems I will have to hand quilt it. With that in mind I am going to have to get all the sewing done today and tomorrow and layer it probably on Tuesday and see how things go. I think if I do the quilt as you go again I will definitely do it block by block instead of doing the larger area. Lesson learned!

      Other than working on the quilt I have nothing else planned. Time for some coffee and breakfast before online church. Have a great day everyone.


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        Carlie, Did you make your quilt the size Jenny did? If so, it’s huge and I doubt you would be able to quilt it on your home machine. Maybe QAYG two blocks together and after they are seamed quilt over the joining seam. I hope you understand. Be careful with your layout. I sewed all of my blocks into pairs of one plain 10” and a trellis block but I had to rip some apart for the correct layout. You will see what I mean if your look at the layout. It’s a great quilt and worth the effort.

      • CarlieBlilie
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        Yes, Barb, it is the same size as Jenny's quilt. I have them in block 3x3 right now and the batting must have shifted or something because it is going to leave gaps so I'm removing the quilting. I am pretty sure I'm going to have to quilt by hand but it will be a simple "X" in each block so hopefully shouldn't be too bad. The quilt I made for Jennifer and Chuck for their anniversary was about the same size (actually a little bigger) and I was able to hand quilt that one in about a month with a simple heart in the middle of a 7" square and there were about 210 hearts. This has just the 81 squares and then the borders so I should be able to complete the quilting in a couple of weeks if I work on it every night. I really do like the pattern. Simple but beautiful and so easy to change the look of it just by using different colorways.

      Good morning.

      I have to go to the grocery store this morning and get what we couldn't get yesterday, but other than that nothing scheduled for today.

      Have a great day!

      There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
      --Ken Burns


        Good morning all,

        Today will be our last day of Indian summer ☹ Hopefully, we'll see 70, but wait for's really windy. The sky to the north is looking hazy and dark; what are you going to send us, Canada? Tomorrow it's supposed to be 30 degrees cooler, and that's where it will stay for quite awhile. Crazy weather.

        DH worked on picking up leaves yesterday, because we knew it would be windy today. I went out and pulled up everything from the garden and raked the leaves that fallen in there. We have a fence around it to keep the deer and rabbits out. I came in the house and had a cup of coffee to warm up (only 40 out there), and got sucked into watching some TV. I finally broke away and went to the sewing room to work on the friendship star blocks I'll be using to enlarge that queen quilt into a king. I had hoped to get it to the long armer in time to be finished for Christmas, but I don't think it'll be happening. Guess I'll try to do it on the Janome sit down machine. I have some stencils I'd like to try out .....hopefully my quilting will look ok.

        I made a big hotdish yesterday for supper, so I shouldn't have to cook today. Leftovers will be just fine.

        Rob, you've been sounding a little "down" lately. Everything ok?


          Good Morning to All. Well the rain never did reappear yesterday, must have gone around us again. My DD sent me text yesterday, the youngest GD now needs the bigger size masks, so I did start that project. Hopefully finish her new supply today. I still need to order more toggles for the cording. They do better with the one cord design. Still on the hunt for new washer/dryer within my budget and with simple features!

          Time for second cup of coffee and on with the day. Hope all have a safe and happy day today!


            Good morning!
            I am taking a break from making the Valley Blossoms quilt and making some free-standing lace things on the embroidery machine. Then I'm going to start on this year's Christmas ornaments for everyone. I bought some patterns from one of the embroidery web sites for those.

            I got an email this morning that showed the pattern book for The Farmer's Wife Homestead Medallion Quilt. I found it for less money on Amazon so I ordered it from there. Why did I do that? When will I ever get around to making that? But I couldn't help it.

            So yesterday my daughter sent me a photo. Do you remember the pictures of my grandson eating his cake from his first birthday the other day? Well, here's yesterday's picture. My daughter had taken her 2-yr old upstairs for his nap. She was gone for one minute. When she got back downstairs, the little one had moved an end table about 10 feet from where it was! How do you child-proof for something like that? In the picture, it looks like it's going to fall on him but it didn't. He was safe. I guess he just didn't like the table where it was.
            Miller rearranging furniture 11-7-20.jpeg

            Mike wants to clean up some leaves in the yard today so I may be out there with him. It's going to be a nice day, sunny and in the 70s. Our lawn guys got a whole lot of leaves up last week but there are more out there now. It's just nice to be outside!
            Have a happy day today!

            ~ Carol from PA


              Good morning everyone!

              Just popping in to say hello. Hello! I've missed you all and hope you are well. Joy...take care of that knee.

              Still chugging along with the apartment cleanup and cleanup at home. I'm over the hump and it all seems a bit less overwhelming now. Still not much sewing happening, but I have been cleaning and reorganizing my sewing space. I did start on a Christmas wallhanging with my my Moda Naughty or Nice charm pack, but making bad mistakes put that project on hold. I've learned not to quilt when stressed and not focused, lol. Fabric painting and QAYG hexies are what I'm going to start on soon...or not. No pressure! 😊

              Have a wonderful day everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!
              Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


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                Hello. Good to "see" you.

              Good morning!

              We're on track for another beautiful day in the low 70's here. Temps will be about the same tomorrow. I need to decide what to wear to work. Layers will probably be best -- the building could be warm if they turned the chillers off, or cool if they're still on. When I was on site two weeks ago, the boss was cold and came out of her office wrapped in a blanket! She was surprised I wasn't cold. It was a cooler day, and her office has lots of windows, so I blamed it on that. My office is on an inside wall by choice. The offices with the windows get a lot of sun, and did not come with shades. Bright light plus my migraines would have been a disaster!

              Progress continues on my curved log cabin quilt. I sewed a few blocks yesterday. I finished cutting more strips for it this morning. That should be it. For a while there, I was worried I was going to run out of the lighter two fabrics. I even ordered an extra yard of the one. I may not need it, it will depend on how wide I make the inside border. I can always use the leftovers on the back.

              Time for another cup of tea and some quality time in the sewing room before lunch. Have a wonderful day!


                Good Afternoon all.

                It's raining sideways, but the radar isn't showing any rain here at all. I guess it's a band of Etta.

                Yesterday, Mike and I took the Malibu to the Chevy dealership. The trim under the front bumper caught again and started dragging. All in all, no charge, they just took it off. According to the 'guy' there's no real reason to replace it. The guy in the parts area, said if the temperature gauge starts showing hot, you might want to replace it.... who knows. We're not going to do anything about it. It drags on the stops in parking lots, it drags over speed humps, it's better off being in the trash, from what I can tell.

                I ordered the turkey for Thanksgiving. I said I wanted to order it, my server said... Do you really? Mike was surprised I didn't smart off. I easily could have, but I just said yes. We filled in the form and we'll pick it up Wednesday before Thanksgiving. One more thing checked off of my list. After dinner we went to the Dollar Tree. They had Christmas bags! Yippee! I've stuffed bags and now I can see my cedar chest! Mike has his presents for the kids to shove into bags. With us having Christmas at Thanksgiving this year, I just keep thinking all of this mess will be out of the house soon!

                Church was nice this morning. A little girl, 4 years old sat with her mom in the chair group next to mine (6 ft apart). She was adorable. It made me miss Esther, Zeke and Jonathan. lol, from what Jim said, he probably wished the kids were with us. They've been cooped up and were far from still during their service. They leave Sulfolk on Saturday. They'll be home around the 18th. Jim's thinking he'll write up a schedule for when the kids will be with whoever. I am like, let the Tuells have first dibs and I'll see them when Grandma Dot and Uncle Joe comes. After all, I've seen them since they have.

                Mike's on the way home from work. We'll have to go find tissue paper for stuffing in the tops of bags. I ran out!

                I hope you all have a great rest of your day!
                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou