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Good Morning Saturday! :)

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    Good Morning Saturday! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ This will be our last 70's day. DS#2 is coming over this a.m. to help with some chores. I want to get the leaves up off the grass before it rains/snows. If there's time, I want the window wells cleaned out & covers & windows washed.

    I spent ~90 min. sewing yest. afternoon. I had all the strips cut & laid out on the floor for a baby quilt. It's 6.5" strips, separated by 2.5" strips; the fabric is from the All Creatures Great & Small line. I finished piecing those & trimmed the edges. Now I need to cut backing fabric.

    I reported in another thread that my gr. dau. has tested (+) for COVID. She's in her 20's & grad. from the univ. in the spring. I'm hoping she'll have a light case & my DS & DIL won't get it. There are several folks in our church who have tested (+). This virus just is not going away.

    animated-good-morning-image-0001.gif Looks to be a real nice weekend here. Jack raked up the front yard yesterday. Today he is doing the backyard.
    I spent most of yesterday working on a quilt. Hoping today to get it up to the point of just needing a binding.
    Last night after supper, I was too tired to sew so watched a movie about the trial of the Chicago 7 on Netflix. Excellent movie. Than I made a few dozen Christmas appliques to put away for some other project.
    I read your post Joy about your granddaughter and she is in my prayers, your whole family is.


      Good Morning,

      I am so sorry to hear about your GD testing positive. I will be praying for your family and church friends and the friend your GD is staying with. Our Covid cases continue to grow dramatically each day. I think we have 700 and that’s huge for such a sparsely populated area.

      This morning I’m washing the Irish Change quilt. I have a huge washer and the quilt barely fit. It will be equally crowded in the dryer. I will take it out while still damp and spread it on a bed to finish drying. I have one more king quilt to bind and then I’m done making huge quilts.

      We finished staining and sealing the far side of the garage yesterday. Seeing Jeff on that 24 ft ladder really made me nervous. I was with him mostly for moral support and to call 911 if he had a mishap.

      It’s going to be another nice day. I think Jeff will take the day off.

      Have a good Saturday everyone.

      Scottie Mom Barb


      • geegeequilts
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        24ft ladder? That's almost as tall as Jeff. Gina

      • Bubby
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        Gina, Jeff only thinks he’s that tall. He’s 6 ft tall in reality.

      Good Morning All,

      Joy, I'm so sorry about your GD and will keep your family in my prayers. I keep reminding myself, it took years for the Spanish Flu to run its course. Hopefully, this won't take that long.

      My fabric for the Sewquester arrived yesterday. Looking at the calendar, I don't know if I want to get it out and work on it or just wait until everyone leaves after Thanksgiving, so I'll have something to look forward to working on. Decisions, decisions! I know, I should deep clean the house before my MIL gets here and start cooking ahead... we'll see what this afternoon brings.

      Jim made his morning phone call already. He's gotten everyone long johns and he's excited about being in the mountains of TN. He wanted to know if I was planning on coming to see them in Knoxville. I'll have to wait and see. I know I'm going to have taxes to pay next year, I just don't know how much. I do want to go, especially if they'll take me to Etowah where Grandma Phillips's family lived. I've written a lot of stories based on that area and I just feel the need to see it one more time. Since Uncle Jim passed, I imagine the old farm is gone now. It might break my heart to see the changes. Anyway, I still want to go.

      Not sure what the day will bring. Mike's off today and he says there is nothing on his list. I need to get my glasses adjusted. They fell off the night stand and my tablet fell on top of them. I hope they can get the nose piece adjusted and back in line without breaking it! I don't want to have to get new glasses right now!

      Time to start the day. Have a great one!

      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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        Katrina ~ There's so much to see & do in TN. You need to go visit Dollywood & some of the events in the Pigeon Forge area. I bet there are some quilt shops there, too.

      Good Morning,

      Joy, your family is in my prayers. I pray this stuff will end soon but it doesn't look like it will. My daughter told me back in May she thought it would start increasing this fall, she was right. Our county is having an increase in cases. I'm wondering when our governor will do another shelter in place.

      Beautiful day already today, already 59 degrees. We are not supposed to see the drop in temp until late Monday. Right now they are forecasting rain pretty much all day on Monday and possibly turning to snow Monday into Tuesday. I can surely wait for that!

      Spent a bunch of time in the sewing room going through the scraps from the Tabitha Society (my church quilt group). I have now gotten through all the containers I brought home. One of the totes (about 20x10) is filled with the yardage I found. The other tote the same size has the pieces. I grouped them as scraps from 2 inches up to 3 inches, then 3 up to 4 and then over 4. The biggest group, of course, is the 2 to 3 inch group. I put each size group into a ziplock bag so they are kept organized. I also found some cute panels for baby blankets and there were the "coins" I found. I cleaned those up, grouped them by width and "wound" them and put them in a ziplock bag as well. I did find some blocks, must have been left over from other quilts that will placed in a ziplock bag. I talked with one of the other members yesterday and found out we need to have a baby blanket ready by the 19th. We have two already done but have a set of twin girls that are one the way as well so we will need to get another finished.

      I am going to finish cleaning up the sorting of the scraps and then plan on working on the Irish Change quilt today and tomorrow. I'm hoping that I can get it done in a couple of weeks. So far things have been going quite well with it.

      Time for breakfast and coffee. Have a great day everyone!


        Good Morning to All. Woke up after the sun this morning, that doesn't happen too often lately. Looks like it rained some last last night/early morning and more light rain off/on during the day. No outside chores today! Need to measure my washer/dryer and start looking for replacements. Hoping for a great black friday sale somewhere on major appliances. Should have gone grocery shopping yesterday but I did house cleaning instead. I will go on Monday now, avoiding the weekend crowds. Time for more coffee and on with the day.

        Wish all have a safe and happy day.


          Carlie, that was so kind of you to do the sorting of the scrap bins. I'm sure they will be more useful to the group now.


          • CarlieBlilie
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            Thanks, I’m. It sure I would say I was being kind. We meet only a couple times a month during the winter spring. Summer only once a month. It seems counterproductive trying to go through the fabrics as they are. We use so much time looking through it and not really getting anything done. It does get frustrating for me. That being said, I am the only one who classifies themselves as a quilter. The others say they just sew and don’t really understand quilting so much. I’m thinking that organizing the fabric will help us not only when looking for fabric but also in space as that is very limited at the church.

          I haven't done any quilting in days/a week or perhaps longer however I have done a little sewing. I have some feather throw pillows that poke me and I finally found some feather-proof fabric so I have fixed two and the third is partly done. I have also recovered 4 kitchen chair cushions, finally. The only other thing I have done if find fabric to make new pants for a Santa that needed new clothes.
          DH got some good results from his stress and other tests, they want him to start a walking routine to help with leg vein problems. We walked yesterday and will again today and tomorrow, on and on. Hope we both loose a few pounds.
          I saw two neighbors prepping for yard sales so also did a bit of shopping.😁 New place mats for the breakfast room and a carry on type suitcase.😀 I love a bargain.


            Good morning all,

            Not much going on here, and that's usually a good thing. Today will be colder...maybe high 30's, and tomorrow is supposed to be 70!! Go figure. After that, we'll have more seasonable temps in the 30's and 20's. Our temperatures never got as high as was predicted for this last week, and of course, we had some wind which made it feel colder. Last night DH and I watched GD #1's last football game of the year. The field was out in the open (as is almost everything up here) and even with 3 layers, hat, and gloves, I was still really cold. Again, darn wind.

            I plan to be in the sewing room today working on enlarging a quilt top I had made for DS and DIL. I made it a queen, but they recently bought a king sized bed. So I'm adding another 10 inches made of friendship stars on each side. Thankfully, I have a lot of fabric left. Yesterday was block #7 from the Sewcialites sew along from the Fat Quarter Shop and shared by Pat Sloan. I want to get that done today as well.

            Joy, I'm hoping your GD's family comes through the virus with little or no effects.

            Katrina, one benefit of your DL's decision to be a traveling nurse is you have the opportunity to see many parts of the US.

            That's it for me. More coffee? Yes, please.


              Good morning!! We are on lockdown again. I'm in El Paso,TX. They are shutting down businesses so people are gathering at home now. The culture here is huge family gatherings. Not great for a pandemic. Will it ever go away?

              Joy, prayers for your family. One of my coworkers got a mild case but has after affects. I hope your GD case is mild and resolved quickly.

              I plan to sew today! I have to finish ss for this forum and Christmas gifts for my kids and family. Joanns is showing they got in the dallas cowboy fabric I need for my son too. I will be going there as well. I decided to crochet Daniel a velvet afgan for Christmas so I'll need to pick up yarn. It's soo hard when you've made someone so much!! I've made him coasters, placemats, tablerunners, quilts, bowl cozies, bookmarks, zipper pouches, baskets, masks,fortune cookies, fleece no sew... it's getting hard to be creative.

              I made a roast in the crock pot yesterday soo good I did add potatoes.

              I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


                Good morning!

                Joy: sending prayers for your GD and family. Cases are up here, I am concerned about working on site on Monday. There were more people than usual on site last time.

                I am still auditioning fabrics for quilt for the boss's grand baby. I thought I was done, but the longer I looked at the one fabric the less I liked it. My sister had the same reaction when I showed it to her. I have two in my stash that would be perfect...if I had enough of them! Looks like I will have to make another trip to the LQS. Both of the fabrics in my stash are from older fabric lines and unavailable. I found one of them on Etsy, but the seller is from Canada and the cost to ship is more than the price of the fabric.

                Mom's facility called yesterday afternoon. Mom was in an altercation with another resident and they struck her. The nurse said Mom was not the instigator, the other resident is aggressive. Mom is fine. Her glasses were knocked askew. My brother has an appointment to see her tomorrow, I'm going to email him and ask him to check to make sure Mom isn't bruised or anything. I called over there this morning and they said she is doing fine. The nurse said Mom made friends with one of the other residents, and Mom was asking her friend if she had finished her Christmas shopping yet, because Mom finished hers already! LOL! 🤣

                I think I will open up the windows and take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts. We're not expecting a cool down until Wednesday. Until then, we will have temps in the low 70's. Have a wonderful day!
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                • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                  I'm sad this happened to your mom. For a few years, there seemed to be some aggressive and unruly residents, and mom was struck a few times. Fortunately, the home took swift action.

                Good morning.

                So sorry to hear about your granddaughter Joy. Hoping for a quick recovery. We have a county surrounding us that has a positivity rate at nearly 40 percent.

                Getting ready to go pick up the grocery order. Six items that show in stock on the website were said to be not available. I'll never understand business, but it's not that big of a deal to get upset over. I'll just go out tomorrow to our other store and find what I can.

                Not going to the LQS today because we need to watch the spending. Cheryl will stop on her way home at another fabric store to try and find some backing for her GFG quilt. She's starting on a dog quilt I designed (not the basset quilt for the rescue group, but another one). So far it's looking good. Hope to have some pictures of things sometime next week.

                Have a great day all.

                There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
                --Ken Burns


                  Good afternoon,

                  It's been a rainy day here and more on the way. That means more time tucked in the sewing to play. I've managed to trim down the dino quilt so it's ready for binding.

                  A beautiful hawk swooped down onto the patio screen and grabbed a lizzard this morning. He is welcome to come back and get the rest. Plus there are 3 sandhill cranes that visit our yard. Lots of fun to watch them dance.

                  Joy, Best wishes to your family as they go through the testing and quarantine procedures.

                  Julie, Hope your mom is ok after the incident.

                  Not sure of our dinner plans. It may be pizza and then baking cookies with our DD and GS. Happy Stitches to all!


                  • Bubby
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                    Hawks are predators here. From time to time they swoop down and try to take our pups. Sugar is small enough to be picked up by a big bid. Once there was a large owl that tried to fly off with one of my scotties. He got discouraged after a while. They are protected and can't be shot. We have to watch the Girls like a hawk (no pun intended).

                  • JCY
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                    We have hawks here, too. I took a pic of one at our water dish a year or so ago. One killed a dove in our neighbor's yard; nothing was left but a few feathers. Another neighbor said one visits his yard in hopes of getting one of the smaller birds. One time we had one kill one of the rabbits. DH went out & chased it off before it could eat the rabbit, which of course already was dead.

                  • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                    We have hawks in the area, and bunnies seem to be their preferred meal. We are happy that our resident bunny has not been swooped up, but I did find rabbit fur the other day on the side of property, so likely one got grabbed.

                  I am celebrating the glorious outcome of the you know what. And hand embroidering a label for a wallhanging which says (on the label) Blockheads by J. Kaiser, made during the Trump Biden election 2020.


                  • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                    Hubby and I got together with friends on Saturday to celebrate. A new beginning welcomed by many Canadians.


                  Hope everyone had a great Saturday!! Its just about over for eyes are drooping and I am ready for bed!! It was a beautiful day here in Southwest Missouri and after my work day was over I came home and gathered a little dinner and then worked on a wool applique project from "Sew Cherished" Hope everyone sleeps well...night!!
                  SW Missouri

                  Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.