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    Little minds...

    Sometimes, you just don't anicipate what path a child's thoughts will follow. Here's today's installment from DD the Kindergarten teacher:

    Working on words with the blend "ji":

    "My grandpa's name began with "Ji" -- let's sound out his name on the board."
    *writes "Jim" on whiteboard*

    E: "J-j-j, i-i-i, J-i -- GRANDPA!"

    "Noot quite, let's read our J blend and add the letter m."

    E: "J-j-j, i-i-i, J-i, Ji -- Ji-Ji-Ji, m-m-m, Ji-m -- WAIT, grandpas go to the gym, too?!?!"

    Don't you just love kindergarteners. Gina


      They're just too cute, aren't they?


        #4 are so cute!
        SW Missouri

        Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


          My sister drives a school bus in a rural areal. A couple of weeks ago they had a ice storm but had school. She picked up JJ and his sisters at the end of a long gravel driveway. JJ, a first grader, waited for his sisters get on and then he came up the steps saying, " Miss J I almost broked my neck getting down here to go to school, Why are we going to school today anyway, who said it?" Miss J replied," There is a man in charge of school and he decides when we go to school, please sit down JJ", JJ replies," When I get big I'm going to be in charge of that school and on bad days I'm going to call you and say, Miss J stay in bed today, no school" again Miss J asked him to sit down, but having the last word JJ says, "drive safe Miss J, I didn't about broke my neck so you could kill me"


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            BAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.