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    It's Friday

    Good morning friends. My neck is a little sorer this morning. It wasn't bad yesterday.

    We had a great day yesterday. Got my parcel mailed out, hubby and I treated ourselves to a wonderful breakfast. I got to the quilt store but she put several bolts of interfacing on the table. I ended up buying some iron-on fleece, not what I was looking for but can use nonetheless. Then it was off to the coin store. Hubby was shopping around, so I crossed the street and Kelly knew exactly what I was looking for and where it was, medium weight iron-on interfacing. So I bought 5 meters of that. I was waiting outside for hubby and looked in the window of the store right beside the quilt store and saw a nice mug with horses on it. Went into the store and bought it for my daughter-in-law for Christmas. Another gift taken care of.

    On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store for a few things. Today we are going to have ribs cooked in the slow cooker. It has been years since I have cooked ribs.

    I also got into the sewing room and finished the sewing book, while not perfect, it is for me so it doesn't matter. I did laundry and got it hung outside and hung the last load in the dark. It will dry nicely today with this warm and lovely weather. I think we are having our Indian Summer right now. I will take it.

    I work Monday and Tuesday next week, Wednesday is a holiday as it is Remembrance Day. There are no celebrations to attend which makes me sad. Thursday we both have eye appointments and then will be headed to son's place (new and old) as he will be moving on Friday. It will be a busy week next week.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and stay healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good mornin all!

    So sorry Monique your neck is hurting......I hope it gets better soon! Sounds like y’all had a good, sun, ☀️ gift buying.....fabric wonderful! Mmm, ribs.....I LOVE ribs. It’s been several months since we’ve had them......not sure if they’re available.......I’m going to look this weekend.

    I can’t get over how pretty it’s been here. They even mentioned we might hit 70’’ll all end next week, but in the meantime..... 🌞 I’m a happy camper. The yard got done yesterday.....there will be more, but it’s what it is. 🍁🍁🍁

    Not sure what today will bring. I have a taste for chili....weird, since it’s gotten warmer. But if I make a big pot....they’re be some to freeze! Yeah!

    Hope everyone has a blessed weekend! ❣️
    💫 Star lover


    • Monique
      Monique commented
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      I'll send some ribs if you send some chili..........

      I am LOVING this warm weather considering we still have snow on the ground, mostly in shady areas but it will melt away.

    Good Morning All, The day is just waking up indoors and out. I slept in a little this morning and so did the Girls. I was worn out from our big shopping yesterday.

    Today I plan to trim the edges of the second UFO quilt and make the binding. Normally I make binding when quilts are with my quilter but for some reason I didn’t do that this time. I will machine bind this quilt, too. I think it will be a little easier with the second one. I have to wait a day or so for my hands to feel better.

    Today will be a laundry day. Jeff dresses in three layers when he works outdoors, which generates lots of loads of wash.

    I watched Jenny and Natalie’s new for the LOVE quilt. It’s really unique and I love the ombré fabric they used.

    I hope today is a good day for everyone. Barb

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good Morning All,

      It's a cloudy morning, it rained off and on yesterday. We'll see what today brings.

      I finished up the cards for Secret Santa and wrapped everything. I've been saving Amazon boxes and found one that it all fits in nicely. Tomorrow, Mike is off so I guess I'll be shipping everything tomorrow.

      I watched the tutorial when it came out, last night. I doubt that I'll ever do that one, there are too many higher on my list.

      My sashing and finishing fabric should be here tomorrow from FQS, now maybe I'll finish up the Sewquester quilt! Mercy, I don't remember ever taking this long to get a project done. Sad thing, I haven't looked for anything to do while waiting on it either. My sewing room needs an over haul. Once Sewquester is done, I think I'll pack everything up until after Dot and Joe leave.

      Jim is back on the search... this time- long johns. I told him to call Grandma Dot. Maybe Uncle Joe will have better luck finding such things. I know I won't find them here!

      Gabby thought is was a cold night. She snuggled up close. She funny, she'll get up walk around then plop against me. Mike said that's her equivalent to 'roll over you're snoring'. Probably is.

      Time to get up, refill my coffee cup and get this day started. Have a great one!
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Good morning,

        It's a bright and sunny day here. There were several rain showers yesterday. Of course, I was caught right in the middle of them a couple of times. Thankful that I'm a won't melt kind of girl. Thankful too that I found my favorite stuffing mix at the grocery store yesterday. I bought two extra boxes for a GF to try this year. I'm teaching her to hide the evidence from her picky guests.

        Excited to make some time for sewing this morning. Am I really supposed to do housework too?

        Our DD came for dinner last night. She wanted the plastic bins from my garage re-organizing. We planned our baking session with DGSon and I showed her all the supplies. Dino cookies made the top of the list. It will be fun! We've decided to make special memories and spending time together the priority this year.

        May your day be blessed!


        • CarlieBlilie
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          My daughter and I usually get together and do Christmas cookies of all kinds. Grandkids are usually involved unless there is nothing they can do. I have wonderful memories of them helping me make Christmas Cutouts. I have an awesome photo of when Natalie was about 3 and the decorating sugar came out too fast. The look on her face is priceless.

        • Bouse
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          I make mince pies with my children for Santa on Christmas Eve. They love helping me bake especially at Christmas

        • Cokie
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          Cathy, that's such a sweet story and what a wonderful memory!

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Our high temp. yest. was 79 deg. It promises to be another nice day in the 70's. One more 70's day tomorrow, then the weather changes to much colder. I plan to change the sheets on my bed today & air the pillows outside on the line.

        Today begins more strict COVID guidelines due to the increased (+) cases in our state & county. Schools are going back to all remote learning. I haven't heard yet how this may affect church services Sun. Our pastor gives a weekly video update on our YT channel on Fridays. Fewer customers will be allowed in businesses, which will make it very difficult for the restaurants. With colder weather, eating outside will no longer be an option for most places.

        I actually made it to the sewing room yest. for almost an hour. The sample, mini quilt I made out of the Smoke & Fire fabrics got completed. I just needed to finish sewing on the binding. It was a small accomplishment, but it felt good to get something done.

        I got a call from the surgeon's office yest.; my surgery to remove the lipoma on my arm was approved. I'm scheduled for Dec. 17. DH & I both have annual eye appts. yet this mo. & he has a major crown prep. for 2 teeth next week -- a 2.5 hr. appt. The calendar is filling in.


        • srgreene
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          After the summer and fall we had here, Smoke and Fire seems like just the right project. I hope to see a pic of the project.


        Good Morning to all. Finally made the decision which supplemental insurance I wanted to go along with the medicare insurance and applied for it. One more to do thing off the list. Seems now I may be adding a new dryer onto the list. Son stopped by afterwork to turn off the gas going to the dryer. So I will be window shopping while he checks to see if it is repairable or not. This was my dad's dryer and it is probably 20 years old. The washer is old too, so best throw one of those in the budget shopping..... seems appliances tend to play the domino game, one goes - then another - and another. At least with my aging stove and fridge in kitchen I have a work around, so it won't be a scramble to replace quickly.

        No real plans today, cut scraps yesterday and probably do more sorting and storing of them. Time for more coffee and some shopping around for sales on washer/dryers.

        Have a safe and happy day!


          Can you remove this please ? crazy me has some how made an extra post..... Thanks

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            Good Morning to all,

            Yesterday, Amanda and family brought over BQ and donuts for supper. I can't tell you how special it was to me to have my grandchildren here for a meal for the first time since all this began. I really have missed being with them. Tim lite the furnace for me. Looking at the weather its going to be warm for the rest of the week, but I am glad the heat is ready to turn on if needed.

            We got bad news yesterday. My children's high school band director passed away due to Covid. He was a good Christian man who was well respected in our community and loved by many . He has a son that is my sons age. Please remember his family in your prayers.

            I have the paint chips for Bonnie Hunter's next quilt and stopped by our local shop to look for fabric. I think I am going to wait this time and not rush out and buy fabric because I really do not like the colors. I have last years pieced and it is laying in the quest room waiting for me to quilt. The quilt from last year had too much orange in it. This years seems to have a lot of orange also. Her quilts have a lot of piecing in them which I love to do but I want to be happy with it when its done..

            Take care and love to all,
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            • Rhonda K
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              May those special memories of your dinner time with the grandchildren keep you happy. BBQ and donuts sound perfect!

              Prayers of comfort for the family of your friend. May they have strength and courage as they deal with their loss.


            Day two of not much happening here. Patsy is in her bed snoozing and I'm wondering what to have for breakfast. I'm thinking either Cream of Wheat ( no sodium) or a sausage sandwich (more sodium, although allowable and more taste). I actually like Cream of Wheat especially with a touch of sugar free syrup. Have a potato left over from the last night's soup so I'm going to make a meat loaf for tonight's supper.

            Cheryl finished piecing her grandmother's flower garden quilt. It looks good. We will go to the LQS tomorrow to look for a backing (and whatever else may jump into my hands):and pick up our grocery order as well. Not much else to report.

            Have a great weekend all!

            There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
            --Ken Burns


            • Rob the HOAQ
              Rob the HOAQ commented
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              Just wanted to announce that after a strong campaign, the sausage won in a landslide. However, there were some irregularities as Patsy attempted to steal the ballot.


            • 201 Treadler
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              thanks for the chuckle Rob. so funny

            • JCY
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              Rob ~ It's been years since I've eaten Cream of Wheat. I rarely eat potatoes due to their high glycemic index. I do get hungry for one from time to time; I "bake" mine in the microwave & add butter & sour cream when I do indulge. But I can expect my pp glucose to be 200 or >.

            Good morning!

            It's going to be another beautiful day here, with a high around 70 and sunny. The weekend looks to be more of the same.

            The twelve masks I made for my friend went into the washer and only eleven came out of the dryer. I thought perhaps the sock monster got confused and took one, but it never made it into the dryer. I found it mixed up with a couple of sweaters that needed to dry flat. I will get the masks packed up and in the mail today.

            I sewed several curvy log cabin blocks yesterday and finally feel like I am making progress. I'm going to have to put it aside soon and start working on the quilt for the boss's grand baby. That one's going to be a challenge. I don't have a pattern for it, and will need to figure out the math.

            Have a wonderful day!


              O my... I have been caught up in so many things, I hadn't thought ahead to the 11th. I never even thought on ceremonies being cancelled. In the 23 years I have known Jack, he goes every year no matter. How strange this year will be..
              Jack makes ribs often in the slow cooker, one of his favorites. He took it to my sons last weekend and forgot it there. Tony loves it so I am on the lookout now for one for him. He calls it a fancy slow cooker as it is a red and white rectangle one that is much nicer than the usual round ones. It makes for more room for things like ribs.
              I am ever so happy I found that you tube video on my sewing machine. I learnt a lot from it. So much so that I dared something new for me. I tried a walking foot for the first time. I had a lot of fleece I bought a year ago when they had a big sale at Fabricland. I decided to speed up my Christmas quilts. I am putting fleece on one side of the quilt. I tried that once last year and what a hard job that was, it stretched it bunched up, it was a huge wrestling match then. Yesterday with the walking foot, it went so smoothly and perfect, I could hardly believe it. That put me way ahead of myself time wise. Even Jack stopped to look at it and like it.
              I had also found a video on you tube for making fleece throw blankets that will help me use up the fleece I have stock piled on the shelf.
              Fabricland is having a 40% off sale on all their Christmas fabric so I hope to go check that out. I have a zillion projects in my mind to do . I haven't watched the new tutorial yet. Hopefully a tutorial that is fun to watch but not inspiring enough to put another project on my 'to do' list .
              Wishing every one a warm autumn weekend. cleaning-leaves-smiley-emoticon.gif


              • CarlieBlilie
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                I am assuming you are talking about Veteran's Day. I always remember that day now. My dad was a veteran but I don't remember him attending anything for Veteran's Day. He passed away on Nov 9 and mom got things going for his funeral so he would be burred on Veteran's Day. He has been gone now just about 32 years, he was only 59 when he passed.

              • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                Remembrance Day will be different -- and that has been turned into a week of Remembrance. It would be risky for veterans, especially the older ones, to be out and possibly exposed to the virus. We will still remember.
                Congratulations on the new grand-daughter -- I've been catching up on this week's posts. Enjoy!

              • minipinlady
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                My mom died on Nov. 9th as well. I am sorry to hear you lost your Dad then, That would be make Remembrance day even more personal for you.
                I agree Suzanne it would risky for Veterans to be attending ceremonies this year. My son takes his little family home today from the hospital =)Hopefully no blizzards settle in while they are driving.

              Good Morning all,

              Pretty quiet here, not much going on. I was a homebody yesterday and it was a beautiful day again and it should be just as nice today. I sent a message to Jim asking him how things are going and whether he was still happy with his decision. He is. He says the internet is pretty slow but other than that he said "I'm happy". For him that is huge.

              I've been working on cleaning up the "scraps" from Tabitha. I am amazed at what was kept. Some pieces are less than an inch. I'm just cutting into pieces, strips, rectangles, squares. I have come across some very nice yardage fabrics too. I had two plastic grocery bags and two plastic totes. I'm down to the totes. I would like to get them all done by the end of tomorrow. I am positive that doing this is going to make things so much easier. In the totes I found probably 25 to 30 strips of "coins", strips of all different types of fabric sewn together. Some are 2 inches wide and some are 35 inches. Not sure what we will do with them but my mind is going over all the squares I have come across and thinking I could use them with the coins. I'm going to look into that a little more.

              No plans for today, I did wash the floors yesterday. I have a Crosswave and I love it. I cannot believe how dirty the floors get just with us two in the house, but they sure do. The Crosswave does a really good job and it dries very quickly. I used to use just a microfiber pad but it always left streaks plus our shoes would "squeak" on the floors afterward. No streaks or squeaks with the Crosswave. Boy, I sound like a commercial.

              Time for a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Have an awesome day!


                Hi friends,
                Its been a foggy day here, which normally happens after bonfire night, alas all public fire work displays were cancelled and the odd firework popped and banged but it was not sounding like a war zone which was refreshing.

                a little update, the back is hurting bad when trying to lay down with the whoopsie off bed Wednesday, plus fma, am out of the normal pain med range, so sleep is an issue with the discomfort, having a telephone chat with the doc, am now on pain med meptid hopefully short term again.
                Can say am looking younger with all the facial exercise, lol
                just another blip of 2020,
                stay safe everyone. keep positive
                gentle hugs


                • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                  Do rest up your back -- hopefully its not prolonged pain and your back feels as good as you look.

                Church canceled for the next 2 Sundays ~

                The e-mail came through from the church office today. There are several (+) C-19 cases in the church, so our services & all activities are canceled for the next 2 wks. Bummer. No visitors will be allowed to visit the church offices. Better to be safe than sorry. It's the responsible thing to do.