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Any WWII buffs in here?

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    Any WWII buffs in here?

    My girlfriend in England emailed me and mentioned this man who flew planes in WWII with only one leg. Escaped numerous times after being captured too.
    interesting man and life.

    My Dad fought in WWII With the US Marines and then again in the Korean War. He was decorated in both wars. He would be so sad to see what our country is going through right now.

    Scottie Mom Barb


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      I know. things change and not always for the better. but we tend to survive anyway. Getting older, we tend to see things others may not. at least not yet. Ah well, have a happy evening!

    My husband is a huge WWII buff. I seem to remember this gentleman's name from a program we were watching just recently. He actually flew with no legs. I think I know more about WWII than a lot of other gals my age because of my husband's interest. We watch (or maybe rather he watches and I listen) many programs on WWII, and mainly just plain history.
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      My dad flew in the planes the Memphis Belle was based on. He survived 25 runs, including the worst one, Schweinfurt. I have all his medals and commendations.

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        Stories like that are why they call them the greatest generation. God Bless our veterans!


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          And, all the people said “Amen”