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    It's Monday

    Welcome November. It is a very windy blustery day today. The wind keep me awake a good chunk of time last night. Holy moly, it is wicked this morning with flurries as well. Not going out today.

    I continued making gifts for the SS swap. Accomplished a lot over the weekend. I have projects ready to go this morning. I was supposed to go and do some work for our Lionettes today but I am putting that off until the weather will be a little bit better. By Wednesday, it should start to warm up a little. Predicting a few centimeters of snow for tomorrow too.

    We had 14 trick or treaters on Halloween. I had just enough candy too. I had wanted to buy more on Friday but none was to be had. On Saturday the businesses in town were handing out candy. I hear it was a big success. The last 3 children to stop here got double the amount of candy as I didn't want to be left with a whole lot. They were pretty happy.

    And so today I will be in the magic room, as hubby likes to call it, creating magic, LOL!!

    Have an awesome day everyone, stay safe and stay healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Morning to all!

    Oh Monique.....the magic 🧙‍♂️ it! And I’m sure you’ll create lots of sweet magic!

    Yesterday, we saw everything but the kitchen sink go by. Wind....high winds, rain, sun, clouds, sleet, and snow....a great day to stay we did. Still wasn’t motivated to sew.....just love playing my hammered dulcimer. Having a tough time with “O Come All He Faithful.” But I’ll get it......hopefully before Christmas!

    Looking forward to spring later this week.....we are to be in the 60’s! I’ll be cleaning up what’s left in the flower beds.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day! ❣️
    💫 Star lover


      Windy windy windy here. Yesterday I raked pine needles and two hours later I had more on the ground than when I started. More wind today along with a cold front. High of 50 today but by Wed we will be back in the 70's. I guess thats fall weather here.
      Disappointed though that the wind is making the river choppy and we can't go fishin'. ha ha
      Kitchen countertops are done. Now to shop for the dishwasher and overhead lights. Eventually I'll have it all done. DH is going to the mountains this weekend so I think I'll sand off the cabinets and put a coat of polyuethane on them. That will make them look bright and clean.
      I think two of my childen's families are coming for Thanksgiving. That will be nice. I think I told you all that I bought a black iron table with glass top & chairs to go on the slab under the house. I'm hoping to use it for Thanksgiving dinner. Accuweather says it will be in the 60's and we can have a fire in the fireplace down there. Its a nice space 50x50 feet with a big brick fireplace and wonderful views of the water.
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


      • geegeequilts
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        If I promise not to eat much, can I come? LOL! Sounds like a great day planned. Gina

      • CarlieBlilie
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        I always have leftovers. I'm still in the habit of cooking for a family of 6, that's the way I learned to cook before I married. I only had 2 children but I've always had leftovers. Sadly, my hubby didn't care for the meatloaf as I am not satisfied with how it tastes and it isn't always consistent. He did not like it so I will be having some meatloaf sandwiches for lunch, which I love anyway. I will probably freeze half of what is left.

      • grammaterry
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        geegee, of course you can come. But you have to fill your plate up twice because I always cook way too much and this year there will be onlyt half as many people as usual.

      Good Morning to All. A few more days of summer weather and then it looks like it may be on its way out.. for the last time? I did manage to get laundry done yesterday and today is visit to bank and I need to clean up the sewing room after the laptop projects. I still need to sew the drawstring bags for the quilts.

      Not much is on my plate at all this week so guess it wll be a good time to do the research and decide on what supplemental insurance I need to sign up for.

      Hope all have a safe and happy day!


        Good morning,

        Rainy and dreary here today. I will need that second cup of coffee to get moving. I am closer to a finish on the tote bag. I may use permanent glue to hold the binding on due to all the bulk and curves on the side panels. This is not a repeat pattern/embroidery design that I'll make again.

        I watched numerous videos yesterday about my serger. I'm beginning to understand the different types of stitches much better. It's always been easy to thread so no issues there. After all that, I may want to trade up for the auto needle thread one. We'll see.

        Enjoy your day!


        • jwchristy
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          Air threading is a dream come true! Got tired of sitting on floor, trying to hold a light to see, and tweezers to thread lower looper. I have 8 thread Babylock.....

        • Mimi_Howard
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          An air threader is on my wish list. I found that using the dental loop thing (that you use to thread dental floss for a dental appliance), well it works great to guide the thread in that lower looper area. Know all too well the tweezer, flashlight and choice words dance! One tip I did pick up watching a video on my serger.... put all tension to zero when rethreading, then adjust afterwards.

        Good morning all. It's a windy one here too after a rainy day yesterday. We had a nice visit with John and Rob and Rob's friend Keri. We haven't seen her in a couple years as she is from the west coast. But she is working on the east coast now so it was nice to have a safe, socially distanced visit with her. The trip was sort of on hold for a few hours though because John had another two cases of covid at work and he was waiting on the results of his test. Thank God it was negative. We got the daffodil and tulip bulbs planted when we got up there on Saturday because we knew rain was arriving on Sunday. We did have a few hours in the morning on Sunday before the rain arrived so I had some time to play with Auggie (Rob's dog) outside while Rob was raking leaves.

        I was so tired last night and had to fight to stay awake until around 9:30. I slept great and was up by 6 this morning. Haven't accomplished anything yet except reading some blogs that I follow that I wanted to catch up on and watched a couple of Jenny's tutorials. I will spend time in the sewing room today for sure.

        Happy Monday everyone. Have a good start to the week.
        Ginny B


        • KPH
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          Last night, I was tired and picked up my book. I was going to read 1 chapter.... at 1 am I finished the book. I woke at 5, rolled over and went back to sleep until 7.

          Vanished, by Suzanne Ferrell. It's book 5 in the Edgars family series. I have book 6 loaded and ready to start tonight. I love her writing style.

        Good Morning All,

        Monique is making magic and I'm going to make a mess! Well, it's always a mess to start with when you're cleaning up and cleaning out. The garage is on the tackle today list. When Mike gets up we'll head to Lowes to get shelving for the garage. The plastic storage shelves Howard wanted are going out. The tops are bowing and the doors won't stay shut. Anyway, once they're built, I can decide what's going and what's staying. If I haven't touched it in the three years we've been here- it's history! Tammy wants to borrow the table that's holding a bunch of stuff for donations for Thanksgiving. It's in the garage- top and underneath are both full. I've wanted to clean it out for months, but it's been too hot to work out there. With the high of 65 it will be a perfect day to get it done.

        Coffee is ready and I need to have some before I start loading up the trunk with donations. Have a great day!
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Morning all
          Nice to see the sun this morning after all the rain. Was a quiet weekend we had 7 kids come around Halloween, it was more than I thought would show up this year.

          I will try to get in the sewing room this afternoon. I will be driving upstate next week to see my sister and sew with her. I haven't seen her in almost a year so we will enjoy our time together.

          Today is my husband's birthday and yesterday while he was out with our son I went to our farm stand and bought a peach pie for him today. Their pies are so good, I know he will enjoy it.

          well, must get a move on, wishing everyone a good day!
          If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

          Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
[email protected]/


          • Monique
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            Wish him a happy birthday for me.

          animated-good-morning-image-0039.gif It sure is windy outside today, and cold. Yesterday we had rain off and on all day along with some hail and wind. Today sounds like a good day to do some baking and some quilting.
          I found a video on you-tube last night, a man had done about the same sewing machine I have . It's a Brother SQ9130 sewing and quilting machine. The instruction book doesn't tell you how extraordinary this machine is, like the man in the video does. I feel like he has told me my sewing machine has super powers ! This will improve my quilting a lot. I will add a link at the end in case anyone has the same machine or is looking for one. When I watched it he explains and demonstrates things like using the twin needles, walking foot, quilting foot etc.
          I now in the middle of 3 active quilts. I need to finish them.
          Jack comes home today from Ottawa. He said traffic going there on Sat. was intense once he entered the city. I imagine it will be the same leaving there too. With this wind today it would be good if he feels up to bringing the Halloween decorations into the garage in the next few days. We had 12 trick or treaters, so we have a lot of left over tootsie roll suckers.
          3am last night, the sounds of someone walking around the house again. It happened 3 times. Scared the heck out of me and the dogs. My daughter slept right thru' it. I had checked the house 4 times before before bed to be sure we were all locked up tight. It took me almost half an hour to get my feet able to move me out of bed and walk thru the house. The dogs stayed right in the blankets. They said they have seen the movies about people who investigate strange sounds LOL. I was worried I was going to see a Fetch , or a ghost, or lurker. The house was still locked up tight. My mother died a few years ago around the 9th or 10th of Nov. Today is the Day of the Dead.
          O I really need that tea now...
          Have a good day and stay safe and healthy.

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          • Monique
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            I think it is a spirit protecting you while your husband is away.

          • minipinlady
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            I think you are right. It is definitely something sent to let me know I am not alone. I had some bad news a moment ago. I will start a thread to ask for some prayers. Thank you for the kind words.

          Good Morning, Everyone ~ No sewing yest. I took advantage of the warm day (66 deg.) to clear out the patio flower pots. I also raked a few leaves from either side of the patio & out of the flower bed next to the patio & swept up all the ones on the patio. DH helped haul the pots out to the garage toter. Our pick up is today. It looks bare out there now. I'll have the lawn service do a fall clean-up, but it's too soon. Most of our trees still have their leaves.
          It's supposed to be 70 deg. today & the next 3 days, then colder weather.

          I worked on my Bible study lesson in the afternoon. I do that in the recliner & put ice on my bad knee. I hope it calms down soon. I don't do well with pain. I think I have a low pain threshold. I did sleep okay last night.

          I spent several min. last eve. on YT watching some cute videos of a pianist playing an upright piano with the front off. The cat (one time it was 2 cats) like to lay along the front above the keys & even go to sleep while the piano is playing & the keys jiggle under their bodies. It reminded me of Anita's posts about how to sleep without a bed. It's called Minh Piano or Piano Meowssage (cat massage). Too cute. I also watched a quilting video of how to make a quick, easy quilt from FQs.

          Time to get on with my day. DH's breakfast & laundry await.


            Good morning all,

            It sounds like many of you were experiencing the high winds we had a couple of days ago. The wind was from the south, and it blew in a week of great temps...all the way up to 60 by the middle of the week. Indian Summer for us!

            DH wants to bring our ballots to the voting center today. Neither of us trust the many incidents of lost or just not delivered ballots in the news. We will also get our conceal/carry licenses renewed as well. We took the class a while ago, but just haven't made it over to the county sheriff's office to do the paperwork. After all that is done, I'll go over to Grand Forks to pick up a couple of things, get a flu shot, and have supper with a quilting friend. I'll be driving home in the dark, so I hope all the deer stay out of my way!

            That's it for my day. Enjoy yours, everyone.


            • Bubby
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              Jeanne, You have a busy day planned. In MO you can't turn in another person's ballot unless you drop it in a regular mailbox. Everyone in MO can carry a concealed weapon. I have never been totally comfortable with that since a woman tried to hand me her.357 to hold for her in line at Dollar General while she dug for change in the bottom of her purse! Have a good dinner with your friend and have a safe trip home.

            • CarlieBlilie
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              Jeanne, we are supposed to hit 70 this week. I'm hoping they're right! Nice to have an Indian Summer. Don't remember the last time we had one.

            • MSN
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              Oh, Barb, I really laughed about the "hold my gun" episode. Yikes!

            Good morning!

            It's a chilly day here. High expected in the mid-40's. The wind has died down and what little snow we had did not accumulate. Not around here, anyway. One of my co-workers lives in the snow belt; I wonder how she fared. She and her family moved from the west side of the county (less snow) to the east side (lots more snow). I think she's in for a rude awakening. We expect she will try to transfer to the location closer to her new home once the hiring freeze is over. It takes her an hour to drive to our site in good weather.

            I spent some quality time in the sewing room yesterday, and made a few more curved log cabin blocks. I also made a couple of units for my scrappy quilt. I am mixing up two charm packs. The one pack is a little disappointing. My least favorite print must have been the designer's favorite because there are at least two in every color.

            I need to run up to the grocery store this morning. But first, I will enjoy another cup of tea and some breakfast. Have a wonderful day!


              My neck has been sore for quite some time. Apparently I have arthritis in my neck. Called and got an appointment this evening, luckily with my family doctor. Hopefully I can get some relief.

              OOPS she made a mistake, my family doctor has clinic on Tuesday so it is tomorrow.
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              Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


              • Bubby
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                I hope your neck pain isn’t arthritis, Monique.

              Good Morning....Just a quick note. I think I have come down with a cold...all plugged up and feeling yucky and cranky. I did sleep fairly well last night.

              I did some machine embroidery yesterday and when my project were done I didn't like the colors I chose. I will do a remake today and keep the 'uglies' for me. That's an unwritten rule some place, right? I hope to hunker down in the sewing room and try to keep my mind on something creative.

              It was 27 when we got up this morning. I think it will get into the 40s later today. It doesn't matter to me because I won't stick my nose out all day. It should be warmer tomorrow for Election Day. So glad we have already voted.

              I washed a load of clothes this morning and just have to fold them and put them away. I have the cleaning cycle on the washer running right now. I do this the first of the month, or I should say I try to. I do a huge amount of laundry for such a small family. The dogs add a lot of loads each month with their bedding and towels. They are little people after all.

              Wishing everyone a good day. If you think of me, please say a prayer. I really could feel better. Thanks. Hugs.......

              Scottie Mom Barb


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                Feel better soon, Barb.

              Good Morning Everyone,

              This morning is in the 30's and we are headed for some nice weather for the week, hopefully 70's as predicted for later this week. I have already been out and got the weekly groceries. They had steak on special so I bought one and plan to grill in the next couple of days. I need to use the meat I had thawed for the meatloaf so I may do that tonight. The roast chicken turned out good last night. It is one of Dave's favorites, that and a pot roast.

              No quilt sewing was done yesterday but I did get some pants hemmed that have been sitting for quite a while. Since they will be for everyday I just used the sewing machine to do them. Now I have some more comfy pants to wear.

              The pain I was having yesterday I'm pretty sure was from cutting down the phlox on Saturday, a strained muscle at the top of the leg in the back. It is a whole lot better today, no pain any way. I noticed yesterday that when I bent down I could feel a pull so I need to be a little more aware of movements yet.

              Nothing much planned for today, a little house cleaning and then I will probably work on the Irish Change quilt for a bit. Tomorrow the plan is to take Jim to his new home about 15 minutes from town. Then on Wednesday I'm hoping to meet with the gals from the quilt group from the church in Owatonna where we were members. I'll stop by Jennifer's also because when I was there last week she had some things for me to take home with me and, like always it seems, I forgot.

              Time for some breakfast and coffee. Have a wonderful day everyone!