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Sunday Morning Greetings :)

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    Sunday Morning Greetings :)

    Good Morning, Everyone! ~ I took advantage of the extra hour to sleep. It felt good. I woke up at 3:30 (4:30 the old time), but I was able to get back to sleep. I had to close my BR window at 3:45 because of skunk odor.

    I took it easy yest. I did my floor mat hip exercises, which flared up my knee. By bedtime, I was hurting worse. I plan to stay home from church today & take it easy again. I'll watch the live streaming on YT. I did make it to the sewing room yest. eve. I worked out a simple pattern for the baby quilt--horizontal rows of coordinating fabrics. I need something simple to work my way back into sewing again. This has been my least productive year since I took up quilting.

    Our neighbors across the street had their shed built yest. A large P-U with a long flat-bed trailer pulled up after 8 a.m. Three guys worked methodically to assemble the sections (pre-built) of the shed. It went together like a puzzle, fitting all the pieces. They were done by 1:30. I was impressed with their work. It's a nice looking shed. I believe the neighbor said it would be 10'x20'.

    Well, with the longer night, DH is really ready for his breakfast, so I need to get on with my day.

    Good Morning to all. My neighbor recently had his fathers old work shed replaced with a new modular puzzle one. It was up in one day, and it is the same color scheme as the house, trim and all. Not sure if that was by accident or he supplied the company with paint colors when he purchased it.

    No trick or treaters last night so now I have candy that I don't need, want oh yes, but need... oh no! I will pop a few pieces in the freezer and get the rest to my grandkids next time I see them.

    Dental appt on Friday went well, mater of fact they called at 10:30 and wanted to know if I could come in at 11:30 instead of 3:30. I jumped on that.. YES.. less time to pace and stress. I have two places that need some work and have appt in January for that. So for now I am good for a few more months.

    Today is another summer type temp day and not much planned, I did finished the binding yesterday on the 3rd lap quilt, so maybe I will use the left over scrap fabric to make drawstring bags to gift them in.

    Hope all have a safe and happy day!


      Good Morning Joy and those who follow!

      This morning as predicted is cooler and we are not supposed to get above the middle 30's today. Yesterday was very windy although the temps were very nice, I believe we were in the 50's yesterday. We are supposed to warm up considerably for this coming week and maybe even hit 70 towards the middle or end of the week.

      Nothing planned for today. Our trip to our daughter's didn't happen because Chuck is now in quarantine because a fellow employee came down with COVID. Jennifer is not concerned because Chuck said that anyone who has been diagnosed at work has never passed it on to others or gotten it from someone at work, they have all been infected outside of the workplace.

      Roast chicken is on the menu for tonight. I was planning on meatloaf last night but the hamburger did not thaw out soon enough (even with a little help) so that we will have later this week.

      I'm not sure what I did but I am having some pain where my leg joins the backside. It started hurting quite a bit last night. I'm wondering if I strained a muscle when I cut down the phlox in the backyard. I cannot kneel because it hurts my knees too much so I just bend over. Thinking I must have strained something. So I will probably take it a little easier today and may work most of the day in the sewing room.

      First breakfast and church online.

      Hope everyone has a marvelous day!


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        Seems like as I get older some of the simpliest of tasks can cause the body to get upset. I often find myself asking... okay what the heck did I do to cause this ache!

      • Caroline T.
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        Carlie, I get that same pain when I do alot of yard work, (high in the leg-low in to buttock). I call it "weeders's butt"

      • CarlieBlilie
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        Exactly what I’m finding out. I really didn’t do anything strenuous but my body didn’t like it. But it doesn’t help that I’m so overweight. I’m making progress in that, slowly, but going down.

      Good morning,

      I had a restless night and kept checking the time. It will be a take it easy kind of day. I re-organized a couple of shelves in the garage yesterday and moved items to smaller bins. They will be easier to handle and take down as needed.

      The straps are on the tote bag. The flange binding isn't going to work with the way the side panels go together so I will re-cut the binding and hopefully finish today. The little fill-in project has been a time zapper. Does that happen to you?

      Hope your day is great!


        Absolutely. Sometimes the ‘simple’ projects take the longest to complete.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Good Morning ~ Yesterday I finished putting the borders on the Pinwheel Picnic quilt and this morning I cut and pressed the backing. It’s ready to go to the quilter when I pick up my UFO quilts IF she is still accepting them. If not, it can wait until the first of 2021. If I decide to work on anything else it will be something small and likely machine embroidery.

          We had no trick-or-treaters last night, but we never do because we live on a dead end road in the country and there are no street lights.

          Each year the first of December I straighten and clean my sewing room and then shut down until January. By that time I’ve had a good break and it’s time to set goals for the new year. I’ve done well with finishing up UFOs, which was a major goal for me for this year. We will have to do a thread about our finishes and new goals next month.

          Not sure what I will cook today but meatloaf sounds pretty good.

          Happy Wishes for a good Sunday to everyone.
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          Scottie Mom Barb


          • CarlieBlilie
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            I’ve done pretty good on my UFO’s as well unless you count projects that I bought but never started. Then I’m in big trouble 🤣.

          • JulieC
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            I have one UFO left! I won't be able to finish it until I buy a sewing machine with an adjustable speed control. There is an appliqué element to the UFO and I need to sew slow for appliqué. I can't do that on my current machine.

          In that case there’s no hope for me either....!

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Good morning!

            We have already hit our high for today -- around 49. Temps will fall throughout the day with rain turning to snow. It was so nice to see sunshine yesterday, and the handful of trick or treaters in the neighborhood had clear weather.

            My new iron should come today! I have been making do with my old Black & Decker. Now I remember why I replaced it -- the steam does not work. It also has temperature control issues. I noticed when I was making my friend's masks that it would get too hot. It's a wonder it didn't scorch some of the fabric. I am looking forward to ironing with steam again!

            My Ohio sister took a picture of Mom at our visit on Tuesday and sent it to our Texas sister. Something in the way Mom held her hand in the picture had our Texas sister wondering if something was wrong with it. I called the facility and checked with the nurse, who said Mom's hand was fine. Unfortunately, this was after my Ohio sister had emailed the other one and told her yes, Mom lost strength in that hand. I have no idea why she told her that.

            Today will be a repeat of yesterday -- sewing room and household chores. I already took down the Halloween stuff. But first, another cup of tea and some breakfast. Have a wonderful day!


              Got the clock set back so we enjoyed the extra hour of sleep, which was actually one in which I slept. Patsy is snoozing away and I am currently watching Sunday Morning on CBS. Their first story was about bears and hibernation. It was interesting.

              Regular Sunday agenda today with reading the papers I read. Thinking about making a pizza for supper.

              Have a great day all!

              There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
              --Ken Burns


                Good morning everyone. Yesterday was a beautiful day in every way. The weather was perfect for our morning "Boo" run/walk, followed by a long breakfast of visiting. Joining this walking group was one of he best things I have done in my life. I also finished the binding and label on the baby quilt, which is now in the dryer. DD and family came over for DGD's first experience of trick or treating. Needless to say she loved it, and was very happy with the one piece of candy rule they gave her. They don't have sweets in their house, so this was a big deal.

                I went to early mass this morning, and am now gearing up for today. Leftovers to eat, so no cooking needed. (I do not like cooking) I need to make a trip to the dollar store for a gift bag, and spend a little time cleaning up my work area. I have a co-worker coming to my home to work this week, so I need to consolidate all my notes on scrap paper to one piece of paper and make up my list of what I need her to do this week and what I need to teach her. Hard to believe retirement is less than 3 months away. I sure hope the stock market doesn't crash and make me second guess my decision.

                Congrats to those of you who have posted about making such good progress on UFOs! That is on my list for 2021, and to sew up a lot of my scraps. I am trying to decide whether to do Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt this year, although by the time I would start, it probably wouldn't be a mystery anymore. I may go get the paint chips today, just so I can see what I have available in my stash.


                  Good Morning!! Happy November 1st!!
                  I am slow moving this morning. I had to go in to work last night at 11 until about 2 am to do end of month inventory. Thankful for that extra hour. The hubster made us breakfast and we are now trying to figure out what to do with our day. We had talked about going to Chrystal Bridges and the Ansel Adams exhibition but it’s a reserved times event so we will have to plan for that. I have several projects in the works I could work on. So who knows. I am all caught up on customer quilts so maybe I will drag one of mine out to quilt on. Sounds like everyone else is ready for a relaxing Sunday!! Me too!! Go Chiefs!! Have a great day!!
                  SW Missouri

                  Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                  • Rob the HOAQ
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                    I love the work of Ansel Adams. Such beauty in the simplicity of nature. I envy you!


                  Good Afternoon All,

                  I was sad yesterday, no trick or treater's in the neighborhood. I left the front door open all day, hoping some little ones would come. After 7, I told Mike to shut it down. We have our entire stash left over. I'm going to limit myself to one pack after lunch and one after dinner. It should last a long time! Mike may not have such will power. Who am I kidding, I may not have that kind of will power.

                  I started planning out some water colors. I think after Dot and Joe leave, I'm going to move the side leaf table into the 'kids room' in front of the window and use it as a water color station. If it will fit where I want it. That way the 'mess' will be contained to one area.

                  I promised Tammy (Morgan's mom) the use to the folding table that's in the garage for Thanksgiving dinner. That way, I'll have to deal with the stuff in the garage. I hate how it looks out there. I want some changes made and I've got to get rid of 'stuff' to make it happen. Now that it's not too hot, it's the time to make it happen!

                  Well, time to get busy!
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                  • JCY
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                    Katrina ~ We haven't given out treats for many years. We've kept our porch light off. I peaked out the window after dark. I saw a light bobbing along the sidewalk. Two adults with 2 kiddos. They went to my neighbor's house who did have the porch light on. Trick-or-treating was greatly discouraged in our county & state due to the increased C-19 cases.

                  Good morning, everyone! It's a beautiful fall day here and it sure feels good to be in November. Somehow that turning of the calendar is bringing hope as we move closer to a new, and hopefully better, year.

                  I began work last night on a wallhanging, with 'touristy' fabrics from our previous home in Alaska. A vague design is wandering through my mind so I'm crossing my fingers that it will be a delightful ending. DH loves it so far, and that's what really counts, I feel. I'm wondering if I can attach a clear plastic panel to hold a photo? Is that do-worthy??

                  Anyhoooo, it's so sunny outside that my quilting time may be tonight. It might be a good day for a road trip. Enjoy your day, friends!


                    Wow -- slept in on Sunday -- even longer than normal. Hubby & I did a stay-at-home movie night. Door-to-door trick or treating was strongly discouraged as we are in Red Zone currently. In any event, we haven't open over the years, as we usually head out to dinner with friends at a local restaurant. Well that didnt happen either, as dining-in is out because of our status.

                    We watched a movie by Stephen King called Rose Red. It's 5+ hours long, and not too scary as I had seen it 20 years ago. This movie never went to the big screen, but was a gift to my daughter in her teenage years. Well we enjoyed popcorn, homemade peanut brittle and wine. It was almost midnight when we finished viewing. Slept like a baby.

                    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                    • MSN
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                      At more than five hours, I can see why it never went to theaters.