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    A Christmas Gift Thread...

    Been waiting for someone else to start this but guess I'll do it. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Is anyone making Christmas gifts this year? What are you making? I originally thought I'd make most of our gifts but I just don't have it in me this year. I also found some things that will work for multiple people so they've been ordered. Kinda struggling with some stocking stuffer ideas. It's funny to read some of the articles about stocking stuffers that cost big $$. To me stocking stuffers are small things. What kinds of things do you put in stockings?

    Stocking stuffers used to be little things. It was things like pairs of socks, mittens, little packages of cookies or candies,, hair clips, whistles, etc. That's what I used to put in stockings when my kids were little, 3 decades or so ago. Because kids always seem to wake at dawn or pre-dawn on Christmas morning, I told my kids if they could wait quietly till I woke up, they were allowed to go to the tree, and get their stockings to take back to bed with them, and could have whatever was in the stockings then.
    That was back before 5 year olds demanded karoake machines. I don't think it would be easy to be a Santa in this day and age. When I was a kid a stocking meant paper dolls and oranges and a candy cane.
    I used to think a small stocking along with a gift for someone would be a nice touch, but the cost of filling a stocking now seems more than the price of one gift. So I don't do stockings anymore.
    I am not a crafty person, and can not knit, so it is not easy to come up with home made gift ideas. The last few years I was making quilts for people as gifts and I considered that to be a big gift. Last year I did make a zigzag runner for 2 aunts, that I was pleased with , and also a few wall hangings made from panels. Even those weren't really quick gifts. maybe I am slow as it was first time making them.
    With the virus getting bad around here ( over a thousand cases in Ontario in one day ) I doubt many sane people will be Christmas shopping in malls,. I expect this year we will all be doing gift certificates, order them online, and after Christmas take advantage on online buying. I hear the post office expects it to be the very worst year for sending packages , as many will be doing so , far more than previous years. If I want to mail a package it is recommended we mail it by early Nov. I used to mail early Dec or very late Nov. Needless to say I don't have anything even close to ready to mail yet.
    I do hope this thread gets flooded with unique, quick , and beautiful gift ideas. I am glad you started this one, as I can check back for some ideas.


      I happened upon this one day and made one for my 90 year old mom. She LOVED it so much I had to make her another one. She wanted one she could have in her recliner and one in her bed so she didn't have to carry it back and forth! I also made one for my sister and she uses it for her bad knee. They go together really fast - I made two in about 45 minutes from picking out the fabric to stitching up the opening. And those were my first ones.
      Also the pattern piece in cut one the fold so cutting is super quick. The link to the free pattern is in the link below the video.
      She uses the Morning Glory Cluster stuff to make hers. I used Fairfields Poly fil stuffing for the first ones (what I had) and then after a long search found the Cluster stuff and it makes a much softer pillow. The poly fill makes a firmer pillow.


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        I will add that to my list of gifts.

      That dog bone pillow is so cool! thanks for posting!!
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        I still make a stocking for my daughter for when she comes home for Christmas. I think she loves finding those little things in there more than her regulate gifts.

        I've put socks, nail polish, embroidered kitchen towels, small kitchen gadgets, candy, hair stuff, gloves to name a few. This year her stocking will include a few face masks in pretty fabrics.
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          I watch The Posh Paper Lady on YouTube

          She has a whole lot of ideas using paper to make special containers for chapsticks, etc. that make them a little bit more special than just getting a chapstick. Check out her channel.
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            I made the quillows for my 3 granddaughters, previously shown here. I don't know if I'll make anything for the 2 little boys. I don't really have any ideas for a 1 yr old and 2 yr old boy. I do have fun with stockings. The adults get lottery tickets, gift cards, hand sanitizer (this year's will be meaningful!), special candy bars, and any small things that I come across. My daughters have been getting mascara and mascara remover in their stockings every year since they've been 13 years old. They're now 42 and 37. I'll be making some masks for everyone that needs to wear one. The little kids get small toys and candy in their stockings.
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              I don't do the stockings anymore since my kids have kids of their own now. But I do incorporate small things on the outside of their presents, like using a small fabric ornament as a bow on the box. I have made sleep masks this year that will go on outside of gift boxes. One year it was the chapstick holders, this year I am thinking of making the fabric holders for the small santizier bottles. I have also made small snap gift card holders that I will use for the gift card or cash gifts. My daughter in law says she needs new pot holders so I may sew those. I did sew the 3 lap quilts for my long time work friends. Only 1 of us is still working and with COVID we havent seen each other in a long time.

              Last year I made the cozy bowls and the double sided holders for stainless steel straws, fabric rope type bowls and did crochet couple of scarves and crochet some snowballs. My niece's twins to this day love having their indoor snowball fights. I also made new quilts for the two oldest grands last year.


                The only gift I plan on making this year is a tree skirt for my DD. I'm using a pattern from the Moda Bakeshop called Fruitcake Under My Tree that I've used twice before with great results. It makes a big skirt.

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                  I'm making a Minecraft quilt for GS. It's ready to quilt. I just need to find the time and mood to do a spiral. Homemade granola and maybe cookies. For my dd's a beaded spiral windchime. I have all the supplies, just another need that mood thing. lol

                  Here's a quick gift.


                  I see these on Etsy. Storage bag for masks, to throw in your purse. Would be nice if your not over making them.

                  mask bag.jpg
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                    I have 3 grown daughters and they all have quilts I have made, as do the grandkids. I made a new quilt for oldest gd (9) that I gave her about a month ago. I can't think of anything sewing related they would need or use that I would have time to make. I could make placemats or table runners but kids in their 20's just aren't into that sort of thing. Last year before covid my dh and I regularly babysat our 3 grandkids and once they were coloring so I traced their hands. I now have a pattern so I can make 3 mitten ornaments and I will hand emb their name on one side, and age on the other. They are 4,6, and 4 mos. The kids won't care but my dd will probably cry when she opens them. Other than that I made some mug rugs for dog/cat/bird lovers. I might put together a small picture collage for one dd who just moved into a new apt. Christmas shopping will def be a challenge this year, as well as making that big decision if we should cancel getting together at all, but that's a topic for a fresh thread after Thanksgiving.


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                      I make my grandchildren one special handmade gift just from me for Christmas now they are in their 20's and have just run out of ideas. I have made the girls beach totes with matching embroidered beach towel, cosmetic bags, embroidered pillows, pilliwcases

                    I'm making all Christmas gifts this year. A couple months ago I sent out care packages to some family members of all homemade stuff and they loved it! I decided then to make everyone goodies for christmas. My bf, I've made him so much I have to get creative, I'm going to crochet him a velvet blanket using a big hook and chunky yarn. The above bone pillow and I really need to think hard for more stuff. My sons are in their 20's. Zachary my oldest is getting a square twister table topper, mug rugs, a pokemon table runner. I have his stocking I made years ago, I'll be sending it stuffed with little stuff as well as my other boys. Kyle and I are astranged right now so I'll be sending his stuff to his twin brother's place to give him. He'll get bowl cozies, coasters, a table runner, mask and flour sack towels with fabric stripe sewn on. He lives with his gf. Brandon, my getting a dallas cowboys table runner, football and baseball bowl cozies, coasters of his fav football and baseball colors, can cozies, mask and flour sack towels. My granddaughter, I've made a ton of barbie clothes, barbie quilts, a basket for them to store in, apron, I'll be crocheting headbands for winter, a handmade stocking filled with small goodies. Her mom my oldest same as her brothers..useful things for her house. My youngest daughter I have to think hard too. I make so much for everyone.


                      About 5 years ago I made an ice cream bucket full of felt food for my gd who was 4 and getting a kitchen set from Santa. It was fun but time consuming, everything hand stitched. I made hamburgers with seeded buns, french fries, pickles, baloney sandwiches with lettuce, cheese, tomato, Oreo cookies, chicken drumsticks, hot dogs and buns. To create mac & cheese I glued yellow felt to straws and cut them in one inch pieces and strung them on string so they wouldn't get lost in the toy box, and I even made somemores. It was a big hit with her. But I have no idea where they are today, prob went to GW.


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                        What a special gift, Jocelyn. I made felt cookies for a little girl for her pretend tea parties. I canโ€™t imagine making as many food items as you made. I wish you had pictures.

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                        I didn't take any pics but I sent msg to my dd to see if she has some. Then we'll find out if she got rid of them or not, cause she could easily take photos now.

                      I am making a quilt for both of my grand-daughters from my SS. They are 7 & 8 and I have had this winter fabric bought for 2 years with good intentions. The tops are done, I found the perfect flannel backs on the weekend, washed it and I will load in the next few weeks. I also started another winter quilt -- probably a large cuddling quilt for my daughter and husband while they watch TV. Its the Merrily Gingiber blocks and fabrics, which I also bought a few years ago. Since we are mostly spending time indoors, I seem to be getting a lot more sewing time.

                      I will probably also send my out-of-town girlfriends some tea towels with <fruit ladies beach> fabric I made. They are hilarious. I always have small gifts for my daughter's MIL & other family members. Just a token gift.

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                        I'm adding to the list. I just bought this pattern on Etsy. It's a beach ball that you insert a balloon in, or you could stuff it I guess. There is a flap at one end where the mouth part goes.


                        Great scrap buster!
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