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In memory of Bonnie

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    In memory of Bonnie

    Today marks the 2nd anniversary of her passing. I miss her so very much. But my wonderful memories will get me through the day.

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    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning ~ Monique, I wish that Heaven could have visiting hours for you to see Bonnie again. I know what a good and true friend you were to her until the end. Hugs to you. 💕

    We made our drive to Houston yesterday. I would have liked to go into WalMart but the parking lot was jammed and I decided to wait. Shopping is one of my least favorite things to do lately.

    No sewing got done yesterday. I want to make a big star quilt from some Kansas Troubles charm packs I bought on my first trip to MO*. It will be a vintage quilt as soon as it’s made!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful Saturday. My cup of tea is calling my name.

    Happy Halloween to all...🎃🎃🎃
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    Scottie Mom Barb


      Loss is so bittersweet. Glad you have many memories to get you through the tough days.


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's so much warmer this a.m. It's 48. Yest. we had 70 deg. It was such a nice day.

        Monique ~ It hardly seems possible it's already been 2 yrs. since Bonnie passed. I know you miss her.

        Yest. I drove DH's car for some "exercise" -- took it out on the hwy. & county roads, the long was around to go to the groc. store for salmon & a few things. I bought 3 large filets & cut them up into 1 serving portions for DH & put them in the freezer. He eats a piece every day for lunch. I pretty much took it easy yest., only did what I had to do. Iced my knee several times. At least I was able to sleep okay last night.

        Don't forget to set back your clocks tonight for the switch from daylight savings to standard time.


          Good morning,

          I'm having a second cup of coffee and then to my sewing room. Hopefully for a quick finish on the tote bag so I can start a new project. The bag was supposed to be a quick fill in but it's taken longer.

          I managed to pick up the new mirror yesterday. Hope it is ok when I unpack it later. DD will held me hang it on the entry wall tomorrow. We'll make sure to install the wall anchors first. Yes, she is a girl with power tools. DH will supervise if we have questions.

          Monique, Special thoughts for you today as you miss your Bonnie. I remember your quilting adventures with her. Hugs!

          Happy Trick or Treat to all!


            Good Morning Everyone,

            It is warmer here, too, at 39 degrees. It is supposed to get near 58 today and then tomorrow drop back down to 39 for a high. But, oh, next week is supposed to be beautiful, predicted as mid 60's all week. I may just buy a steak when I get groceries so we can grill.

            Did a bunch of little things yesterday, made the baked beans, baked some more squash took care of my indoor plants and a bunch of other things. Didn't really look like I did much though. Our "date" with the kids is off. We got a call last night from Jennifer saying that Chuck's employer notified everyone that an individual had been diagnosed with COVID so he is in quarantine for the next 2 weeks. Jennifer is not too concerned. Everyone always wears a mask where Chuck works and Jennifer shared with me that Chuck knows of no one at work that has gotten COVID from another co-worker. The ones who have gotten it have done so from non-work exposures. That being said, they are going to be careful. So, no supper with the kids tonight. The baked beans will go in the freezer although I will keep some out for Dave and I. Hopefully we will still be able to get together for Thanksgiving.

            Last night I added the two borders on the mystery quilt I had completed earlier this year. I have the binding cut but now am second guessing myself on using the blue as there is so much blue in it already. I did ask here and many have responded to use the blue. Still undecided.

            Today I have some outdoor plants to take care of and I think I'll make a loaf of pumpernickel bread. It is Dave's favorite. He has ham and cheese sandwiches on the rye bread several times a week for lunch. When I got groceries this past Monday they did not have any so we might be in for a dry spell on that kind of bread. We go through streaks where there is none. Other than those two things I have nothing else on my plate. I hope to get some more sewing done so I can feel like I've completed some things. I have 3 kid's quilts ready to layer and I have my large embroidered quilt top that I can layer and get ready to hand quilt. That is going to be my project over the winter months when I'm not upstairs sewing.

            That's is for now. Need to get going and have some breakfast so I can start the rye bread. Have a great day everyone!


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              Carlie, most of the time I bind with the same fabric as the outer border. Sometimes I want contrasting just depends what strikes me at that moment in time. Whichever you choose will look fine and you get to make that decision.
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            Good morning all. There was a heavy frost on the grass and cars this morning. I guess my annuals will truly be done blooming now. Well, except for the marigolds. They seem to withstand fall very well. Our mums are blooming beautifully and the Montauk Daisies have been giving us quite a show. The bright white color of the daisies makes the rust, purple and golden colors of the mum's really stand out. And then with the white frost on the grass this morning, well it just brought a smile to my face. I sure needed it. Been in a deep funk these last few days. We are heading up to see John and Rob today so that will also help boost my spirits I am sure.

            Monique, (((((hugs))))) to you today. It is hard to believe it has been two years. The 2 year anniversary of our friend Ray will be here in a few weeks. I

            Have a good day everyone.
            Ginny B



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              I will check that out. My last blood test showed my Vitamin D level was low. And since I will be getting less natural D from being outside now, that is probably a good idea. Thanks

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              I have pansies that are still doing okay and we’ve had temps down in the teens and snow. I was surprised yesterday to see them still growing.

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              My OBGYN said everyone should be taking a vitamin D3 supplement. My DH and I have been taking it for the past couple of years. Also, a vitamin B complex makes such a huge difference in one's energy level throughout the day. A coworker suggested it to me when I told her I lost my "get up and go" about 3 every day, and wow, it really makes a difference. I suggested it to my sister a couple of weeks ago, and she told me she really noticed an improvement in her energy levels. It's a water soluble vitamin, so the extra just gets peed out, like vitamin C.

            Good Morning All,

            I think we all have those we miss that we wish we could see again, even if it was just an hour or two. Monique, my thoughts are with you today.

            Well, Gabby must have gotten cold last night. She snuggled herself between me and 'Howard's' pillows. Usually, she has her butt in the small of my back if I'm on my right side. She doesn't like to have a blanket on top of her, so snuggling in a little ball it is.

            I didn't do too much yesterday. Mike got off at 3:30. He had a mission. Apparently, they can wear a costume today. He didn't find out about it until 9 pm on Thursday night. He was easily frustrated by the crowds and lack of ideas. We ended up going to Tabulah's and picking up dinner. He pilfered through Howard's drawer and got his holster. LOL, it won't go around his waist! He knew there was no way he'd carry the Colt in it. He was going to put in one of his Nerf guns. I have no idea what he finally decided on. I offered to cut a collar and he could wear a red shirt, and be a part time elf on the shelf. He didn't like that at all. Short notice, what do I you expect.

            It's spritzing here, glad I didn't wash the storm door yesterday. It's going to be a big job! It's nasty!

            Well, I guess TMC is going to show more of the old low budget horror movies today. I enjoyed yesterday's fare. It reminded me of watching them on Saturday afternoons with Dad.

            Time to warm up my coffee. Have a great day!
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              moody witch.jpg HAPPY HALLOWEEN !
              It's my favorite holiday. I don't think we will get many trick or treaters this year but you never know. It may be that people will want to get out more than previous years. The last few years we have seen less and less kids.
              Losing a loved pet is hard any day, harder on holidays. Pain from the loss eases a bit but missing them never goes away.
              Jack is gone for the weekend, won't be back till Tuesday. Last night when my daughter got off work, she noticed the backyard gate was wide open , when she pulled in the driveway. It is on the side of the house where there are no windows, so I would never had known it was open if she had not seen it. I have no idea who opened it and left it open. No one who lives here did it.
              I have 2 different quilts on the go , so I need to finish them soon.
              I almost bought a slotted ruler yesterday on the daily special, and then thought how often would I really use it , so didn't bother getting one. I still have some new rulers in their packaging I haven't used yet.
              I need to find my orange shawl to go with my black dress , and make some tea to get my day started.

              animated-festivity-and-celebration-image-0168.gif animated-festivity-and-celebration-image-0010.gif 0f0559faf9fda7ab36f4c316c5d9ceb9.jpg animated-festivity-and-celebration-image-0010.gif
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                If I remember correctly, yesterday’s DD was the slotted trimmer. I got one and it works well except when I have trouble seeing my sewing line through the ruler. For the most part I use other rulers for squaring up blocks.

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                I almost bought that yesterday, too. I didn't see myself needing it anytime soon. I have the other set (whole and half inch sizes) and rarely use them. I don't make half-square triangles that often.

              Monique, I remember when you lost Bonnie. I couldn't imagine losing my oldest & most dearest friend, Linda. She's always been there for me in good times & bad. I hope your memories of her & your friendship live on forever. Gina


                Good morning!

                Monique: sending virtual hugs your way as you remember your dear Bonnie.

                It is not going to rain today! I think we've had rain just about every day this week. High today around 52 and the sun is shining. My city is having trick or treat tonight but I can't begin to guess what the turnout will be. There are quite a few kids in the neighborhood. Some of the other streets have better candy reputations and turnout here has been traditionally low.

                I started working on my curved log cabin again. It is slow going, but it will get done eventually. I made a practice block last night for a scrappy quilt that will use up some of my charm packs. I think they have been multiplying when I'm not looking. It is a smaller version of the "Summer in Cabo" quilt from the summer issue of Quilter's World (the one on the cover). They used 3.5" squares and strips, but when I saw it I thought it would be a great way to use up charm packs or jelly rolls.

                Not much planned for today. I think I will fire up the bread machine and make some bread, or maybe some rolls. Then there is the usual laundry. And time in the sewing room, of course. Have a wonderful day!


                  Good morning.

                  Monique, I wasn't here when Bonnie passed, so I'm not sure who she was, but she obviously meant a great deal to you and by keeping her in your memory, you are keeping her spirit alive.

                  Not much to report today. Patsy is doing just fine and is her normal buoyant self this morning. It was a biscuit kind of morning for us, as I wanted homemade biscuits for breakfast. We have a favorite jelly that we picked up from the Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. It's apple cinnamon. We stopped there on our vacation to Gettysburg and discovered this wonderful jelly. Thankfully, due to mail order, we can still have it, so we order a half-dozen jars which usually last us about a year or so. It's good!

                  Have to get Cheryl's oil changed this morning and I plan to work on my writing projects while she sews.

                  Have a safe and happy Halloween all! We won't be participating in the trick-or-treating this year, since I'm not sure how Patsy would react to people ringing the doorbell.

                  There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
                  --Ken Burns


                    IMG_20201030_135624~2.jpg Morning all,

                    Woke up to a heavy frost this morning, temperature read 30 degrees. Water in the bird bath was frozen solid and flowers were frozen and done for.

                    Well I don't know how these critters find us we must have a listing they read in the local wildlife directory. Yesterday we look out the sunroom and we have 6 Rhode Island Reds in the garden and strolling around the yard. This is definetly not a common sight in our neighborhood. First turkeys almost on a twice a week visit now chickens, we also have a groundhog who decided he likes the wooded back part of the yard How do these critters find us and not our neighbors?!

                    I keep saying I'm done with the pillows but it seems I'm not I made another one yesterday. Also worked on some more masks as stocking stuffers for the family. Figured we"LL be wearing them for a while yet.

                    I have some Halloween treats ready not sure if any kids will be around. The older ones may be out later tonight.

                    Happy Halloween everyone hope you have more treats than tricks!.
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                      Originally posted by Monique View Post
                      Today marks the 2nd anniversary of her passing. I miss her so very much. But my wonderful memories will get me through the day.
                      Hard to believe that it is two years already. I will send you healing thoughts for your aching heart.
                      No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.


                        Hugs to you. My dad was born on Halloween, and he would have turned 99 this year. If you find that visiting door, let me know!!

                        No rainbows!


                        If you can't be nice.....BE QUIET!