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    Thanksgiving Tree


    The Thanksgiving tree is up! Boy, did I work up a sweat getting it put up!

    102_0733.JPG 102_0732.JPG 102_0731.JPG

    My neighbors probably think I'm nuts. It does look like a regular ol' Christmas tree from the driveway.
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    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Well mine is already "dressed" for Christmas, I must be nuttier!


      What a great idea. Thanks!


        Oh that is so sweet!!


          I have no problem with a Thanksgiving tree. A friend put orange lights on a small tree for Halloween, and that's great. But today at work, the cafeteria put up Christmas decorations. On October 28. I do have a problem with that.


          • jjkaiser
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            No way!!! Aaack that's way too early, although I have been seeing some TV commercials for Xmas already. I am just trying to get through the election that's next week, the holidays are definitely on the back burner for me.

          • Hulamoon
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            I'm all for cheering up a place but that's crazy. At home okay, but work? I keep my orange lights up until the end of Oct.

          • MSN
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            In the last week, I have noticed Christmas lights (multi-colored, not just orange) on the balconies of two apartment buildings in my neighborhood. Is it the early snow that got people thinking about Christmas? Or is everyone so fed up with staying home because of Covid?

          I have never seen a Thanksgiving tree before, but why not? You are very creative.


            Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...had I seen this when my kids were younger i would have started a tradition. I love that Thanksgiving is about family and counting your blessing and not about gifts. I'm not a fan of black friday...leave Thanksgiving wholesome!! I'm so tired of everyone trampling on holiday's really ok to have tradions. I love it Katrina!


            • Granny Fran
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              My fav holiday as well. Leave all the consumerism behind and rejoice in one another. My fondest childhood memories are around Thanks giving and not Christmas.

            • KPH
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              We never made a big deal over 'Thanksgiving Day' when I was little. Mom was always working at the hospital. The weekend after Thanksgiving, her mother's family had their big family reunion on Saturday evening. Uncle Bynum and Aunt Martha fixed the traditional meal, and everybody else brought a full meal for their family and a few more. The variety of family favorites that were there every year was amazing as well as delicious.

              My kids never had an at home Thanksgiving meal. We would go out to breakfast. Then back home, I'd make caramel corn and pack up to go to the Christmas Parade, it was always about 3 hours long. Then we'd go to dinner. When the kids were older several radio stations started a tree lighting at the mall with a show and fireworks. It was always a busy day, but lots of fun.

              Now there are new traditions... no Christmas Parade on Thanksgiving afternoon around here. We'll spend the day with Morgan's family and figure it out from there.

            This is awesome!
            When my kids were little they went to a private Lutheran School. Every Tuesday was "Family" night. Nobody was allowed over to the house. The phone was turned off(answering machine picked up the calls).etc. We chose a book to read out loud after dinner. We played board games, did crafts, etc. November 1, we sat at the dining room table and on little slips of paper, wrote things we were Thankful For, and for people to pray for (friends/family and of course strangers that perhaps had been hurt in an auto accident, sick, or other issues,etc.) We put the slips of paper in this little basket I'd handmade with a lid on it. Every night after dinner, the kids took turns taking a slip of paper out of the basket and we prayed for that person/family. We sometimes made get-well cards to send (or thinking of you cards, etc.) We did this for the entire month of November.
            Having a tree like this would have been nice too. I started making those Easter Trees when they became popular. Prior to the Easter Trees being made that you could purchase them in a store, I purchased a clay pot, Plaster O' Paris, and hubby found a nice sized tree branch. We painted it white (and sometimes painted it different colors year after year) and it was in the living room during Easter. Each night after dinner we talked about different things and usually made an ornament to hang on the tree etc. A couple of weeks prior to Good Friday or we helped serve lunch or dinner at one of the homeless shelters (we had 2 shelters and took turns). This really enjoyed by our family!

            I love the idea of the Thanksgiving Tree.....
            Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

            "I miss the me I was when you were here"


            • Monique
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            Katrina, I love your tree! This year has been a hard one with the pandemic your tree with it's bible passages and inspirational messages of hope is uplifting to ones spirit.
            If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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              I enjoy yourThanksgiving tree every year...a wonderful tradition for you and your family. It looks especially nice this year. Great job!

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Interesting. I have never heard of a Thanksgiving tree. What a neat idea.

                As for Christmas decorating, it is generally poo-pooed upon around here to do so before Remembrance Day (Nov 11).

                By the same token, 2020 is not nor will it be a 'normal' year and 2021 may not be either.
                Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                  It a beautiful tree and perfect for the season of Thanksgiving. Enjoy!


                    Love the way you decorated your tree.


                      In my country we do not celebrate the same parties as you but I love your tree, Christmas is a time that I adore and we celebrate it by gathering many of the family it seems that this year we will not able to do it but my house will be decorated with the Nativity scene and the tree as I do since I was a child