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    It's Wednesday

    Good morning friends. Yesterday was a busy day around here. This bright idea that I had yesterday to make something didn't go as planned. When does anything I WANT to do not go as planned? I FINALLY found what I had been looking for. The final project is even better than I had hoped. I would love to show you but it is a ss gift. It is so nice, I really want to keep it for myself, but I won't. Hubby was out for a while last night so I was trying to sew through multiple layers of applique and was my regular machine was having issues. So I switched to Bonnie's Brother, but nope, it was having issues as well. I was getting frustrated but determined. So out came the 1959 Brother machine that I acquired on a road trip and lo and behold, that workhorse sewed through those layers like it was butter. What a machine. My project got finished, well at least the applique part. I was so relieved. So I will continue this work today.

    My sister-in-law's brother used to work for Sears as a repairman. Well Gary came today and changed the direction of the doors on the fridge. The fridge sits against the wall with the stove to the left of it. The doors opened right to left. Now they open left to right. I had thought I could do this, but after watching Gary, it never would have happened. BUT, I know now how to do it.

    I reached out to a cousin of hubby's yesterday. Her Dad, many years ago, started a bar, named it Acko's Bar. There was a wooden sign with that on it. We had heard that she had been looking for it. Well we have it. She was so thrilled to hear that we have the sign she has been wanting. She wants to come Saturday and pick it up. Her father's birthday is Saturday, was a coincidence. He passed away years ago. I have no doubt that a few tears will be shed. So happy to be able to give it to her.

    My huge turkey wasn't quite thawed yesterday morning. I eventually put it in the oven late in the afternoon. It will finish cooking this morning, oven is already working.

    I have a work day tomorrow but thankful that the mail will already be sorted by the time I get there at 11. She has an interview for the very job she has been replacing for. The Post Mistress retired after being away for quite some time. I was asked if I wanted to apply for it. Nope, nada, no way. I don't want my own post office, happy just replacing when and where I can.

    And so that is what is in my world.

    Wishing you all a safe and healthy day.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning. We will have an overcast day here with mild temps. I spent some time outside with the dogs. We had some sun! I raked some more leaves. We are suppose to have rain tomorrow. That makes for a long day around here.

    Yesterday I sewed and squared up 2.5 in squares. I am going slower and double checking my measurements. I plan on sewing more pieces together today.

    Have a a good day.


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      I love working with small pieces. Have fun!

    Good Morning....Our household isn’t moving yet. Jeff and the Girls are still sleeping. I’ve been awake for two hours.

    Yesterday I sewed the inner borders on my pinwheel quilt and cut the outer borders and pieced them together. I may actually get them sewn on today. It would be nice to take it for quilting when I pick up the other two UFO quilts. The pinwheel quilt will be my last make for 2020 other than smaller items with the embroidery machine.

    Monique, reversing doors on anything is a pain in the neck. We used to have to change the dryer doors every time we replaced them at the apartments and many of the refrigerator doors. It’s so much better when doors swing the right way.

    We finished up our yummy roast beef last night so I have to cook today. I may pull some homemade soup out of the freezer and make grilled cheese sandwiches to go with it.

    Wishing everyone a good Wednesday.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good morning!

      🌧 Rain, rain go away.....come back .....much later.....ah well, better than the white stuff! The lawn is sooooo long. It’s been raining off and on for over a week.

      Such a kindness for you Monique to give the sign to the cousin.....I’m sure it will be treasured! Enjoy the turkey....I can taste it now 😋!

      Getting everything in order for steps, but getting there. Because of COVID we can’t physically go to an office. So documents must be mailed in. They will copy and return.....means we have to trust the postal system here......not an easy thing to do 😔. But it must be done.

      Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe day! ❣️
      💫 Star lover


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ The house definitely feels warmer this a.m. It's 25 deg. warmer than yest. at this time. We had a sunny day, with a high temp. of 52. The temps. will be warming up this week. A lot of snow melted yest. The streets now are bare, which is good, because I need to go out today.

        I took it easy yest., rested & iced my knee. I worked on my BSF lesson while in the recliner. This a.m. we have BSF on Zoom. I have a massage scheduled for 11:45. I need to run errands to the groc. store & bakery.


          Good Morning all,

          Yesterday was a pretty nice day, in the middle 30's but the wind was a little strong so it was as pleasant outside as it looked. This morning it is 28 degrees, that 16 above what it was yesterday morning. We are headed to the 40's today and the rest of the week looks very nice and close to normal temps.

          Nothing much done yesterday. I went to Jennifer's so she could participate in a virtual appointment for Makayla to determine if she needs some medications to help her with anxiety. Not sure if anything was figured out yet.

          Dave and I went to the local Home Depot for a door jamb. He is going to replace the one around the door for the bathroom in the basement. Because of the constant water we had during 2019 the wood is rotting so it needs to be replaced. He said he is going to use some PVC trim so we won't have to worry about the door jamb rotting any more.

          We are planning on an excursion to pick up some wine Dave ordered in a town near Jennifer. Dave belongs to a wine club and had some ordered but it was delayed. When Dave looked into it they told him he could only have 72 bottles of wine shipped to him per year. This was news to us. They told him it is a Minnesota law but I cannot find anything on it. He got over that last year so I'm not sure what is going on there. Anyway, we have an order to pick up. It is where we shopped a lot before Dave found out about the wine club.

          Time for some coffee and to post today's sharing. Have a great day everyone!


            Good morning all.

            My ride for Bible Study will be here soon. I finished the B blocks yesterday. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. I think the blue would make the colors in the blocks feel like they're floating, but it is SO much blue. Anyway, I'm going to look at some of the tone on tone cream that came with the line... if any of it's left. I may go with Snow, I have a lot of that. Who knows. It's not today's decision.

            Mike wants to change the oil in the car. I have Bible Study this morning. Then we're headed to the storage unit to pick up the tree and Thanksgiving 'ornaments'. It will be a busy day.

            Have a great day!
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Good morning!

              It is chilly and wet to start the day, but it is supposed to clear up this afternoon with a high in the mid-50's.

              We had a good visit with Mom yesterday. After the visit, my sister took us for a drive in the Metroparks, followed by a trip to DQ for lunch to go. I am usually the one who drives, so I'm not used to being a passenger. While we were enjoying the fall scenery, I saw a small deer on the side of the road. I told my sister there was a deer, but she didn't slow down...then the deer stepped into the road. I was in the passenger seat saying, "Deer. Deer! DEER!!!" She did stop in time and the deer crossed the street safely. Good thing my hair is already gray. I'm driving next week.

              I had a good walk-through with the home inspector yesterday. Mom's house is in good shape, she and Dad took good care of it. There are a couple of issues that we sorta knew about but received confirmation on. Nothing major. He gave some good advice on what to do about the backyard. I need to text him to ask for the name of a handyman he mentioned. I'm very glad I had him come out to the house, he put things in perspective and I don't feel so overwhelmed.

              I did not get any sewing done yesterday. I hope to get in the sewing room today. Before I do, I need to call the vet for a refill on the bunny's meds, make an appointment to have the gutters cleaned, and contact my LQS about a new sewing machine.

              Have a wonderful day!


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                On the way home from the doctor's office yesterday we ended up in a line of traffic waiting for 7 turkeys to cross the road, taking their good old time!

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                Around here, during the summer months, people have to stop to let the geese take their own sweet time to cross the road.

              Good morning!
              Not much going on today so I'll be in my sewing room. Valley Blossoms is coming along. I'm putting together the second set of blocks then I'll be doing the embroidery applique pieces on those. I'm still thinking about how I will be adding extra borders to make the quilt bigger. I'd love to do something with scallops but I'll decide for sure when the rest of the top is done.
              We've been getting coyotes visiting the neighborhood lately. Mike saw one in our front yard when he had the dog out one afternoon. Luckily it decided not to get any closer and left. We get lots of deer, too.
              Guess that's all I have for now.
              Have a happy day!
              ~ Carol from PA


                Good Morning to all. Getting nippy here in the mornings, still okay with just the light robe in the mornings, but soon I will need to start turning the heaters on. But first I need to clean them up, the "burning of the dust" smell is not a pleasant one. My heaters are the old wall ones. Trying to hold out until Friday for my grocery run, but I ran out of milk.

                Finally got results from my BIL lung biopsy, it is NOT cancer but it is a bacterial infection. Something about being a long distance cousin of TB , and not very common. Not sure yet how they will proceed with treatment, evidently it will take a long use of antiobiotics, and that in itself is not good either. At least now they know what they are up against. He was running a low grade fever daily for over 6 weeks. Every test they ran was not bringing back results to identify what was wrong. Hence the bioposy and then they did extensive cultures on it.

                Did my share of air sewing yesterday... on the 3rd time I said that's it... 3rd strike and I am outta here. Turned off machine and left the room. Will go back and finish the bindings today.

                I hope all have a safe and happy (and warm!) day. Brrrrrrrr


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                  Glad to hear it's not lung cancer, and a treatment plan is in place. Praying for a complete and swift recovery for him.

                Morning all,

                A grey looking day here, raining right now.

                Not much new here, I did get a few more embroidered towels done yesterday. Except for one they are mainly repeats of designs I've done so I can have multiples ready to go. I think I may work on a gift for my sister today. I will be visiting with her on the 11th, and can give it to her then.

                Time for a second cup of coffee, no rush to get out of my PJ's this morning as I will be spending the day inside. Wishing everyone a good day!

                If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

                Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
      [email protected]/



                  Good morning quilters and stitchers!

                  Finally a calmer day here with only one appointment on the list. Then I have to go into the office for a while. One more stitch out on the embroidery machine and I can finish the tote bag. Next project is binding on the dino quilt and then some Christmas projects.

                  Time for breakfast! Hope your day is great!


                    Good morning all,

                    It's raining this morning! Instead of 11 degrees when I woke up, it was 34. I'll take rain over snow any day, although, sunshine would be the best.

                    I finished embroidering the names for my friend's Christmas stockings. Now to get them in the mail. I started a Christmas pillow for DD, but didn't have much inspiration, so I quit. I'll try to finish it today. Other than that, I need to do laundry and clean up the kitchen a little.

                    Enjoy your day, everyone.


                      SAM_8738.JPG Yesterday's snow is melting away today. Good. It's too early for snow yet. It did remind me how close Christmas is in terms of quilting. I took a picture of my yellow flowers being snowed on when it started. Today the flowers are doing great, it is like they enjoyed the snow.
                      I made the mistake of looking at Christmas fabrics yesterday, and poof totally forgot about side 2 of my turtles quilt. I did however cut out some Father Christmas images from an applique panel, get it on the heat and bond and even managed to applique it to large white and gold fabric squares. I am quite pleased with that. So the snow detoured me into making a different quilt. I always like when I stick with the momentum, so today , the Gods willing, I will get a lot more done with that project. I found 2 more panels of the Father Christmas appliques. Because of the white in the square and the white border of the applique, I had to use a pencil to out line the applique to see it when sewing. That works really good. I may start doing that for all my appliques , easy to follow the line then trying to see it and hope I am on track.
                      Jack went out this morning to mail a package for the baby coming. He said the crowds out and about is terrible today.
                      The snow deterred my visiting night time animals last night, the bowl is still full of cat food this morning.
                      Maybe after Christmas , you can show your project to us , Monique.
                      Hope everyone is having a great day.


                        We are under a strong winds/tornado watch due to the newest hurricane. We have only gotten a little rain so far. The storm seems headed straight for Birmingham.😮
                        I had an annual check up on Monday, the doc said "I can't find anything wrong with you" great to hear. They did do bloodwork and I have a mamo next week but glad to know nothing obviously wrong. My aching back is just normal for my age.🤨
                        Today is wash and I plan on getting fmq going on a Christmas Kansas Troubles quilt. I am planning to meander with occasional holly leaves, should go fast.
                        I finished a Fall quilt binding yesterday but no picture yet.


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                          Those are the words you like to hear from your doctor! Happy Dance Time!

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                          Be safe, the gulf coast has really caught it this year.

                          Great news from the Dr! I know that's a load off your mind.

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                          No harm done here, we did lose power for several hours, there are a few trees down in the neighborhood but not on houses that I can see.