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    It's Tuesday

    Yes it's Tuesday already. It is still dark out so I am not sure what the weather is just yet except that it's cold. Possibility of more flurries this afternoon.

    I got to see an Evening Grosbeak at the feeder yesterday. They are so beautiful. I call them batman birds.

    Well I got stumped yesterday for one of my ss gifts and Katrina gave me an idea. Well that didn't pan out but at the last minute I found what I was looking for. Yippee although it took me all day to make this gift. I didn't even get dressed yesterday.

    We had baked beans for supper and it is a good thing we have separate bedrooms. I found hubby on the couch this morning, he said he put himself out of the bedroom. hahahaha

    We gave our son a sideboard a few years back. Well it is coming back here as he has no room at the new house. Oh geez, where are we going to put? We have decided to get rid of the freezer and it will sit there. So we will need to clear it out. I have been refraining from buying a whole lot to freeze. We shall see what treasures we find there. I did take a turkey out to thaw and so today I will cook that. It is a big one, but I will share with my sister-in-laws.

    Have a great day friends. Stay safe and stay healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning!

    Oh Monique....turkey....I love turkey. 🦃 But I’m thinking we’ll be alone for thanksgiving.....which is OK....I’ll miss turkey. Although where we usually go, they always serve ham.

    I”m so NOT ready for .....the white stuff! ❄️ But it’ll happen when it happens.

    Spent yesterday on the phone.....fixing things. Things are all straightened out.....I hope!

    Not sure if I’ll ever make it to the sewing room today, time will tell.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day! ❣️
    💫 Star lover


    • Rob the HOAQ
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      If it's just Cheryl and I (which it will be this year) I cook a bone-in breast. It keeps the moistness and gives us enough meat to last a few days. I also won't have a Thanksgiving without my mother's dressing. It's simple (bread, broth, onion powder, sage, salt and pepper), but it's the best--far better than the boxed stuff. I also love the sweet potatoes with marshmallow, although I don't get to eat as much with my diabetes. Neither of us likes cranberry sauce, though, so we don't worry about that.

      Just a note. I did see one of the stores I go to had canned pumpkin, although not as much as they normally carry. I'm wondering what will happen with turkeys this year, given that not as many people will be having big crowds.


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      I heard that small turkeys are going to be popular this year. The 24-lb. birds, not so much.

    • Star lover
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      I might just have to get a small bird....or maybe chicken with the dressing. DH doesn’t like white meat, so getting a breast isn’t an option....thank you Monique for the offer.....but the bird might get eaten up before it ever got here....)

    Good morning!

    Cold, wet and cloudy are the weather words for today. Temps will stay steady around 47.

    My friend's BIL is a home inspector. He's coming out to Mom's house this morning for a walk through, to identify any major problems. He said it should take an hour. I hope he is on time, we have our weekly visit with Mom afterwards. They will shorten our visit if we are late. I'm going to set the timer on my phone, when it dings he will need to leave.

    I love turkey, too! I have been keeping an eye out for the boneless turkey breasts. The grocery store usually has a good selection of them by now. The last couple of times I checked, they had very few and only the kind with the white and the dark meat. I prefer the ones that are all white meat. I checked the news and no one anticipates a turkey shortage. Maybe there's just more competition for small turkeys this year.

    I didn't spend any time in the sewing room yesterday. I hope to get in there tonight and make a couple more masks. The sooner I can finish those, the sooner I can get back to work on my curved log cabin quilt.

    Have a wonderful day!


      Morning all,

      The sky is just started to lighten up a bit not sure what the weather looks like yet.

      Never made it in my sewing room yesterday. I had a medical test scheduled in the morning then had errands I needed to get done. A trip to Michaels ( a curbside pickup) for the clear bags I package my pillows in then to Joann's for more pillow inserts while they were still on sale. Can't say I was happy to be in the store but it's hard to order the pillow forms online from a picture and you can't feel them and see the thickness of them. However everyone in the stores practiced social distancing so I felt somewhat comfortable. I have been ordering everything online and have not been in a retail store except for two trips to my local quilt shop to pick up an order I called in since the pandemic started.

      Hopefully today I get to spend some time with my embroidery machine. I need to use my bigger one for the hoop size I need which means reaquainting myself with it again. I've been using my smaller one lately so now I have to refresh my memory on the bigger one.

      Don't know if any children will show up for trick or treating this year, but I picked up some Wendy coupon books for Frosty's at my last trip through the drive up window just in case. Figured no candy leftover calling my name to eat it and they grandkids will appreciate any coupons left over.

      Well, as usual off to the kitchen for coffee. Wishing everyone a good day!

      If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

      Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


        Good Morning all,

        This morning is very cold, 12 degrees. Brrrrr. I'm up and at em earlier than usual as I need to be off to Jennifer's in a bit. I had a bit of a lazy day yesterday, groceries were bought and got home and I truthfully don't remember what else I did. I was going to try and drop off my quilt to Lori, my best friend, so when out for groceries I stopped by the Kwik Trip where her hubby works and asked how she was doing. He said she had been having bouts of nausea so it would be best to call first before coming. I texted her and she said she was not having a good day, nausea and muscle spasms, all from the infusion. She thinks it will be better in a few days.

        Plans for today are a little tentative as I'm not sure when I will get home from Jennifer's. She wants to be available for a virtual visit that Makayla has with her counselor. The appointment is at 9. I'm thinking I should be home before noon. Then I can get the floors cleaned once I get home.

        We had leftover spaghetti for supper last night. Thinking make beef commercials for tonight. That will be fairly quick and easy. Hoping to get back to the sewing room sometime today and see how things go putting the quilted blocks together on the Irish Change quilt.

        That's it for now. Have a great day everyone!


        • Bubby
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          That’s like our Open Face sandwiches except with extra bread. We love these!

        • Anitamae56
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          We call them hot beef sandwiches , never heard of the other beef commerical, that is something.

        • CarlieBlilie
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          Beef Commercial must be an older name, my grandparents always called it that.

        Last night I deep fried croakers and yum yum what a great meal. DH was delighted that I cooked fish. He's been doing all the fish cooking and I probably screwed up by showing him that I could.
        The back splash arrived yesterday so first rainy day, DH will finish installing it in the kitchen.
        I purchased an iron outdoor table set that has some rust and is in need of painting but overall in pretty good shape. I will work on that today.
        My volunteering at the restore as good yesterday. Visiting with some of the locals is good for me eventhough I won't remember them next time I see them. The mask really works on my recognizing people.
        Weather is suppose to be in the high 70's today so hoping to get my work done so we can go fishing. DH is putting a wood floor in the bottom of the aluminum boat. I liked it the way it was but he is afraid he is going to trip on the ribs so if he feels safer thats okay.
        His birthday is Halloween and he told me this morning he wants a dishwasher....isn't that sweet....I'm the one that really wants one.
        DS told me he has Thanksgiving weekend off and wants to come for a visit. SO I suppose I will get busy and talk to the sisters and see if they can join us. It will be nice although company really is a lot of work it seems. I never have thought that in the past but there are the sheets, towels, and dishes plus the cooking and entertaining and general disruption of routine to think about. But, it is nice to see them all.
        Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


        • Bubby
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          When you said you fried croakers I thought they were frogs!

        • grammaterry
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          They sound like frogs when we put them in the live well...croaking....the smallest are the loudest

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Mighty cold here. Only 5 deg. on our thermometer. I read 1 deg. on the weather web site. The paper mentioned in 1997 we had a snow storm of 2 ft. & a record low of 1 deg. They're predicting the snow will be gone by the end of the week. It's supposed to be back up in the 50's & 60 by Mon. While the snow helped the wildfires, they are by no means out. Some of the evacuees were allowed home.

        Oh, Monique ~ I had to laugh at the beans & toots.

        Thanksgiving will be much different this year. I suppose it will be just the 2 of us -- maybe have my son over. DH cannot eat the usual T-Day fare. In past years, we've had the annual potluck at our church, which I have attended by myself. I don't think we'll be allowed to have that this year. I hear rumblings of having to go back to "safer at home". There are so many new cases of C-19 happening. My GGS in TX is quarantined at home for 2 wks. Someone at his school tested positive.

        I placed an order yest. with Christian Book Dist. (free shipping sale) for several books & more boxed greeting cards. I've been re-reading Lori Benton's books & ordered her 2 more recent books. Also Jane Kirkpatrick's latest book.

        Time to get on with my day, which will be taking it easy & finishing my Bible Study lesson. My knee still is quite sore. I get another massage tomorrow.


          Morning. Cold today 13. Just sent hubs to mens prayer breakfast with a casserole and loaf of pumpkin bread. It was "his" turn to cook. Ill head over to SILs sisters to help with lite housekeeping in a bit. The sister has dementia and the son is special needs. SIL lives out of town so I'm trying to help with a midweek check in. Then back to experimenting in the sewing room. Not being outcome driven is giving me a chance to play and find out if there are other things I enjoy besides just piecing. So far one holiday pillow and four crazy pot holders.

          Stay safe and warm all.



            Good Morning All,

            It took a while to get motivated yesterday. I called to see if I could get my hair washed before my cut, or if I had to wash it. They've added plexglass walls between the stalls. I got my hair wash and scalp massage, both! So much better than just going in and getting a spray bottle wet down before getting the old hairs cut.

            I did tell her I wanted to try something new. She showed me a style, I said go for it if you think it will work. Dang if I don't really like it. I came home and bought a diffuser to use with my dryer. We'll see if I can pull it off.

            I worked on the block B's yesterday. It's coming along. I have a little less than half done. I should be able to fix them up today, if we don't spend too much time out of the house. Mike's off today and Gabby is going to the spa to get all gussied up. I'd like to get the Christmas tree out of storage, look for gift bags and get the stuff for the Thanksgiving tree while we're out. I want to take Mom's flatware to the shed. It's been sitting in the chair for ages.

            Mike told me yesterday, I didn't have to sit in the house all the time. I have the Star pass. Then, I looked at him. Where would I go? Most stuff is closed and it really isn't fun to go alone. But, it did start me thinking. I do need to put myself out more, now that I don't have the kids around. Where to go? Groceries can be brought to the house. Shopping is around people that may or may not follow protocols. No quilt shows downtown, to see. Nothing over at the Shriner's to do. I don't want to go to the zoo alone, that just would feel weird. I need to start looking for things I'd like to do.

            Well, those blocks won't finish themselves, as much as I would like them to. Have a great day!
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            • Rhonda K
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              How nice to get a new hair do with shampoo and massage. Glad you like the new style!

            Good morning all,
            It looks like another cold day. Yesterday, we had a dusting of snow which was gone by mid-morning. I was gun-ho yesterday, and decided to vacuum again. Our stairs are wood and they collect a lot of cat hairs. So took care of that. Then I got into the sewing room. I serged and finished the baby sets (burp & change pads and bibs). I might have time to box & bag them up tomorrow.. I cleaned up the sewing room, and also serged a bunch of rags from old t-shirts, sheets and jogging pants. I know it's fancy, but that way there's no unraveling in the wash. Sunday I made a pot roast for dinner, it seems like a common thread among the forum members. We had leftover last night. I will make a beef bourguignon (fancy for beef & egg noodles) and freeze. DH can't eat too much beef in a week. I also made strawberry/blueberry/rhubarb crumble. I made a lasagna after dinner, and will serve it for lunch today.

            My GF is coming over this morning to sandwich some VQC quilts for another member. After lunch, we will head to the area coordinator, to cut 3 rolls of batting and other ladies will cut flannel into size. Then we will head back. She hopes to quilt some more on the Sweet 16, and I hope to load the batting (ran out) for another VQC quilt. So it will be a busy day. Tomorrow I hope to make some witches fingers, its my only free day to bake. If I don't, then none will get done.

            Enjoy your day, be safe.

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            • Mimi_Howard
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              What are witches fingers?

            • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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              Witches fingers are a finger shaped cookie -- the nail is a blanched almond, set on a red clear icing so it oozes out. I add a tinge of green to dough -- sort of like a sugar cookie.


            Good Morning. We slept in this morning because the Girls did. It’s colder than cold but at least we don’t have ice or snow. It’s raining at the moment.

            Yesterday I changed out the bedding in our room for Winter. I gave the Girls heavier throws for their beds, too. The quilt I put on our bed may be too heavy and have to be replaced. I freeze and Jeff burns up and it’s hard to get a balance.

            I did a little sewing yesterday and got the pinwheels sewn together for the center of the quilt.
            Borders are next.

            I need tea so I will check in later to see how everyone is doing today....
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            Scottie Mom Barb


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              I put an extra quilt just on my side of the bed under the big one that covers the whole bed.

            • grammaterry
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              When its cold, I put separate quilts on the bed. Seems DH pulls the covers then throws them off. The solution was so simple to just make the kingsize bed up like it was twin beds with the sheet being on us both (king top sheet, separate quilts.

            • Bubby
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              Terry, That’s a good idea. I may give it a try. Claire has a good solution of putting an extra quilt under the top quilt for the person who gets cold. I will give both of these a try. ThanksTerry and Claire!

            Good Morning...
            Tiny snowflakes just started falling outside my window.
            Yesterday Jack saw the original quilt top I wanted to start the second side with , and loved it. So my being diverted to cutting blue squares changed again, I am back to the original plan for batik squares.
            The last few years I always had quilts to make as Christmas gifts, so this year, I am free to do whatever appeals to me. It is nice to not to feel rushed to get stuff made. I had a look thru' my Christmas fabrics yesterday and a lot of ideas started forming on things I could make when the turtle quilt is finished.
            Jack is going to Ottawa for the weekend , he has some medical tests there on Mon. morning. He will stay with my son Tony. I have some giant stuffed animals of snakes I found at the thrift store for Tony's Doberman Copper. So I will have Jack take those to him. Copper likes homemade pumpkin dog treats so I will hope to make some of those for him . My dogs don't like it.
            I like snow but this is too early. Hopefully it melts on the ground today.


              Good morning,

              I've already stitched the flange binding pieces together and that may be all that gets done today. I had to re-calculate the cutting sizes to make it work for the tote bag. The pattern needs a 2 3/4 inch binding. So I was adding 1/4 inch---taking off 1/4 inch--- on my! Hopefully, it's right.

              I need to finish shopping for our halloween hunt with DGS. He will be dressed as a dino and DD of course, a dino mom. I will be a butterfly. It will be a party of 3 in our back yard. I hope to find some silly string and bubbles for him too.

              Joy, Your pictures are beautiful. Can I say that I'll take the summer one?

              Better start the day!


                Sell your fabric store stock! We haven't ordered any fabric in a month! I went through the books yesterday and noticed that there were no expenditures in that categroy for the past 30 days. Don't worry though. What we stopped buying in fabric will likely be spent in dog treats and other "necessities."

                ETA: I misspoke. We did buy some from the LQS (I forgot to write it down), but still the amount spent has dropped considerably.

                Nothing else to report. The sewing room hardly got visited at all yesterday by either me or Cheryl. In fact, Patsy slept in there more than anything.

                Have a great day.

                There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
                --Ken Burns


                • Monique
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                  I bought some fabric last week when I was with my girlfriend but as hubby says, you don't need more fabric. And I don't.

                • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                  I agree -- I have enough fabric to last me a lifetime. But you know there is always that perfect fabric missing to make a quilt, so off I go buying. I often buy backing fabrics, assuming a queen or king size, and have been using those. I still make purchases on-line and at a few favorite LQS that I want to ensure are still around after this pandemic is over. My purchases are way down for fabric / hobby, especially since there were no road trips taken to LQS. Sad, but I will make up for it when all is over. In the meantime, I keep busy.

                • Momofmonsters5
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                  My spending is up this year. I have a huge stash but always needing something lol . I really should buy a bolt of moda bella in black. I keep needing it.

                It's late in the day but I just now had enough time to read all the day's posts. We had retinopathy exams at the doctor's office this afternoon. Mine went just fine but Mike has to go to an eye doctor. The girl at our pcp's office can't put drops in and his eyes wouldn't dilate enough to get a good picture without drops.
                Before we left, I put some short ribs in the crock pot so I'll just have to make some mashed potatoes to go with them for tonight's supper. I made chicken noodle soup yesterday. It was a good day for soup.

                Right now I'm going to get into the sewing room and work on Valley Blossoms. I need to decide what I'm making for Christmas ornaments this year. Each year I make an ornament for my daughters, son-in-law, grandkids, and Mike's son and his girlfriend. I embroider their names and the year on each one.
                These are last year's ornaments. I hang them on a Christmas tree wallhanging till Christmas Day when they're given out.

                20191220_105242.jpg 20191220_105300.jpg 20191220_105410.jpg

                OK-- I'm off to the sewing room. Hope everyone is having a happy day!
                ~ Carol from PA


                • JCY
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                  Those are very cute!

                • Bubby
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                  They are all so cute!

                • Monique
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                  That is so cool.