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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    Yesterday was fairly productive. I managed to finish all of the Block As for the Sew Questor quilt. This afternoon, I'll go ahead and press them. Then look at my stack of four patches for Block B.

    Last night I had a horrible time getting to sleep. Not sure why. I was glad Gabby started licking her foot this morning. It was enough to wake me up in time to get ready for Church. Not sure who's going to pick me up. At this point, if they don't, I'll just go back to Block B!

    I still need to clean out the cabinets and wipe down the doors and insides. It's been a while. I'd love to have new cabinets and flooring put in the kitchen. All of these cabinets are builder grade and what ever size they had they put in. I'd love to go to a 48" uppers. I know I'd have to have a ladder to reach the top shelves, but all of the stuff that's in Dad's console that belongs in the kitchen could go back in the kitchen.

    I hope everyone has a great day! I'm looking forward to getting back to church and a somewhat more normal schedule around here.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good morning Katrina. I did some sewing and quilting yesterday. Other than have coffee with Doug, I never left the house.

    Not sure what today will bring yet. Lynda stopped in for a quick visit.

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's 18 deg. & snowing! Brrr. This may be our high temp. for the day. It's supposed to drop into the single digits tonight & snow for the next 24 hrs. Maybe 7"; the predicted amounts vary. The firefighters have been waiting for this snow.

      What a productive day my son & I had yest. He came over after my breakfast & we got to work. DH helped some. Before lunch, he had pulled out the frig. & cleaned behind & under that & wiped down the wall. Also pulled out the dryer & cleaned the lint from the vent. I vac'd the utility room. Next we went outside & he cleaned the leaves from the gutters & downspouts. I placed the leaves around the base of the 2 clematis to protect the roots for the winter. By then it was lunch time. We went over to Red Lobster; we both had the coconut shrimp. Yum! Their prices have gone up since the last time we ate there.

      We drove out to a farm where he works on the week ends. We picked up his chain saw which was stored there. Next order of business was to cut off a tree limb. During the last rain storm, I noticed it was drooping very low. I was concerned it would break off with heavy snow. DS made short order of that. He used the loppers for the smaller branches, which I put in the garbage toter. I raked up the debris. After that he installed a new mailbox (larger then our old one) which I'd bought several mos. ago. Lastly, he hung up the plastic on the inside of the bathroom window. The magnetic strips that hold it in place have weakened, so we had to use tape to help secure it. That 3rd layer of protection makes a big difference in the temp. of the tub enclosure.

      If you're interested in knowing more about the Estes Park situation related to the fires, there was a large article in our paper yest. which shows a pic of the famous Stanley Hotel with the smoky orange skies behind it. The hotel was the setting for the movie, "The Shining." They are feeding & housing firefighters. One should be able to find it by searching the title, "Tense Estes Park Works to Help Fire Crews." Both the Cameron Peak Fire & the East Troublesome Fire are very active fires.

      I'll be staying in today & will watch church on YT.
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      • Bubby
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        What a blessing that your son did so much to help you!

      • JCY
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        I agree, 18 deg. is cold! It's supposed to be in the single digits the next 2 nights. I live along the Front Range (eastern slope) of Colorado.

      • Rob the HOAQ
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        A friend and former colleague of mine lives in Greeley and works in Windsor. I haven't heard from him lately, so I need to send him a text. Glad you had a productive day joy.


      Good morning,

      Joy, Thankful for the snow to help the fire-fighters. I will look for the article on the hotel. I could never watch that movie. It's so nice that your Dson completed the chores. Good idea to take off branches that could become problems. Stay warm!

      We had a wonderful day with DGS at the pumpkin patch yesterday. He picked his pumpkin and played in the hay maze for an hour. Everyone wore masks and were careful.

      I finished the panels for the tote and sewed them together. I cut the batting out of the seams so there isn't any bulk when sewing. The idea for the straps didn't work out so I will re-make them today. Progress.

      Have a great day!
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      • JCY
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        The Shining ~ I started to watch the mini series on TV, but it was too creepy for me, so I didn't watch it. I'm not into paranormal stuff. Supposedly there is a ghost that lives at that hotel. Years ago, DH & I ate a meal there. It's a famous, historic hotel. Very old. I think it was built by the maker of the Stanley Steamer.

      I have been up a good while this morning. I have already cleaned out a closet in the laundry room. How on earth do things get so cluttered up so fast? A few years ago I took all the dust collectors out of each room, got rid of them and only put back what I thought I needed to keep. It was so much easier to dust and looked better. Well, its piling up again! I remember at my grandmothers house there was something sitting in every spare spot and the walls were also covered with every picture anyone had ever given her. ( she wasn't a hoarder) I am determined not to that.

      I love my Roomba . I ordered a Shark brand one and it came yesterday. This one you can program to run each day and you don't have to dump it but once a month. I plan to use the Shark down stairs because of all the dog hair and take the Roomba upstairs. I have to figure out how to program all that today.

      Yesterday, Kaylee sent me a text and said a friend wanted more masks. I really thought I was done with mask, but I have a hard time refusing. Later today I guess I will make her a few.

      Have a wonderful day and love to all,
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      • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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        My daughter got a Roomba for the main floor. With 3 kids and both of them working at home, its a necessity, not a luxury in my books. They also gave up their cleaning lady at the beginning of Covid, like many of us. We dont want someone coming in the house who is in contact with 8-10 homes per week.
        Oh you are good to make more masks. I just cant get myself to make more since July, but I know its time to replenish the stocks for family. Arggg....

      • BethB
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        My oldest son gave me a Shark remote vacuum a Shark remote vacuum for Christmas in 2018. It didn't work all that well on the carpet in that house, but with the luxury vinyl planks I have in this new house, it works really well. I run it about once a week in the main living area when I am going to be out of the house for a couple of hours. I use it in my bedroom, but I have to first sweep the bathroom and closet by hand and then close the doors. A couple of times I forgot to close the bedroom door and it went in and then into the bathroom. It ended up stuck between the toilet and the wall -- sideways. So . . . I don't use it in there anymore. But I really do like it.


      Good Morning all,

      We are cold again this morning but not as cold as you are, Joy. Right now it is 25 and we are getting a small amount of snow. We are supposed to get maybe 3 inches. The snow we got last Monday is almost gone, mainly because we got rain on Thursday.

      Didn't do much yesterday except work on the quilt for my best friend. That is now complete and today I plan to work on the quilting for the Irish Change. Before I do that I will get stuff ready for supper tonight. I had thought to make a roast yesterday but Dave and I were both hungry for tacos so we splurged a little and went to Taco Bell. This morning we will do church online and then I'll do some sewing. I'm hoping to get at least half of the quilting finished on the Irish Change.

      On to some breakfast and coffee and quilt sharing before church. Everyone have a wonderful day.


        Morning all,

        Sun is starting to peek out, not sure what the rest of the day will bring.

        Yesterday after I got some chores done I spent a good part of my day in my sewing room and put together another pillow. I thought to have 10 made but I cut a couple of more out from the leftover fabrics and should have 13 done. I have quite a few kitchen towel sets done for fall and Christmas, and numerous wreaths. I will be driving up to my sister's November 11, and spending a week upstate she is having a private showing of my work for a few of her close friends. Hopefully I'll come home with a lot less than I'm going up with.

        ​​​​​​The holidays are coming up quickly so I better get my Christmas items started. I usually make something special for each of the grandkids, not sure what that will be yet.

        Time to get a move on and do a quick clean up then the day is mine. Wishing everyone a good day!

        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

        Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


          Good morning all,

          It's in the 20's this morning, and maybe will reach 30. I sure feel it in my bones. There is patchy snow on the ground yet after last weekend's snow. Supposedly, we'll have a warm up (high 40's) next week, so I'm hoping it will melt the rest of the snow. There will be so much more to come this winter, but please, wait until at least November!

          DH and I drove over to Grand Forks yesterday. It's becoming a weekly outing, which I'm enjoying. Now that I no longer work at JoAnns, I'm at home all the time, so I look forward to getting out once in a while. I've been in the mood to sort, organize, and throw, so we stopped at the Boys and Girls Ranch to drop off a carload of donations. Boy, did that feel good!

          I've been itching to start something new in the sewing room, even though I have several things I need to finish. I've been watching Pat Sloan's daily youtube chat, and have been wanting to join one of her sew-alongs. Friday, I decided on the Sewcialites
          block of the week. Each block is created by a different designer. She just released week #5, so I need to get caught up before next Friday. I've finished the first 2 blocks, and #3 is cut out. I'm using the Feathers and Flora line which was a DD some time ago. I guess I just needed something new to help me get back into the sewing room.

          Joy, I'm glad your son was able to help you with those jobs. I imagine you're tickled to have one of your kids living so close now. Our oldest sone lives in the same small town we do.

          Years ago, I went with our church youth to a convention at the YMCA near Estes Park. It's so beautiful there. I'm praying the snow will help control the fires near there.

          I 've had my 2 cups of coffee; now it's time to make some breakfast. Have a restful Sunday everyone.


          • JCY
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            Just the one son lives here now. For many years, we had no family close. DS#1 lives in MD & DH's 2 sons live in northern ID. It's been quite a few yrs. since we've seen either of them. DS#1 tries to get out here once a year, but not this year, due to C-19.

          Good morning!

          It's going to be a cloudy day today, with a high around 50. Temps will be staying in the low 50's this week.

          Amazon came through and delivered my order yesterday. I was getting a little worried, I think it came after 6 pm. I ordered a roller cart to haul my laptop, lunch, etc., when I have to work on site. Only one entrance is open, and it is the one as far from my office as you can get. It's hard to juggle everything when I take my cane. I'm hoping the cart will make things easier.

          I work on site tomorrow. I am a little apprehensive. My county was upgraded to Covid level red and is on the fast track to purple (that's very bad). One of the administrators in my suite was also on site the last time I worked (two weeks ago). He went down the hallway twice without a mask. I called him on it the second time, he told me not to come into the hallway. I'm hoping he won't be there this week.

          I finished another UFO yesterday! I put the finishing touches on the fabric pumpkin I started last year. It was a project from M* Live. I used 2.5" squares instead of 5". Everything that could go wonky on this project did. I learned that I definitely need to buy a sewing machine with an adjustable speed control. My Jazz does not sew slowly and it made sewing down the appliqué harder than it had to be.

          Today I will work on making masks -- I started making some for a friend of mine, and promptly got distracted by another project. But first, it is time for another cup of tea. Have a wonderful day!



          • Bubby
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            Halloween punkins should be’s so cute.

          • BethB
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            That is so cute!! You did a good job!!!


          • Rhonda K
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            Cute Mr. Jack-o-lantern hanging.

          Good morning everyone,

          Friday was the most beautiful summer/fall day around here. Temps in the 70s and sunny. We worked outside, and I raked up leaves and put away the lawn ornaments in the shed, which we cleaned out. The snow blower was moved into the garage, although its still too soon to put away the lawnmower and take out the shovels. We invited our neighbours & GF over for some wine & snacks, outdoor under the pergola and socially distanced. It started at 5pm, and while I had thought of making a chowder, I didn't. Mistake for me, as I had not eaten much or drank much water during the day. The wine flowed and good conversations were shared. The rain and strong winds from southern Ontario held off until 11pm, when the skies opened up. I was tipsy when I went to bed. Saturday, oh the pain in my left hip from raking and yardwork, not to mention my neckache. I took it easy. We went to electrical store for special lightbulbs for closet light that burned out. We picked up lunch at a popular chip/burger stand and ate at home as the winds were cold. Monique -- best poutine in Orleans. Restaurants and bars are still closed to indoor dining in our area. I took a 3 hr nap. Didnt feel hungry for dinner so we nibbled on cheese and crackers while watching recordings of a new series called Departure.

          The numbers are rising in our area, slowly, but going up. Mom's place is re-testing all residents as a number of employees tested positive in past weeks. Staff are tested 2xmonth. I am struggling with not being there for mom, when she obviously needs me the most, but I can't in good conscience put myself and family at risk. Its so heartbreaking, but I know if mom was in my shoes, she would do the same. and has made similar tough decisions

          Today, not much planned -- DH wants to go to gliding club to measure one for a slip cover that he agreed to make for a friend. I am not going to do this. I told him it was his baby. Last year, he volunteered to make new seats cushions for 2 gliders (8 cushions, all different). Guess who spent her winter quilting time making these. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I will go for the ride, as the trees are still pretty. I might rake more leaves, depending how my hip feels. I have fabrics dancing in my head to get a start on a new top.

          Going down to get another coffee, breakfast and then for a ride in the country. Enjoy your day.

          Edit: I got to do a happy dance twice last week. I got a M* package on Monday and Friday. The latter one I ordered 7 yards of Warm Wishes -- the selvedge is so cute. I save selvedges for a project.

          WarmWishes selvedge.jpg
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          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            BIL & SIL came for a short visit this weekend. Only one day and one night but very nice to see them. Good visit. We took the big boat out to the sound, not onto it but had a nice boat ride. Then got the small boat after lunch and did a little non productive fishing. They had fun.
            SIL and I went to the RESTORE and she got some vintage glasses and a piece of crystal cut glass that she was excited about. I bought a wrought iron outdoor dining set with glass top that needs some rust prevention and paint. Fun project for the fall.
            The weather has been glorious. High seventies and low eighties and is to continue all week. Rain today but warm. Sort of gloomy looking but necessary I suppose.
            The Shriners and the Habitat people are all asking for a quilt for a raffle. Amartin said she wants to send me a top. That will make it easy.
            Insurance company gave us %$1500 for the removal of the three trees that were hit with lightning . The tree guy says he can do it for $6000. Thats quite a discrepancy I think.
            No plans for my day. Just need to get going on it.
            May God be with you all today
            Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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              While I was at my sister's this week, we went to a Restore. I picked up a few small things. Then later while we were going through the last of my mom's things from her China cabinet, we decided that there were things that didn't really "spark joy" for either of us so we got a box together to donate there. She'll bring it the next time she goes there.

            Good morning. I am late getting here today. Having a bit of a slow start this morning. Just reading blogs, etc. Sometimes I just need a morning like that. We did get a lot accomplished yesterday. Green beans, Brussels sprouts and broccoli all prepped and in the freezer. Then I made an Apple pie. We've got the last of the corn and carrots to do now but I think I will wait until tomorrow to do them. I need to get Lily's costume hemmed today.

            Yesterday evening I watched some Hallmark Christmas movies. Corny, yes; predictable, sure. But a nice escape for a few hours.

            Guess it's time to get this slow day moving along. Have a good day everyone.
            Ginny B



            • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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              This summer, they played xmas Hallmark movies on the Women's channel. I have to agree, predictable but the kind of movie that requires no thinking and has no violence. My girlfriend has been an extra on a lot of the Hallmark movies filmed in the area.

            Good Morning. I’m late getting here today. The clock in our bedroom is an atomic clock that automatically resets itself and last night it turned itself back an hour a week early. I forget about that every year.

            Yesterday we changed the batteries in our smoke alarms. One of them was chirping because the battery was getting low, so we decided to change them all. Glad that’s done. Next weekend is when we change our clocks.

            I have enough blocks made for the pinwheel picnic quilt. I’ll see if Jeff wants to help lay them out. I decided to make it smaller than Jennys because I don’t need another large quilt. We shall see what happens.

            I hope the snow in CO helps put out the fire.

            Wishing everyone a good Sunday. Hugs....

            Scottie Mom Barb


            • Star lover
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              Barb, we have 2 atomic clocks. On the back there’s a switch to use if you have day light daylight savings time. It’ll adjust automatically. Hope yours has it!

            I am going to record those corny movies, I love the happiness as opposed to cops and robbers as my DH calls the average rerun shows on daytime TV.
            We went to No Georgia last week and we toured lots of antique/junk shops as well as 2 fabric stores. I have some new fabric for our kitchen chair seats on the way. The current ones are about 18 yo so it wasn't too hard to take them apart. Of course I bought a little quilt fabric, too. So much fun.


              Good morning everyone.

              Yesterday was a fairly productive day. Picked up our grocery order and then did a virtual Sam's Club run (got to keep Sam Walton's kids and grandkids rich, you know😀), and then we cleaned out the flower beds and planted the peonies. Cheryl had a pinkish peony where we used to live, but we didn't take it with us since we moved in the middle of summer and I wasn't sure how it would do. We ordered from Breck's in the summer and they came in last week. One of the reasons I ordered them was that Breck's offered a yellow peony. I have never seen one before, and I have great hopes that it will flourish. It's called a Bartzella Itoh Peony. Here is a picture
              yekkow peony.jpg
              In addition, we ordered a collection of various colors. We only paid for four, but they provided us with five. Here is a picture of them. The collection is called Lifetime.
              Lifetimer Peony.jpg
              I plant everything in containers, so I used the biggest ones we have for these. I doubt they'll do much the first year, but I'm hopeful after that they will take off.

              Not much else to report. Cheryl is making another Grandmother's Flower Garden, this time for herself. She isn't doing the big circles, but rather smaller ones. I'm not doing much of anything, other than scratching Patsy's chest and belly on demand. This is how I feel.
              Have a great rest of your weekend.

              There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
              --Ken Burns


              • Bubby
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                I’ve never seen a yellow peony. Isn’t it a shame the blooms don’t last longer? Around here it rains and fills the blooms with water and they end up on the ground from the weight. They are gorgeous flowers.