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    I read that Jenny didn't have a fan club on here. I thought that's something that definitely should be in her forum! She is, afterall the reason why we are all here.

    I found Jenny on YouTube, which lead me to tye MSQC website, her amazing story, and this wonderful forum. What a gutsy and talented lady she is!! To move her family in times of need, start her own business and build it and the town of Hamilton up into what they are today is just awe inspiring! While I have not met her and have only seen her on her videos, she seems like a very bubbly, positive, classy lady, who is adored and revered by many. I have learned so much from her through her tutorials! I really enjoy watching them. She motivates me with her cheery energy, week after week.

    Have you met Jenny? Why are you a fan? How has she inspired you?

    Here's to you, Jenny, and your success!! We adore you. Cheers! ๐Ÿฅ‚
    Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! ๐Ÿ˜

    I'm a fan. Jenny made quilting approachable for me. I had no elder women in my life to teach me. And I enjoy the community (her daughters, sons and in laws) as well as the forums that have grown up around her industry at M*



      I've never had the pleasure of meeting Jenny in person. M* did have a booth in Charlotte during Quilt Week. Melinda and I both went to the booth.

      I'm in awe of her family and their dedication to family and community. I would love to meet her and thank her for making quilting so accessable for so many people, including me!
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        I have never been to Hamilton nor met her but Iโ€™m a fan and I hope to go someday. I so appreciate what her family has done for their town and how they live their lives. Itโ€™s all very inspiring! She constantly encourages us with her tutorials and all her wisdom. I have learned so much from her and more importantly the courage to try something new. Thank you Jenny and all the MSQC family.


          Jenny didn't start the business.. Her son Alan, daughter Sara and family friend David are the ones that started it, and ran it until a year or two ago when they all stepped down from their management postions and now hold places on the board or directors. THe kids wanted something to help their parents out since they took a big hit from bad stock market times on Ron's retirement account, and the rest is history. I'm not sure any of them thought the company would grow and grow like it did.

          I remember the first yeat that the forum group descended on Hamilton, all 13 of us. We were the first retreat group and Alan kept saying "I can't believe you all came!" I've met Jenny and most of the rest of the Doans (and there are a lot of them) and have gone back for several years. I want to say 7 now, although this year the retreat was cancelled.

          I laugh about my Jenny claim to fame. I was standing outside the retreat center a couple years ago, talking to Ron and Jenny and several other people. I looked off to the side at someone and I felt someone sort of slap my boob. I look up, Jenny was right in front of me and tells me "There ws a bug on you! I knocked it off." Haha, it was a grasshopper about 2 inches long.
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            I'm sure she remembers you Karen. Lol. So funny.

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            That's a cute story.

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            Being one of the original 13 is a great memory for all of us that were there. It was such a cool time. All of us hanging out with the family, and them coming and eating dinner with us. It was certainly memorable...only the one shop then. I miss those days when they weren't so big. I am proud to be able to call Jenny, Alan, Sarah, Ron and the Doan family friends.

          I have not met Jenny in person, but I did have a small contact with her at one point. Would I like to meet her in person ... O yes., but getting in a long line up of perfumed people would just about kill me. I am content to know her thru' her tutorials.
          I like the solo tutorials best (with the exception of the ones she does with Natalie ) because solo tutorials feel more focused, and oddly more personal. Jenny has a way of speaking that is "to you" not "at you." From the very first tutorial I saw her charisma came thru , and her sincerity. I see that as well in Natalie. After seeing a few you tube quilting videos before that of lab coats , straight snobby faces etc. and suffering thru' those videos, I became a follower of Jenny's tutorials, interviews etc. I could relate to her. I do not relate well to noses in the air , it is just the way I am wired. Jenny makes you feel like she is right there in your house talking to you. It could be my giant tv too that adds to that feeling.
          Jenny inspired my quilting in terms of improvement. Rotary cutters, cutting mats, precuts and most of all Rulers ! were all new to me. I am hooked on rulers. My quilts are so much better than they used to be, now that I have the tools, the guidance and instructions. I saw a video once where she was speaking to a group of women about what giving a quilt really is, and it made me cry.
          I am a fan, not the trashcan man kind, or the swooning kind, or the stalker under the window kind, lol . I am being funny by the way. I am the kind of fan that respects her and appreciates her. When I had my first sewing room, I took a picture of Jenny from a quilting magazine, stuck it in a frame and keep it here in the sewing room. She's my reminder there are good people in this world.
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            Ohhh Ya!!! another quilting gamer!! I was beginning to think I was the only one.

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            And here I thought I was the only one...Hello gamer friend....are we in the same game ?

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            I play World of Warcraft much to the amazement of my grandchildren and have since it first came out.

          OH yes, Jenny reminds me of Eleanor Burns. both have talent for many things and love teaching others. We always need people in our lives like them both. Yea for Quilters and their mentors!!


            Jenny changed my view on youtube quilting. When my ex got stationed in Germany she was my only safe place that made me feel comfortable being away from home. This forum has been a godsend. I too have alit of kids anx it's touching that her kids went to bat for her.


              My husband took me to Hamilton on our last trip together. He was so supportive of this addiction I have. I remember him sitting in one of the shops and watching Jenny's videos on the TV's they have set up, while I ran around like a child in a candy store. Everyone was so friendly and make you feel right at home. I didn't meet Jenny. So wish I could have.

              Jenny, thru her tutorials taught me how to quilt. They gave us this forum and everyone here has always been so supportive and answered even my dumbest questions. I doubt I would have completed a quilt if it hadn't been for Jenny and the forums.
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                I have met Jenny and she is sweet to the bone and genuine. I canโ€™t think of a nicer more sincere person. ๐ŸŒธ

                Scottie Mom Barb


                  My husband and I made a road trip to Hamilton almost three years ago. There were two things on my bucket list Hamilton and possibly see Jenny and to meet Bubby. Bubby and I were friends on the forum and had so much in common we just hit it off.

                  We spent two or three days in Hamilton shopped all the shops and I had tried to get a ticket to Jenny's trunk show but it had been sold out for quite a while. I reached out to a few people plus M* and they said they couldn't promise anything but to come to the church where the show was held and maybe someone wouldn't show up and I could get a seat. Well that's exactly what I did. I sat out on the bench and waited. Lo and behold a car pulls up next to the church and it's Jenny and her husband. She gets out of the car and as she is walking to the church comes over and says to me are you coming to my show. I replied if there is an extra seat available I'm waiting to see. After everyone one is in I go in to ask if any one had not showed up there was myself and approximately 5 others waiting to see also. Out comes Jenny and sees us standing there and says to one of the gals that works with her " see if you can get a few more chairs and let these ladies in. The joy I felt in that moment! I also got to meet her husband Ron after the show, what a lovely couple.

                  โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹On the road again, next stop Barb's house. It was like we've known each other our whole lives. Barb said to me I think we were sister's separated by birth we had so many things we both liked in common. We spent 3-4 days with Barb and Jeff and wished we had more time together. Needless to say this was a very special trip. Hopefully Barb and Jeff will make a trip to New York and see us!
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                    Jenny brought me to this wonderful place. I can't remember why or what I was looking up at the time, but I have been here since, WOW, 2011. This forum has become family to me. She did make it to Canada a few years back but I didn't have the $$ to go see her.
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                      I started watching Jenny's videos in 2016. I was lucky enough to see Jenny on the Road in Ypsilanti, MI, last year. If she ever comes to Ohio, I would definitely go again. I met Jenny (briefly) after the show and had my picture taken with her (and got her autograph). I also met Ron, who chatted with the ladies in the line as we waited our turn. I saw, but did not meet, Misty, Jake and Courtney. My Ohio sister and I have Hamilton on our bucket list.


                        Cheryl and I would like to visit Hamilton sometime, but that will be in the future. As many times as we've been to Paducah I can't remember if M* was ever there. It would make sense that they would have been, but I just can't remember. I know we've seen Nancy Zieman and Kaye Wood there before they passed (Nancy stopped going there a few years before she died), and of course Eleanor Burns, but I don't remember seeing Jenny there.

                        I have watched some of her tutorials and enjoyed them, but I haven't made any of her projects. I think my Mom would have enjoyed watching her.

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                          A fan club for Jenny? Yes, I can see that happening. I "found" M* quite by accident & have been a true blue member since. Jenny's tutorials are done with any quilter in mind whether it's a beginner or advanced. Don't you "forget" some little thing occasionally? She reminds us all that quilting is either something you love, sometimes you don't (rip the stitches) but most of us go back to it again & again. Quilting is my "happy place" & Jenny is the reason. Gina