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    Friday Hellos!

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I don't see Monique on at this time, so I'll get us started. Very chilly here this a.m. Only 29; it's supposed to be only in the 30's today. Nice tomorrow, then snow on Sun. We are hoping for rain or snow to help with the several wildfires that are burning in our state. The East Troublesome Fire (near Granby) took a run with the high winds & covered 100,000 acres in 24 hrs.! It made the national news yest. eve. Many evacuated.

    My massage yest. afternoon was won-der-ful! I have found a new therapist. I was very pleased with her work. She worked over that L. leg where the Iliotibial Band is so tight down the side of my leg. When I came out to go home, I noticed there were particles of black ash on my car.

    I watched the presidential debate last eve. I think I dozed during the latter part of it.

    Today I need to make a run out to Walmart for a few things & 2 Rx's. Our Lady Bugs group is having lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.

    Thank you Joy for starting us off. I slept in this morning. My massage was also wonderful and she massaged my neck when I told her it was sore. My feet were very thankful. We also watched the debate last night.

    I quilted more on the memory quilt. We are to have a very very warm day today 21C which is about 70F instead of 55F we have been getting. It would be a good day to put away the last of the items for the winter.

    Other than that, not much happening. Have a wonderful day everyone. Stay safe and stay healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


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      Morning. If you and Joy are doing it then I will too. I've got a gift card to a spa for a massage that I got back in March. My neck and back agree with you both that its time to use it.

    Good Morning...We woke up to Winter today. I guess a change in my wardrobe is due...socks, flannels and sweatshirts. Yesterday it was 83.

    We watched the debate last night. Joy, I think I dozed off toward the end, too. I thought the Moderator did an excellent job. I was impressed by her professionalism.

    I have a load of clothes washing and I need to vacuum the house today. Other than that it will be a sewing day.

    I will check in later after my day starts perking....have a good day everyone.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good morning!

      Today is going to be a beautiful day -- high in the mid to upper 70's. We have rain on the way tonight, that will cool things off quite a bit. The high tomorrow might not hit 50!

      My printer and my wifi have decided they do not like each other. I'm not sure what happened there. I think I spent half an hour last night trying to print one sheet of paper. I even tried downloading a software upgrade from the printer manufacturer. It might be time for a new router. Some of my electronics work fine if the signal is a little low, others -- like my Roku -- do not.

      I need to run a couple of quick errands today. I may save the sewing room for tomorrow when the weather cools down.

      Have a wonderful day!


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        I think I got the printer to work wirelessly one time, after a long time spent on the phone with tech support. Then it quit. If I need to print something now, I just carry my laptop to the printer and plug in the USB cable. Saves a lot of frustration.

      Good Morning All,

      Well, the Christmas season has officially started on Hallmark, still to early for me for Christmas movies. Mike's back at work so Gabby and I have the morning/afternoon to ourselves.

      I have to finish getting the sewing room back in order. I unpacked my sewing machine. The sample stitches look nice. We'll see how he likes doing binding. That's my next job.

      I need to start planning for Joe and Dot's visit. I know I want to have Taco Salad, it always goes over with everyone. Meat loaf will be another easy prep ahead meals. That's about as far as I've planned. lol, I have a long way to go!

      The mail that came during our trip was delivered yesterday. Still so much junk, even without the normal flyers. Two bills came in, but I paid them while we were gone. So no more checks to write out.

      I have a couple of calls to check on today. Have a great day!
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Good Morning Everyone,

        It is snowing, again. We haven't gotten above 34 since the beginning of the week and we aren't going to today either. I need to run Jim to the store in the early afternoon today and Dave and I are going to run to the pet store for some R/O water and then go to Hobby Lobby for a little exercise and look at the decorations. Dave loves decorating especially for fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have so much stuff for Christmas it isn't funny. Last year Dave was going to go through the tree ornaments and get rid of ones we don't use any longer. I think he got rid of a few but not many. I have a set of decoupage ones that we did together the year we were married. Still looking good after almost 46 years of use.

        I did some sewing yesterday and am almost done with my best friend's quilt. I have about a quarter left to quilt and then I will add the binding. Still thinking about what I want to put on the label.

        Off now for some breakfast and to get my first day of sharing figured out.

        Have a great day everyone.


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          Come on down for a visit when you get tired of the cold!

        Good morning everyone,
        I was up early, as I hope to get a start and a good push at getting more yardwork done. We are expecting a high of 24C (70s F), before temps drop again. There is talk of snow next week, but I'm in denial. I invited a few friends over for a glass of cheer tonight - - outdoors and socially distant, as this may be our last opportunity to enjoy the last bit of beautiful fall weather. The leaves have been dropping this week with the high winds and rain.

        Yesterday, I finished the 2nd xmas tops for GD's made from same panels. These were fast to put together. One I sashed with reds, the other with green mint . Now to find a flannel for backing. I saw a few at some LQS but they didn't have enough. I need at least 6-7m -- at $20M -- i am looking for cheaper options. I also cut and prepped the bindings. I think I will quilt with snowflakes and swirls -- if I find the right pattern. We watched the debate last night. DH gets very upset at what is happening in the US and I know this is the source of his sleep issues.

        I spoke to mom yesterday -- while I think there are times she is ok -- she is still bringing up past events in the present. She is really obsessed about the sale of their home (1983) and the monies from it. Some days she says to share it, other days, keep it all. Unfortunately, in all those years, my parents spent the money, and so I just go with it. She wants to make sure all the papers are done right, so I just tell her she did, and how much I appreciate it. She has been having nausea and GI problems, so they have isolated her and doesn't have her meals in the dining room. Its one thing to get Covid, but gastro would go through the place like wildfire. So the anti-biotics helped with the UTI, but these are often symptoms for her of TIAs and post-Covid symptoms. Isolation is a killer and breeder of dementia.

        Joy - - I hope the fires calm down with some snow and extra help. Mother nature is sure not playing nice these days. I'm glad your massage helped. I can't wait for Nov 2nd to get mine. Monique -- I often add an extra foot treatment -- love to have my feet nurtured.

        I got a M* package on Monday and expecting another that I ordered a week ago. Going to get the day going, with another cup of coffee.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Good morning,

          Happy that it's Finally Friday. One more appointment scheduled for this afternoon---bone density. I hope to fit a little shopping at a couple of stores before the appointment. However, I do like on-line shopping and curb pick up for easy things.

          Our temp today is finally cooler at 81 degrees. Yes, that is cooler. Night time will go down to 79. Prayers for those that had to leave their homes because of the fires. I hope they can return home soon.

          I finished the re-do on the sides of the tote bag and the bottom panels are done. It should be easy to make the sides and join everything. I may add some decorative piping on the bottom edge for definition. Always fun to put that special touch on a project. Then hopefully, I can finish the dino quilt with the binding and label.

          May your weekend be great!



            Not so lucky to wake up to a massage, unless you county Patsy pushing my arm with her paws trying to get me up. I don't imagine it's the same as Joy and Monique experienced.

            Got a call last night that my sister was in the ER. Her blood pressure skyrocketed, but the only test to come back bad was too low in potassium. They sent her home about 1 a.m. She comes over here regularly to get eye shots (she has macular issues), so they were originally not coming here today, but later changed their minds, so she will be by to pick up the quilt that Cheryl made for her. They did a Covid test on her, which came back negative. Evidently that is SOP any more with someone going to the ER.

            Thinking about starting work on the French Star quilt this weekend, although I'm still not 100 percent sure. Between keeping my mind off the election, and trying to decide when to go back to work, I need something that doesn't involve any negative experiences. Still doing some preliminary work on my article, although I doubt I'll get back to actual writing before January. I usually spend about three or four months researching something and a month in writing (including revisions and having friends read what I've done). Not having access to a library makes it much harder to do research, although fortunately I did most of the preliminary work before the pandemic hit. Plus, I have access to some online databases that make research trips really unnecessary.

            Have a great weekend all!

            There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
            --Ken Burns


              Good morning everyone. I'm not here often, but do read your posts in the evenings. Work has been crazy busy. Unfortunately my employer has had to cut 20-25% of expenses so the bulk of it comes from layoffs. I will leave in January (my choice), but there is lots of work to get done between now and then. Today is my day off, so I have a list to accomplish. One load of laundry is done, and baby quilt is quilted, just needs trimming, label and binding. I have two weeks to finish that. Sun is coming up now, so time for mowing and edging. night visit, we'll see. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


                leaf it to snoopy.gif Good Morning. Halloween is getting closer. My favorite holiday. Today is supposed to be a warm autumn day. I hope so After a few days of grey and rain , a colorful day will be welcome.
                I finished the 1st side of my turtle quilt. Jack really likes it, so it will be a keeper. With my glasses on, I can see some small mistakes, but with out the glasses , it looks good, lol. I learnt a few things from this quilt about sewing in the ditch with decorative stitches . Today I have the joy of starting the next side.
                Joy ~ I was looking at pictures online last night of the fire that increased in size. Very unsettling to look at the pictures.. Praying for a few days of heavy rain to help the fire fighters out.
                I had 3 emails from MSQC this morning. I notice when ever I open my email account, there is an email from them. Starting to think its a computer thing. If I click one thing to look at on their website, I get an email to say they have a notion I might like it. I may have to unsubscribe, too much mail.
                Have a really good weekend. =)


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                  M* has been advertising more during the pandemic, I've noticed. I always get the DD e-m, then another one advertising products.

                Morning, quilty friends! Gorgeous fall day! My favorite time of the year!

                After two months of not sewing on my machine.....yesterday was the "dig in my heels" and get busy! I picked up my Babylock Jazz baby from the machine shop after a much needed cleaning and oiling. Got set-up and during the presidential debate, I was in my new haven of bliss! I feel "rusty", so I will have to reacquaint myself with quilting my sandwiches again. I have some small project already prepped to do this.....

                I got this one done yesterday....not my best work, but practice will make perfect. But, I do adore how my machine is running.

                Scrappy Table topper 10.22.20.jpg

                "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


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                  Thank you!

                • Monique
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                  Glad to hear you are getting back into the swing of things.

                • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                  Wow your quilt is pretty, and I think you did a great job quilting, and haven't skipped a beat.

                Hi Everyone!

                I haven't bought fabric in months! But this week, one of the Weekly Deals grabbed my heart:

                I decided to use it in a 3 Dudes Quilt: - I took this class with Rob Appel himself a couple of years ago. I don't think I'll be able to find the notes from that class in our storage unit, but the tutorial alone is pretty good.

                I made a bold choice for the honey bun: green! - I'm hoping the quilt will end up evoking a garden trellis.

                What do you all think?
                Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


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                  O that would be beautiful.

                • srgreene
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                  I can't wait to see the pictures when finished

                I like this...welcome back to sewing!

                Scottie Mom Barb


                  Good afternoon everyone!

                  I am very late today. I hope you all are having a great day! Im home and taking it easy today. Had a sleep in. Been altering some of mama's pants. Making pizza for supper and cutting some fabric later.

                  I was reading that Jenny didn't have a fan club thread. I'll start one. I also don't see a music thread here. I will start one of those as well.

                  Have a great evening everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!

                  Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁