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    It's Wednesday

    Good morning. Surprise!! we have rain this morning. Well it is better than snow. Friday's weather is to be unseasonably warm. I have been waking up with a sore neck (I think from the arthritis) and a headache (I think Sinus problems). I may have to go see about it if it continues much longer.

    Hubby went to town and mailed my parcels for me so that saved me a trip. And I managed to get the quilt sandwiched. That is about as far as I got.

    This morning at 8:15 is my dental appointment. A cleaning and I am sure it will be decided what to do with the back tooth that broke back in March. Not sure what happens after that yet.

    Tomorrow is the foot massage. I am really looking forward to that.

    And so my friends, that's it for me. Have an awesome day everyone. Stay safe and stay healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning!

    Wow’s raining here too 🌧.....we were surprised by it..... it wasn’t predicted.
    So happy you got your quilt basted.....not my favorite part of the process.....but it is one step closer to quilting it! Yippee 🙌 Hope you have a great day!

    We keep plugging away at retirement stuff......hurt our brains last night trying to decide the difference in $$ as to when to nail it all down for me.....but it didn’t keep me from sleeping.....just didn’t get enough 🤪

    Need to do some house work.....yeah ......and maybe get some sewing done too!

    Hope y’all have a most glorious day 🌞
    💫 Star lover


    • KPH
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      Melinda is going through the retirement stuff. I'm glad I told her to start with the state paperwork. The CMS person assigned to her won't answer phone calls or emails. I gave her a list of phone numbers to help with the medicare options for her under the state plan, one professional association that has a lot of additional insurance options at a better rate than the state options.

      It's no fun filling out paperwork, especially when you can't get the person on the phone!

    • TMP
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      My late husband set up the retirement stuff for me. Its Medicare that boogles my mind. So many options. I just want my same doctors . I have no idea who I should call.

    • Claire Hallman
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      TMP, there is someone in our neighborhood that mentioned on our facebook group that he could help with choosing a medicare plan. He is an independent insurance man. If you want it I can get you his name and number.

    Good morning everyone. It’s still dark and raining. We had a storm at 1 am that woke all of us up. Soon it will be time to turn our clocks back an hour...I dread this every year. Why does this have to happen?

    I hunkered down in the sewing room yesterday and made some progress on the Pinwheel quilt. I should be hearing back from my quilter soon to pick up the two large quilts I took her a few weeks ago. I would like to get those done before Christmas to wind up my sewing year. I think next year I want to make small quilts and finish up more of my UFOs.

    Monique, good luck at the dentist. I’m past due for my check up but I won’t be going any time soon except for an emergency.

    wishing everyone a wonderful day...

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Yesterday's smoke was very bad with "unhealthy" air quality. I feel bad for all the firefighters who are working so hard to contain our Colo. fires. There are weather concerns about winds as we have a cold front moving in later this week. Snow is in the forecast for Sunday.

      My dental appt. yest. ended up taking 90 min. rather than 1 hr. That tooth that needed the filling still had mercury amalgam in it, so that necessitated the precautions of using a dam (it took 4 tries for the gal to get it clamped on), wearing of oxygen, etc. A bit uncomfortable, but we got through it.

      After the dentist, I made a quick stop at Vit. Cottage for beets. The store was having a sale of 25% off of everything in the store. Too bad all I needed was beets. So the rest of the afternoon I cooked up 12 large beets in 3 kettles. It made 11 freezer containers. I had some for supper. Yum! So sweet!

      This a.m. is our Bible study on Zoom. We're having a 2nd session right afterwards for a fellowship/chat time. This afternoon I need to do some hand watering of the flower beds.


      • CarlieBlilie
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        Beets are one of my favorite but I have never made them fresh, I usually have canned. Dave doesn't like them. How to you make them?

      • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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        I hope the fire situation improves soon -- not a good thing all around.
        Oh, I just hate the use of dams -- I gag when its needed. I would have had a hard time sitting still for that long. My appt on Monday was only 5 mins to adjust my new nightguard, but the wait and screening almost took 20 mins. I think my <waiting> time patience is wearing out.
        I love beets but I find them soft after I have frozen them. Do you have a tip?

      • JCY
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        Beets ~ DH eats them every day -- cold -- on top of his salad. They're one of the food items I keep cooked up & in the freezer for him. I cook up the whole beets on the stove top until done. Depending on how big they are, that might be for an hour or 90 min. They're cold when I buy them, so that adds to the time. When, done drain the hot water & I rinse them in cold water, slip the skins, then cut them up. I wear disp. gloves so they don't stain my hands & so they're easier to handle. They really hold the heat. I keep out 2 servings for myself, then freeze all the rest. I like them fresh, too. These last beets were really sweet.

      Good Morning to All. Looks like today will be like yesterday, overcast and cooler, I sure hope so. In phase 2 now of dad's estate stuff. Signed paperwork yesterday for his Tenn. property to be sold. One more phase after this.. the IRS for late filing of his 2019 taxes. I did put up the two small fake Christmas trees (bare for now), one in living room and one in sewing room. Cousin said I should leave it up in sewing room and just decorate according to seasons.. Gonna give that a go. If stores can have halloween on one aisle and Christmas on the other, I can do the same in my house, after all - my house - my rules! My order of backing fabric is on its way, actually just a couple hours away but that is more like couple days away as far as actually delivery goes. So next week I should be back in full quilting mode on the 3 lapquilt gifts.

      Hope all have a happy and safe day today.


      • Rhonda K
        Rhonda K commented
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        Yes to decorating the tress for the seasons. Perfect idea!

      • KPH
        KPH commented
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        I'm making Mike get our tree out for Thanksgiving, soon. I need to get Christmas wrapping paper from the shed anyway. I'll decorate it for Thanksgiving, take that stuff off and decorate it for Christmas.

      • Mimi_Howard
        Mimi_Howard commented
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        I was wrong about the shipment taking 2 more days when only 2 hours away, it was delivered before lunchtime.

      Yesterday morning it was misting rain and the weatherman said spotty showers and choppy water so DH said lets go into town and look at backsplash materials cause we can't fish..So we went. I already had it narrowed down to two colors so it was easy....but...when we got to the Lowes store there were scratch and dent refrigerators in the aisle. Usually none I would want. But..........there it was....a big brushed stainless french door Kitchenaid marked less than half. A dent in the side that would be by the wall. So, we bought delivery on sales, so loaded it in the truck and headed back the 25 miles very carefully. Then, we began the process of trying to unload it. Well, that sucker weighs 327 lbs. DH and I combined weigh 260 lbs. Hummm....DH is a master at ingenuity. We tugged, pulled, levered, heaved, and got it to the tailgale. Then we did it again and got it on the cargo elevator. Then We managed to get a hand truck under it and got it onto the deck. Then we tipped it to get the bolts out of the pallet...(how do they expect that to be done..hummm) Then we measured the door closest to the kitchen...Nope, no way..not even if we took the doors off the fridge which involves electronics and water. So back to the hand truck and up two more steps to the second deck, thru the front screened in porch and in thru the double main doors, thru the living room and to the kitchen. I was exhausted (5 hours worth) but he wanted to move out the other fridge and put this one in place. Oh, did I mention I had to move all the porch furniture and all the living room furniture, lay down cardboard so it wouldn't scratch the floors and to prep work for dinner during all of this)
      Anyway at 9pm I went to bed. DH stayed up and connected the icemaker, leveled the feet and adjusted the doors. Where does that skinny little guy get all his energy.
      Today I will put the shelves back in the fridge and pet it a little. Its pretty exciting. Delivery would have been worth any amount of money but she said no way when we bought it. So now that part is done. Oh yes, when we got home, the floor was all wet in the kitchen...dishwasher is leaking. We bought the wrong appliance first...
      Hopefully after the mist rises this morning we might get to go out on the boat and relax.
      Have a great day. Hope you all enjoyed the calamity of two old people that are in denial.
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


      • KPH
        KPH commented
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        Yippee on the can do spirit! I would have insisted on delivery (even if I had to pay extra).

        The dishwasher was the first thing we had to get when we moved into this house. lol, it only took one time of that door smashing into my big toe when I opened the door to figure it out!

      • jjkaiser
        jjkaiser commented
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        oh good heavens! Congrats on the new fridge. You sure worked hard for it!!! I know it's not funny but your post was a hoot and I really enjoyed reading it.

      • grammaterry
        grammaterry commented
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        Katrina, I asked for delivery and told them I was willing to pay whatever but that was the delivery at any cost for these greatly reduced items. And it truly was a great deal! More than 1/2 off

      Good morning,

      Rainy here this morning too. I've already put the laundry on. It's the same button down blouse and jeans that I wore yesterday and will wear again today. What, only one outfit in the closet? Oh well, I won't see the same people again today.

      I'm going to play in the sewing room this morning after breakfast. I am un-settled right now and hope to find my calm again.

      Terry, Loved your refrigerator adventure. Now on to the dishwasher. LOL. Yes, two old people in this house are riding the denial bus with you. I hope you get to rest and sew today after all that work.

      Happy Stitches to all!


        Good morning!

        We have rain to start the day, it should let up by this afternoon. We will have warmer temps, in the mid 60's.

        I talked to Mom's facility yesterday and she was much improved over Monday. She was in good spirits, ate well, and was in the dining room coloring and snacking on a Milky Way. I am looking forward to seeing her next week at our usual time.

        I ran my errands yesterday. Mom's bank was slow, but I was able to take care of her CD without any hassle. Then I went to Fresh Thyme and bought the bunny some greens. The curly parsley wasn't up to their usual standards, so I bought her some lovely dandelion greens instead.

        I don't have much planned for today. Time in the sewing room (of course), and possibly a drive this afternoon if the weather clears up. Working remote, my car spends a lot of time in the garage. I think I've bought gas two, maybe three, times since the pandemic started. The car could use some exercise.

        But first, it is time for tea and toast. Have a wonderful day!


          Good morning all. Just a quick stop here to see how everyone is doing. Heading up to my sister's today. I'll be back home Friday afternoon. Hubby helped me get everything organized to load up the car this morning. I've got a bin of stuff from mom's hope chest and another bin and one box of things from when we emptied out the Brooklyn house. We need to go through these things and see what we want to do with them. I've also got some things for John and Rob. They will be coming over to my sister's for dinner tonight so I'll get to see them too.

          Joy, that smoke situation sounds awful out there. When I lived in California and there were fires (as there were every year) it was so difficult to do anything outdoors. I need to check on my brother and sis in law and see how they are doing. They live in your area.

          Well I'd better get a move on. There are a couple things I want to do here before I leave so off I go. Have a good day everyone. Stay safe. Be well.
          Ginny B


            Good Morning all,

            Well, we definitely got snow, to the tune of 5 inches. Yuck! I drove over to Jennifer's by myself. It was a little hairy leaving town here and roads really didn't get better until I reach a town about 15 miles from Jennifer's house. I got there about 3:15 and she left for her appointment. She called when she got done and said she was heading to her PT appointment but that I could leave as soon as the last of the daycare kids left. As it happens the last little one left as she was talking with Makayla. So off I went to go home, it was a little after 5. I got about halfway through town when I thought that I might want to get some gas. I wasn't that low, I had 3/8 of a tank and the car is only a year old so reliable. However, my brain kicked in and said (in Dave's voice) you don't want to drive in the winter weather with less than a 1/2 tank of gas. So I headed back to the part of town to get my gas--headed to the HyVee gas station as I had 83 cents off. I like that, spent 90 cents a gallon for gas. Then headed home. That was a trial as well. Now instead of it being better here it was much worse. Started out from town at about 40 mph on the highway (the speed is normally 65). Most of the traffic was doing the same. I am always slower as I absolutely refuse to go over the speed limit. In cases like this I always have people go in front of me. I like being able to see them and they are usually much farther ahead of me so if something happens I can avoid it. Took me a while to get home, about 10 minutes more than normal and the roads started to clear up better the closer I got to home. By the time I got home it was raining. Originally we were supposed to get into the low 50's today. Not happening now. Oh well, I'll just get my laundry done and do some sewing instead.

            I did drop off the Glam Girl quilt and it's pillows to my daughter yesterday. This morning when I got up my first thought was, darn it! I forgot to take pictures! So I sent my daughter a request to take pictures. I cannot believe I forgot to do that. Since she is a quilter also I know she will know how important it is to me to have the pictures taken. I also dropped off half of the banana cake to my daughter. I froze the other half. I also froze the rest of the apple pie cake and apple pie that I made recently. They two freezers are pretty full now. It doesn't look like the weather is going to be very nice for the next week or so. I'm thinking that I might start working on the tomatoes I have frozen and get them cooked down.

            Dave just came in and asked what I have planned for the day. Laundry only. We have been talking of taking the sleeper sofa out of the den, which is a very small room (about 11x11) and putting it in the living room and taking the older sofa out of the living room and putting it in the den. More room for people who stay overnight, although we don't have very many. It is usually the grandkids. So we will be taking the computer out of the den and then we will see if Dave and I can move the sofa bed. If so, we are going to have to get the bookcase out of the room also. The bookcase is something Dave made years ago and it is beautiful. We only have the "small" part. He built it as a 4 ft piece and a 9 ft piece and connected them with a "corner" top. Description isn't very good. We had it on two walls, the 4 ft on one wall and the 9 ft on the other and he made a top that joined the two. That was when we lived in the same town as my daughter. We had a double-wide mobile home. Now we live in my grandparent's home. Original foot print was 24x28. Not very much room in this house! Thankfully my grandfather added several rooms and a second story so we aren't too cramped but boy have we downsized since we moved here. One of the things that we didn't have was the bookcase but last year when we got rid of a couple of things we asked our daughter for the smaller part of the bookcase to use, she was no longer using it. Dave made a new top for this small section and it looks great. Anyway, we will try and get that sofa bed moved today. If we cannot manage it we will ask the kids to come visit us this weekend and then Chuck can help us move it.

            Best get going on laundry and breakfast. Have a great day everyone.


              Good morning everyone,

              We had our first SNOW yesterday and last evening. At first it was melting as it fell, but eventually, it started to accumulate. It's heavy and very wet snow, so GK's made their first snowman of the year. The trees are drooping from the heavy snow that built up on the leaves. There are still lots of trees with their leaves. I talked to my DD who lives in the Minneapolis area, and they got 8 inches. Blah! I told my family I'm not leaving the house until next May.....too cold.🤣🤣🤣

              I'm still working on organizing the guest room after combining the contents of two dressers into one. I'm using it to store old pictures, memorabilia, etc. But it all has to be looked at and sorted. I hope to finish today. I can't seem to get the sewing urge until I finish this organizing project.

              Stay cozy everyone.


              • CarlieBlilie
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                We got about 5 or 6 here. Very heavy and wet. If I could I wouldn’t go anywhere til May either. I’m still hoping for an Indian Summer.

              Good morning all,

              I guess sometime today I'll work on laundry. Gabby is snuggled down in her pillow by the sliding glass door. She's wandered around this morning acting like, what am I doing back here? lol, well this is where we'll be for a while. I need to make a grocery run, too! Yuck!

              I need to set up my sewing machine. I got it back right before we left town. Next job will be finishing the VT quilt and getting it in the mail.

              Mike's about done with his laundry, time to start getting mine ready to go.

              Have a great day!
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Good morning everyone!

                This will be my last post. I am leaving the forum.

                Thanks to all of kind and sweet folks you who have shown me kindness, love, help and support. I will miss you! Big hugs to you all!!

                Stay happy, healthy and safe.

                Love and hugs...

                Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


                • jjkaiser
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                  So sad to hear this and it seems kind of sudden. Hope it was nothing I said lol. We'll miss you. Take care.

                • Star lover
                  Star lover commented
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                  I’m so sad you won’t be here..... 😭 As many have said....don’t let a bad apple spoil your time here. If you need time and space.....take it and I’m praying you’ll return. You’ve brightened many of my days more than you’ll ever know. Love and hugs love❣️

                • Hillbillyhike
                  Hillbillyhike commented
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                  Oh my goodness!! I am humbled and overwhelmed by all your responses! Know that Incare about all of you just as much! It is for personal reasons that I may need to leave, although I am reconsidering it now. I had no idea how much an impact I have made to this community in such a short time. I feel love and gratitude for you and from you! Know that it is absolutely nothing anyone has said or done!! My health and family are fine. It is other reasons. I will be taking a step back though. I feel extremely blessed to have gotten to know so many beautiful people!! Hug and love to you all!

                Good morning all,
                Yesterday was a busy day. My GF picked me up and we did a run to drop off VQC quilts, carry totes and fabric donations made and collected since March. We also dropped off kits to members and picked up tops they made. We also went to VV and picked up some great deals, in addition to our senior's discount.
                Then we came back to my house and we sandwiched some quilts for her to drop off to another member for SITD. We are all keeping busy.

                Today I will pick up the rolls of batting & flannel to drop off to area coordinator for cutting & distribution. I also want to pick up packaging for line of baby products. Then I hope to get back to the sewing room. Monday, I cut up a xmas panel and added sashing and borders. I am making another one with same panel but different color sashing and border. These will be for grand-daughters. I hope to tackle my bin of xmas fabrics.

                I need to get DH's sleep patterns readjusted and figure out how we can improve it. Not much going on besides that. Mom is doing much better since they put her on antibiotics for a UTI. The delirium or dementia-like symptoms have disappeared.

                Enjoy your day.

                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                • JulieC
                  JulieC commented
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                  So happy to see your mom is doing better on the antibiotics!

                • ktdid
                  ktdid commented
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                  I'm so very glad for you & your mom! Is her dementia actually gone?? did anyone figure out what caused it? I wished I had a tenth of your energy! Your charity work will be remembered and I admire you for all you do! Does your DH ever post on the forum?? Bless you!!

                Good morning.

                For the past few mornings I have had to wear a sweatshirt to take Patsy out, but this morning as soon as I opened the door I realized it was far too warm for that. So i switched to a tee shirt. Patsy's first appointment was a mixture of good news and not so good news. The not so good news is that the pressure in her good eye went up slightly from the lest time it was checked. The vet thinks that if we increase the dosage of her eyedrops to three times a day instead of two that might help. If it doesn't then we will have to consider stronger medicine. The good news is that except for that Patsy is in excellent health!

                We will have to take her back in a couple of weeks to retest the eye pressure to see if the increase in drops is helping. We also got a three month supply of heartworm medicine. Our last vet told us there was no need to giver our dog the medicine over the winter and neither Rosebud nor Droopy ever tested positive. Once Spring gets here we will start back again.

                Even though I haven't been sewing, today I plan to go through my reproduction fabric and make the final selections for my Lincoln quilt. Since I first designed it I have seen other fabrics that I think might look better on it, so today I want to make the final selections. I also need to go through some of the other i've bought for various projects and decide if I still want to do them or eventually use them for something else. Also, Rhonda provided me with an embroidered basset that looks fantastic, so I need to look over the basset quilt and figure out how to work it in. I have been on many forums and I have to say that this one is made up of the nicest and most helpful people. it's a pleasure to visit here.

                Have a great day all!

                There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
                --Ken Burns