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This Wild and Wonderful World of Ours! ๐Ÿ›

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    This Wild and Wonderful World of Ours! ๐Ÿ›

    Introducing the .......Umbonia Spinosa


    This uncommon creature has an official name that sounds like one of Harry Potterโ€™s spells, but it is sometimes called a treehopper or thorn bug. This delightfully strange bug has scientists rather baffled as there hasnโ€™t been a ton of intense research on them, though they believe it to be closely related to the cicada. Though other thorn bugs have a shape that looks like, well thorns, this one seems to be sporting a strange helmet that appears to be more of a fashion statement than good camouflage.

    Like other bugs, they use their sharp mouthparts to pierce plants and stems and suck the sap inside them. Because of their sweet diet, like aphids, they produce a sugary excrement which ants really love called honeydew. Sorry for that unfortunate information. Now, next time you try eating that melon, youโ€™ll be thinking of bug crap. Because of this relationship, the ants become very protective of their treehoppers, and if you try to take one away from them theyโ€™ll attack you. Theyโ€™re sort of like treehopper bodyguards, only with an awkward habit of eating their employerโ€™s poop.

    Although related to the loud cicadas, the treehoppers use vibrations to communicate that are inaudible to humans. Unlike some bugs, the mothers will actually stick around after their children are born and chat with them and guard them as they grow up.

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    Thanks for educating us with your posts.
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      Thanks for such an amusing little bug. Yeah, thinking of bug crap. Can't seem to get that pic out of my head, but was very funny.
      No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.