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    It's Friday

    Well I am up at an ungodly hour. Getting up to use the bathroom and then I can't get back to sleep. GEEZ LOUISE!!

    It was a good day at work, it went fairly smoothly. There was a little excitement outside across the street. Seems like someone got shot up in the bush and the ambulance met them in town. Remember, this is a very rural little town so when something like this happens, everyone knows. I got a call at the post office asking if there was anything going on here. Was it an accident then? You have to love small town people, LOL!!

    I watched the new tutorial this morning, not sure if I like it or not.

    I will need to go to town this morning to get some insulin for hubby. Not sure what the rest of the day will hold. I am excited about my road trip tomorrow with my friend.

    Have a great Friday friends and weekend as well. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


    Wow, Monique...a shooting? Scary! 👻 Have a fabulous day whatever you want......or at least pet some fabric for me. Haven’t been in a shop in ages! How’s your foot doing?

    “Baby it’s cold outside.” A heavy frost, hoping it kills some virus bugs.....knowing it won’t.

    Sewed some yesterday, did a bunch of shopping 🛍. Not sure what I’ll do today. The lawn needs cutting......grrrrr

    Hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful and safe weekend! ❣️
    💫 Star lover


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      As long as I don't stand too long, I am okay. Thanks for asking.

    Good morning! It's frosty here too. I hope it bites down the grass in the yard because I'm tired of mowing every week since mid-March. I also haven't gone out shopping in months. With Covid worse here now than ever, it looks like I won't be going for a good while. Schools started in-person instruction on Monday and will be going back to virtual learning next Monday.
    There's nothing exciting going on here today. I'd hoped to ride along with DH to pick up seed, but another fellow is going so there isn't room for me. Oh well, I may take a nap since I've been up since 4. Happy Fri-yay!
    *~* Myrna *~*
    *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


      Good morning everyone! brain is doing the same thing this morning. It wants to party while I want more sleep. I've developed a habit of just getting up and going back to bed after a couple of hours once I'm tired again. Not sure if that's good or bad.

      Yesterday was productive. Had a big list and got everything checked off except for cleaning the bathroom. I'll do that today. Fence visit with dad, pharmacy drive through to pick up my meds, my once every 3 month visit to the bank that I couldn't avoid any longer, baked buns amd bread, did sheets and more laundry, talked with mama twice and each of their facilities' wellness coordinators, did some paperwork and online shopping for mama. No sewing got done. It felt good to get things checked off my huge to do list and catch up on my own stuff.

      Today we pick up and bring mama her nightstands that I ordered. She is out of isolation as of this morning. Yay! She was a bit nervous about that. Understandably so. Tomorrow her new bed is being delivered. I just ordered a small dresser for her closet and a linen tower for her bathroom. Things are looking good in her new place. A few more pictures to hang this weekend and more clothes to wash and we'll be all done. I will get her old apartment packed up next week.

      Have a wonderful day everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!
      Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


        Good morning,

        I am up at crack 30 this morning too. Watching our Dgrandson today and already making play do cookies. Hopefully, he eats his cereal instead of them. We will venture to the pumpkin patch later. Yesterday was fun driving through the safari. The animals were active as it was late afternoon and feeding time for them.

        There won’t be any stitching time until later today. Looking forward to the weekend!


          Just listening to all you got done yesterday made me tired. Try not to work so hard today, Hike. Have a good weekend.

          Scottie Mom Barb


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            Thanks Barb! Enjoy yours as well. I will get a bit of sew time in there somewhere!

          Good Morning All. I got that early call too and now sit here yawning, but if I go back to bed I will be wide awake. So might as well just get an early start to the day and do a nap later. Tried getting a shower head off yesterday and that bugger wouldn't budge. Its a small shower stall and no room to move away from the spray and constantly having it aimed at the face is not fun. Tonight my son and his crew are bringing me dinner so I have added that task to his momma do list, along with getting my Christmas decorations down from the shelving in the garage.

          Grocery run this morning, I like to go when they first open to avoid crowds. Never did get into the sewing room yesterday, I had to make an uplanned run to the post office and just took my time sorting and organizing all the probate paperwork after emailing back and forth with the lawyer. So today no mental strain is on the horizon at all, well maybe a little if I end up visiting with my seam ripper!


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            I just tried going back to bed Mimi. Didn't work...yet lol

          Good Morning ~ ~ We’ve been up since about 3 am with Sugar. She has a bad tummy and needed in and out for a couple hours. Then Jeff let her come into our bed which means no sleep for me.

          I watched the new tutorial this morning. I love the little wall hanging Misty made and the runners Jenny made. Natalie’s quilt is beautiful. Ohio Star is a very traditional block that I haven’t tried to make. I like Jenny’s technique for making the little hourglass units.

          Last night was our first hard freeze of the year. I hope that this will get rid of the bugs and those slithery things.

          I guess I will finish my tea and ease my way into the day. Libby (EnumclawGramma) will take over the quilt sharing today.

          Have a great Friday everyone.
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          Scottie Mom Barb


            Good Morning! It is quite frosty here this morning, a brisk 33 degrees and we are heading for a high of 48. Dave got some of the burning done yesterday but we had to wait until evening as it was too windy and since it has been quite dry he didn't want to start a fire until the winds died down. Today we will probably pull the rest of the annuals and get the gardens cleaned up.

            I was able to do a little more machine quilting on the Glam Girl quilt. I have a few rows left and then the border to do. Once that is done I need to get the label made and sew the binding on. Jennifer will be excited to have this completed so she can give it to Debi. Debi has been her best friend since 5th grade and she has had a very rough year. Her son went through a major medical scare, her brother who she was very close to died suddenly from a heart attack and now she is getting a divorce (hubby is cheating on her). Her hubby is trying to wheedle into her good graces again but she isn't having any of it. Jennifer said she has been very adamant that she is done with the marriage. I'm excited, too, for her to get this quilt.

            Once I get this one done I need to get busy on the quilt for my sister-in-law but I also need to cut out a quilt for my best friend who is now going through chemo for her breast cancer.

            No plans for anything else today, time for some coffee as it is a little nippy in here today as I sit at the computer. Our house stays at 70 all winter long but it always feels a little chilly so we have blankets or quilts sitting all over the house for when we sit. Have a great day everyone!


              Carlie, Are your knees feeling better? Have a good weekend.

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Poor Sugar...and you! Hope she feela better soon. Thanks for organizing all these quilt shows Barb. They are so very wonderful to see!
                Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


                  Good Morning All,

                  What a day yesterday was, hurry up and wait. The car was done and in the pick up lot for a half hour before they called us to pay. lol, I doubt Mike will be leaving a glowing review, if any at all.

                  Today, we'll see Uncle Darrell and Little Mac (my cousin) only he isn't little any more! Uncle Darrell has a wrinkle in his retina and he's getting ready to have surgery. We'll see what he finds out from the eye doctor today. He had 4 appointments with other doctors this week.

                  My clothing bag is packed. Clean clothes out for tomorrow and a spare outfit in the overnight duffle. Slowly but surely, we're packing up heading for NC tomorrow. Howard's aunt's tomorrow and Charlotte. We'll see my other uncle and aunt in Charlotte and hopefully, Melinda and Russell. Mike wants to see Jerrod while we're there.

                  I'm sure Mike will be hunting for Harley Dealerships for our trip home, since we'll be taking a different route. All of the museums and artsy shops are still closed in Sulfolk. It's been disappointing to Jim, there are several places he'd love to take the kids, but can't. Maybe they'll get back up here one day. The camp ground they're in is really nice. We took Gabby for a walk around the lake this morning. Then Gabby had a bath in the sink when we got home! White dog was a filthy mess when we got home. She ate her breakfast and is almost dry. She'll be ready for a good brushing when we get home this afternoon.

                  Well, time to get busy, again. Have a wonderful day.
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                    Enjoy your last day and visits. Safe journey home tomorrow Katrina!

                  Good morning!

                  It is in the upper 30's right now, high day will be around 52 with sunshine. My sister arrived safely from Texas yesterday. We had supper last night and the three of us had a nice visit. I don't know what her plans are for today.

                  The Panda Express lunch my Ohio sister & I had yesterday was very good. We will order from them again. My employer is having another fundraiser with them in November.

                  I would like to get the kitchen floor cleaned today, and maybe run up to Fresh Thyme to get greens for the bunny. I hope the selection is better than it was last week. I also want to spend some time in the sewing room.

                  But first, a cup of tea and some breakfast. Have a wonderful day!


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                    Enjoy your time with your sister Julie!

                  Satisfying feeling to wake up with my baby boy (25 yo) asleep in his old room. The Hubs and Son were going to go fishing this morning, and after they'd packed and hitched up the boat last night, they discovered the boat ramp closed Wednesday. Typically, last call on the reservoir is the 31st. So the guys are sleeping in and I'm back in the sewing room trying to straighten out my little cowboy boot potholders. My test drive didn't come out well and I couldn't put my finger on why. The Son (the enginerd) saw my design flaw in about 30 seconds and helped me straighten out my pattern.

                  Had breakfast with the BIL and his wife yesterday. Her sisters are having a tough year with health issues, and the BIL is getting measured today for a shunt (not sure that's the right word) so he'll be ready to start dialysis soon. His kidneys are failing typical of a diabetes situation. Listening to the litany of health woes, I'm reminded to be thankful for each day despite my frustrations with COVID restrictions.

                  Please hug someone today that is in your safe bubble and enjoy your day.



                    Good morning everyone,

                    It must have been the night for everyone to have sleep issues. I tossed and turned all night, and finally got up before 6 which is early for me. Maybe it's the weather change coming.....snow predicted for tonight and tomorrow morning. The weather people are calling it an Alberta Clipper. We're very familiar with them, but this is a bit early.

                    Life has been busy glad I retired from JoAnns. A week ago I spent 2 days with my sister and BIL sorting through things at our parents' home which we've inherited and are presently renting out to a nice family. There is a large pole barn filled with 2 vehicles, a fifth wheel trailer, and a boat. About a quarter of it was filled with boxes of "stuff" from the house. We managed to get through all of that, which was our goal. BIL brought his trailer, and 1 load went to the dump, and another load went for donations. Of course, sister and I brought some things home too. We still have to decide where the vehicles are going, but that's for next spring. The whole process makes me want to sort and throw from my own house!

                    Last Friday the dogs and I drove to the cabin for our last stay. I packed up the bed linens to be brought home, emptied the cupboard of anything freezable, and cleaned out the fridge. There's a service coming next week to drain the pipes and shut down the furnace. The cabin isn't insulated for winter, and even if it was, I don't think we'd use it much once the snow and cold arrived. I'm feeling like I'm ready to hibernate until next spring.

                    I liked the Triple Play tutorial this morning.
                    Stay warm and cozy everyone!