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Update on sewing room move

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    Update on sewing room move

    The only thing left in the 'old' sewing room to move is one Bernina and the majority of my fabric. Everything else is 'almost' in place. Today we rehung the pegboard and DH and I made a design board and mounted it. We have my MAIN machine in place, the serger close by, shelving is where it belongs, and everything needs neatened up and tidied. DH has been a tremendous help although it seems I never put things where he thinks they should go, and vice versa.

    Tomorrow we will finish moving the fabric (I'm getting ready to start wrapping on foam board and sorting everything), we'll move some of my sewing machine collection into another room (I really don't have room for all my machines in the new space . . . and I didn't in the old space, either). My collecting of machines is another story for another day though. Look for some of my machines on e-Bay.

    While I do love the wire rack (see my 'future sewing room' pictures in another post) I am not sure it is a very efficient use of space. I do have the bookcases from the family room entertainment center and they probably will house the majority of my fabric stash. Whether or not I keep the wire rack will depend on space around my cutting table - and that's difficult to determine until everything is where it belongs.
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    Re: Update on sewing room move

    Can't wait to see the updated pictures !! Still no luck with my picture posting as you can see. Have a good night.