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It's FRIDAY!!!!

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    It's FRIDAY!!!!

    Good morning friends. YES it's Friday. My week will soon be over. I work next Tuesday and Wednesday at another post office. NO sewing there, I won't have time as it is a busy place. Hubby is talking about going to the camp next week so I might have a few days to myself.

    I made more 4 patches yesterday and have them ironed and ready to add the 4 1/2" square to them. Well, I have to cut the squares down to 4 1/2. I might do that this morning, it is too early to decide.

    As I was sitting in the kitchen on the computer I heard the mouse trap go off. Sure enough, one down. Good thing I wasn't sitting in the living room. I caught one yesterday outside as well. I hate the little boogers!!! But I have the courage now to actually empty the trap myself. I am a big girl now!!!! I used to throw trap and mouse away.

    I hope everyone is healthy and safe. I hope Joy will be okay as she wasn't feeling well yesterday.

    This is our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. I am so thankful for many things and included in that list is this forum and the friendships I have made. Have a great day everyone and weekend ahead.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning ~~ I heard from Pam (pcbatiks) and she and Gordon and puppy have evacuated again to get away from hurricane Delta. Her parents have evacuated again also but to a different location. She will try to let me know how they are doing after the storm. Please remember to keep all of them in your prayers. I will keep you posted when I hear back from her.

    Let’s also continue to remember Joy (JCY) in our prayers. She may give us an update later if she feels up to it.

    Be sure to look at minipinlady’s first posting of her work today...super creative and personal quilts for people and pups.

    Yesterday I actually got some sewing done though not a lot. I think I managed to put together 10 pinwheels. I re-sewed the blocks I had to rip apart plus a few more. I still don’t have my sewing mojo back.

    Monique, have a good day at work. Wishing you a happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

    Have a good day friends....
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    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good Morning, Everyone, ~ After getting the C-19 test yest a.m., I took it easy the rest of the day. Only did what I had to do in the kitchen. I spent considerable time in my recliner & listened to my CD player with the head phones. My temp. is normal this a.m. We'll see how the day goes. They said 24-48 hrs. for the test results. I don't feel quite as achy this a.m. My left leg still is bothering me. The muscles above the knee feel tight.

      We've had ring side seats to watch the construction activity across the street. A young couple lives there. He works for Amazon, something to do with returns. There are trucks delivery things on almost a daily basis, boxes stacked on pallets. He's been working in his garage. A few days ago they had their storage shed (which was a cobbled up mess & never would have met code -- built by the previous owner) torn down. I chatted with him that day. The plan is to pour a cement slap on that side of the house as well as the driveway to the street & build a 200 sq. ft. storage shed. The cement truck delivered at 7:15 yest. a.m. The slab & driveway all are poured & looking good. The owner said there would be activity ongoing for probably a month. It will be interesting to watch the progress.

      It's supposed to be another sunny day in the 80's. We got up to 88 yest. It's still smoky from the wildfires.


      • Claire Hallman
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        Glad you are feeling better. Don't you just love watching construction, I know I do.

      • Momofmonsters5
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        Glad today is better! Construction is fun but not the bugs lol. Everytime they mess with the lot across the street ..we get the bugs!!

      • Hillbillyhike
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        Editing a comment glad you have no fever and that you are resting!

      Good morning. Friday got here fast this week. Yesterday I spent a good amount of the day cleaning and changing out the decor. It's looking more like fall inside now too. We did the outside on Monday. Or maybe it was Sunday. Who can remember?

      Needless to say I didn't get into my sewing room yesterday so I'm hoping to do that today. So many things are on my to do list that didn't get completed this week.

      I've been watching the weather and will keep Pam and her family in my prayers. And I will also keep Joy in my prayers too.

      Time to mosey on with the day. Have a good one everyone. Be well. Stay safe
      Ginny B


        Good Morning all,

        Yesterday I ran Milka and Augie to the vet for their teeth cleaning. Got there about 8:15. On the way home I stopped to talk with my daughter a little. As usual, when I walked in the door the response was "Gramma's here!" from the daycare kids. Can't say I don't love it. The vet said the dogs may be up around 1 so I should call to see when I could come back and pick them up. So I called at 1:30 and Milka was up but Augie was still sleeping pretty good however they said they thought I'd be good to get them after 3. So, Dave and I left here around 2 to get them. Poor puppies were still not fully recovered. Milka was a little wobbly but Augie hadn't gotten his legs back under him quite yet, in fact he had gone potty in the kennel so he was a little wet. Good thing I had a blanket. So we packed them up in the car and Dave drove us home. Augie slept more than half way home. Milka sat on Dave's lap for a bit then sat with me the rest of the way. When we got home Augie's back legs still were not working as well as they usually do. They were pretty good last night, Milka especially pestered me about eating. Since they were both drinking water okay I gave them a small amount of food which they both kept down. I'm sure they will be their normal selves this morning.

        I have my annual physical this morning. We will see what the doctor has to say about my numbers. I was pretty happy with what I saw but he may see it differently than I do.

        Dave and I are planning another raised garden in the back yard and will probably get the lumber for that today. The neighbor to the back of us dug out part of the yard to have more parking space. Dave told him if he was going to get rid of the dirt he would take some and we got a lot more than what Dave originally needed. He was telling me he didn't know what he was going to do with all the dirt when I reminded him that I was thinking of putting in another raised garden bed, so that is his next project. Since he finished the siding way before he was thinking he would get it done he needs something to keep busy. I will help him a little with that but hope to get into the sewing room today. Haven't gotten up there since the beginning of the week so I'd like to get going. I have been thinking about doing a little re-arranging so that I can keep my cutting table open all the time, maybe even attach my big rotary mat to it. Not sure. I may ask Dave to make me a table just for cutting. I use the one I have now when I layer but it takes up so much room and I really don't have room to keep it set up. I'm thinking that if Dave makes me a table like the one he made for my kitchen but a little longer and wider I can keep it in one place right by where I sew. I'll have to talk to him about it. I know he is going to want something to do over the winter!

        Off now to the doctor's office. Have a great day everyone.


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          Awww...that would be a nice feeling Carlie. Kids can be so sweet.

        Good Morning to All. Yesterday was an all day jammie day. Washed dishes and had a day of sewing room time. Very relaxing. Today I must venture out to the grocery store and that is my only MUST DO chore for today.

        I finished the rows on double slice lap quilt, will put them together this afternoon. Almost have 2 down and 1 to go on the tops. I need to order batting and backing fabric still.

        Please stay safe and have a happy day.


          Good morning!

          Today is going to be a beautiful day -- high around 74 and sunny. We won't have too many days like this before winter hits.

          Our Canadian friends' talk of Thanksgiving brings back fond memories from after Dad died. Dad and I were the only two in our family who liked turkey. I was lamenting how my family doesn't gather for Thanksgiving, I used to make a turkey breast and take some over to Dad the next day. I wasn't going to bother with turkey that year. A friend of mine organized a Thanksgiving potluck, held on Canadian Thanksgiving. She brought the turkey, I made the mashed potatoes, other friends and co-workers brought sides and one gal made a pumpkin roll. We did this for a couple of years. I still miss sharing turkey with Dad, but I will always be grateful for those potlucks.

          I made a couple of masks yesterday. I used a soft knit elastic. It is definitely more comfortable than my old elastic, but the mask was a looser fit than what I'm used to. I'm going to try shortening the length to see if that helps.

          My LQS is now offering personal window shopping by appointment with a personal shopper. We're not allowed in the store. They have an enclosed entryway and masks are required. I'm going to set up an appointment and see if they can find some fabric for the quilt for the boss's grand baby. They were always so good with color. They are being extra cautious because one of the owners caught a severe case of Covid back in June. She has had a long recovery.

          Glad to see Joy is feeling a little better today. Sending prayers Pam & her family stay safe from the storm.

          Have a wonderful day!


            Good Morning All,

            I've been pulling stuff to pack for so long. I was hunting for a Christmas bag yesterday so I could take Melinda and Russell their Christmas present. Anyway, nobody has any out yet. I found a bag in Melinda's favorite colors, I'll add their Christmas card and staple it shut with directions. One less package to ship, is the way I'm looking at it!

            Mike's check engine light came back on. He's taking the car in on Saturday for a final check. The guy is thinking the part they put in was defective. It's happened before. According to the computer read outs, it's reading as a 'history' code. Which would make you think, it's reading the old issue which was repaired. OnStar has the information and will be able to monitor while we're gone. Either way, the dealership is confident that there in nothing that would damage the car if we just went on our trip and didn't worry about it until we got back. Prayers for travel mercies and car mercies (lol) while we're gone!

            The longarmer called the VT quilt is ready to pick up. We may/ may not be able to pick it up Saturday. I'll call her this morning and tell her, it might have to wait until we get back to town to be picked up. I would have loved to had it to deliver it to CJ while we were in VA but that's not going to happen!

            Time to get busy. Have a great day!
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Morning everyone.

              Well, it might be a bit much to say the sewing drought is over, but I did work on the double nine patch yesterday. I got the sashing sewed on one row. I plan to try and work on the second row today, provided Patsy will allow it.

              Tomorrow will be the first birthday for the daughter of Cheryl's nephew. I told Cheryl that if the crowd was going to be small we could go, but if not I don't want to chance it. One of the main things that sucks about the pandemic is that many of our "normalcies" are upended. It isn't fair, but getting sick because of a birthday party isn't either. It's like parents who complained about their kids not getting a graduation ceremony. It's been nearly 40 years since I graduated, and I don't remember a darn thing about it. I don't even remember that much about my college graduation, which was far more important to me than high school, except that the afternoon session got to have Burl Ives as the speaker and ours was a historian who cancelled at the last minute. My point is that life is full of "little moments" that may seem important in detail, but overall won't be remembered later. Missing them is sad, but is not a tragedy
              Enough philosophy for a Friday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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              There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
              --Ken Burns


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                I had read a story awhile back on an Italian family that got together for a birthday party.. A disabled daughter afraid of the virus risk tho' no one knew if they had it, went outside and stayed on the porch. It turned out the virus attended the party as an invisible guest. the father died, and the mother was dying when they wrote the story. over half the family got it , including the disabled daughter on the porch. Not trying to scare you. If you have reservations about a party listen to your instincts. As you said somethings we think are important at the moment are forgotten years later. A one year won't remember her party. My husband has breathing issues so he worries about coming into contact with the virus. He goes to Walmart with big rubber gloves, his mask and glasses on, and he is not shy about telling people " 6 Feet people ! "That said he went golfing with an old buddy and thinks the fresh air and golf club distance with their individual carts kept him safe. My point is, we really don't know where the invisible hitchhiker is lurking. Have you read that dogs can smell the virus on people ? I sure wish my dogs were trained to detect it. But then again dogs can catch it too, even tigers. Be careful.

              • minipinlady
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                I remembered too many stories, it was a family in Texas, not Italy. Sorry for misquote there. I had read about half a family lost in Italy to virus around the same time. I try to limit now what I read about the virus and families effected. I have a small family , and like everyone, I worry about them during these strange times. Stay safe, healthy and happy.

              • Rob the HOAQ
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                Believe me, there's nothing you say that can bother me more than I already am. I love my family, and I want them to be able to celebrate all the major events, and its not that I don't trust them, but you never know who they have been in contact with. Cheryl's father turns 90 this month and her uncle does as well. Her family is talking about having something for them, but I told Cheryl last night that it's not worth it this year. Her uncle is in very poor health and her dad, while seemingly invincible, is still 90. Can't really say too much, though, because it's not my decision.


              Good morning everyone!

              I actually slept to 5:30 this morning. The last couple of nights have had pretty good sleeps. I guess all that yard work helped. Hubby and I got the front all done. The beds look so bare! I cut the lawn super short for likely the last time. The rains are back today.

              I have always done most of the landscaping and hubby has done the gardening. I can nurture and keep people alive, but not plants lol. No interest in it...not even planting. I love choosing plants and having a garden, but I don't have a knack for the rest. I have always enjoyed trimming the hedge, weeding, light pruning, raking and sweeping, etc. I call us the Gardener and the Grunt lol. Sadly with my health issues I'm finding thatbI can't do anything very physical these days, and not easily or quickly. What used to take me 20 minutes, takes me 2 hours...2 days is nlw 2 weeks. I have jlined the snail community that thrives in my garden. 😂

              Anyways, I have had to pass the torch on hedge trimming. I can't do that ladder any longer. My Dr said no more lawn mowing either. Those gas fumes are so hard on my lungs. So to hubby's dismay, another torch was passed. Now, I had talked about getting a battery operated lawn mower well before then, but he wasn't for the idea. Mowing the lawn is probably my favourite task, aside from weeding. Yes...I'm weird lol. I find it relaxing. I told hubby this. So one day he came home with a Ryobi battery power assisted lawn mower. It's awesome!! Super light, powers through anything, turns on a dime. It can go way faster than me but I (being a snail now) keep it at the slowest speed most of the time. It has a lever for easy lowering and lifting and it mulches so well! I just guide it. Seriously, I can mow with one hand! It's so effortless. I was so happy that I could mow again. Easy stops amd starts mean I can take breaks when needed. It's very exciting to be a bit independent again and feel that accomplishment. =)

              I also got most of my binding on my Seeds of Gratitude quilt done. Just finishing the hand sewing to the back now. I do enjoy that part. I will post a picture when it's done.

              Enjoy your day everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!
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              Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


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                I love my battery powered mower. It's on it's 4th year now.

              We are having a little rain as a result of Delta even though she is pretty far away. I don't think we will have any really bad weather, sure hope not. The rain has stopped us from going on a little jaunt to some "antique" stores, not a real problem since we really don't need anything.
              I have joined a new facebook group called Beautiful table settings, such gorgeous eye candy makes me want to look at dishes and glasses. I always thought my mother was crazy to want to look at those things but now I understand the link to our past. There are often quilts to see, also.
              The rain might push me into my sewing room where there is lots to keep me busy.


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                Oh how I love antique and thrift shops and hunting for old treasures...especially serving dishes! I hope you get to go soon Claire.

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                Me too! I love antique stores there is so much to see. I have a weakness for sterling silver serving pieces and flatware and I even love polishing it. I don't feel safe shopping yet but I have a ton of pictures on my Pinterest board for when I am in the mood to, what would you call it, window shopping?!!

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                Yes! Window shopping. Maybe digital scrapbooking?? Lol

              Good morning!! Yay it's Friday!! I'm ready for the weekend. I have a stack or projects cut and ready to sew! I find I'm more productive that way.
              Work has been busy and hectic..I'm worn out this week!
              I started walking everyday to build my muscles up and it feels really good. At 42 I should be able to walk more than 15 minutes. I battled siatica for over a year before I got better and out of pain 24/7. I figured it will take just as long to get normal again. I still have some tingling in my left foot but it's improving. I can stand with great posture now and walk a store without needing to rest 3 times. I'll take the major improvements.
              I went to wally world last night to get chicken for teriyaki chicken and thank goodness the sewing section is starting to look normal again. I needed bias tape and a yarn needle. Fabric is back. I didn't see any small prints for barbie clothes but Rosa likes bugs so I got some really cute bug buttons to put on the clothes I do make.

              Back to work for me!! I hope everyone stays safe and has a wonderful Friday!!


                Moaning a bit today. Typically the Hubs and I take a long weekend over Columbus Day to enjoy the late colors, the cooler weather, and the lack of tourists. Taos NM has been a favorite. I miss the opportunity in the current COVID world. More so than cancelling our plans to Alaska this summer.

                Enough pity party though. All is well and very well and this too shall pass. Off to clean the bathroom. 😁😁


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                  Oh Taos, the Aspens along the main road were beautiful.

                Good morning,

                I made it here in the nick of time to still declare that it's morning. I've been putting along this morning but it's time to crank it up and get moving. There are a few errands on my list today. Then it's time to sew. Some projects have to be put away from DGS as he will want to take them home. The table and chair set is due for delivery today. That will get covered and stored in the garage out of sight.

                The sheets and one fabric order came this morning. The other two are scheduled for tomorrow.

                Prayers for those in the path of the storm and the rain going across the states.


                  Morning all,
                  Late getting here today even though I was up super early. Our daughter, son-in-law and dog are coming tomorrow so getting the house freshened up LOL, could have written my name in the dust on the glass coffee table, not a good look!! She called me Thursday to say they were coming to celebrate her niece's birthday and our anniversary. Said dinner will be supplied, yum!

                  Went to my quilt shop yesterday for a ruler I was interested in and came home with WAY more than I went there for. Oh well, you only live once although I would have to live longer than the oldest recorded age to use up all my fabric. Guess I'm not sewing fast enough!

                  Got our absentee ballots in the mail yesterday filled them out and my husband drove them to the Board if Elections which is a few towns over from us. Another thing checked off the list.

                  Wishing all our Canadian forum members a Happy Thanksgiving and everyone a good weekend!
                  If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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