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    Welcome Wednesday

    Good morning friends. It is raining terribly hard outside, can't see it but sure can hear it. Half the week will be over by tonight.

    I decided to take some sewing with me yesterday. Packed up the sewing machine (actually Bonnie's) and took a bin of 2 1/2" squares and some 2 1/2" strips to make 4 patches. I used the strips I had, so I think I shall cut some more to take with me. I intend on making a stash buster quilt using this pattern:

    My son sold his house for more than the asking price. They were pretty excited last night. Now on to the move. They will move just after Remembrance Day which is November 11th. They are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday so looking forward to that. Our Thanksgiving is Monday.

    I was searching this morning about how to change the swing on the fridge door and I was able to find a video on youtube on how to do it. Not sure if I want to do it myself but I do know someone who can. At least it can be done. The swing is on the wrong side for where we want to put it. I am happy that it can be changed out.

    And so, that is what is happening in my world. Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning ~ I’m the first one awake this morning so far. I love the house first thing in the morning. I can smell Jeff’s coffee brewing and I can hear Sugar stretching to wake up.

    I need to make a quick trip to the grocery store today. I will make a list while I have my tea.
    I’m thankful for our little market because it saves me having to get out into the crowds at WalMart.

    We are supposed to have days in the 80s the rest of the week and then a cold spell. I’ve lost track of what the latest hurricane is doing because I didn’t watch the news last night. I will find out this morning.

    Monique, that’s great news about your sons house! Nothing is selling around here. I didn’t realize that you actually take a sewing machine with you to work. That’s so awesome that you can do that. When I worked for the State we couldn’t even bring in a magazine to read on our lunch break. Since I ate at my desk and worked at the same time it didn’t really bother me that much. Those were the days....

    I will check back later. Have a great day.....

    Scottie Mom Barb


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      I love the early mornings as well Barb. Just wish hubby wasn't a night owl and late sleeper lol.

    Morning all,

    Been up since 5am, some days can sleep in and some days my bones ache from laying on them and I just have to get up. Today seems to be one of those achey days.

    Monique, homes are selling very quickly here, most in my area are sold within 4 weeks and at what seems to me inflated prices from what they were selling for a year ago. People leaving the city are heading to the suburbs. Many Manhattanites who have secondary summer homes here on the east end of the Island have not returned to the city and are enrolling their children in school here. Will your son be moving closer to where you are?

    Did a bit of sewing yesterday hope to get some more done granddaughter will be visiting today so we can give her the birthday card we have for her with her gift. Also stopped by my friend's store yesterday and picked her up one of their very large and tasty chocolate canoli filled cupcakes, yum!

    It is now light out but no sun yet, not sure what today's weather will be. Hopefully the golden orb will make it's presence known.

    Off for coffee so I will wish everyone a good day!
    If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

    Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


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      Houses are selling very quickly here, too. In some neighborhoods, they put the house up for sale and it is sold the next day!

    • MAMSAN
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      Does anyone know how real estate is selling in Gatlinburg Tn?

    • Monique
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      He is going just a little further but at least it isn't out on the West or East Coast. Probably a good two hours away.

    Good Morning All,

    Not much going on around here. The sun did come out yesterday and I feel so much better because of it. Jim's watching Delta, and is convinced we'll be driving around in it. I hope not! Mike ended up swapping days so the plan is we'll leave on Sunday and come home on the 21st. Jim's getting aquarium tickets using the Zoo Passes they got from Tammy and Brian last year. They can get 4 adult tickets, the kids are still free. Yippee. I have never been to the VA aquarium.

    A friend lost her mother yesterday. Her mom had a stroke while the hospice nurse was there at the nursing home with her. She went immediately and was able to be with her. Her biggest fear was her mother would die alone. I'm glad she wasn't. It has always bugged me that the hospital staff never let me see Howard until after he was gone. I couldn't go to him in the ER, or the room they put him in while they were waiting for the next round of tests. Anyway, I'm glad C. J. didn't have to go through that.

    Today is Bible Study. I've done three lessons this week, trying to get ahead. I guess it's time to get ready. Have a great day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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      So sorry to hear about your friend's mom Katrina. At least she got to see her.

    • ktdid
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      Katrina, my thoughts are with you, I feel your pain!! God bless you

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I look forward to a more comfortable day today. I saw the ortho. dr. at 2:30 yest. afternoon. X-rays of my knee didn't show any abnormality. The knee was a bit swollen when compared to my R. knee. He aspirated out 12 ml. of fluid, then injected it with cortisone. By bedtime last night, it already was feeling improved. I can walk on it this a.m. without pain. Thank you, Lord.

    The dental appt. yest. a.m. was for a filling, just below the gum line, so he numbed it up well. It took 3-4 hrs. to wear off. I had to be careful when eating my lunch. I picked up Chick-fil-A on the way home.

    We had hazy sun again yest. The smoky skies continue. We hit 88 deg. yest. It drops into the 40's at night.

    This a.m. is Bible study on Zoom. I plan to watch the VP debate this eve.


    • Nwmnteacher
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      Wonderful that you have pain relief!

    • 201 Treadler
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      Am pleased your moving better without as much pain, its hard to know where to put ones self in pain.
      yikes a dental visit too, bet you feel like a new woman.
      virtual hugs for continuing pain relief. t

    • Bubby
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      So glad you are getting relief from the pain in your knee.

    Good morning everyone!

    I wish I could sleep better. I'm still waking between 2 and 4 each night. I am a morning person, but not usually that early of a riser. Thankfully most days I can get back to sleep after a couple of hours. Hubby is a night owl and we live in a tiny house. That makes it quiet time until he gets up. I catch up on my correspondence and do some hand sewing. After he gets up we usually watch some shows together for a bit and I have a cup of herbal tea (used to be coffee) and cook my mini breakfast number 2...the gruel lol.

    Today will be our last gorgeous day for a while. Yesterday I mowed the lawn. I love my new Ryobe battery operated lawn mower! It's self propelled, variable speed and mulches. Push button start. I have been mowing the lawns for over 40 years. I really enjoy it. The gas mower was really bothering my health conditions so hubby brought this home one day. It's perfect! I go super slow and just have to guide it. It moves itself so easily. It's super light and turns effortlessly. I love it! Today I will do as much yard cleanup as I can. I don't expect much, as the bending is not good right now and I have little energy. If I can get the hostas cut back I'll be happy . They will make such a mess in a couple of weeks when they finish dying back. Then it'll be cold and wet.

    Need to go to the pharmacy today. Dr is trying more new meds for my GERD. We shall see. Working on my laundry and sheets today. Didn't get any quilting done yesterday. I doubt it today. It's too nice out. The rains will come back tomorrow. Need to call auction companies back. Hopefully someone will come soon and take all of mama's stuff. I would like to sell her place for her soon. Not too many people want to move in winter.

    Have a wonderful day everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!
    Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


      Good morning!

      Today is going to be another nice day -- high around 70 and sunny. Looks like we're going to have a warm up over the weekend.

      We had a good visit with Mom yesterday. The staff told me they are changing our 10:30 a.m. appointment to 10:45 a.m. starting next week. They are going to move the visits indoors and need to schedule 15 minutes in between visits to sterilize the room(s). Mom's hospice nurse called yesterday afternoon to give me an update. The facility did not tell her Mom fell a couple of weeks ago (she was not injured). Mom keeps trying to get out of her wheelchair to walk. Hospice ordered an alarm pad for her chair.

      I finished my spring twist quilt last night! I will have to take it over to my sister's and take a couple of pictures. I am eager to start my next quilt, but I have mask making to do first. I make the kind with the box pleat, it goes through my machine easier than the kind with three pleats. I want to make a few seasonal ones for me and for one of my friends.

      I am having issues with my internet. I lost the connection in the middle of my meeting yesterday, and again this morning. Fortunately, all I have to do is re-set the router, and I get the signal back.

      Have a wonderful day!
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        Good morning,

        Finally a sunny day but not sure how long it will last. Lots of rain last night with wind and thunder. I picked up grandson yesterday and his teacher gave me his homework. Yikes, he is 4 years old. Nothing like starting young. We had a fun afternoon together and he did his homework.

        One set of sheets from the order came yesterday. I thought they were supposed to be gray-smoke but they were cream. Guess that I clicked the wrong color button or something. The color will go with the other bedding so nothing lost. Thinking of Christmas linens for the bed this year. That would be fun.

        Better get started on my day. It's another office day and perhaps a side trip to the LQS for Christmas fabrics! Happy Stitches!


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          My grands (13 & 11) have 3 classes online back to back, 50 min each (basically a math, english, history type classes), but the amount of homework far exceeds 3 hours afterwards. After 3 hrs of online they are pretty much in zombie mode and getting their focus back for the homework is a challenge for the parents for sure. Son is back at work and DIL is working from home full time, so challenging with time management for everyone.

        Morning. I'm reading about all the wet weather and wondering to myself when the last time I've seen wet weather. We had the quick storm the first of September. So dry here. And the smoke from the fires intensifies the furnace feeling. Love my early quiet mornings with my devotional and coffee. And if the Hubs is really snoozing in, my fabric and quilt window shopping. Throw me off if he gets up early.

        Enjoy your day all.


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          That's what I'm doing right now haha.

        Good Morning all,

        Yesterday was very warm, got into the 80's, seems like it got a lot warmer than they said it would get. Right now it is 54 heading for around 70. I'll take it right now. Need to get some plants repotted either today or tomorrow. We have a daylily that is in a pot and it has to be put into a bigger pot. We will store in the garage over the winter. Did that last year and we only had one plant, a lavender, that did not make it though the winter. When we took the lily out of the garage it was already growing. I inherited a spanish lavender from a neighbor lady who moved up to the Twin Cities. Not sure why she didn't want it but it is a very nice pot and the plant has been well taken care of. I have two other lavender, one white and one purple/blue. Not sure what color the spanish lavender is. My two did very well over the summer. This is the second summer I've had them.

        Went to the local park to sit and talk with my handbell friends. There were 7 of us, all distancing well over 6 feet apart. It was a nice time, although the mosquitos were active. We met at 6:30 and we all left about 8. Glad it had been pretty warm through the day or otherwise I think it may have gotten pretty cool just sitting there. I though as we were sitting and talking how nice a fire would have been. It would have provided a little heat, although we didn't really need it, but also some light so we could see one another a little better. When I got home I put my feet up. Sitting for a hour and a half was not good on my knees, it is better to have them elevated, so that's what I did when I got home.

        No sewing yesterday, too busy getting the cookies done. They came out pretty good. I was going to put the majority of them in the freezer but I'm not sure that I have the room for them. The sugar cookies have to be put in a container or they will break apart. The oatmeal do okay in a ziplock bag. I ended up with almost 6 dozen oatmeal and 7 dozen sugar cookies so that should last Dave for a while. I did have a couple of oatmeal cookies, one when I was baking them and the one after I got home from the park.

        Today's agenda shows laundry and I will try and get to the repotting today as well. I want to get upstairs to layer the Glam Girl quilt. I had hoped to get it done so that I could take it to my daughter tomorrow. I have an appointment tomorrow for the two dogs to get their teeth cleaned. My vet is over a hour away (long story about that) and I got right past the town where my daughter lives. I will need to pick up the dogs around 3 in the afternoon. Not sure what I will do with my day. If I'm far enough along with the quilt I just might take it with me and finish the binding at Jennifer's and I can also help her with her daycare since it is a Thursday she won't have Natalie or Makayla to help her. We will see.

        Right now it is time for breakfast and some coffee. Have a great day everyone.


          Yesterday was our dog's day at the vet for annuals. When I got her out of the car she went under it and came out with a black swoosh on her back so she got a bath, too. She always gets excited going to see her friends at the vet.
          While she was there I got a pedi and toured the two local thrift stores, fun. I only bought 3 books, 2 little leaf shaped dishes and a glass/iron wrapped compote[?]. I think it will be pretty filled with pine cones or Christmas balls or Easter eggs. I think I spent $12, fun and games. I also dropped some donations for my guild with a friend and chatted for a long time. She is working on long arming a beautiful, secret quilt from a famous maker, wow.
          Today a friend and I will hopefully finish up the deceased friend's sewing room closet clean up. 😥 It has not been quite as difficult as I imagined.
          I think I will get some take out on my way home.


          • Hillbillyhike
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            Glad you had some fun yesterday amongst the cleaning and grieving for your friend, Claire.

          Monique I can’t comment in your note so I’ll add right here. I saved the quilt pattern. I like this one and might start sewing some scraps together as they come along. Thank you for sharing this quilt along.


          • Monique
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            Glad you liked it.

          Good Morning...
          In our house, it's the husband who is the morning person. He's military so being up before the sun makes him happy. He says " go back to bed" a lot if I get up early LOL. I like my late nights, when the house gets quiet. Between us there maybe 2 or 4 hours when every one is asleep. I think during these strange times, it is even more important that people have their personal time of quiet. For some reason a tea at midnight always tastes extra nice. My kids ( grown up now ) are night owls too.
          Walmart never has to worry about me knocking on the windows to say they are a few min. late opening , get a move on . I don't like Walmart at all. Lucky for me , Jack does. When he was sick for a few days, I told him Walmart called to ask where he was , they haven't seen him. His humor and mine are very different.
          My aunt Jocelyn made a baby quilt for my granddaughter coming soon. She sent it to me so I could see it , so I am packing it again to mail to my son this morning. Pictures are nice but nothing beats seeing it in person.
          I hope to Halloween decorate today , and maybe work on my turtles quilt. I play Everquest 2 and they celebrate Halloween in the game, so cartoon decorating is really calling to me to play more. On arthritis days , it is a joy to be a cartoon girl that can run and jump and stay young. My husband calls it La La land.
          Time to exchange a night gown for a house dress, and make my 2nd cup of tea to mosey thru the start of the day. Hope everyone is having a good day.


            OOOOO I see Rob is online, that means he is posting his pictures. Now I have to stay and wait to see them. You know it is going to be good. Glad I made an extra large tea.


              Wow, no pressure there! 😁 Hope they don't disappoint.

              Not having had a dog for so long, I forgot exactly how demanding they can be. Patsy wouldn't hush up until we went for a walk this morning. She hates it when Cheryl leaves (and especially when we both leave), but normally calms down an hour or so later. This morning she was going a mile a minute and whining to beat the band. Finally decided to take her for a walk to see if that would calm her down. It seems to have done the trick as she is quiet now. Noticed that the new waterer we bought for her at PetsMart doesn't seem to be working. They have filters in the tank now (for a dog that eats bugs or whatever else might be on the ground!) and I think somehow it's keeping the water from coming in. I ended up pouring water into the bowl and she attacked it like she hadn't had a drink in days. Will have to take it apart today and see what's wrong.

              No sewing again yesterday. Not sure what I'm going to have to do to get out of this funk. I go into the room, sit down, sigh and get up and go out. In addition to being unable to write now, it seems I've hit "sewer's block." Maybe later today.

              It's such a nice day out today that I really didn't mind taking Patsy for a walk. You can definitely tell fall is in the air. My roses are blooming again although my marigolds and Cheryl's daisies have seen better days. I think next year we are going to grow from seed instead of buying plants. It's cheaper, and everything we like can be grown from seed. Hopefully I won't lose any roses over the winter (we grow everything in containers), so we won't have to buy any more of those. We should be getting in some peony bulbs soon as Cheryl really loves those. We had one that we had to leave behind when we moved, so we are going to put in at least four for next year. Hopefully, 2021 will be a year of getting back to normal in every aspect of our lives.

              Have a great day all!

              There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
              --Ken Burns


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                yep having issues with the mojo as well, perhaps just go and de fluff the bobbin area with vacuum, change needle and test the stitch, then when you feel like sewing again everything will be in tip top condition.
                loving the Patsy tails.
                Our purrs are a great distraction for himself, they ask to go walk, then they want feeding, if not like flavour they ask for walk, they eat then they ask for walk for dispatch they settle selves in best seat, one vocalises wishes, then promptly goes to sleep. the other sits on himself supporting him, who has trained who lol?.