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    Sunday hellos

    Good morning friends. Yesterday went well with the move (Bonnie's house). Rachel took the quilt and will keep it for herself. I did take a couple of her works to keep for myself. Other than that there really isn't much going on.

    Today, we will do 'something' as I have to work all week. Not sure yet what we will do.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning, Monique and those who follow,

    I'm sure yesterday was a bitter sweet day, Monique. I know Bonnie's quilt will be treasured.

    Yesterday was pretty much the same as every other day this week. Not too busy, which meant when it was time to go to sleep, I was wide awake. It didn't matter, I woke at 5 this morning. I'm basically ready for church. Today was supposed to be a joint meeting with the outside and inside bunch all together outside. Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating the time will be 9:30, but we'll be inside.

    Not sure what I'll get myself into when I come home from church. I'm sure I'll find something... maybe my bed! lol, NOT.

    Have a great day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ I don't have much time this a.m. I plan to go to church, which means I have to get around earlier. Normally, I have an early snack, read the paper, etc. & don't eat breakfast until about 9 a.m. I need to leave the house by 8 a.m. so that doesn't give me as much time. Church starts at 8:30. I want to get there early enough so I'll be able to sit in the sanctuary, not with the overflow in the fellowship hall. This will be my first time back to church since mid-March.

      I did more FMQ yest. When the bobbin ran out & I put in a new bobbin, I kept having problems with the tension & the stitch, so I gave up & went on to another project. I trimmed up the sampler & sewed the binding on the first side. It will make a nice table topper.

      It was cooler yest. It reached only 74 with some haze. Not as smoky as the day before. The sun set in an orange glow, & the moon rose last night with an orange haze. This a.m. is clear, but we're still supposed to get more smoke over the next couple days. Most of the extended forecast calls for 80's, so the nice weather will continue for a while.

      No more time now. Have a great day.


        Good morning Monique. Glad things went well yesterday.

        I had a very nice, relaxing day yesterday. We went to Henry's game and Joe's parents were there for a bit so we had a nice visit with them while cheering Henry's team on. Lots of phone and video birthday calls after we got home and then we ordered dinner from a favorite restaurant. Yummy

        Sadly, early this morning we got a phone call from Hubby's brother telling us that he got a call from paramedics who were at the house in Brooklyn where two of their uncles live. Seems the older of the two uncles, Paulie was found on the floor by Uncle Frankie when he got up this morning. They said it was a heart attack. We are just waiting now to see what the arrangements will be.

        I think today I might get some of the fall decorations out and also spend some time in the sewing room.

        Have a good day everyone.
        Ginny B


        • JCY
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          Thoughts & prayers for you & your family. My sympathies.

        • KPH
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          Lifting you and yours in prayers. My deepest condolences to your family.

        • GuitarGramma
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          My deep sympathies. May your Uncle Paulie rest in peace.

        Good Morning, We have frost this morning and Jeff went out wearing shorts. He’s such a handy soul.

        Yesterday I made a few pinwheel blocks for the Pinwheel Picnic quilt I’m making as a gift. Today may be more of the same.

        I watched too much TV yesterday following President Trump’s condition. The small extra microwave we bought arrived yesterday and it’s the perfect size. It’s amazing how inexpensive they are now.

        Joy, you must be thrilled to be able to attend church today. Most of the churches in our area never shut down. We have almost 400 covid cases in our county now. For the longest time we had less than 10.

        I guess I will get moving and eat some breakfast and start my day. I think I promised a Jeff that I would make him cinnamon rolls for breakfast today and he won’t forget.

        Have a blessed day everyone. Hugs...

        Scottie Mom Barb


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          Yes, it was nice to once again be in church. My first time since mid-March. Services inside resumed on Sept. 20, but the hearing assistive devices weren't available until this week. I got there plenty early. During the closure, our church got new carpeting & got rid of the pews & purchased
          upholstered chairs which can be arranged as needed. Today they were arranged in rows, with every other row roped off. People were supposed to leave 2 chairs between themselves & others. We entered one door & exited out another door. No bulletins, no tithe envelopes or prayer request/ available in the seats. The pastor included a link to his sermon outline in his weekly video update; I had printed it out & took it with me. They handed out the disposable communion sets when we entered. The wafer is on top, with a small plastic cup underneath.

          I learned from one of my friends while we were talking prior to the service about a place where I can get a massage! Yay! It's been almost 7 mos. since I've had a massage, & boy, do I need one! I'll be calling tomorrow for an appt. The massage center assoc. with our hospital closed. I had coupons bought ahead; I was able to get a refund. It totaled $260. I've been getting massage there for many years. It was such a disappointment to learn we no longer have that service to the community.
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        Good morning,

        It's a stitching morning and a visit with DD this afternoon. We will probably decorate my house for Halloween. Her house is already decorated to the delight of little man. He will be here on Tuesday so it will be a surprise for him. The embroidery project is almost done so that will be hung somewhere too.

        One pillow case is cut and ready to sew. Hopefully, I can get the second set done today. There is some laundry to finish so I better get started.

        Hope your day is restful!


          Morning all,

          Sun is shining and looks to be a nice day. Sitting in the sunroom soaking up the warmth from the sun and enjoying my bagel and coffee.

          Never made it to the sewing room yesterday ended up making a grocery run for the few things I couldn't get at BJ's. Think I will try a crock pot recipe for tonight's dinner and see how that goes. Will free up my time from cooking and hopefully will allow. me some sewing time today.

          ​​​​​​​Time for me to get a move on, get the chores done, and then the day is mine. Wishing everyone a good day!

          If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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            Good morning!

            We have a gray start to the day here. There is rain in the forecast this morning and late this afternoon/evening. We might clear out for a bit around midday, with a high around 60.

            Today is going to be busy day -- lots of cleaning and laundry...and quilting, of course! I'm going to add a little baking to that, too. I have a couple of overripe bananas and a recipe for banana muffins that I haven't made in a while. I enjoyed being in the kitchen yesterday. I have been a lazy cook these last few months.

            I did the math and had to order more fabric for my next project. Curved log cabins take a lot of fabric! I am using yardage instead of jelly rolls. The fabric won't be here until next week, so I have plenty of time to finish my current project.

            Have a wonderful day!


            • Claire Hallman
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              Lots of fabric but oh so pretty.

            Good Morning all,

            This morning is frosty and foggy. Highs are supposed to be in the low 50's. Yesterday we only got to 50. This coming week is another story. Looks like it will be a beautiful Indian Summer. Highs in the 70's most of the week and even predicting 80 towards the end of the week.

            Did a little housework yesterday and went to JoAnn's to get some backing for the kid's quilts. Found some very cute prints that will work nicely. I also bought 2 pillow forms for the Glam Girl quilt. They are the perfect size for what I'm making. I will need to go back to JoAnn's today though. I was going to layer the Glam Girl quilt but the minky I bought for the backing is not big enough. I only got 3 yards and the quilt is 65 x 72. I must have been thinking of the 108" fabrics I usually try to get for backing. When I was at JoAnn's I saw they have large width flannel, too. I may go that way instead. I'll have to check with my daughter. I will probably use some of the minky that I already bought for the "back" of the pillows.

            Hopefully once I get back from JoAnn's I can get the quilts layered. Right now I have two kid's quilts and the Glam Girl. I should look for some backing for the mystery quilt I had done also. I am going to be adding some borders on it to make it a little larger but it is pretty much ready to layer. I have another kid's quilt on the design wall that is almost done. I still have scraps of those fabrics left.

            Not much else going on. Church this morning and then I will go to JoAnn's. Have a great day everyone.


              Good Morning. Check weather and going to be another hot one and forecast is "drizzle". So what is a drizzle.. a small amout of sprinkles? Well the air quality is "poor" today so think I will be off outside chores another day. Oh darn... LOL

              Yesterday son stopped by to pick up the last piece of my dads roll top desk (he is giving it new life - a buffet cabinet) and while here I got him to fill up the larger spaces in the shower, too big for just caulking. Getting closer to having the back shower back in operation.

              Most of my day was spent bingeing on "Downton Abbey" episodes. I think I was up until midnight watching them. Probably watch a few more of those today while cleaning up the sewing room. Still a little bit of a disaster after finishing the baby quilt. No matter how hard I try to keep a neat area while doing a project, it never fails to fall apart near the end.

              More coffee and on with the day. Hope all have a safe and happy day.


                Morning all!

                I spent a good part of yesterday searching for pictures for my first day of sharing. I was surprised to find my Grandma Broster on the Find-A-Grave website, although I did recognize the picture. Most of the pictures of her that I remember were just right before she died, so there are very few of her as a younger woman. I can't get over how much she reminds me of Mom.

                I was trying to find pictures of my grandmother, but I didn't have any. Then it dawned on me that about four or five years ago, my cousins (maternal uncle's sons) took about 2,000 slides that my uncle shot over the years and put them on a flash drive for each of us (about twelve or thirteen people in all). I had tons of pictures of Grandma to choose from, but I ended up going with the one I did because to me, it just fit who she was. I'm so glad they did that!

                Cheryl thought she was finished with my sister's GFG, but realized the size is off, so she'll have to take off some of the white at the sides and put more white on the top and bottom, but that shouldn't take much more than a few days. She was glad we got the Accuquilt half hexie die, because if she had to sew the Y sseams, she would still be working on the first flower.

                I've been working on the Double Nine Patch. To be honest I'm beginning to get discouraged. I look at what I've done, and I can't see that I've gotten any better. My seams do catch, but when they need to match up sometimes they are still off. I use glue and pins but that doesn't always seem to help. It's frustrating.

                Will get groceries this morning and I will spend much of the day reading the New York Times and the local paper. Not sure how much sewing will get done. Have a great weekend everyone!

                There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
                --Ken Burns


                • Monique
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                  Finished is better than perfect. Don't sweat about it.

                Today is wash, I guess that started when I worked full time and seems to be a habit. No much else going on that I know of.
                I got a message from my niece asking us to their house for Christmas, not sure if we want to drive 1 1/2 hours each way but we shall discuss. It is the year for our kids to go to the other grandparent's for Christmas, we will have Thanksgiving here and I am excited. It has been too long since we have seen them. I am ready to throw caution aside and see people again.
                I met with a few guild members in a parking lot yesterday to pass along Project Linus quilts, borrow a book and chat. We kept our distance but it was still wonderful. Then, sadly, I dropped my main sewing machine off to be repaired, at least I hope repaired not ditched.😯
                I will now be forced to work on fmq.😊😁😲
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                  Good morning everyone .
                  The nudist neighbors are at it again, prancing around their hot tub before they eventually get in it. Darn distractions for a Sunday morning. I was reading Rob's post so I didn't see the neighbors right away. My sewing room faces the back yard which faces their back yard.. I could close the curtains but then I can't see my bird feeder and I do love the blue jays and cardinals that visit. The neighbors never stay in hot tub long, 5 min. maybe, the rest is a half hour of pose downs on their deck. Luckily it doesn't scare off the birds and squirrels. I have 2 blue jays sitting on my window sill. Just love their colors.
                  I had hoped to start the turtles quilt yesterday but ended up sewing some owl appliques. Ever have the urge to quilt, yet can't settle down to starting one up ?
                  Ever since they took out the gallbladder, I feel like they gave me shark hormones when I was asleep. I am always hungry , lol.
                  Well the nudists ran in their house , so I can go outside and put tiny peanut butter sandwiches on my window sill for the blue jays. Hopefully today I start the turtle quilt , tho I have no one in mind to give it to.
                  Have a great day. blue-jay-2.png


                  • minipinlady
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                    I live in Trenton Ontario Canada. I thought about calling city hall , but I have little dogs. I am worried complaining may get my dogs poisoned by peeved neighbors. The nudists are more distracting than anything.. The neighbors beside them are cops, Cops with children. I figure in time the cops will see the nudists, lol. My sewing room has an unusual view LOL

                  • Claire Hallman
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                    Time for a tall hedge or privacy fence.

                  • GuitarGramma
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                    The other neighbors are cops? You're right, you can wait; this will be handled.

                  Back again, since I didn't have much time this a.m. Frost: Yup! We got some, too. The low temp. was 41; skies were clear. I didn't see frost on the grass, but there was plenty on the roof tops. One of these mornings, it will zap my annuals. But for now they are blooming nicely. Snap dragons are hearty. We have the greenest lawn on the block. I spread fertilizer last mo. & we water a lot. Our water bills show it! The neighbor across the street does nothing except mow down his weeds. No watering at all. He does the bare minimum when it comes to yard work. The bachelor next door doesn't do much either. The widow lady that used to live there had a lawn service & always kept her yard real nice. I miss that. But I don't miss her! In her elder years, she became a real grouch.

                  Driving to church, I had a good view of the foothills & mts. Clear as a bell early this a.m. By the time I drove home, there was a haze starting up again. The last I heard, the Mullen Fire in WY (on the N. CO. border) was only 20 mi. from the Cameron Peak Fire in CO. Each one has burned >125,000 acres. It's been such a bad year for wildfires.

                  Well, this afternoon I'll fiddle again with the tension & see if I can get a satisfactory stitch on the LA. I just watched Donna Jordan's tutorial from yest. on the pineapple quilt using JR strips. Another pattern added to my bucket list.

                  Well, it's time for my daily cup of coffee & to work on my BSF lesson.


                  • KPH
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                    I worked on my BIble study this afternoon, too. I'm trying to get ahead for the weeks we'll be gone.

                  Good Afternoon!! I slept in and ready for some coffee. Yesterday all I did was cut out projects. Today I'll finish and start sewing one by one. I still need to clean off the kitchen table and sandwhich Abbys quilt. The weekend flew up.

                  We grapped a few groceries last night then went to chick fil a it was delicious! Daniel likes eating out more than I do. I usually just order something small off the dollar menu if they have one. I perfer to cook as I have a real sensitive stomach and don't eat big portions. It's nice to eat out every now and then. I had a sandwhich.

                  We rented a couple movies from redbox Ava and little women. I thought they both were good movies. I just remembered I have a coupon lol when I take them back I'll rent another for free.

                  Walmart is finally open later 10pm I'll go later as I need some insul bright and my normal starch. I bought a different one a while ago and I hate it. It's what the store had.

                  Time to fix something to eat and have coffee. Have a blessed and wonderful day!!