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Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

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    Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I see Monique is on, so I was waiting to see if she'd start the daily thread. Anyway, here goes.

    Yest. morning was busy. I changed the sheets on my bed & aired the pillow outside in the sun -- although it was a very hazy sun from all the smoke. The air quality & visibility were bad. When I went out in the afternoon, I could not even see the foothills, let alone the mts.! I also cooked up a pot of DH's Anasazi beans. Did laundry. Had all that done before going for my appt. for the echocardiogram. I left early so I could take the car on a hwy. jaunt to give it some exercise. I don't drive DH's car as often. He hasn't driven in >10 yrs. There was time on the way home to take the car through the touchless car wash.

    I got an e-m letting me know that the audio assistive devices at church now are hooked up into the sound system & will be available for use tomorrow. So I will go to church tomorrow for the first time since mid-March.

    I didn't do any quilting yest. Maybe today. I need to do more laundry, run the vac. & do a few things around the house. I hope everyone has a good week end.

    Good Morning. I’ve been watching the updates on the President’s battle with Covid. Surely he is getting the best care available. We are praying for a full and complete recovery for him and Melania and all of the others.

    I felt rough yesterday but I’m feeling more like myself today. At least I have no fever or headache. I always get a reaction to flu shots.

    I got pretty much nothing done yesterday. I cooked a roast beef with veggies for dinner. It was good and we have some leftovers. I may not have to cook tonite.

    Today is Monique’s last day of sharing her quilts. She is a fine quilter. Rob & Cheryl will begin sharing tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing their quilts.

    I guess I will wander into the sewing room and see what I can do. I’m in the mood to make a pixelated quilt but my mood changes from day to day!

    Have a wonderful Saturday friends.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good morning,

      Still rainy and dreary here today. The dino fabrics are in the washer so I can start the pillow cases later today. It's better to shrink the fabrics before making the cases. I never know how much shrinkage to allow and don't want them too tight later. The serger will come out for a play day too. I may try a 3 thread instead of the 4 thread today just to practice threading and stitches. We had to learn the different techniques in a 3 day class.

      I need to try again with putting the new mattress pad on the bed. I had to exchange the first one for a different brand. It just wouldn't hang tight on the corners. When I walked to the other side of the bed, the first corner popped off. There are other things in life to be frustrated about...not bedding 101. New sheets will have to wait for the next sale. I will order on line and pick up curb side. Purple or lavender perhaps?

      Hope your weekend is great!


        Morning all.

        The old saying "Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye" never was truer than yesterday when I had not one, but two, needles stuck in my eyes. The thought of getting shots in the eye freaked me out as soon as the doctor mentioned it, but my sister has had to have eye shots now for a while, and she promised they wouldn't hurt. They didn't, but I still have a problem with anyone touching my eyes in any way. The after-effects weren't too bad, so we were able to go to the LQS for a bit. I found the fabric I was looking for and some more while Cheryl found some panels she liked.

        When we go home Patsy showed that she doesn't like being left alone. The house was in some disarray, but nothing too bad. We have decided on a vet for her. It is someone who's office is actually just down the road from where we live, so getting there will be fairly convenient. Going from a small town to a larger city has been an eye opener in many ways, not the least of which is the difference in vet prices. When we had to put Droopy down, I called around here and there wasn't a vet who would charge less than $250 to do the job. The vet in my hometown, where we had to take her after our regular vet was forced by illness to retire, did it for $30. The main problem with taking Patsy there is it's about an hour or so away, which for emergencies is just too far.

        Started on the double nine patch quilt last night, but I began to develop a toothache and didn't feel like working too much. Feels about the same this morning, but I've taken some Tyelenol in the hopes that it will help. I hate going to the dentist almost as much as having needles stuck in my eyes. Oy, I'm falling apart.

        Guess we'll start our show here tomorrow. Will spend part of the day taking pictures.

        Have a great weekend all.

        There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
        --Ken Burns


        • srgreene
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          My Mom had shots in her eyes for a couple years to stave off fluid build up from weakened blood vessels. Once she got over the "ewww" factor, no problems and she had good results.

          Take care of the tooth. Surprising number of people in my circle are down with toothaches this week.

        • 201 Treadler
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          hope the shots work, am not sure could sit there with an object advancing, well done for getting through that.

        • CraftyJnet
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          I feel your tooth pain. I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday.

        Good Morning. Yesterday with the grands was fun. Not much on the agenda for today, so much needs to be done (housework/yardwork) but somehow just not feeling motivated at all.

        I have avoided one chore long enough... whether I like it or not, time to get out the caulking gun, load it and shoot away at the seams in the back shower!

        But first, more coffee... need more coffee.


          Good Morning All,

          Not too much going on yesterday. I talked to Melinda. Her retirement date is the end of the month. I did a happy dance. She's really upset since she found out, according to the principal, her job was created for teachers to skate through until retireNot sment. She's put so much effort into getting those under acheiving students up to grade level and passing their assessments, but she certainly isn't being appreciated for her 40+ years of educational experience. I was so hurt for her, that her accomplishments with challenging children- children that have many learning challenges is being dismissed as 'skating by'.

          Jim and Morgan's crew went to Kitty Hawk yesterday. Uncle Darrell and his 'friend' met them. Darrell had plenty of funny stories to tell. It sounds like they had a good time, but Jim said he still had no idea what Darrell's friend's name was. lol, I don't either. I guess I'll find out- even if I point blank have to ask her.

          I decided to get ahead on the Bible study, so I wouldn't have to take the materials with me. I did the first week of vaca read last night. I'll start on the notebook shortly. I'll do the second week's sometime this week.

          Have a great day!
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          • 201 Treadler
            201 Treadler commented
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            All those Children Melinda helped will forever remember her, they have a better chance now moving forward.:-)

          Beautiful bright blue October day here, crisp and sunny. It is cool but that is a nice change.
          Today I am meeting up with a few quilters to pass some things to each other. I have a few Project Linus quilts to give and need to take my machine in for a check up/cleaning. I hope that is all it is. All of a sudden I have a couple of zig zag needs and it is my go to for that and it is acting funky.
          Today is Alabama football, I can't stay gone too long, I want to stop and get some wings on the way home.🧓
          I need to pop into Hobby Lobby for a couple of crafty things, too.


            Good morning!

            We have sunshine and cool temps today -- high in the mid to upper 50's. My bread machine is on the counter and kneading dough for my favorite dinner rolls. They will pair nicely with the chicken noodle soup I'm making for lunch today. I found the recipe a few years ago and it has become a staple in the colder weather.

            I did not get any work done on my quilt yesterday. My printer decided it didn't want to print and it took a bit of time to get it sorted out. I had to reconnect it to the WiFi. I finally got it to work, but the print quality was poor. The gal at UPS was not happy with the quality of the shipping label. It is probably time for a new printer. I ran it through the cleaning cycle several times a few weeks ago, and still ended up with streaks.

            My bathroom is going to get a mini makeover today, with a new shower curtain, bathtub mat, and rug. I am looking forward to brightening it up a bit and adding some color. I have had a neutral palette in there for over 10 years.

            Have a wonderful day!


            • Claire Hallman
              Claire Hallman commented
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              I saw on This Old House this week that 2020 is the year for color, that gray and white are on their way out. Yea!
              Enjoy your new bathroom.

            • JCY
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              Claire ~ IMO, white walls always are in. One can accent with colorful items in furniture, throw
              pillows, wall pics, etc. But I sure have gotten tired of all the gray. The church which hosts our Bible Study Fellowship, did a re-do of the bathrooms. Two different shades of gray. It
              reminded me of the gray on military ships. So many of the new homes featured in our newspaper are various shades of grays & many neutrals. To me they are not warm & "comfortable." I guess I'm just an old fashioned gal.

            • CarlieBlilie
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              My daughter repainted her house in greys as well. I find it dreary. When we painted the rooms of this house my husband wanted color. Thank goodness he likes the paler colors, although we went with a brighter yellow in the bathroom because the only window opens to the patio, not the outside, and the outside windows in the patio are more than 20 feet away. They yellow really helped brighten up the room.

            Morning everyone! I have been up since 6 AM today, but very busy!

            I have started laundry, went to the grocery store, clean kitchen and started a meal in the crock pot! More unpacking to do today and more organization!

            My step-mother passed away yesterday from colon cancer. It is a mixed blessing that she is no longer in pain. My Dad has to stay at my sister's home in Bolivar, MO. My step-siblings ARE NOT playing nice and it is making my Dad very stressed. I won't be able to attend the funeral on Monday as I don't want to jeopardize my new job and COVID-19.

            Goodness knows when I will get to my new sewing room and set it up! Hopefully by the end of this month.

            My DH and DD have job interviews at the beginning of next week....cross your fingers and say prayers for them.

            Quilty hugs!

            "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


            • 201 Treadler
              201 Treadler commented
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              Am so sorry to hear about your step mum, sending you and family my Condolences.
              Prayers being sent.

            • JCY
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              My sympathies on the death of your step-mom. I hope the job interviews next week go well.

            • Monique
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              So sorry to hear about your step-mom. Thoughts and prayers are with you during this most difficult time.

            Stopped at an estate sale and got a surprising find. The house belonged to a widower uncle of our neighbor. I was hoping to find a small side table/lamp stand for the basement. Instead I tripped over a slew of plaid flannel material. Looks like someone had a stash for shirts. I estimated the yardage at least 3.5 -4 yards each. I showed some restraint and ended up with six great manly plaids for $3. Yay. I'm going to build a few flannel rag quilts - for the hubs to keep in his boat or truck and for the son to keep in his jeep. Never know when you'll be wet and stuck and something warm would be handy. A couple of weeks ago, the son was running around in his boxers at the ranger stop since he'd gotten soaked getting off the lake and had forgotten he'd stripped down. Quickly remembered when the gal ranger pointed it out. Yikes.

            Enjoy the weekend.



              Good morning. It's was a crisp, cool one earlier and it is now turning into a nice fall day. Hubby made a delicious breakfast for me and we are heading out to Henry's game in a few minutes. I actually feel like just staying home but Tessa is sick so Kathryn won't be able to go and Joe's dad may not be there. I'd like Henry to have someone cheering him on in the stands and Joe can't do it since he is the coach. I am trying to decide what I want to do after we get home from that. I might challenge myself to get another quilt top put together. I got Zeke's Halloween quilt top made yesterday and it came out cute. If I can get Aviendha's done today, then I can work on getting them quilted and put the binding on during the week and sent off in the mail to them.

              Time to leave for the game. Have a good day.
              Ginny B



                Good morning!! Yesterday was a nice day off. As I was having kids I did a counted cross stitch birth announcement for each one. While looking for my yarn needle, Abby ran across them ..ugh I started hers but it's not done. She's 17. So yesterday that's what I did all day till late in the night when I started making mistakes and called it a day. I'll get it done! Then it made me think maybe I should do one for my granddaughter. Daniel has never seen me do cross stitch something tells me there will be a request of some sort. Maybe I'll surprise him first.

                Today I had planned on sewing dresses that are comminsioned and remembered I need bias tape. I might just make my own ..we'll see. I have plenty to work on!!

                I'm sure we'll be going grocery shopping today even though I'd rather stay home. I made zucchini boats yesterday. Burritos for Daniel. We need to get more meats today. They've talked about teriyaki chicken. It's easy! Maybe I'll mix it up and do fried potatoes on the side with veggies. We'll see.

                I hope everyone has a blessed and safe day!!!


                  Good Morning Everyone =)
                  I am still getting used to it being Oct. I made Dilly Bread , from the Cowboy Kent cookbook, yesterday. I need to get a lot of it into the freezer today. For 15 years I made Herb bread for my husband, it was his favorite. When I saw the Dilly bread recipe in the cookbook , I tried it out. Now it is Jack's favorite. Baking bread takes up a lot of the day so I never did get around to any quilting projects.
                  The Loose Change book arrived yesterday. Jack said that was $35 ? ( Canadian difference ) It sure was smaller than I remembered from the tutorial. Pretty book but those 18 projects was just that , projects. I need to pay attention more. I was thinking 18 versions of the Five and Dime block. I won't be ordering any more quilt books for a while now.
                  We had thought we may be having a grandson coming soon, turns out she will be a grand daughter. So the applique turtles blocks I had made awhile back are just sitting there. I had made them into 4 square blocks of 11 inches, 2 turtles per block. I have 32 blocks. I love all the beautiful blues. For some reason today I woke up wanting to make the turtle quilt so hopefully I at least get started.
                  Jack threw his back out yesterday and he hates being useless. The good news he isn't following me around and hoovering with post surgery warnings of don't touch this, don't lift that. It feels like a recess day to me , lol. Resisting the urge to do flip flops out in the yard.
                  My daughter is off today so I plan to make a big supper. Hope everyone has a real nice weekend.
                  Looking forward to seeing Rob and Cheryl's quilts.


                    Good Morning! At least I made it before the afternoon. Today is quite crisp, highs will only be in the low 50's and there is a possibility of some rain as well. Dave is almost done with the siding, Yay! He is one strip left to do on the west side of the house. It is over 12 ft so will be more than one piece of siding. Winds are very calm today but with the possibility of rain he is going to wait until tomorrow to put them up because of the caulking needs at least a couple of hours to cure. The winds are supposed to be relatively light again tomorrow and no chance of rain. He will need my help which means I will be getting up on a ladder. I'm not very good on ladders, firstly because of my weight and secondly because of my knees. Right now they are doing pretty good so I think I'll be okay tomorrow to help without problems.

                    Finished piecing the pinwheel kids quilt. I have the binding cut but need to find a nice flannel to put on the back. I found my "dinosaur" kids quilt and have cut the binding for that as well. JoAnn's has a couple of coupons for today that I think I'll use and pick up some nice flannel for these two quilts plus a pillow form for the pillow I made to go with the Glam Girl quilt. Right now I'm waiting for Jim's clothes to dry. I picked him up this morning and ran him to Walmart so he could update his phone and get a few things. He asked if I would do his laundry. Once that is done I'll run them up to him and go shopping.

                    Good news on the housing for Jim. He had a phone interview with a local nursing home. It isn't just a nursing home any longer, also assisted living. He isn't crazy about the place as it will not have a shower in his room. I talked with Jim's case workers and she said there were two places that had openings for assisted living. Jim hasn't heard from the other one but looked it up and told me that it sounds like more what he would like, more like a little one bedroom apartment which is what he is really hoping for. The downside is that he is going to have to find furniture. We were told by his case worker that when he gets put into this program they will take all of his social security and he will be given $100 monthly for personal expenses. Going to be hard for him to be able to get furniture on that and still pay for things like cable/internet. We will see. In talking with Jim it sounds like he is trying to look on the bright side of all of this instead of looking at what he is not going to have. I'm hoping that he keeps up that attitude. Otherwise he will end up in the Salvation Army Shelter again this winter with no help with his medications. His blood pressure is still not stabilized, this morning was 190/120 and that is with taking meds the way he should. They are still trying to find something that will keep it down.

                    Time to get busy and get a few more things done before I leave to go shopping. Have a great day everyone!


                      Hello Saturday
                      Gosh its raining, which has made inside dark, its been a busy week again trying to get a room back.
                      Should explain that the wardrobe has suffered from its move out and back, year last feb while took care of safety stuff, we were living with the bed and a chair, we took turns sharing the chair with the purrs.
                      Everything else was entering storage, the door hinge came away from the wonderfully expensive wardrobe its chip board😮, really thought was at least mdf!, (medium density fibre board) and the shelves holders decided they did not like to be near the chip board either, that happened while empty, while we repaired so not to ruin the wardrobe aesthetic's, it recently failed scaring the living daylights out of us all, those metal hanging rails do twang when hit the bottom.
                      All insides have been outside, clothes in compactor vacuum boxes, its been driving me a little dizzy as you can imagine.
                      Hulamoon now you know why have capsule wardrobe lol
                      We have now, well 6 hours later,
                      screwed 4 pieces wood to hold 2 shelves to the chipboard,
                      (be gone those little screw metal things that hold shelves up and let go with no warning while holding shelf up),
                      Those wooden battens has made sides less floppy if that was ever possible.
                      We then then bolted, yes bolted,
                      (applying a nut and bolt, not running out of room although was tempted),
                      the sliding door hinges on from outside on the side, counter sunk screws so does not look too bad.
                      A healthy person would done this in 45 minutes but as a team we were so sloooow those ailments grumbled..
                      Am happy have done the 4 RRRR. Reduce, Recycle, Repair, Re - purpose, can share the space with all of us in again. (The room not the wardrobe, although the felines a strange hair do, a broom, am sure someone wrote a book)
                      Its amazing to feel free of that problem.

                      Great to hear colour is back, cannot wait to see the tv shows redoing insides of homes being anything thing but beige, grey and white in every room as is often the recipe.
                      Often wonder if colour on walls would help brighten peoples moods, love my naughty zingy yellow walls when the sun hits them.
                      The relaxing feeling when walk into a sage aqua pastel green room (the one colour hard to describe but think light) with the current covered sofa of pink x white gingham (we have cats the sofa changes with each cover) so will leave there so not to leave to bad a picture in mind, some how it works.
                      Have a fun day in all you do.