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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    I don't see a thread started so I'll start one.

    It's a beautiful morning here in Florida. Now if it would just stay like this all day. lol, no such luck there! High is supposed to be in the mid 80s, it won't be that bad.

    Last night, after Mike went to bed, I was bored. So I started watching Woof Woof videos. It was worth it! I snickered so much at Gabby's antics! I was watching the tigers being fed turkeys. Gabby whined and carried on, they wouldn't share with her.

    Looking through patterns yesterday, made me realize I've been really slack recording information about the quilts I've been making. I've been pretty slack about taking pictures of all of the baby quilts as well. I've made at least 4 a year since I've been here. I have pictures of stages, but none of the final quilts. I'm feeling pretty frustrated with myself.

    I've been thinking about Secret Santa as well. I love the group and all of the creativity that it inspires, but I don't think I'm really cut out to be the leader of it. So folks in that group, be thinking about who would like to step up and take over.

    Vacation is getting closer. I'm getting excited... not enough to pack or make reservations yet. I'll get to that on Monday. I want to make sure I have the right hotel, that will be close to Jim and Morgan's campground.

    Dot and Joe are planning to come down for Thanksgiving. Once, Mike and I get home it will be get the house in order time, menu prep and cooking ahead time. I'm excited about that, too! I'll have to remind Jim that they are coming to see them while they're back in Jax.

    That's about all I know, other than my sweet Husky hasn't come home and my sewing room is so quiet. Have a great Sunday!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning, Katrina & Everyone ~ Oh my, it was so smoky last eve. It was a much more hazy day all day, but it really was bad in the eve. I went out before dusk to hand water. I trimmed back some of the perennials & dead-headed some. The air was so bad! I stayed out only as long as I needed to -- less than an hour. The paper today reports that the Cameron Peak Fire grew by >9,000 acres yest. There were 65 mph winds in that area. Total fire area now is 120,000 acres. The 2nd largest fire ever in CO.

    I spent all morning yest. in the kitchen making the chicken soup. It made 15 qts. & 1 container of leftover broth. There even was enough veg., broth, & rice for me to have a bowl at lunch. I'm always glad to be done with that big job.

    It's in the lower 50's this a.m. It's supposed to be only in the 60's today. The cooler weather will be appreciated.

    This will be another Sun. with YT church. I need to get started on my Bible Study lesson, too. Hopefully I can get some FMQ done, too.

    Katrina ~ Some of the animal videos on YT are hilarious! Even the pets can be captivated by them. A while back, Bonnie Hunter showed a pic of her dog & cat watching an animal video of birds, squirrels, etc. She said they sat in front of the screen & watched the whole 1 hr.'s program.


    • srgreene
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      Morning. Down in Lakewood the smell of the fire was intense last night. Had to turn off the swamp cooler and live with the hot rooms. Praying for cool and wet soon.

    • CarlieBlilie
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      My hubby won't eat soup until it get very cold. Me, I can eat soup every day. I usually make several different kinds every winter, usually make a turkey soup of some kind sometimes with noodles and sometimes with wild rice. Same with the chicken. My favorite is my vegetable beef soup--lots of veggies. My mom only had carrots, potatoes and cabbage in hers. I've added so many other kinds of veggies. I started looking for beef bones to make the beef broth. I always seem to have chicken or turkey broth as I make that up when I have roasted chicken or turkey.

    • KPH
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      Carlie, Howard hated soup. The closest I could get would be beef and homemade egg noodles or chicken with noodles. He ate it the first day, but loved it more the second when all the broth was soaked up in the noodles.

      I grew up on vegetable soup. Bono's makes what they call Brunswick stew, but it's more like vegetable soup with turkey, pulled pork, brisket and/ or smoked sausage (left overs from the day before). It's always delicious.

    Good morning everyone!

    Yesterday was busy with picking up my mama's new tv curbside and my husband and I setting it up at her new apartment. She's beyond thrilled! I told her it was ready and waiting for her. I pick up some new nightstands on Wednesday. Some of the new furniture I've ordered won't come until after she's moved in.

    This should be the last day of rain for a bit. We get late summer's last hoorah this week before the rains set in in earnest. Should be sunny and warm for a few days. I can hopefully give the blanket and heating pad a rest for a bit, lol. Unfortunately I will be mostly packing. Won't leave much time or energy for yard work. We'll see what I can sneak in.

    Heading to mama's today for some packing. Beats fighting commuters and rush hours tomorrow. Spent the weekend making arrangements which have been complicated by needing a Power of Attorney for everything I do for her. Thankfully I have it, it's just an extra step or two at a time when we don't have much time. It'll all get done though. I'm not worried....just tired already! Lol

    No quilting got done yesterday again. I am planning my quilting patterns for my tops though. I may brave some simple FMQ. I'm thinking a simple leaf pattern for my Seeds of Gratitude. Have to dive in sometime! I will practice some first on scrap.

    Have a wonderful day everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!
    Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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      Great going. Keep it up. Its so important in Canada to have the proper Powers of Attorney for care and financial. It makes it easier when dealing with banks and in my case the long-term care place. Mom can speak for herself usually about her care, and complains about service like its supposed to be a 5 star hotel. But when she is having health issues, she tells then to talk to me and let me decide. I know her wishes. Financial is no longer an issue, as mom set up a bank account with me 20 years ago, so I have no issue there. I have been taking care of that even while my dad was alive.

    • Hillbillyhike
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      Thanks so much all of you! Yes...we will get through,. This is easy compared to last year when she was in hospital and I suddenly had my undiagnosed at the time stepdad with Alzheimer's in tow while dealing with her and my own rapidly failing health. I was working full time the time. Had to stop. Almost lost her, got a quick diagnosis and placement for him and then ended up in hospital myself getting a pacemaker. All 3 of us in different hospitals at the same time!

      I just need to remind myself to slow down and take breaks. My body has sure slowed down, but my drive and brain hasn't. I like everything done and off my plate as soon as possible.

    • KPH
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      Keep your chin up. Many of us have gone through the elderly parent phase. We're always here to listen and understand.

    Good Morning to All. Well Katrina I will be joining you in sharing "frustration". Today I have to spend the day going through my dad's paperwork. Oh he kept records but he kept ALL of them over the years. And he did misfile quite often. Need to find the year end statement for his mortgage for 2019. That is the one piece that was not where it was supposed to be. Probably end up calling bank tomorrow and see how to get a copy. And received a pkg from the escrow company, it's like a novel! A boring novel at that... the party of the 1st part together with the party of the 2nd part are making the party of 3rd part richer.. its like trying to learn a foreign language. Between escrow and probate documentation, I could go on a nice little spending spree if I was charging them for every time I had to initial or autograph. Thank goodness the notary service at my credit union is free!

    I made a baby quilt top yesterday, half of log cabin block after watching an old Kea Bee tutorial. Using layer cake pieces. At the end she says... and block will measure 8-1/2 using a scant quarter inch. I said to myself.............. nooooooooo Kea, do you realize how long it took me just to get a consistent 1/4 inch in my construction, now you want me to break that habit! Well I didn't break it and mine were trimmed to 8-1/4 inch.

    half cabin.jpeg
    Time to enjoy the coffee and get my energy tank filled!

    Have a safe and happy Sunday!


    • JCY
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      Well, you know what people (both men & women) say when they hang on to things: "I might need that some day!" I have been trying to sort through old records & discard some items that
      are >7 y.o. But I have a LOT of other things I need to sort & discard or donate. It's a monumental job that we tend to avoid. Let's face it, I'd rather be quilting or reading a good book.

    • KarenC
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      In 2012, after mom's house flooded, I was going through her papers with her. Oh my! Dad had died in 2000, and she had every one of his pay stubs since they got married in 1954!. I did convince her she could get rid of them. She kept the first one for nostalgia. We wore out two shredders that year.

    • KPH
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      Beautiful quilt!

    Good Morning ~~ Yesterday was a lovely day. I think we are expecting rain today and through the new week. Our yard still looks good.

    I will stream church again today. I’m not sure what I will fix for dinner. We may have something simple if I decide to sew today. We have breakfast for dinner once or twice a week. Right now I’m burned out on eating eggs. I could eat French toast and bacon every day but I really have to watch what I eat to control my diabetes. I could eat my weight in Sun Chips (Garden Salsa) if I got started on! I’m making myself hungry.

    I may start a sailboat quilt today. I have had it on my bucket list for years. The tutorial for it is one of Jennys oldies. I love making quilts for babies and kids.

    I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.
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    Scottie Mom Barb


    • Momofmonsters5
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      I love those chips!! I haven't treated myself yo chips in a while. Yum

    Good morning friends. It's my turn this week for Show and Tell. My first picture is Bonnie's Quilt.

    Yesterday hubby decided he wanted to go for a drive. So off we set, he wanted to look at the colours of the fall and let me tell you there were beautiful. We didn't do what he had wanted to do thank goodness, going to the Market in Ottawa, (too many people and we couldn't find a parking spot). So we headed to Almonte, a little town with a coin store and quilt store directly across the street from the other. Yes, I did buy some fabric as it was on sale. So that took most of the day. Stopped in to see Lynda but she wasn't home.

    Today hubby will get the grass cut and I am not sure what I will do. There is some outside work that needs to be done, I may get motivated to do that.

    Great news to share with you. My oldest son and his wife has put an offer on a hobby farm about 2 hours from us. She is a horse girl and I have no doubt she is over the moon. I have seen the pictures and it looks quite lovely. Now, they need to see their house but I can't see any problem there, the demand is great in the Ottawa area.

    Tomorrow we will take a drive to Trenton to see #2 son. I haven't seen him in quite a while so it will be nice to get together and of course, see my girl.

    Have a good day friends. High temperatures again today before the rain comes in later this week with much cooler temps.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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      It was a gorgeous day for a drive, with all the trees in their fall splendor. I haven't been in the market area in years - - I do miss it. When I first moved to Ottawa in the 70s, I live on Sussex and worked at the corner Rideau/Sussex. What a great time, but the market was not a safe place for a young woman back then. Mostly hookers. I digress.
      I'm with you on Almonte, its my favorite place for shopping -- love the antique stores, the falls. The restaurants -- we went to the new one overlooking the falls last time. But my all-time favorite is Postino -- in old post office.
      Have a nice drive to Trenton / Belleville. There are 2 quilts stores I love there.

    • Hillbillyhike
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      Great news at your kids moving closer! How nice for you all.

    Good morning, everyone!
    It looks like it will be a nice day with temps in the upper 70s. A good day to spend outside, hopefully being able to avoid the stinkbugs. It's that time of year when they are pretty active and trying to get inside. I think we'll do something on the grill today, have some good wine.
    I had to stop working on my Valley Blossoms quilt because I didn't like the shade of green that I thought would work for part of the applique. I ordered yet another 2 cones of a different green. They're supposed to arrive tomorrow. I'm anxious to get back to working on that quilt. I'll post a picture when I've completed one block.
    Today is my younger daughter's birthday. She hooked up her camper to her car on Friday and spent the weekend at one of the state parks. The three kids stayed home with their dad. I told her I would be worried with her going alone so she's been texting me. Last night's text was "at campsite, still alive, making pizza." LOL. I'm glad she was able to get away. She's been working so hard at her job (engineer for a safety equipment company, and working out of class as supervisor) Plus she has the three little kids that keep her so busy at home.
    I should probably make some more masks. Mike and I are each down to just a couple. Somehow, somewhere, we lost a few. I have lots of FQs and lots of scraps that I can use up that way.
    Have a happy day!
    ~ Carol from PA


      Morning all,

      Not sure what the day will be yet, not cloudy but no sun either. Enjoying my first cup of coffee while I peruse the forum. I have ribs started in the crock pot for dinner and will make some potatoes au gratin and green beans to go with it.

      Did some more embroidered towels yesterday. Working on some fall and Thanksgiving ones. All went well till the last towel and the last color stitch out when the machine jammed. Grrrrrr! Could not get it lined up again for that last bit of stitches. Will try to stitch the brim of the pilgrim hat on my sewing machine hopefully that will work as it is a very small line that has to be stitched and any gaps can be filled in with a black pigma marker.

      Had a nice visit with our grandson yesterday he popped in to say hello and spent the afternoon with us. Well, time for me to get a move on a few daily chores that need to be done. Wishing everyone a good day!

      If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

      Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


      • Rhonda K
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        It's frustrating to line up designs after a jam.

        A couple of tips from the LQS owner when I had a jam.

        Write down the Step # and the stitch count #. Also note if you have moved the design from the original center position or resized/rotated the original design.

        Turn the machine off. Turn the machine back on but don't "recall" the previous design if the machine asks.

        The arm position can be skewed from the jam so you don't want the "recall" position. You want to start back with the original position of the embroidery arm.

        (I always did the "recall" function so had problems.)

        Go to step number and stitch count. Hope that helps for next time. Good luck! Rhonda K

      Good morning!

      Today is our last beautiful, dry day for a while, with a high around 80. Temps start cooling down tomorrow with rain in the forecast for the rest of the week. Our highs will be in the 50's by the weekend.

      I didn't finish sandwiching my spring twist quilt yesterday. I got the backing done and the batting cut to size. I watched several videos on how to de-bulk those pesky pinwheel centers. Some of them I can press open and that will solve the problem, others will be more of a challenge. My concern is my embroidery machine may not sew through a bulky seam but push it to one side, distorting things. I had that happen on a small wallhanging, a seam got twisted when I sandwiched the quilt and I didn't realize it until the design didn't stitch right.

      My replacement order from came yesterday. I have elastic to make masks! I ordered the ultra soft knit elastic, it should be more comfortable than the regular. I want to make a few that are holiday themed.

      Have a wonderful day!


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        Julie, did you try Eleanor Burns' method to clip a few stitches at the center and then spin the seams?
        This won't help now but this is a great method for getting flat pinwheels:

      • KPH
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        I can't remember where I saw this, I agree with Chelea about spinning the seams. Mister Domestic has a you tube on that, but I've been known to take a hammer to those stubborn area.

      Good morning everyone,

      I am just loving this fall weather we are having. I certainly hope it last a long time. Sunny and yesterday it was warm enough for shorts & t-shirt.. I cleaned up the case of the old Singer I bought. I will air it out in the sun again today, hoping the UV rays and fresh air remove the faint remainder of must.

      I have been running errands of late, stocking up on all the great sales for canned goods, and fresh vegetables. I have been prepping bags of chopped onions, carrots and celery in freezer bags, ready to make soups. Joy -- DH has been requesting these, so I cook chicken and just add veggies. It makes it faster. Last week, I made a big batch of chili, spaghetti sauce. chicken pot pies, beef with egg noodles in 3lbs containers to freeze. I like to pull one of these out, on days I am sewing like a mad woman, and don't want to stop to make dinner. I also made some Fig Jam with Port. Oh, I think this is the best batch ever. I may need to look for more figs. I went shopping for a small upright freezer. I guess I am not the only one. They had over 200 on order, and already 65 were sold and didnt know when they would arrive. I will have to think about it. I do use our freezers and bending down and digging for items in the bottom is getting old.

      I finished my Kindred Pinwheels, and posted under Show & Tell. Mom's place has been in lock-down since Sept 12, so not even outdoor visits. I generally speak to her every day, but she seems to not want to remember that I can't go in. She keeps saying she is ok. Since our numbers are way up, and there have been new restrictions in our province, I may not even go for in-person visit when the time comes. Its too risky. Long-term care homes represented almost 3/4 of all deaths in our country in phase 1.

      Today we may go for a ride in the country -- that is, if he gets up. He must have had a bad night, as I see a glass of milk near dishwasher and under-counter lights were still on. Enjoy your day.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      • Hillbillyhike
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        It's so hard! My dad doesn't understand and remember either. Lockdown happened shortly after he moved in. He hasn't seen my mama since February. It's heartbreaking. We do virtual chats and phone calls. I've done a few fence visits but they make me nervous as some people don't follow the rules and the residents don't wear masks. I'm at high risk as wel...not just them. Let's hope this all blows over sooner rather than later. Hang in there Suzanne!

      Good Morning!

      I'm later than usual as we have a guest today. My daughter called last night around 6 highly frustrated and angry. Her 12 year old was in it deep. She asked if we would take her for a couple of days. She ran away from home last night. Why, because they were having pizza for supper. She really is not making good choices lately and my daughter has been stretched to the limits. She got here last night around 9. She will be here again tonight and Dave and I will take her home tomorrow after lunch as she has an appointment with her case worker and an obligation to help sell popcorn for Scouts. My daughter told her if she thinks it will be more fun to be at grandpa and grandma's she will be surprised. We will not be "treating" her will here so it will be different from the other times when it was a fun time.

      No sewing yesterday but I did venture to the local quilt shop and bought some material. It is their 1-year anniversary. The store has been open for many years but last year went under new ownership. I was very happy it did as originally they were just closing and our other quilt store had just closed. Bought some cute "bee" material for a possible quilt for my best friend and some nice yellow flannel for the back of the two baby quilts I have in process.

      I also went through our armoire that we have in our den/computer room. It has all the game and puzzles we have accumulated over the years. Since we have the dumpster I figured to get rid of stuff we never use any more. Got rid of about half of it. I did put several games downstairs for the younger grands to play when they are here. Kept the games that we like to play when the kids are here (meaning my kids and the older grands). Love parchisi. Played that all the time with my grandparents and parents. Many years ago I made up a parchisi board where six people could play. It would be Dave and I, my grandparents and my parents. We had great times playing that. My son-in-law loves Sequence and we play that alot with them, Apples to Apples is fun to play with them and the grands.

      Not sure what today holds. I may get upstairs for some sewing just not sure with Natalie here. Have a great day everyone.


      • Bubby
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        Good luck, Grandma. Sometimes our Grands will listen better to us than to parents.

      • KPH
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        Reminds me of the time my niece ran away to come to our house. Mercy! We had just moved and she had no idea where we lived. Thank goodness they found her before she'd left the state!

      Good morning!

      It's a big breakfast kind of day with bacon, grits, toast and eggs. I crack one egg into the pan and use the whites only on the next two. They are cooked all the way to done. I can't eat dippy eggs so don't order them in restaurants. The extra yolks can go into a batch of oatmeal cookies later.

      I started on an embroidery project last night so will work on it today. It's a fun door hanger and I'll add some of those eyes from the craft store.

      We are planning an afternoon visit with DD and DGSon. I have water balloons and bubbles for play time. I know he will look something in his treasure box that I started. Grandson gets to pick out some little project for grandma time.

      Sending a quilt hug to those of you dealing with care-givers and issues. I've been on that side with my mom and mil and know it can be overwhelming.


        Morning everyone. I put up pictures and Patsy's story on the "We're Home" thread, so I won't repeat that here.

        Not much happening today other than getting grocery order (including more dog food), mowing for hopefully the last time of the season and catching up on paperwork that I let go yesterday because of Patsy. I've decided to wait until I get my French General fat quarters before starting anything new, because I want to do the French Star quilt next. Will contact the fabric store to see if they can give me an ETA. I completely and totally understand the delay from the fire, but I still would like to just get a general idea when they think it might ship.

        Not much else to report. Have a great day all!

        There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
        --Ken Burns


          Back again ~ I missed live streaming church at 8:30. (I'll catch it later.) At 8 a.m. I had a phone call from a retired nurse friend of mine with whom I worked at the local hosp. for 18 yrs. We've been keeping in touch by phone occasionally. She called to let me know she's in "the nursing home." But she was not able to remember the name of the facility. She finally turned on the call light for the nurses aide, with whom I talked. She's in an assisting living center. She's been there 2-3 wks. The last several times we had chatted on the phone, I had noticed she was having some memory problems, occasional word-finding issues, etc. I was surprised to learn she's in a facility. She had given up driving quite a while ago & eventually gave her car to a gr. child. I was sad to learn of this change for her. This growing old is not for sissies! I called the facility to determine visiting options. No visitors are allowed inside the building, but she's allowed to go outside for visiting or even off site with a friend for church, lunch, etc. I'll try to call her more often & will send a card. Not sure if I'll be able to visit her or not. I left a msg. on her son's phone in hopes of learning more about what's going on with her. I know her family has been handling her finances for some time, also making her dr. appts., etc.

          We're having a cloudy day with a considerable breeze. The yellow leaves from the honey locust trees are falling at a increased rate. The temp. hasn't yet moved above 54 deg.


          • Rob the HOAQ
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            I know she'll treasure having a good friend like you Joy, even if all you get to do is call her.


          I’m sure she will appreciate being able to get together with you. This COVID stuff has really made it difficult for those in the nursing homes. It is awful the things that appear as we get older. I have a friend whose husband died last year around Thanksgiving. She was my piano teacher when I was very young and most recently our handbell director. We had a Christmas gathering last January and I was so sad to see that her memory was getting very bad. Reminded me of my mother-in-law who had a form of Alzheimer’s.