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    Welcome Monday

    Good morning friends. It is the start of new week and I work today and tomorrow. I have decided what I want to quilt in the border of Bonnie's quilt and have that prepared to take with me today.

    We had our wine and cheese Saturday night. It was a huge success. I was feeling a little peaked yesterday and spent a quiet day at home. Hubby has gone on a little golf trip to Mont Tremblant. I have never been there and I have no doubt they will have fun.

    I worked on the North Star blocks and man oh man, are they wonky!!! Holy, a 12" block cut down to 11 1/4". I need to iron and measure better when I start blocks.

    I heard on Facebook that there is 1 case of covid within the municipality, which includes 18 towns. I do not know this person and I am sure I haven't been where she has been.

    I broke down and turned on the heat in the living room yesterday. It was chilly but I turned it off before I went to bed. Laundry dried well on the line.

    Tomorrow is the first day of Fall. It sure feels like Fall. At least we have had sunshine and will continue until maybe Thursday. Frost advisories each night though.

    Have an awesome day my friends. Stay safe and healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique and all who follow! We're getting a hint of fall weather here, it's in the 40s this morning. This afternoon, our guild is having a sit-n-sew. There are less than 10 of us and we should have enough space to spread out. I hope all wear masks. If not, I'll be coming home. The meeting gave me the incentive to finish my bookcase shelf block for our group project. When we suspended meetings, we were starting a bookcase quilt to give to the local library as a prize in a book reading contest. I was inside a restaurant yesterday for the first time since March. There weren't many there and we didn't stay long, but I was uncomfortable the entire time. I've got laundry going, Monday is for DH's work clothes. Have a great and safe day.
    *~* Myrna *~*
    *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


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      Good for you for leaving if others won't wear a mask! I hope everyone practices common sense and common courtesy. I'm not comfortable with restaurant dining indoors yet, either. I saw an article last week that dining is restaurants is linked to increased probability of developing COVID-19. We're trying to eat out a LOT while outdoor dining is still available. In a few weeks, it will be over for us in Minnesota.

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      MSN I am also uncomfortable with being in restaurants. My sisters don’t understand why I won’t meet them and have lunch at a restaurant. My hubby and I have been mainly at home through this. Why take a chance? It is so irritating when I go to the grocery store and people don’t distance themselves. Yes they have masks but still you are supposed to maintain the 6 feet between people. I miss being able to do things with my friends. Praying this will end sooner than later.

    Good Morning!! I'm up early it's 5. I clock in at 8. I still love working from home.

    The weekend was wonderful. I ate way too much though! I had Sushi sat night, it's a treat, I'm the only one that eats it. Abby made Orange chicken last was delious. She's quite the chef and baker!.

    I worked on Barbie clothes for my granddaughter for Christmas. My family were making fun as I had to buy a doll and was playing dress up at my machine. I got 7 pieces done..she"ll be getting around 100. Shirts, skirts, dresses and pants. I'm having alot of fun creating and I love trims!! Rosa is the only grand so far, my kids are so competitive that I know since I do so much much for her the bar is set so high when yhe o th hers have kiddos. I bought fabric for another secert santa gift. That's been fun too. My DD charm pack came in as well!!

    I went to wally world last night for groceries. I'll be making zucchini boats to offset all the carbs this weekend. Abby and I love them! I still hate that they Close at 830pm but you adapt! I had to stop sewing to go.

    I hope everyone has a fun week as fall rolls in. I'm in high spirits for the chill weather and usually produce alot of quilts. Have a fantastic day!!


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      All those teeny tiny fabric! Lucky granddaughter.

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      Do you use patterns for the the doll clothes? Zucchini boats sound good.

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      I used tutorials, I modified it a little. Using velcro on the back of the shirts and for the skirt I liked creating the elastic casing first. I printed one for pants, short sleeve and long sleeve shirts too. I'll try those out when I get all these I have cut out done. I can find the link if you want that one. It's been really fun!


    Good Morning. I’m up early again today. The furnace came on again last night again, so Fall is hovering.

    We took a long ride yesterday to Montauk State Park and got lost on the way home. We were on some of the worst one lane roads almost completely obscured by overgrowth. I think every turn we took was a wrong turn. We ended up coming out in the county to the east of us but at least from there we knew how to get home. It was nearly dark by the time we got home. Sugar and I got car sick but Maggs slept most of the time. I don’t like the feeling of being lost. After a bite of dinner I was ready for sleep.

    Yesterday I told myself that I’m going to dust and vacuum today. I need to get moving because it’s going to be a big job.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

    Scottie Mom Barb


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      I've been holding off on dusting until the smoke & ash are gone. I noticed fine particles of ash have come in through the screens. It will be a major vac'g & dusting job soon.

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      Glad you made ot home safely Barb.

    Morning all,

    It is very chilly here this morning at least it is in my house. I hugged the bed till 6:45 then got up and put a heavy robe on and fired up the Keurig for some hot coffee. It is 60 degrees in the house. Hopefully the part for the burner will be here and installed tomorrow. Brrrrrr!

    Yesterday I got in the sewing room and worked on one of the reading pillows I had started quite a while ago. I got the applique design done and it looks ok I think once it's ironed and all my placement markings are ironed off it will look a lot better. Now I have to embroider the saying on it. Today I will work a bit more on it.

    I better get moving and start some chores , sooner done the day is mine to get in the sewing room. Wishing everyone a good day!

    If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Our temp. hit 91 yest. afternoon. I like the cool mornings & the slow warm up. We're at 55 deg. this a.m. The extended forecast still is for 80's. We're still dealing with smoke from the Cameron Peak Fire in CO & the western fires. One more day of smoky skies & it's supposed to improve.

      I didn't get any sewing done yest., but DH & I cleaned all the fans, a total of 6. We (or I by myself) do them every fall. DH took them apart; I washed the grills & fan blades; I use a pipe cleaner to get the accumulated dust from around the motor. DH lubed the motors with WD-40 & reassembled the fans. I'm always glad when that job is done. One more item ticked off the to-do list.

      Sat. the swamp cooler got drained, wiped out, copper tubing disconnected from the faucet, & covered. It's all ready for winter weather. In the spring, we'll need new pads & a coating on the interior.

      Today I plan to defrost the freezer. I need to get that frost build-up out of there before I make the next batch of chicken soup, which I need to do later this week.


        Good Morning All,

        I’m up way earlier than usual for me. Already at my daughters to take care of her daycare while she is a PT. Or maybe I should say help my granddaughter. She knows so much more of the routine than I do.

        She just left and will be gone about an hour. She has a quilt kit she bought a while back in blacks and pink. I’m going to take this one home and work on it for her. It will be given to her best friend who is going through some tough times

        I did not do any sewing yesterday. Tried to be up on my feet a little more to see if it will help the knee pain. As long as I’m just walking I’m fine. Standing still for a long period of time causes some issues as well as going up and down stairs. I was able to set out most of the fall decorations. Still have a few more and maybe some rearranging

        Nothing much planned for today. It is in the low 60’s right now, heading for mid 70’s. Dave said we are supposed to get into the 80’s later this week.

        Off now to keep track of kiddos. Have a great day everyone.


          Good Morning All,

          It was nice day yesterday. I was on the way into church, and Melinda called. They stopped in on the way to her Mom's house. Her mother died over a year ago and her stepdad passed a month ago. She was on chemo and couldn't go to the memorial. They're emptying the house, and getting it up for sale. According to Russell, he's hoping she'll donate a lot of it. He'll be driving the truck and towing the car back to Charlotte. It was nice visiting with them before they continued on to Dade City.

          The sun is finally trying to break through the clouds. There's supposed to be more rain today. I'm hoping it will be like the rest of the weekends forecast, wrong. the wind was about the only thing they got right!

          Have a great day. Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Good morning. Yup, feels like fall is actually here. Chilly enough for our heat to turn on again early this morning. I am ready for fall weather and I am surprised and happy it is showing up in September.

            We had a nice weekend. Got to see 4 of the grand's at Henry's ball game and spoke with Zeke on the phone on Saturday too. I think I am going to bake some cookies today and send them out to him. Other than that, I am not sure what I will get up to. I am sure it will involve sometime in the sewing room though.

            Have a good Monday everyone.
            Ginny B



              Good morning,

              Finally a cool-off here at 84 degrees and windy breezes. It feels so nice that hopefully, I'll play in the garden planters later. DD and I want to add a butter-fly garden for DGS as he loves watching them and trying to catch them.

              My machine is cranky again pulling the bobbin thread to the top. It was really bad on a satin stitch on an applique project. I'll report her to the LQS as it may be a setting behind the scenes. I don't ever change the default setting. Something is not quite right. I'm going to try an embroidery design and see how that works.

              Hope your day is filled with happy stitching!


                Good morning everyone,h
                It was a chilly morning today . . . 35 degrees at about 6:30. Right now it has gone up to 45 degrees. I did turn on the heat last night but had it turned down. I just didn't want any pipes to freeze. Didn't know if that was a possibility, but just wanted to be careful. My husband would usually take care of those things.

                Last night my quilt guild's board has a trial ZOOM meeting to test things for our first guild meeting tonight on ZOOM. Then we had an "emergency" meeting to discuss the retreats. We have 2 retreats each year . . . January and May. This year, May's retreat was postponed until August which was subsequently, postponed until Jan, 2021. Discussing all the concerns and possibilities for problems, we decided to cancel the January retreat. There was even a quick discussion about the May retreat, but that was tabled until the next board meeting in February, I think.

                Not sure if I will get into the sewing room today. I have to go to the grocery store . . . haven't done a big shopping trip for 2-3 weeks. I also have some cleaning to do, so I guess I better get my day started.

                Have a great day and be safe everyone!!



                  Good morning!

                  This morning started chilly, we're expecting a high near 70 today. We have a porch visit with Mom this morning. My sister and I usually go to lunch after. We take turns buying, this week it's my turn. She's still not comfortable going into a restaurant (neither am I, really). We usually get take-out or go through a drive-through.

                  I finished my Halloween quilt yesterday! I am quite pleased with the flange binding. I watched a movie while I clipped the threads from the edge to edge quilting. I thought they were multiplying for a while there, but I managed to get them all. I'm taking it over to my sister's this morning to show off and take a picture or two.

                  Work should pick up a bit this week. There's a big deadline looming on Thursday. I'm sure I will be inundated on Wednesday, as everyone waits until the last minute. We're upgrading some software Thursday morning. Communication has been rather muddled, notice went out about the upgrade but a lot people don't think it applies to them. It should make for an interesting day or two.

                  I'd better get ready for our visit with Mom. Have a wonderful day!


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                    Have a nice visit Julie!

                  Good morning. Woke up to chilly temps. It is suppose to heat up. The groomer is coming soon. Not sure if she wants to do it inside or outside. I will plan on sewing some more blocks while she is here. She is here 2+ hours.

                  myDH bought a fire pit for the backyard. I was quite surprised when I opened the door after the UPS driver left. We tried it out the last 2 nights.

                  my son did test negative for COVID. The school has doubled their infection numbers. But they want to play football, so they want to keep the students on campus.



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                    Great news Beth!

                  Good morning everyone,

                  It's been a busy few days here, I slept well last night for 9 1/2 hours...I must have needed it. On Thursday my friend, Lou, and I went on the Valley Quilt Shop Hop. It's held every year for the shops in the Red River Valley of ND. I'm only a half hour from the ND/MN border, and Lou lives in Grand Forks, ND. She has worked at J's for many years and is an amazing quilter. The shop hop included 6 shops; we visited the three most northern ones on Th. and the three southern ones on Fri. All in all, it covered from Devil's Lake to Fargo. Five of them were new shops for me, but Lou had visited several before. Of course, lots of money was spent, but we had a good time. I picked up fabric for three projects, plus a cross stitch kit, and some misc. The "prize" for finishing the hop was a Steamfast travel iron. Lou said she had been thinking about buying one for quite a while, so that was a win.

                  I thought I'd be sewing on Sat., but my SIL called in the morning and said they were heading to our town to do some golfing with DH, and would I like to ride along for 18 holes so we could visit. She said she'd called DH Fri. afternoon to set it up. Did DH tell me about it? No. He said he was going to tell me Sat. morning. I reminded him that I do have a cell phone, and he could have called me after talking to his sister. I didn't know it they planned on stopping at the house, so we hurriedly vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom. As it turned out, they didn't stop over; we did our visiting at the golf course, but it was a good excuse to do a little cleaning. I told SIL she should call me too when they plan to come our way, because DH never thinks to tell me!!

                  Sunday was First Communion for our GD, so we went to DS's church for that. I wasn't feeling great (metformin side effects), so we didn't go to the in-laws for the lunch after church. We drove home, and I lay down for a nap; felt better when I woke up. At 40 we had our gun safety class to renew our conceal and carry permits. DS and DIL took it with us. We were all licensed at the same time 5 years ago. My shooting was a lot better this time compared to 5 years ago! The class was four hours long. Since there were over 20 people attending, the shooting part took a while. I was ready for bed when we got home 😌 The instructor was a former student of mine who is part of the MN Hwy Patrol. I told him he was a great teacher!

                  The plan is to get into the sewing room today. I'm itching to play with the new fabric, but I have so many WIP's that I'm going to make myself finish at least one of those first. Self control???

                  Enjoy this fall weather and stay safe and cozy.


                    Good morning everyone!

                    The smoke is gone, hurray! We actually saw the sun a d blue sky a bit yesterday and I had the doors and windows open all day. Sat outside and talked with my mama for a good long time. It was comfortable. Not hot, but warm. The roofers are finally coming today! It'll be nice to get that done.
                    I need to talk with my Dr today and get more medication. My GERD has been so bad these last few days! I can only eat a handful of vegan foods. I've doubled up on my prescribed meds and and taking Gaviscon.I t's not making any difference. I've got acid burns in my throat it's so bad. I'm starting to believe it's not food that's the cause. I haven't had a gall bladder in years, so I believe that contributes.

                    Got the pinwheels done last njght for my Seeds of Gratitude quilt. I pressed the seams flat, which helped, but I forgot to twirl them. I should know better than to quilt when tired and not feeling well lol. They look good though. I re-did one. I tried putting a pin in at the center, but found it got in the way. I trimmed my units first and then used a wonder clip at the centre. That worked well. Next time I will try hand stitching a stitch or two. I hope to get more done today. Making flying geese...something new! I cut the HSTs slightly larger than called for and will trim them, since I trim anyways. That gives me a better chance to have them line up. The pattern called for 7/8. I wasn't about to cut 7/8 lol. I rounded up.

                    Washing bed sheets today. Will make a nice supper for hubby. Need to go to pharmacy and get car insurance and mail...and quilt!

                    Have a wonderful day everyone! Stay healthy, happy, and safe!
                    Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


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                      I am with you on the rounding up. Seems whether I cut exact measurements or round up, I have to trim the blocks up. They never come like they are supposed to. It is operator error I know, but this is my work around.