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    Welcome Wednesday

    Good morning friends. Yesterday I was finally able to drop off items that have been waiting to go to new homes. I stopped and had a coffee with my sister-in-law as well. I did get into the sewing room and 'picked' up a bit. Call a call for work for today so I have a project to take with me just in case. I do work until 6:30pm but have a 2 hour lunch. Aside from that, there isn't much exciting things happening around here. I have company coming on Saturday for a wine and cheese tasting.

    So have a great day everyone. Prayers going out to those affected by fires and storms. Stay healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Mornin to all!

    Monique, loved seeing your pics of your vacation.......we won’t be taking one this year.....kinda sad, but this too shall pass.

    I just dragged around yesterday. I slept 2 hours the night before and just did what I had to. Went to bed early and slept like a log. Still feeling tired, but it might take a couple nights of good sleep to feel better.

    I’ll probably do some yard clean up today. Most of the flowers are fading. Some still look great. I thought the cukes were done....the plants sure looked bad. Suddenly there’s more life! Looks like over half dozen new ones! Yippee! Tomatoes are still producing....yum 😋.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
    💫 Star lover


      Good morning!

      Today is our last warm day before we get a taste of fall -- high today in the mid to upper 70's. Temps will get cooler tomorrow and I might need to turn the furnace on this weekend.

      My sister and I had a good visit with Mom on Monday. I was a little perturbed they had us too close (IMHO) to another family visiting on the porch. I questioned the lack of social distancing, but was told it was ok because Mom was distanced from them...even if my sister and I weren't. They weren't distanced from their loved one, either. The corporate office left me a message, asking for input on Mom's care. I'm going to return the call and mention this.

      I sent some time in the sewing room yesterday and made good progress on my Halloween quilt. I have one column left to stitch. I am disappointed I don't love the design like I thought I would. It looks fine, I'm probably being too critical. I doubt I will use it again, though. I will start working on the flange binding this weekend.

      I need to call Mom's facility and find out if they know what they did with her bed. I think it is in storage. She was switched to a hospital bed when we enrolled her in hospice. I want to retrieve Mom's bed next week, otherwise my Texas sister won't have anything to sleep on when she visits in October. Well, there's always the sofa or the floor, but I don't think she would appreciate either of those.

      Have a wonderful day!


        Good Morning All,

        Yesterday, was pretty busy. Started with my laundry. Then, I started cleaning up/ out in the kids room. I tossed a bunch of stuff they don't play with anymore. If all the pieces weren't there, it's gone. Found a pen knife, Howard's, so Jim left it. I put it up in with Howard's jewelry box. Swept and vacuumed again. One day, I'll get all of those Pepper hairs picked up. We had one brief wave of rain last night around 9:30. I was thankful it was over quickly so Gabby could go out before bedtime without me having to get all rain geared up.

        Today is Bible Study. Mike is taking Gabby for her spa day. I guess I'll be back in the kids room. I've got to get a load of books ready for donation. There are just too many books for the space.

        Time to get busy and get ready for BS. Have a great day. Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good morning. Another hazy one this morning. Yesterday was a beautiful, fallish day and we actually had our first real errand running day since all this covid stuff started. We headed out after breakfast and tackled our "we need" list. We wound up actually going to 4 different stores. I am happy to say that everyone was wearing masks and staying as socially distant as possible.

          One of the stops we made was at CVS to get more anti-itch cream and also some bacitracin. The poison ivy rash seems to not be spreading anymore. The cool compresses a few times a day really seem to help too.

          I had a nice long talk with youngest son, Tim yesterday afternoon too. He seems to be recovering well from his spinal surgery. He hopes to get the go ahead to go back to work after he sees his doctor next week.

          Today I will spend time in my sewing room. I have so many projects I want to make running around in my head. It might be the cooler feel in the air, but something is giving me the urge to sew more, bake, and even get out the fall decor.

          Have a good day everyone. Be safe. Stay well.
          Ginny B


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            Just dawned on me that Jim would make salt water solution, soak a paper towel and then just put the wet paper towel on his poison ivy.

          • Ginny B
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            Hmmm. I will try that. Thanks Katrina.

          Good Morning. I woke up way too early today but I stayed in bed until Jeff got up.

          The Girls got their nails trimmed at the vet’s yesterday. Sugar was okay with it but not Maggie. She had to be muzzled and held down. She’s an odd little duck about being touched in certain places. She trusts me but not to clip her nails.

          After I get the day going I want to press backings for the two UFOs I finished. I may take them to my quilter Friday if she’s home. She’s backed up but I would like to get them in her rotation. I hope to get some time to find a machine embroidery project to work on.

          One day next week we are going to head out for a day trip. Not sure where we will go but we’re leaning toward Arkansas. We have talked about retiring in Arkansas but we’re both from Missouri and we have a lot of ties here. We wouldn’t mind moving to a lake house. Jeff loves to fish and I like being by the water.

          Ginny, I’m glad to hear your son is well on the mend after his surgery.

          Wishing everyone a great day.

          Scottie Mom Barb


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            Barb, come to Long Island we have plenty of fish and water.😊😊

          Good Morning, Everyone ~ The forecast for today is for smoke. Not sure if it's from our CO fire or all that smoke traveling across the country from all the western fires. Maybe both. My son in MD said it is hazy there from the smoke. Too bad some of the hurricane rain can't be dumped on all the fires.

          My Staples order was delivered at noon yest. Good service. The case (8 reams) of computer paper was so heavy! It took both DH & me to lift the box over the threshold into the house, where it promptly stayed. DH cut it open & we carried the reams of paper, one at a time, into the office where I stored it. I won't need to buy paper for a long time.

          Yest. I did 3 loads of laundry, worked on my Bible Study lesson, & had time to mach. baste the perimeters of my quilt samples & the quilt. Now all I need to do is clean & adjust my LA & get to quilting.

          Today is our first Bible Study Fellowship discussion group mtg. via Zoom. I have a dermatology appt. after lunch for my annual skin checks. I need to make a quick stop at the groc. store for a few things.


            Good Morning Everyone,

            We have sunshine of sorts today again. Yesterday got into the high 70's and got a little sticky when the breeze disappeared. We are supposed to be in the high 60's today and tomorrow it is predicted that we will have a high of 63. Tonight it is supposed to get down to the lower 40's. This weather should be quite nice for Dave to complete some more of the siding. I have to shake my head about things he runs into when doing projects like this. The other day he was telling me he opened up another can of worms while taking the old siding off the dining room. The problem my husband came across was that when my grandfather added the patio to the house (it butts up against the dining room) instead of cutting the siding where it joined the dining room he put a trim board in the corner and "fussy cut" it so that it covered about an inch of the siding and that is where Dave is having the problem. He now has to take the saws all and meticulously cut, or maybe I should say dig, that trim board out. Why my grandfather did it that way when it would have been simpler and better to cut a straight line I'll never know. He was a very smart man but this just doesn't make sense. Dave has a little more than half of the siding off the south end of the dining room. I think he is going to finish that side before he removed the west side. It would be great if we had good weather long enough for him to finish it all but I'm not counting on it.

            Joy, I think we may be getting some of the smoke here in Minnesota also as it isn't the normal clear skies we get when sunny. Ginny, glad your son is doing well after his surgery. Katrina, my dogs are pretty good with getting their nails done but Milka constantly tries to pull her feet away. I am not confident enough to do them myself, at least not with these two. They both are scheduled for teeth cleaning next month and I'll have the vet take care of their nails again.

            Most of the day yesterday I spent with my legs up. It has helped some but not enough that I can do a lot of stairs. Thankful that I'm getting the injections tomorrow. We are getting a delivery of crabs and snails this morning to help the marine aquarium, the algae is running rampant. After that we have a trip to the pet store to get some bird food. Jim also asked me to run him to the store, so a little running this morning. I also have laundry planned but I'm going to try and do it wisely so I'm not going up and down the stairs too much.

            I was able to get into the sewing room last night and completed sewing the 9-block backings. I hope to get the batting cut and the layering done over the next couple of days. I am thinking of doing the quilt for my daughter's best friend. I texted her yesterday about it but must have been busy when I sent it so no response yet. She is so busy right now, Carson with flag football practice, her with PT on her hands, Natalie with Scouts and Makayla with dance. They are going every which way. Next year will hopefully be better as Makayla should be able to get her driver's license and it will free up Jennifer a little more.

            Time for some coffee and breakfast. Hoping our shipment comes early today, it is a next day air by 10:30 but would be nice if it was here around 9 so we get our running done.


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              Yes, Jeanne they are a little on the ugly side. Ours are even worse, the bushynose males have growths on their noses.

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              Carlie, good luck with the injections in your knees tomorrow. I hope you get some long lasting relief.

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              Thanks, Barb. I'm glad I made the appointment last week, my knees have really been made the last few days. Was on my feet for a while taking care of the tomatoes and I can really feel it. A month ago I spent the same amount of time on my feet and I hardly noticed. I know it will take a while to get better but at least they should get better.

            Morning everyone!

            With the Blue and Gray quilt finished, I'm just waiting on the fat quarter bundle to arrive before getting started on the next project.

            Cheryl worked some more on her GFG project last night and she was able to make some good progress on the large flower. She's looking forward to the weekend so she can devote more than a few hours to working on it.

            Still no word when we will be able to get Patsy. My guess is they will wait until after the Waddle since she will be the queen. That's OK since we still have to dig out all the stuff we had with Droopy, plus we have to get a new bed. Cheryl talked about making one, but isn't sure she wants to break off work on her GFG to do it. Plus, we have to get some food so we'll be at the pet store anyway.

            I have some non-sewing work to do in the sewing room today, so that will likely be the extent of my time in there. I'm working on a design based on a Fons and Porter pattern for a Civil War quilt, plus I am tweaking a couple I got from the book on Kansas City Star quilts. Plenty of inspiration, but not of time!

            There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
            --Ken Burns


              Good morning everyone,

              After a nice day yesterday, it's going to be only about 50 for a high today plus some wind. There are frost warnings for tonight, and then we'll warm up again into the high 60's, maybe low 70's. I'll be covering the tomato plants this evening.

              Yesterday I spent quite a while in the sewing room. I finished the second row of houses for the Winter Village. There are four rows altogether, with a total of 22 houses. All done in blues and creams...typical of Edita Sitar's fabrics. I do love her fabric designs.

              I'm interested in Pat Sloan's new sew-along for layer cakes. I ordered the book needed, Perfect 10 Quilts, from the Fat Quarter Shop. I enjoy watching Pat's daily video.

              That's it for me. Stay well and safe everyone.


                Good morning,

                Yay for another relaxing day. The flange binding is ready for the final stitch down. The laundry is in the dryer already this morning.

                The post is done for the quilt sharing. The pictures are posted at medium size as that seems to be a better option. There is also a limit of 10 pictures to post in one thread. It takes me a while to size and organize them as I have to go back through old photos, send them to my email and then download to computer, and finally write the post. It's been fun to share.

                I'm up for a little side trip to the fabric store today. There is always something new to discover. I would like to make the prairie point placements with strip border fabric.

                Hope your day is great!


                  Good morning everyone!

                  Mama and I were absolutely exhausted last night. It was a lot of walking for her during the assessment. Also, she hadn't slept well the last couple of nights. Emotions zdded to it as well. I drove over 3 hours total yesterday. Although we work masks, I'm thinking the smoke made us more tired as well. I was in bed early, but awake at 2 for a while. Did go back to bed though. She loved the place! Yay! Now they decide. She should know by tomorrow.

                  Today I will take it easy. I'm sleepy and can't have coffee any longer due to my bad GERD. Bill paying, mama's laundry and working on her quilt is in order. More fabric came yesterday. Still not my Christmas Juniper Berry fabric from overseas. I'm itching to get started on my fall quilt wallhanging, but I want mama's quilt done first. I'm hoping the top will be finished today.

                  Have a wonderful day everyone!
                  Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


                    We have a breezy coolish day so far, rain will probably come here later. We are a bit north of Sallie's path which is just fine by me.
                    I bought something to spray our bushes for lace bugs but won't be able to do that until after the rain so I don't have much to do today. I also got a couple of mums that need planting.
                    The brilliant swirls quilt is getting quilted an hour or so at at time, it is drawing towards the end.😀 My pumpkin table runners/place mats are pieced and ready to sandwich so I need to get that brilliant swirls one out of the way.
                    We had a lovely lunch out yesterday with DH cousin and her DH. One of their sons had covid and is in the hosp but improving well. his wife and older son had it and have recovered, the younger son didn't get it. Weird disease, isn't it.
                    Another of their sons is up for the fire chief position in our town, I am sure he would be great in the job. They have 4 sons, triplets and a single 5 years later, all 4 are firemen/paramedics and you couldn't find 4 more fine men. I am a proud cousin in law.
                    I wish we could send some of the rain from Sally out west, bless you all and try to stay safe from the smoke and fire.


                      Happy Wednesday,
                      Last night got a text ordered food, that had not so went into other room to investigate, then himself had a moment, which we ended up talking about, to take advice.
                      The food shopping turned up, am sure did not order. Am wondering if site had a glitch, perhaps its me, there is so many things am having to do now to keep things running smoothly so no one gets upset, its hard to juggle everything, ailments included even they are making selves known.
                      In food shopping, delivered seafood sticks, thought wow dinner could put them in a gf baguette. would you believe seafood sticks have wheat in? 😥
                      The delivery gentleman had gone tootle pip, so we put together a few store / pantry items (known in our house as a red cross food parcel😉) and some sweet potato in with the sea food sticks, delivered all to mil, who seemed happy to receive at a certain distance, we had to have pig in blanket in a baguette for dinner instead, (that is sausage wrapped in bacon) lol.
                      Today have been folding clothes to put in compactor box, the seasons changing, winter woollies to the front.
                      tonight have been exercising all facial muscles after the ailments won their battle to become fore front and centre.
                      have a great evening

                      By the way if have a vpn on, posts do not post an error message occurs once off it posts.