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    Well hello Tuesday

    Good morning friends. It's a little foggy out this morning. I could hardly see across the street. I got the bedding washed and changed yesterday. It was a very windy day, the sheets were snapping in the wind. I did another load as well so all is done now. I put more stuff away and purged a little as well. Now I have a place to take all this stuff, which I may do today just to get rid of it.

    I made cauliflower soup yesterday for the first time. It was really good, even hubby enjoyed it. I received a phone call about work yesterday. I chose not to go where they wanted me, it is a little too far. I thought we had come to a compromise and I would go to another post office a little closer but I never got the call back. So, I guess I am not working the rest of this week. They don't pay my mileage so I am not going to go way out of my way. Besides, I have things to do here.

    My sewing room needs an overhaul as well, although not sure when I will get to that.

    And so that is it for me. I did download my pictures from my trip so I will get a post later about our vacation, I promise.

    Prayers to all affected by the wild fires and storms, stay safe.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique and all to follow. It's a cool one here today. Oh, sheets snapping in the wind! Love that sound. And I have never made cauliflower soup either. We like cauliflower so maybe I should think about adding that.

    Laundry got done yesterday as well as a bit of sewing time. I think today we may head out to a couple of stores for some things we need. Other than that, I have no particular plans.

    Have a good Tuesday everyone. Stay safe all those in the areas of the fires and now, also Sally. Be well.
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    Ginny B


      Morning all,

      Looks to be the start of another nice day. Not much on my agenda today, haircut this morning and a Zoom meeting this evening. May make a quick run to the grocery store on the way home while I'm out.

      Made a few masks yesterday they sew up quick. Sorted some more scraps and folded material to be put away that job however does not go so quickly, probably my least favorite thing to do in the sewing room. Was browsing for some cute Christmas machine embroidery designs for some kitchen towels yesterday and found some to pcurchase. They make great gifts and are also great craft fair sellers. Last two years I have sold out whatever kitchen towels I bring to the craft fair. Doesn't look like there will be any craft fairs this fall/holiday season but I make them all year round and add them to my inventory.

      Time for me to get a move on and get some coffee. Wishing everyone a good day!
      If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

      Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


        Good Morning to All. Learned yesterday I will be getting a visit from the wee ones and the older ones (grandkids) this Saturday, I am so excited. My daughter called for a Saturday family visit to my house to celebrate early birthday for my DIL. My DIL is will be picking the menu (being the birthday girl and all) and Daughter is doing the cake. Sure the son and SIL will be given chores to do too by them! My job... being the banker! LOL I don't mind at all. I think I will get out my tape measure and take some measurements while they are here. I haven't sewn pj's in a long time for any of them and Christmas is just around the corner too.

        Not only did my body clock decide it was time for daylight savings to end this morning (waking up hour earlier) but my mind was convinced it was Wed (not Tues). Well on the bright side I didn't loose a day!

        So Happy Tuesday to all! Stay safe and prayers for all dealing with Mother Nature and her wrath!


          Good Morning All,

          Yesterday turned out to be kind of busy. Mike and I decided to go eat a big breakfast at KeKe's. While there, Melinda called, one of our former students died at 21. I saw the obit after I got home, since the child wasn't in my room, I didn't recognize her as a grown up. After I hung up with her, our meal was served and Jim called, I told him I'd call him back. He was home schooling since Morgan wasn't feeling well.

          We stopped an booked an appointment for Gabby at her spa for Wednesday, Mike's next day off. He'll drop her off while I'm at Bible Study. I called Jim when we got home, they were getting ready for lunch. He said he'd call back.

          I went to my dental appointment. Temp crown off, new crown on. Thankfully, the tech that fitted the temp in was there to make sure everything turned out well. We walked in the door at home, the bug guy called. He was going to stop by to do the quarterly spraying. While we were waiting for him, Jim sent pictures of the kids riding their bikes and taking a hike. So, being the home school Grandma with no kids- I started searching for free leaf cabinet pictures. I found a set of three part cards, and printed them up, and started a letter to the kids. The bug guy showed up and did his thing. Then I finished the letter. I had to go get letter sized envelopes. We picked up a pack of envelopes, I addressed and loaded it all up and stopped at the post office. They're on the way.

          By that time, Mike was hungry again. Since we were already out, we stopped at Cracker Barrel. He had trout and three veggies. I had the chicken pot pie.

          Well Jim finally called back, he took Morgan's van to get the mail. When he got out, he saw the braiding showing through the front driver tire. He went immediately and found a place to get tires! Morgan's van has new shoes! Yippee! He and the kids went to Ms. Debbie's house and played with the goats after dinner. Morgan's starting to feel better. She caught what ever the kids brought up there with them.

          Watched Dancing with the Stars, I don't know that I'll watch it this year, it's just not the same. All of the canned applause and whooping really bugged me. I just wasn't impressed.

          That about wraps up what went on around here. Mike works till 3:30 today. It's going to be a long day and I don't have my Husky!

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Good Morning, Everyone ~ We're having nice late summer weather. A slow warm up in the mornings, cool nights for sleeping, etc. Yest. it got up to 92 deg.; it will be just as warm today. Three days in a row of good air quality & clear blue skies.

            Yest. was the furnace cleaning & check. It got a clean bill of health!

            I shopped for printer ink yest. Our local Office Depot/Office Max used to let us use their coupons to purchase HP ink, but no more. So I browsed Amazon & Staples. Staples offers next day free delivery right to your door, so I placed my order with them. I usually don't buy a case of computer paper, but they had a good sale for 8 reams. I also needed some card stock. By the time the tax was added, the total added up to a lot! DH was flabbergasted at the cost. They sell the printers cheap enough, but these companies get ya when it comes time to buy ink. It's a gravy train for them.

            I sandwiched & pin basted 2 quilt samplers yest. One will be my practice sample, the other will be a small table topper. I need to get crackin' on the Smoke & Fire quilt & get the FMQ done. The Oct. 1 deadline is looming.

            Has anyone read Patrick Taylor's books? I'm looking at his Irish Doctor series. There are 15 of them, with another due out in Oct. I wonder if my local library might have them. Jane Kirkpatrick has a new book just out; I want to order that. I have most of her books.

            I continue to follow the news of the Oregon fires, even though my niece is safe & their house was spared.


            • Rob the HOAQ
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              I once read a newspaper column by a tech guy who suggested people buy the cheapest printer you can find, use up the ink and then instead of buying replacement ink just buy another printer and then donate the one you previously bought to a school. Not sure how practical that would be, but my HP costs $110 for color and b/w ink. That's just plain ridiculous.


            • KPH
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              Rob, if the schools had money to pay for the ink it would be a great idea. We were fortunate in having a PTO that would help with ink, but most schools don't have that luxury.

              That being said, our school system wouldn't even let us use donated laptops. If it didn't come from them, we couldn't have it, even if it was FREE.

            • toggpine
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              When I went to buy my last printer, I shopped for ink first.
              I found the cheapest ink, then went to find quick printer it went with. The only thing I forgot to check, was if it would print black ink only if one of the colors was out. That's on the list for the next one!

            Good Morning. I wish I had something exciting to report but all is calm here. I’m washing bed sheets this morning and will do a few more chores throughout the day.

            Joy, so glad your air quality is good again.

            We are taking the Girls to get their nails trimmed this afternoon. Sugar doesn’t mind that much but Maggie is another story. I’m the only one allowed to touch her bottom half but she won’t let me trim her nails. She has to be put in a muzzle and held down. That’s her only fault. For $20 it’s not worth the challenge. Westies are quite strong and feisty and persist to get their way.

            Cathy, did you find any towel designs at Designs By JuJu? I just love her things. Just think of the inventory you can have for next year. I’m in the mood to embroider a few towels. A set for our neighbors would be nice.

            Monique, I can’t wait to see your vacation pictures.

            We are getting some fallout from the fires here in Missouri. It’s been bothering Jeff for the past two days. our prayers are going out for everyone involved in this disaster.

            Wishing everyone A good day. Hugs...

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            Scottie Mom Barb


            • Cathy F
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              Barb, yes JuJu had quite a few nice ones. I already have a dozen fall and Christmas ones put away that I stitched out the beginning of this year.

            Good morning everyone!

            Going to do a bit of embroidery this morning on mama's quilt. This afternoon I take her to her assisted living assessment appointment. She has decided to go ahead. We will do a fence visit another day with my stepdad. It's too smoky, and I imagine she will also be tired. She hasn't slept well the last few nights. Fingers crossed she gets in. Then move preparations will start.

            I sewed a few masks yesterday. Still need to do more. I have been thinking about what Christmas gifts to make friends. Given the pending move, I think something simple like pot holders or aprons this year, maybe tree ornaments. I don't think I'll have time to make quilts for them. I'm hoping to find some time for a few small holiday projects for myself. I just received my Seeds of Gratitude fat quarter bundle from MSQC and Im itching to make a fall wallhanging. My bed quilts I likely won't start until the new year.

            I better get stitching. I want mama's quilt done before I tackle anything new, as I'm notorious for getting off track and not finishing. I didn't stitch any yest.

            Have a wonderful day everyone! Stay healthy, happy and safe?

            Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


              Good morning. We received a call from our son up at Penn State. A guy in his fraternity was not feeling well. My son has been staying in his own room and wearing his mask in the house. He wanted to get out of the frat so he went to a hotel. The guy did test positive, and my son should get his results today. Either way he will not be going back there living with 30 other guys.
              My fabric came from Etsy so I started to put together more blocks. I think I need to make 2-3 more rows and then find some border material.
              I am off to meet a friend for coffee outside. It is chilly this morning. I need to finally put on a light jacket.

              Have a a good day.


              • KPH
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                I hope your son's tests are negative. I don't blame him for not going back to the frat.

              • Cathy F
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                Beth, I hope your son's test is negative. It has been a hard year. One if our school districts here has already closed due to positive cases.

              • Bubby
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                Beth, I hope and pray your son’s test is negative.

              Good Morning to all,

              Today I'm going to be busy doing laundry...washing winter clothes that have been packed away and need to be freshened up. Also hats, scarves, mittens, etc.

              Because we woke up today to 37 degrees and a heavy frost on the ground and roofs. This is the earliest I can remember it being that cold. The toes sticking out of my cast/boot were so cold. I need to find something to keep them warm for a couple more weeks.

              This morning I made Turkey burgers for dinner...I'm looking forward to them. I love it when you can come into the house and it smells good from cooking. I love being able to cook stews and hearty casseroles in the winter.

              There's not a lot of sewing going on. Hubby has been under the weather and my hands need a bit of a break. I still need to figure out what to do about the backing for the current top. I've never pieced a back before, but I want to use the five left over blocks instead of stuffing them in a bin and forgetting them.

              Hope you all have a wonderful day!


              • KPH
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                Jim is thrilled to have a touch of fall. They're highs today will be in the 70s. I'm envious.

              Good morning,

              It's a relaxing day and I'll decide later what goes on the to-do list. The guild meeting went well yesterday. There were only 12 members on line so we were able to practice using the system features.

              I need to make a practice sample of flange binding. I forgot the cutting instructions for the strips. The wall-hanging is calling for flange binding. That little bit of accent color will be perfect for this project. I may run to the quilt shop to pick up the bobbin cover plus purchase a small pair of tweezers.

              There is a limit of 10 pictures per post so I had to cut some pictures out today. I will edit my pictures so I am ready for tomorrow. Hopefully, you will like the quilt pictures for tomorrow....stay tuned.

              Blessings to all!


                Morning everyone.

                I hope to get the border on my Blue and Gray quilt completed today. I had originally decided to put cornerstones on the border that would mimic the 6 inch red crosses, but honestly that just doesn't appeal to me right now. I think I'm just going to make the entire border one solid color. Cheryl continues to make progress on her GFG quilt, although she quit early last night after some flubs that resulted from her being too tired to be in the sewing room. I told her to just forget it and come back again later.

                I've decided that my next quilt is going to be the one that I asked what you would do with the fabric I bought. When I found out that the fabric was Bon Voyage from French General, I looked online to see if any yardage was available. There was some, but then I struck on an idea. I've never used exclusively precuts for a quilt, so I ordered a layer cake, two charm packs and a fat quarter bundle and made the final design around that. The only exception is the border fabric, which arrived Friday. The layer cake and charm packs arrived yesterday and the fat quarters should be here either today or tomorrow. Interestingly, most of what I ordered came from Oregon. The fires didn't seem to affect the shipping times. I've attached my final design.

                Have a great day all.

                There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
                --Ken Burns


                • Bubby
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                  French General fabric is my favorite every time. Happy Sewing, Rob & Cheryl.

                • JCY
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                  Rob ~ Did you by any chance order that fabric from Jordan's Fabrics? They really have a wide selection in their shop. Do you ever watch any of Donna's tutorials? If you sign up to get their newsletter (daily e-m), they have a special 24 hr. sale most days. There is a video on YT of their remodeled store in Grants Pass, OR. It's a very large store. Their shipping (only $4.95) is a bit slower due to C-19, but I don't think there are any wildfires in the their immed. area. I think patterns ship free. There also are PDF patterns on their web site you can download for free.

                • Rob the HOAQ
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                  Joy, I have watched her videos and do enjoy them a lot. I've never ordered from them before, but I certainly would if I found what I wanted. The places I ordered from were Sweet Treasures in Kelzer and Stitch Addict in Washington State.


                Good Morning all,

                Late on the forum today, Dave had an appointment for the PU to have oil changed and some things checked so I had to go pick him up. The truck should be done some time today.

                Today is supposed to be nearing 80's again with some SW winds. We are supposed to get very cool tonight, in the 40's if memory serves. Then daytime temps should be in the 70's for the rest of the week.

                Planning on looking over the tomatoes and taking care of those that are ripe enough to peel, core and dice. The ones on the vines are ripening still and weather looks like it will be nice enough to get quite a few more. Other than than I am probably going to try and keep my legs up. My knees are really starting to hurt. More when I'm going up and down stairs so I will keep that at a minimum today and probably tomorrow. I just my injections on Thursday.

                I was able to sew together some of the pieces of the backing for the Irish Change quilt. I am so pleased with how fast it is coming together. I hope to start layering each 9-piece block by the end of the week. I am thinking seriously of finishing up the Mystery Quilt I did several months ago. I found out from my daughter yesterday that her best friend has filed for divorce and I thought I would complete and give that quilt to her as a show of support. She is really having a very hard time of it. She will be moving in with her mom and dad who live in the same town as my daughter. I'm glad she will be closer to Jennifer and her parents as she will have a good support system. She told my daughter that she will never date because she has horrid taste in men. Jennifer told her not to say never, that she may find the right one down the road. You never know. My sister-in-law was twice divorced when she met her current hubby, they've been married 35 years. I told Jennifer to give her aunt as an example.

                Joy, so glad the air quality is much better where you are. I've seen the pictures in Oregon (which I'm thinking my friend's son lives) and they are horrid. I cannot imagine the difficulties some people are having with being able to breathe. Prayers are continuing for the firefighters as well as those having to leave their homes because of the fires.

                Off for another cup of coffee before I start the tomatoes. Have a great day everyone.


                • Bubby
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                  I swore I would never marry again after I was widowed. Then along came Jeff, whom I had known for ten years, and we really clicked. We’ve been very happily married for almost 13 years. Never say never. It’s sweet of you, Carlie, to make her a quilt.

                • CarlieBlilie
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                  Thanks, Barb. She is a very sweet and living girl. She and my daughter have been best friends since 5th grade. They are now 38. She has gone through a great deal this year starting with her son having a spinal stroke at age 19. Then just recently her brother passed away. He was diabetic but they think he had a heart attack which caused a head-on collision. The other driver, not injured bad, saw him slumped over the wheel before the crash. That was in August. Now this with her husband. I think it has been coming. He is not a very reliable person, always spending money they don't have.

                Good morning everyone,

                We're having a cool start to the day, but it's supposed to reach 70 later on. I made the crockpot chili yesterday, and it was so tasty to have for supper. I'm not the best cook in the world, but I have to say I make darn good chili!😋 There are leftovers for supper tonight. I pulled a UFO yesterday and went back to work on it. It's the winter houses from Laundry Basket quilts. Even though it was pricey, I ordered the kit some time ago. It was offered as a block of the month. I'm planning on it being a Christmas gift for DIL.

                I'm not sure what's on the agenda for today. Definitely some more work on DIL's gift.

                Prayers for all facing the devastation of the fires, and those preparing for Sally.


                  It's very late in the day now but I'm checking in anyway!
                  Yesterday I watched a Quiltworx video, a little over 2 hours, for the Valley Blossoms quilt. I cut the strips needed to get started but still need another couple yards of one of the solids. I ordered from M* but it hasn't shipped yet. Those videos are so very helpful. I haven't seen all of them yet but I will watch and pause as I go through each step. I'm enjoying this!
                  Nothing really going on around here. This week marks one year since we moved into this house. Mike doesn't care for it much here, missing the area where we used to live. I miss the area, too. We've put so much work and money into fixing this place up that it would be hard to leave. But maybe in the spring, when the housing market picks up, we may think about moving back. We both dread the thought of packing again! His happiness would be worth it.
                  I hope everyone dealing with fires, smoke, and hurricane will be safe. I have a dear friend in Pensacola and I'm waiting to hear back from her.
                  Prayers for everyone!
                  ~ Carol from PA