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Monday greetings!!

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    Monday greetings!!

    Good morning friends. After telling you that I have been sleeping in recently, of course, I have now been up for a while. Go figure. I have been home for almost a week but haven't sewn a darn thing. I kept myself busy with laundry and putting stuff away. Plus I picked a bunch of wild plums so I have been making plum jelly. Covid 19 is making canning jars scarce. They are really hard to find. Everyone is canning this year. I was able to get some at Walmart yesterday, not the small ones like I wanted but heck there was only one kind available. So last night I was a plummer, getting all the canning done. So today I can concentrate on other things.

    I also bought myself a new printer, my other one is giving me headaches and I am tired of fighting with it. I also bought a new 2TB external hard drive, my current 1TB is full. Well, while I was there I also purchased 2 new sleeping bags. I washed the 3 I have but one of them is so old now and it smells old. I haven't decided if I am going to keep it or not. This one belonged to my parents. I may just have to bite the bullet and let it go. RIGHT?????

    My friend Bonnie's house has been sold. We met with the kids on Saturday as they needed a few things sent to the dump. We used the van but not having been run for a month it needed a boost. I have chosen a few items that I would like to keep. They told me to 'shop', haha. We will meet Friday night for a glass or two before the closing date of Oct 5. Also they have given me the fridge as I had asked them if they would sell it to me (earlier this summer) and they refused to sell it to me but gave it to me. Mine is 35+ years.

    Hubby is going golfing today. I will try to make the best of a day without hubby. My kitchen floor is filthy so that is priority 1 this morning. We are having a wine and cheese on Saturday as we brought back many bottles of wine. We were in wine country after all.

    I just spent the last few minutes getting our water pump to work. It just needed a slap, haha.

    Thoughts and prayers to all who are affected by the wild fires and storms. Stay safe.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Morning everyone!

    Monique, sounds like you had a wonderful, restful trip. Hope you’re able to get everything done, so you can rest up after the trip 😀.

    The weather here has been like a yoyo. Hot, cool, warm, cold, rain, sun....everything but the smoke from fires and all that the rest of the country has been experiencing. So, I guess it isn’t too bad. Mostly I would love for Covid to go away....which I don’t think it every will 😟.

    I haven’t sewn in ages.....I hand quilt, but no sewing.....I’m so in a funk. 🤪

    Ah well....this to shall pass.

    Prayers for many here and all over the and hugs to all! 💗
    💫 Star lover


      Good morning!

      We're getting a taste of fall this week -- high today in the mid 60's, with predicted highs of 60 and lows in the 40's later in the week. We have a porch visit with mom at 10:30 am. At least it won't be raining.

      Two of the "volunteers" at work to cover the office dropped out of the rotation. The one has major health issues and I'm glad she finally decided not to risk coming on site. The other has young kids who are learning via remote. That leaves four of us to cover. I am not thrilled with the idea of going in more often. We had our first Covid case on site, someone who knew they had it (or knew they were sick) and showed up anyway. They were in a training session and the instructor and other attendees took off their masks...which is a violation of company policy. They have been banned from coming on site for two weeks.

      I made good progress on my Halloween quilt yesterday. I did decide not to rip out the one column of stitching. It would take too long and the thread blends in so well in places it is very hard to see. It's too bad the issue is in the middle of the quilt (also the lightest part of the quilt), otherwise I don't think I'd be bothered by it. The quilting I did yesterday came out fine, I just scooted the design over a bit to avoid the overlap problem.

      I'd better grab some tea and breakfast before logging in to work. Have a wonderful day!


        Well, a long week last week. DH had both of his eyes fixed and all is well. Two different catarac surgerys, 4 stints to relieve the pressure and checkups took up all last week and on Wednesday we headed to the mountains to check on the house.
        What a nightmare!!! The grass was waist high. My flowerbeds were filled with grass and ragweed and the weeds were 6 ft high. I had to had weed them and spent a total of 10 hours doing that. They may not be salvageable but spring will tell I guess.
        The driveway...which was gravel...was overgrown with grass that had seeded it and now you cannot see the gravel. DH said that is good. The grass will hold it and keep it from washing out...great!
        Walked into the house which had been shut up and there was a funky odor. I said yuk, this smells. Walked thru to the kitchen and saw a stain on the floor by the fridge and told DH the power must have gone out and stuff leeked onto the floor. NO....the fridge quit and the defrost on the freezer section kept heating and ...oh my...I got out trash bags and started filling them. I had put food in the freezer that we could have when we were there and left condiments in the fridge. No more!! So for two hours I cleaned and scrubbed and hauled garbage outside. After a 9 hour drive this was a real job.
        So...on Thursday I did yard and gardenwork, Friday we celebrated MIL's birthday with her and Saturday we packed up clothes for winter at the coast and a few things we thought we might like and filled the vehicle to the brim. Sunday we drove home, stopped along the way to visit with DD and family for two hours and got back here and unloaded. All in all...a good trip.
        The weather is fall like here in the high 70's for the week. Looks like the hurricanes in the atlantic are going past us...we will see.
        Don't know what I will do today. I brought a small assortment of fabric and thread and I have some left over eggwhites I've been saving for angel food cake. But the river is calling for fishing so we'll see what the day will bring.
        DH wants all his old clothes that he brought washed to get the musty smell out so thats where I'm headed.
        Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


          Good Morning to all. Almost finished cutting up the little scrap pieces for the house block and should be able to and sew today. Made the pickup of the halloween decorations yesterday for my daughter. Kinda wanna keep one of them, so cute. My fathers birthday is Friday, the first without him, so not sure how much of an emotional roller coast ride that day will be. I will just cross that bridge when I come to it, not worry now... enjoy today and all that it brings!

          Hugs to all and please stay safe.


          • lovemyavy
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            My prayers are with you .. those "firsts" are so difficult after losing a loved one. We lost my Dad on 8/20 .. his birthday was 9/10. Mom and I went to his grave that day .. we tried to be happy, as he was celebrating his first birthday in Heaven. We miss him so much. Hugs to you.

          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Great news! My niece's house in Talent, OR was spared! Thank you, Lord! After 5 days they are home. She was unable to return my msg. due to power outages, no cell coverage, etc. She is a nurse practitioner & was at work unable to go home. Her husb. was at home & evac'd. They stayed at the dau.'s 900 sq. ft. apt. with 3 kiddos. Items they had in a storage unit are ash. So thankful to get this word!

          My Sunday was a day of rest. I didn't feel like doing anything except what had to be done. I did no sewing. I was very tired from the day before & took it easy all day. It was a beautiful day. High temp. was 90. We have upper 80's, maybe close to 90, forecast for the next several days.

          Today the furnace man comes to check & clean our furnace, which is 25 y.o. this mo. It's an Amana, which has a lifetime guarantee on the stainless steel heat exchanger. Over the years we've had various parts replaced. It's been a very reliable furnace.

          Time to get on with my day.


          • Mimi_Howard
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            So happy to hear that she and the family are okay.

          • Hillbillyhike
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            Great news Joy! What a relief for you and your family.

          • Bubby
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            I’m so glad your niece is safe and her house spared. An answer to prayer.

          Good morning all. Here we are at Monday again. We had a good weekend. Got a bunch of veggies prepped and put into the freezer. I've still got the kirby cucumbers to turn into bread and butter pickles. I am limited on how much canning I can do this year because of the lack of lids in the stores. I have plenty of jars but a llimited number of new lids. I will see if I can find more but if not, I will just work with what I've got.

          I did get some time in the sewing room too. I finished another Secret Santa gift and also did some fabric picking for a couple small quilts for Zeke and Avi.

          And it seems I have a case of poison ivy. We had a bunch of it in the backyard a number of years ago. I got a massive case back then and hubby and our neighbor behind us worked hard to get rid of it. And it was all gone by the next spring. Well, I guess it has creeped its way back in. Last week we did some work in a flower bed and I pulled out a bunch of weeds and I guess it was hidden in there. Ugh

          Today I will tackle the laundry and then see what else presents itself.

          Have a good day everyone.
          Ginny B


          • JCY
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            Ginny ~ My sympathies to you on the poison ivy. DS#1 who lives in MD has to watch out for it in their back yard. It creeps up the trees, etc. Several yrs. ago their dau. got a bad case of it. It can be pretty miserable. He tries to always wear long sleeves & gloves & shower after the yard work.

          • Monique
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            We have lids, no jars, LOL!! Let me know, I could probably send you some lids.

          • toggpine
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            I ordered one piece, high heat, lids for canning on Amazon. They are single use, but they will do the job. It has the safety button, but instead of the flat & ring, it's all one.
            Not quite as cheap as just the flats are regularly, but if you can find them, they are expensive.
            I'll never be sorry that I pick up a box or two in the off season again!

          Good Morning Everyone!

          This morning is cool again, headed to the 70's I believe. Yesterday was quite nice, upper 60's and it may have even gotten to 70. We are supposed to have a sunny week with highs in the 70's mostly. No rain. Good for Dave so he can work more on the siding he wants to get done. He has been so grumpy because he hasn't had anything to keep him occupied. He just needs to get some good wood so he can do some work on that, like make me a sewing cabinet! He has several things on his list he would like to make. Our daughter asked for a climbing apparatus for her daycare and Dave said he would make that.

          I did some sewing yesterday and got all the groups of 9 blocks sewn together for the Irish Change quilt. Next step is to get the backing and batting ready and to layer each of those 9 groups. I've been toying with the idea of hand quilting it. I think it will go quite quickly as I plan just a simple "x" in a square on all of the blocks. Just not sure how much time it will take as I want the quilt completed by the end of next month because I still have the borders to take care of after I get the quilt all joined.

          I did some other sewing of strips that will be for a couple more kid quilts. I'll fit those in here and there.

          Nothing much planned for today. Groceries this morning and I have some tomatoes ready to peel, core and dice. Around lunch I need to take the trip to my daughter's to watch her daycare while she goes in to have her stitches removed from her hand. Next Monday she starts PT on her hand. At 7:15. I'll be up bright and early that day, well maybe not bright. I'll need to leave her a little before 6 that morning. Like Dave said, it's not like I haven't done it before. When I was working I was leaving the house before 5:30 to get to work before 6:30 and then worked until 5:30 or 6 before coming home. So glad that I retired and don't have to do that anymore. Got quite monotonous sleeping, eating and going to work. That is main reason I was not doing any quilting for a long time.

          Off now to get groceries and then breakfast. Have a great day everyone.


            Good Morning! I had such an amazing day of quilting yesterday and made tremendous progress on my Cat's In The Pansies Quilt. This morning, I have a few previous cooking and housework commitments, then I'll be able to finish off the quilting. All I have left to quilt is one of the side inner borders and the two outer borders on the side. If I have time later on this evening once I'm done quilting, I'll square it up and get it ready for the binding and the sleeve work.
            Have a creative and great day everyone.
            Happy Quilting.Hugs Katie


              Good morning!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I'm logging into work in the next hour.
              I had a productive weekend. Sewed all weekend. Made progress on secert santa then my daughter swipped the last gift so I'll redonthat one. She's been working on her first quilt. A Halloween quilt using yellow brick road pattern. She made alot of progress this weekend. Daniel is a little pain when im productive...he gave me a shirt to sew the button on and one to iron. It's like he hears my sewing machine and finds projects! I do try to find little things to make him but he likes black and I'm out of black fabric do need to order to keep sane. Lol

              We hooked up a mini fridge and transfered the perishables and the freezers been defrosting over night. Daniel just trying to buy a little time to buy a new one. It came in threes...we need tires, a washer and a fridge. I'll get it done between working today.

              I wish everyone a happy Monday!! Joy so glad you heard from your niece. Monique we're going to joanns this week I'll check for canning supplies, I don't mind sending. Terri so glad your hubby is ok, reading made me tired lol. I'm still recovering from sciatica. Starlover, oh we've all been there. I tend to do something I need when that happens. I need machine covers, do I do them no..
              but I'm foused elsewhere. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


              • Paisley
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                I just saw somebody used a reusable shopping bag as a machine cover and just turned the bag upside down.

              Good morning! Monique, I'm glad you are able to have some of your friend's things. Terry, I'm sorry to hear about your fridge. I know what a loss that can be. Our chest freezer is really old and it could die at any time.
              We've had a rainy weekend, especially yesterday. There was flooding in the next county over but we're fine...even the basement is still dry. I'll be batch cooking today. DH likes leftovers and I hate to cook so it works out okay for us. We're still hunkering down at home. The days are running together and I'm still not sewing. I'm just not in the sewing spirit these days. I'm going to make a quick grocery run this morning to stock up on staples. Monday morning seems to be a good time for "old folks" to grocery shop. I haven't been to the quilt shop in months, but I don't need any fabric, I need to use what I have on hand.
              *~* Myrna *~*
              *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                Good morning everyone,

                Brrrr, it feels so cold this morning. The furnace has been running at night and in the morning. We had such a nice summer, and I was feeling greedy and wanted a nice long fall. Temps will be up and down the next 10 days, but not cold enough to freeze. I have quite a few green tomatoes in the garden yet that I'd like to ripen while on the plants. I ended up NOT going to the cabin this past weekend like I had planned. I guess I didn't feel like driving (4 hour trip each way). The whole family is planning on going the last weekend of Sept. The only thing happening in the sewing room was more mask making. DIL requested more for the GKs for school. I did some hunting through the stash to find suitable fabric. GD and oldest GS want subdued, dark, rather plain masks. Youngest GS (2nd grader) is up for more "fun" fabric.

                I promised DH I would make crockpot chili today, so I better get started on that so it can cook all day. Joy, I'm glad to hear you finally heard from your niece. Terry, are you planning on selling your house, or having two homes?

                Wishing everyone a "cozy" day.


                  Good Morning All,

                  Yesterday, Jim's MIL picked me up for church. Tammy's worried about Nana and Nandy. They haven't talked a lot since they've gotten back from VA. Jim said they talked on Zoom with the kids. The kids have talked to all of their great grandparents. That's important! Jim's planning on starting home school tomorrow with all three kids. I hope he doesn't get too frustrated, elementary kids aren't high schoolers! Today is Jonathan's birthday, so they're taking today for a field trip day.

                  I have no idea what I'm going to do today. I swept in the kids school/play room yesterday. Mercy! The dog hairs and sand! I'll vacuum in there, then start on the shelves... maybe, Mike's off and I have a dental appt at 12:30. I've started enjoying Perry Mason movies on Hallmark in the mornings. I find my motivation to do anything starts after that.

                  Take care and be safe, have a great day! Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                    Oh I watch Mason too on Hallmark in mornings. That poor young detective... seems he get smacked around so many times while investigating for Mason.

                  Good Morning All. It’s going to be a nice day, not too hot. I’m waiting for a call back from my doctor so I can’t really leave. I wanted to go to the grocery store but it can wait until tomorrow. They open at 6 am and I like to go early before the store gets busy.

                  Terry, so sorry about your fridge. I’ve been there and it isn’t fun. Tenants used to do that to us, leave a fridge and freezer with food inside and move away and have the power turned off. Those are not easy messes to clean up.

                  Monique, good to see you this morning. I’m glad you got more of Bonnie’s things. You two were such good friends.

                  Rachel, if you shop for fabric online, Keepsake Quilting has good black fabric called Amish Black. Not sure if they have it in stock right now, as there seems to be a run on black. We have been hit by the ‘terrible threes’ before. Really expensive. It’s doubly hard when all three are major expenses.

                  Be sure to look at Rhonda K’s quilts she shared this morning. She does beautiful work.

                  I guess I will do laundry this morning now that my plans have changed.

                  Have a great day everyone.


                  Scottie Mom Barb


                    Good morning,

                    I posted on the show n tell before my morning coffee so hopefully the pics are all OK. I am excited to share them with you and hope you enjoy! I'm usually up by 70 but don't get going before noon time. I did the early bird grind for many years and no longer "have to" and so I don't.

                    I found a UFO of Footprints in the Sand in the process of finding projects to post. I hope to finish it so it doesn't go into the UFO pics. Yesterday, I quilted the backing on the embroidery machine. The square-up has been cut this side, then cut this side, oops, no cut this side again. Glad to have something left to put binding on.

                    Today, our local guide is having a zoom meeting. It will be fun to learn the new technology as I'm co-chair for the host. Hope I can keep up with everyone.

                    Thoughts of care today for those dealing with fires and storms across the country.