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Western fires

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    Western fires

    As our US members are aware, there have been devastating fires in California this summer, and now also in Oregon and Washington State. Hope all our Cali quilty friends are safe.
    My sister in Portland, OR, is staying with her DD, who lives in a newer building with HEPA filters, because of the smoke from the forest fires. So thankful she is safe.
    But now I hear the fires are closing in on Seattle - so Bubba (Pat), Caroline T., EnumclawGramma (Libby) and Toggpine (Cathy), please check in and let us know you're okay!

    My elderly Uncle lives in Gresham, just outside Portland, and a bit too close to the fires. He says his AC is bringing in the smoke smell.
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      Masks with filters....I had to do a curbside grocery pick up a few days ago and the smoke smell was strong already then. As soon as I put my home sewn mask with coffee filter inside on I couldn't smell the smoke. I wore it yesterday to bring out food scraps to compost and harvest a few things from the garden. The filter and mask really helped a lot!
      Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


        Libby and Bubba are keeping us posted on FB, but sometimes Bubba posts here.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          There have been some doozies around here, but thankfully the couple that popped up out here on the Key Peninsula were quickly knocked down by our awesome fire department. The biggest received some help from the DNR water-copter that snorkled water from a nearby lake.
          There have been fires in unusual places, like the one that ran up the hill from where we used to live in Sumner (1 hour out of Sea.) According to friends who are still in that area, the "ugly" cement works at the bottom of the hill saved entire communities. The road they cut to access the gravel and sand they needed created a most important fire break.
          I'm not aware of any that are directly threatening Seattle. Our biggest problem right now is the smoke from the fires from California and Oregon that the weather systems are pushing on shore. I currently can not see the 200' or so to my neighbor's house.
          I do know that Oregon has been hit hard. We have a long list of friends who have had to evacuate from their farms and dairies. We have offered sanctuary at our farm if anyone needs it. There are groups organizing semi truckloads of hay and feed to be delivered to the shelter locations. It's so bad that the states have lifted border restrictions on interstate livestock transport for evacuees.

          I know Bubba (Pat) could see a brush fire from her place, but it was put out before it put them in danger.
          I know Libby moved to Puyallup, but don't know where in that large area. I'm horrible, but I can't remember exactly where Caroline T is at.

          Prayers and blessings for all of the first responders and even the local folks that are out doing what they can to help save their communities.

          Hugs, Cathy
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            Prayers offered for the safety of all living beings.


              Cathy is right, no fires in Seattle. There have been four arrests made of people trying to intentionally start fires along the freeways this week. Fortunately, they were put out before any real damage could be done.

              Because of my knee problem (bursitis) I have not been going out and about, so on top of that and covid shutdowns, I have been bored to tears. Now, with all the smoke from the fires, nobody should be going out in it, so I'm glad I'm not!! It was so bad yesterday, that my brand new white sheers looked yellow! It was from seeing the smoke thru the windows. Last night, it was dark much earlier than normal because of all the smoke. The smoke we are experiencing is from California and Oregon fires. It was blown offshore down there and now the winds are blowing it back into Washington....lucky us. My nephew lives five hours east in Spokane, and he said this morning it is even bad there.

              My friend works for KOMO (the ABC station in Seattle) which is across the street from the Space Needle. The picture is what it looked like this morning when he got to work.
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              No rainbows!


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                So sad, prayers for all!!!


                  My friend’s son lives near Seattle, a little town called Gladstone. He hasn’t had to evacuate yet. Have been sending prayer for all those. Along the coast.


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                    I've never heard of Gladstone WA, there is a Gladstone OR near Portland.

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                    His mom says it is 3 hours from Seattle.

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                    Carlie, that could still be in Oregon. Seattle is roughly 3 hours from Portland via I-5 on a good traffic day.
                    For many years I had to explain I lived in Washington, the state. Seattle is an easy reference point, as you immediately know which coast, and a general location.

                  Still no word from my niece who had to evac. from Talent, OR. There was considerable destruction in the Medford area, Phoenix, & Talent, & some in Ashland. The Sumner Grade Fire (Sumner & Bonney Lake) in WA. was close to where my gr. dau's mom & sis live. They were just outside the evac. zone & are ok. Not sure about the air quality. It looks like it's bad all up & down the west coast. And I was reading today that one of the CA fires was started by folks who were having fireworks of some sort for a gender reveal party. They are cooperating with authorities. Common sense is no longer common! Our country has a no open burning order in effect. Grills are ok. I suspect there will be significant loss of life once the ruins are examined. The whole situation is overwhelming.
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                    Im sure it is. Hang in ther Joy! Hopefully good news will come soon. Hug!

                  • toggpine
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                    We were just given a stay-at-home order for the air quality tomorrow.
                    The health department is asking that the air systems be switched to recirculation, which is in conflict with their order for having the schools open for staff & students.
                    Whooo Hooo! Smoke day!
                    My morning commute just went back to 2 minutes tops, as we are back to remote. (I'm still classZooming, just from the dining table instead of a mostly empty school building.)
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                  Hi Sally (and the rest of the gang), the Sumner fire that Kathy mentioned is only about 4 miles from my house, so while close, we were still out of danger for that fire. The morning the fire started I happened to wake up a little earlier than usual (still dark out) and as I was making coffee, I looked out the kitchen window and immediately thought "Oooo that's gonna be a beautiful sunrise". Then I realized it was much too early to be seeing the sunrise and that that orange glow in the sky was big trouble. I stepped outside and the smell of smoke hit me hard. That fire is mostly under control now and the evacuation order has been lifted for that area, although the residents are advised that they should still be prepared to possibly have to leave the area again.

                  Just a few days after the Sumner fire started, just two blocks from my office, there was another fire, this time an older home, but fortunately that was put out quickly and didn't spread to the neighboring houses.

                  It's been a smoky and noisy (lots of firetruck sirens and helicopters) week around these parts, but as bad as it's been, Eastern Washington, Oregon, and California are experiencing much worse than what we're experiencing here in Western Washington.


                    I'm in CA, near Sacramento. I don't go outside unless I have to.
                    The air quality has been hazardous all week. There is an ash layer on everything. Praying for the firefighters.


                      My niece's home in Talent, OR was spared! More details in the daily thread today.