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Pepper and Gabby

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    Pepper and Gabby

    20200911_105511.jpg ​​​​​​Gabby decided Pepper's bed looked inviting
    20200911_105515.jpg Pepper decided Gabby didn't deserve her teddy bear.

    Pepper's on her way to TN. Gabby's missing her friend, and won't even eat a treat.
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    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Awe!! They get so attached. Funny she took the bear!!


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      Gabby doesn't really play with toys. The bear and the little bat we bought for Gabby ended up going with Pepper. The guy that picked her up, put her bed, blanket and teddy in the back seat for her. I hope she doesn't whine too much for the guy. 8 hours of that would drive me nuts!

    Awww...they make friends easily. Dottie liked other dogs and loved her friends. There was a Bassett mix named Freckles who lived across the road that Dottie adored. When Freckles moved away Dottie grieved for a long time. They have very real emotions.

    Scottie Mom Barb


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      They do become very attached. When Oscar, the weiner dog passed, Yoda went into mourning for about two weeks. Then he figured out that pest was not coming back and took advantage of the situation and decided he could be on the couch! He took to being solo dog quite well!

    They are adorable! Looks like they could be real mischief makers if left together. Best wishes for Pepper's journey.