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Wednesday Hellos! :)

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    Wednesday Hellos! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I think we dodged the bullet with the snow. It mostly rained all day yest. with occasional rain/snow mix. It switched to snow about 5 p.m., but it accumulated only on the grassy areas. Streets are just wet. I checked the snow totals: foothills areas got ~5"; we got ~1.5". It's 36 deg. this a.m. Our furnace has been on since early yest. a.m. It seemed strange to have to wear my winter coat & hat yest. when I went out. It's supposed to be in the 40's today. Maybe I should spray those wasp nests while it's chilly.

    My dr. visit went okay yest. Lab results are pending. They can check the A1C now with just a finger stick for instant results. Afterwards, I made a stop at the groc. store for ground turkey & a few items. I'll be mixing up my turkey patties this a.m.

    Yest. I got the watermelon cut up. Although it was a smaller melon, it still was too much for me to eat. I gave 1/4 of it to my next door neighbor.

    Our quilt guild mtg. was on Zoom last eve. There were 75 of us on. Our guest was Tara Curtis who does fabric weaving. It was a whole new concept to me. In case anyone is interested, her web site is:

    Have a great day!

    Good Morning. Joy, so glad you didn’t get a big snow. The temperature change is enough to deal with. Talking about dodging a bullet, a major storm missed us yesterday evening.

    Our garage project will continue today. We made good progress yesterday. Tomorrow should be the day we can put the garage back together. I didn’t know I would have to be so involved with this project.

    It’s great news that Cokie’s husband is back home. Has anyone heard from Pam (pcbatiks)? I haven’t heard from her since her call when they first got back home. I’m sure there is so much for them to take care of.

    I will check in a little later this morning. It’s time for me to get outdoors to help Jeff.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good Morning Ladies! I'm glad that both of you and your families dodged a bullet with those storms. Here in the Bahamas we have had some rain off and on the last couple of days. The temps have been in the low 90's with the heat index in the triple digits with the lows in the 80's at night. We don't usually start cooling off here until November when the fronts start making their way through the entire chain of islands.
      Today I have a few previous cooking and other commitments, then my mom and I are going to watch a Hallmark movie while we work on finishing up some yarn angel ornaments.
      Have a great day.
      Happy Quilting.Hugs Katie


        Good Morning all,

        How wonderful to have dodged that bullet. I cannot imagine the 5" of snow already in your foothills. It is colder today, low 40's. Dave turned on the furnace, yuk, the smell was awful for a short bit. I did not sleep well last night. First I came to bed late. Frustrated because I was working on a quilt using up squares from a long finished project. I counted the number of squares I had and what I needed. Completed the ones I needed and then put the groups together in groups of 4 blocks. When I got done I was one short. I cannot figure out how that happened. When I counted I had 148 squares. I needed 168. I made 20 new squares. How did I end up with 167? I looked and looked. Did it drop on the floor, did I pick up two instead of one. I cannot find it. Ughh!

        Jennifer's appointment went well yesterday and I got to meet her newest little one. About 4 months old. His nickname is Kezzi. He is adorable. I came to greet him and got the biggest smile. He is a sweet little boy and he loves his swing. Jennifer's broke while he was using it yesterday. By broke I mean it will no longer automatically swing. She asked me to pick up a new one on my way to her house, which I did. Boy those swings have come a long, long way since the one I had for my oldest. We gave the nap blankets to the 4 kids left in her daycare that can have them. Little Charley will get hers after she turns 1, that is the rule now for daycare, nothing in the crib--no blankets, no crib bumpers, no stuffed animals. I don't know how kids survived as they did when I had my kids. Leo, who is so darn cute, lit up when he saw the blanket he was getting, the turtle quilt. They all loved it and Jennifer told them it was "Grandma" who made them and had them thank me which was nice.

        Laundry is on the to-do list for today. I will get out and pick some more tomatoes also. Other than that I will be spending time in my sewing room looking for my missing block. Hope everyone has a great day.


          Good morning all. Cloudy one here right now. Yesterday was a nice day and I had a nice lunchtime visit with Ceil. I'm glad you didn't get much snow yesterday Joy and, Barb, that you didn't get hit with that big storm. I am enjoying the lower temps we are having.

          I didn't really accomplish much yesterday . I got the chicken cacciatore prepped for dinner and then we worked on blanching and freezing a few heads of broccoli that we got from the farm the other day. Then after I got back from lunch, I just read and listened to music with hubby until dinner time.

          Since I didn't make it into the sewing room yesterday, I hope to get in there today for a bit.

          So glad Cokie's hubby iis home.

          Have a good day all. Be safe. Stay well.
          Ginny B


            Good morning everyone,

            It's a work day at J's for me. I'll be working the 100 - 6:30 least favorite.

            It was 30 degrees when I woke up. I had covered most things in the garden last evening. The freeze warning lasts until 90 AM, and since I'll be on the road by 8:30, DH will have to uncover the garden when he comes home for lunch. The forecast for the next 10 days is much more pleasant, so I hope to get more beans and tomatoes before everything is done for the year. The yard guy came and worked most of the afternoon, thatching, mowing, and coring. Now DH has to fertilize, and we should be set for the winter.

            I didn't make it into the sewing room yesterday as I had hoped. I did finish the laundry though. Small accomplishments! And Taco Tuesday was great for supper.
            I plan on heading out to the cabin tomorrow.....just the dogs and me. Maybe I'll get some sewing done there. I worked a while yesterday on a counted cross stitch which will be a Christmas gift for DIL. I hope to make another one for my other DIL. The saying is called "My Special Daughter".

            Time to finish getting ready for work. Take care everyone, and have a pleasant day.


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              Lower 40's this morning here. Going to get some covering ready for the gardens but sounds like we won't need it for a bit, we are supposed to be in the 70's next week. It is raining now. I'm hoping to pick some more tomatoes when the rain stops.

              I've been meaning to ask you how Sadie is doing.
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            • Nwmnteacher
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              Thanks for asking about Sadie. Since we can't afford $4000 - $6000 for the removal of the tumor, we've decided to let nature take its course. But she's doing fine, good appetite and still playful. I switched her to Petfresh dog food....all meat and veggies. She gobbles it right up! I also found some dog antihistamine that's good for skin problems. So, we'll see.

            • CarlieBlilie
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              Happy to hear she is doing well. How can a dog not like the Fresh Pet food? We haven’t ever bought it but it sounds like dogs would love it. It’s unfortunate that the surgery would be so expensive. I wills be in the same boat as you.

            Good Morning all.

            I've already had my excitement for the morning. Mike hadn't left for work yet, thank goodness. Pepper and Gabby went out. Pepper zoomed out toward the back fence. She's always on her lead attached to the back step, because she's known for digging and getting out of fences. Her lead won't reach the back fence, but she was going nuts! I have no idea what she was hearing or smelling, but she wouldn't come back to the house. I tried pulling her in, but she wouldn't budge! At this point, Gabby was joining her going full blast. I called to Mike to come get her Pepper in. I finally got Gabby's attention and shooed her back toward the house with a promise of a spanking if she didn't get on the porch, toot sweet. Mike has a mark on his arm from where the lead pulled against him. Pepper was put back into the crate when she got in and got a good pop on the rump for not listening.

            Bible study is this morning. We're doing Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus. Chapter 1 is about John the Baptist. Nana's sister is picking me up. It seems weird to be able to go to Bible Study on a weekday. They're also having it on Zoom in the evenings.

            I didn't make it to the sewing room yesterday. Went to the long armers and dropped off the VT wall hanging. Mike's check engine light came on when he started the car back up. We have an appointment on Saturday to see what's up with that.

            Time to finish getting ready to go to Bible Study. (Typed in BS and that just didn't feel right). Prayers for those in need, prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings, and praises for Cokie's DH. Have a great one!
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Good morning,
              Its another cool morning, with some rain forecast today. Some days they get it right, other days not so much. My son & I had a good visit with mom for her birthday. They put on a coat and a small blanket to cover her legs. She is always chilly, and cold it was. Luckily the rain held off until after our visit. She was in good spirits as the staff were dotting on her more than usual. The staff are being tested today & tmrw. I will wait to hear that all is clear or not. Probably by Friday at latest. Then I will go for Covid test, so I can go inside. I bought a curling iron, so I can do her hair. Still cant figure out why they don't open the in-house salon.

              I got pink 8 bibs & 3 burp pads sewn yesterday. Now to package them. I need to get a few more boxes for larger sets. I completely forgot our guild meeting last night. Oh well, I will stick a note on the counter next month so I dont forget.

              Today is wash hair day -- more of a challenge with finger in healing. Probably prep some food and a bit of household chores. DH has lost his mojo and needs a good reminder of all that needs to be done before winter. I have threatened to hire someone, and that gets him moving. He did concede and let a company seal the cracks and seal driveway. Yeah - one of many off the list. I just cant be everywhere for everyone.

              Yesterday, the GKs started on-line school, although there was an issue with the youngest not being able to connect. Its 9to3. I am babysitting the youngest and watching the others tomorrow. My daughter has been working on a conference and although all the work was online, she decided that she will go in the office for the event. Cases in our city have been climbing slowly since labour day weekend, and return to school in August for in-school learning. This is worrisome, and we will have to decide as a family what our strategy will be to minimize our risk.

              On to breakfast and another cup of coffee. DH is finally up. Enjoy your day.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Good morning everyone . . .

                Joy, everytime I saw the weather, I thought of you and wondered how much snow you were getting. Glad it was not much. The weather here is supposed to be in the 80's for the next few days, but starting tomorrow, we are forecast to be in the 70' for the couple of weeks. Sounds good to me.

                I was talking to the neighbor the other day. He said I should get those gutter guards on my gutters. There is a line of trees at the back of the lot and they are dropping a lot of leaves. He said that is what makes the water stream out of my gutters when it rains. Not exactly sure where to start. This is the kind of thing my husband would have taken care of. I sure do miss him being around, especially at times like this.

                I better get going. Laundry, some cleaning and a couple other projects are on the schedule today. Guess I should also start looking for some companies that do those gutter things.

                Hope you all have a great day!!!



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                  We had gutter guards put on 10 years ago. I am so glad we did it. We have had no issues with them. They are worth it.

                • JCY
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                  My DH no longer is able to do that. I'll get my son to do our gutters after the leaves are down. Before DS#2 moved back to CO, our former pastor used to come by & clean out the gutters for us. DH has never wanted those leaf guards put on our house due to the risk of ice build up along the edges of the roof.

                Good morning,

                Sunny and cloudy here today but no snow. Wow! That is such a sudden weather change for you Joy. I will welcome a little cooler weather as then the gardens can be done. I will have to hire our helper to do the work though.

                I've been trimming units for 9 patch squares as I go. This is resulting in a nice square unit when the last strip set is sewn on. It may only be a sliver over the line to trim. If the center strip unit is off, that can throw the whole unit off at the end. It is tedious and normally I wouldn't do all the extra work. So far seams are nesting and only a few missed intersections. The quilt finishes at 107 inches so slivers will matter.

                Beth, I hope you find the perfect helper to assist you with the gutters. We don't have any on the house and need to get some estimates. We just had our tress trimmed back for storm season. Good luck!

                Happy stitches to all!


                  Morning all.

                  Found a new use for a fabric glue pen yesterday. In putting together the wall hanger for the TV, the tiny bolts and washers kept slipping out and falling on the floor. After about 1 1/2 hours of this nonsense, I had an epiphany. I took out the glue pen and smeared it on the washer, which kept it in place long enough to get the screw started and the whole mess put together. Didn't get much else done in the room yesterday because I was so disgusted afterward. Hope today will be better.

                  Found out from the basset rescue people that we are still in the running for Patsy. She did have her one eye removed and the vet believes she will lose vision in the other, which I assured the person that we could handle that, given that we did for several years with Droopy. It will likely be another week before we hear much else.

                  Getting ready to head out to the library and pick up a book on Kansas City Star quilts. I've co-opted a couple of designs from them for other quilts, but I would like to have a detailed reference work. This way, I can preview the book and either take what I want from it, or find a used copy online.

                  Hope to get started cutting out the Blue and Gray quilt today, but it depends if I can get everything I didn't get done yesterday done today.

                  A good friend has asked me to read over an article he wrote on Mary Todd Lincoln, so I need to work that into my schedule today. It's only 11 pages, so it won't take too long, but I always like to take at least a couple of hours so I can provide constructive review when I'm asked to do this.

                  Glad to hear Joy that you didn't get as much snow as was forecast. Hope your A1C is good!

                  There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
                  --Ken Burns


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                    Rob ~ My A1C was 6.1, which was down from 6.3 six mos. ago. The dr. was pleased, as was I.

                  • Rob the HOAQ
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                    Way to go Joy! Great news!


                  We are home again from Montana, it was a lovely trip but it is always nice to be home. Everywhere we went people were wearing masks but many have no concept of six feet. The Atlanta airport was its usual anthill of activity. It was nice to have the middle seat on the airplane empty, like being in first class the whole time. We did have some very short connections with long distances between gates, that was hard on DH. I had planned better but Delta in their wisdom changed our flights 4 different times and we got what they wanted rather than my plan.
                  I got several pieces of fabric for backing so I will be busy sandwiching and fmq for weeks. Bliss but I do need to be careful to not over work my back. A new/better chair might be in my future.
                  We need to buy a new vacuum so the chair might wait.
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                    Good morning!

                    It's almost the afternoon. We had a foggy start to the day and it remains overcast. The temp will be around 80.

                    Bunny had her follow-up appointment at the vet this morning. The medication they put her on after the last visit is working nicely. She is more comfortable and like her usual self. The vet didn't see an immediate need for surgery, so we will work on finding the right dose for her meds. He wants to try reducing the amount to limit possible side effects.

                    Progress is slow on the Halloween quilt, but I'm sure I will get it done before October. I think I have enough of the one color to try the flange binding. It will be tight, though. I bought the fabric for a different project. I bought too much, but I'm at the point I need to be careful or the other project will come up short.

                    Between my neighbors and I, there are a lot of trees around my house. I have debated getting gutter guards. The guys I hire to do the gutter cleanings also clear off the roof. If I got the gutter guards, I would still have to pay someone to clear off my roof a couple of times a year. The guards would be a nice selling point for the house...if I were planning on selling it (which I am not right now).

                    Time to log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


                      We were supposed to get Santa Ana winds today, but didn't. Thank goodness, because Santa Ana winds dry everything out and spread fires like crazy. A gift from God that helped our brave firefighters make some progress against these blazes in California.

                      Today was a work day for me. Supposedly I retired in June of 2019. But when your former boss is also your favorite cousin, how can you say "no" when she asks for help?

                      Blessings to all!
                      Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                        Santa Ana winds (and increasingly poor air quality) are what helped convince my folks to leave So Cal (Pacoima & Tajunga areas) regrets! Even tho we haven’t seen actual sunshine in days due to smoke.......


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                          They left in 1956? Wow, your parents were really good at seeing what was coming to Southern California. Both my husband's parents and mine were wowed by a combination of beautiful beaches and a lack of snow. Same for the man I married, so we're still in CA. I have wanted to leave since the 1990s!